Adorable Valentine Handouts

MF Valentines

It seems that the days of homemade valentines are over, but this fabulous idea could bring them back. It is absolutely adorable and extremely easy. All you need are a few simple supplies and a pinch of pinch of creativity. Actually, you don't even need any creativity---it's all figured out for you!

Let's get started. First, you need to take a snapshot. Have your model hold out a fist and snap a few shots. Try to have a monochromatic background to keep things simple. This photo was taken outside in the snow.

MF Simple

Next, upload your photo to your computer and then use a simple photo-editing program like Picnik to add a little text and signature. Remember to leave room for your lollipop.

MF Valentine Single

Next, print your photos. Take a cutting board and an exacto knife and make two half-inch slits at the top and bottom of the fist. Slip your lollipop inside and you're done!

MF Close Up

You can hand them out as is...

MF Valentines

...or pop them into a cellophane bag with some candy and a ribbon.

MF Valentine Bag

It's truly that simple. Take this idea and run with it. I know you'll have a lot of fun.

And if you're not up to making your own handouts, you can always find some great gourmet ideas online at Mrs. Fields. We've got fabulous selections you can buy in bulk for easy gifting on Valentine's Day. Either way, you'll wow your valentine crowd!

Mini Swirl Valentine Tins
Conversation Heart Box
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