3rd Annual "Give Thanks with the Gift of Cookies" Giveaway

I'm so excited to announce the third year of our “Give Thanks With the Gift of Cookies” giveaway! It's by far my favorite giveaway of the year because of all the goodwill and joy it generates. It confirms my longtime suspicion that our readers and customers are the kind of people who enjoy giving even more than receiving.

The best part of our business at Mrs. Fields Gifts is being included in the special moments in your lives. Every day we have the opportunity to help people express care, joy, congratulations, concern, love, and gratitude. And believe me when I say, we consider it an absolute honor.

As Thanksgiving approaches, we have much to be thankful for and we know that you do too. We also know that the perfect way to express your gratitude is with the gift of cookies. We’re giving away three fabulous prizes to deserving people nominated by you! We’ll deliver them, along with your thanks, just in time for Thanksgiving! Why? Because the only thing better than winning a Mrs. Fields Secrets giveaway is winning one for somebody else!

How does it work?

Leave a comment answering this question: Who would you like to thank and why?

The contest will run from now until Sunday, November 20th, after which three winners will be selected to receive one of three incredible prizes.

First prize is our classic Bonus Tray with 48 cookies and 24 brownies. We like to refer to it as an instant party.

Bonus Tray

Second prize is our Fabulous Fall Leaves Box. It's beautiful on the outside and so decadent on the inside with a variety of our classic and frosted cookies.

Fabulous Fall Leaves Box
Third prize is our Elegant Fall Box filled with an assortment of our bite-sized cookies and brownies to savor.
Elegant Fall Box

Without further ado, let the thanking begin! And then come back again and again to read the inspirational entries. It's an instant pick-me-up!

**Giveaway closed.**

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