Back to School Budget Tips

It's that time of year again! Break out your back-to-school shopping list, but avoid breaking the bank with a few smart tips: Take inventory. You might have more supplies and clothing on-hand and leftover from previous years than you realize. Go through what you have before going shopping. Make a list and stick to it. All the great back-to-school offers might tempt you to overbuy (and therefore overspend), so have a list to keep you on track and only spending money on what you need. Get the better backpack. Nothing takes more of a beating during the school year than a backpack, and since all backpacks are on sale right now, choose a durable, high quality pack. Replacing a cheap backpack mid-year is expensive and frustrating. Shop the ads. Pick up the Sunday newspaper and study the offers. You'll find coupons for freebies, extra discounts, and the best dates to shop for the items you need. You might be surprised at where you'll find the best deals. Shop the back of the store first. When it comes to clothes shopping, always start in the back of the store on the clearance racks first. Take advantage of end-of-summer clearance sales on clothes that can transition into fall and winter. Check online. For any supplies, but especially big ticket items like a new computer or a pair of designer jeans, check online to find the best price available. Some online retailers might have better prices, no taxes, extra offers, or free shipping. Just like your kids, it pays to do your homework! Take time for a cookie. There are only so many years you'll be back-to-school shopping, so don't let the stress of the hustle and bustle keep you from enjoying the moment. Stop and smell the roses, or stop by for a cookie; whatever you do, savor the moment! We've even got back-to-school discounts at our stores today or online for you, so check them out!
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