Are You Ready for Halloween?

The countdown to Halloween is on! I've prepared a list of my favorite Halloween "extra touches" to make for a smooth-sailing, memorable holiday for you and your household. 1. Replace your front porch lights with black light bulbs to give everything a neon glow. 2. Bring your house to life by adding googly eyes to furniture and household items. 3. Using black felt and some tape, add mustaches to all the household the mirrors at average upper lip height. Guests will get a kick out of seeing themselves mustachioed (and you will too)! 4. With black felt or paper, create masks for any paintings, family pictures, stuffed animals or statues around the house. 5. Buy king-sized candy bars for your close friends and bring back the thrill of trick or treating. 6. Download a playlist of classic spooky music to play. (iTunes has a great "Essentials" list.) 7. Create a simple, easy-to-keep-warm menu for Halloween night to accommodate a revolving crowd of friends, family, and trick-or-treaters. 8. For Halloween night, outfit your own trick-or-treaters with glow stick bracelets or necklaces (available in most general grocery stores) for added safety. 9. Create a photo booth back drop (a simple sheet will do) and snap silly photos of your costumed crowd. 10. Add dry ice to a cauldron of homemade root beer or cider to create a foggy, fizzy centerpiece. Those are my ideas. What are yours? Share your thoughts in the comments section.
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