Ask Mrs. Fields: How to Have an Appropriate Valentine Party at Work

Dear Mrs. Fields, Is it possible to have a Valentine's Day party at work without it being...weird? I'm on the party planning committee at my office and we want to have a valentine party, but not sure how to pull it off. Any suggestions? Rianna
Great question! The answer is yes, I have some fun ideas to keep your party fun, appropriate, and not...weird.
  • Keep it light and inclusive, focusing on food and fun. You want those without a valentine to feel included and excited.
  • Potlucks are always great for office parties. How about a chocolate theme, dessert bar, "red" foods or spicy foods?
  • Go old school and invite everyone to share grade school valentines.
  • Have sugar cookies to decorate like conversation hearts. (Recipe here.)
  • If there's a budget, raffle off a fun valentine gift like our Frosted Hearts Basket. (Think about it, this gift could make someone's day, or even save the day of some forgetful fellow!)
Readers, do you have any other suggestions for Rianna? Share them in the comments!
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