cookie_month_750x380 October is National Cookie month. What a perfect excuse to buy yourself (or someone else) a delicious and memorable treat? You deserve it and others will love you for it. Our gifts make the perfect centerpiece for any party, potluck, or family gathering. Surprise your friends or coworkers with these fun treats that are sure to make their day, or even month. Not a crumb will remain! Or you can just keep it all for yourself. Use the gift packaging to decorate your porch or bookshelf, or use it to wrap future gifts. Our Autumn collections are falling in so be sure to sample each of these tasty goodies! 5 COOKIES YOU GOTTA TRY Yummy Mummy Cookies Disguised in delicious white chocolate, our hand-decorated Mummy Cookies conceal a sweet surprise—each bite revealing the classic chocolate chip Nibblers® bite-sized cookie hiding inside! Donut Cookies A ‘Hole’ Lotta Fun! Say ‘Hello’ to our Donut Cookies created with our finest chocolate ganache buttercream frosting. Perfect for any party or family functions. Buttercream Frosted Cookies Autumn leaves, pumpkins, and ghosts—oh my! All of our frosted cookies are made with our melt-in-your-mouth buttercream frosting. They’re simply delicious! Enrobed Cookies Our special hand-dipped cookies are back and dressed to thrill! We use only the finest white, milk, and dark chocolates. They’re only available for a short time, so be sure to sample them now! Cookie Cakes And what’s cookie month without our hand-decorated big cookie cakes? They’re made fresh and baked using real butter and pure vanilla. They’re guaranteed to impress!
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