After School Scavenger Hunt

MF Scavenger Hunt Turn a regular afternoon into a fun adventure with this scavenger hunt. Pair kids up in groups of two or three, outfit them with the following list and a bag, then send them knocking on neighbor's doors to gather as many items as they can in an allotted time---an hour works great and is just enough time to bake up a batch of cookies while they're away. The winning team gets an extra cookie!

Scavenger Hunt List

  • paper clip
  • coupon
  • dryer lint
  • a matchless sock
  • pencil with no eraser
  • newspaper
  • birthday candle
  • coin from 1995
  • pine cone
  • piece of Halloween candy
  • sandwich bag
  • cotton ball
  • screw or nail
  • baseball card
  • AA battery
  • tooth floss
  • piece of duct tape
  • granola bar
  • balloon
  • crayon
  • drinking straw
  • tortilla chip
  • magazine
  • action figure
  • tea bag
  • dog biscuit
  • breath mint
  • stick of gum
  • one marble
  • ketchup packet
Add to or modify the list and then determine your own rules. Is there a limit to how many items you can get at one house? What blocks or streets are fair game or off limits? Decide together before you begin. And don't forget to review safety matters too! Try it after school one day or for your next birthday party. It's a good time guaranteed!
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