America's Favorite Past Time & America's Favorite Cookies

Let's travel back to the 1970s in Oakland, California. (Do you have your feathered hair and bell bottoms ready?) There we'll find a young Debbi Sivyer, Oakland A's ball girl and cookie hobbyist. Debbi often brought her soon-to-be-famous chocolate chip cookies to the umpires during the game. The A's were building a baseball dynasty, and Debbi was on her way to build a cookie dynasty too.

You know what they say, the rest is history.

If you're in Oakland, you can revisit the past with us this weekend at Saturday's A's game. We're turning back the clock with the Oakland A's on June 26th, serving up our famous cookies at the umpires meeting at home plate for old time's sake. We're also surprising a lucky section of fans with free cookies. That's what we call a guaranteed win.

If you're in the Oakland area, we hope to see you there!

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