5 Thanksgiving Hostess Gift Ideas

Fall Leaves Box
If you've ever hosted Thanksgiving, you know that it involves a lot of work—often days of work—to prepare the feast and the accommodations too. That's why a thoughtful hostess gift is so important to remember when you are a guest. It's a generous way of saying, "Thank you for sacrificing your time and home to make this possible." Here are my top five gift ideas for your Thanksgiving host. My go-to offering is always a beautiful cookie gift, like our Fall Leaves Box. You can arrive with it in hand, or have it sent the day after with a thoughtful note. It can be opened up and shared with the crowd, or savored as an individual gift. I know I'm biased, but you really can't go wrong with cookies. A scented candle is another favorite of mine. As a general rule, I'm not a fan of decorative gifts. It can be stressful for a host to feel like she needs to display it right away. (Remember, she's got a lot on her mind.) But a candle is easy to incorporate anywhere. The host can light it up immediately for ambiance. A set of pretty tea towels is always welcome, especially when wrapped around a home baked loaf of bread. And if her kitchen is anything like mine on Thanksgiving, those towels will be put to immediate use! You could also show up with bubble bath or bath salts for your host. He or she will likely need a long, relaxing soak in a tub after the festivities are over. Finally, I think a fabulous new music CD is a great gift. Think about your host and his/her taste in music, then select a new album that they'll likely enjoy. Or, better yet, create a mellow mix of your own favorites that you'll think they will like. Your host will appreciate the time you took to create it and it can be used as background music for the get together. What are your favorite hostess gift ideas? Share them in the comments section!
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