Backyard Summer Forts

Summer is the season of escape, whether out of the country, to a sunny beach or even right to your own backyard. Homemade forts can make your summer absolutely magical, and they're not just for kiddos. Take some inspiration from these tips, pack a picnic and invite your special someone(s) to join you in your own backyard escape.

Mrs. Fields Secrets Backyard Forts

1. How to build a stick fort. 2. How to build a dome kit fort. 3. How to make a colorful hanging hideaway. 4. How to make a clothesline fort. HINT: Lighting makes a fort especially nice at night. Don't take open flames into forts; stick to flashlights and LED candles. HINT: Start a trend and invite friends and neighbors to build forts, then arrange a neighborhood fort tour. {Top image via Pinterest. Source unknown.}
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