A Once-in-a-Leap-Year Sale for You!

I love leap years. I guess it's something about getting an entire extra elusive 24 hours to do with as I wish. It seems like a good day to start a new project, try something new, or treat myself to a once-in-every-four-years luxury. We thought we'd offer you the chance to do the same with a special sale for our blog and facebook friends. You can enjoy 35% off your entire purchase at Mrs. Fields Gifts and treat yourself or a friend or loved one to gourmet decadence and mouthwatering joy. Simply use code LEAP35 at checkout. And just in case you need a few ideas to get inspired, here's what I'm loving right now:
Deluxe Fruit & Sweet Basket
Pizza Cookie Cake

Personalized Cookie Jar
How will you be spending Leap Day this year? Share your thoughts in the comments section. {Image via Pinterest.}
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