3 Ideas for a Better Easter Egg Hunt

Ever been to an Easter Egg Hunt that was more like a scene out of The Hunger Games? Here are three fun ideas that can make your Easter Egg Hunt more of a celebration of sharing than an every-child-for-himself grab fest. (And we've all witnessed those, right?) 1. Coordinate egg colors with age groups. A great way to keep things fair for a wide range of kids, assign a color to each age group and when the hunt begins, kids are only allowed to gather the eggs that are for their age group. This solves the problem of older kids who are fast on their feet. 2. Hunt for someone else. Perfect for a group of kids similar in age, each child is hunting on behalf of another. Before the hunt begins, kids swap empty baskets with each other. Then the hunt is on. The speed and greed of gathering as many eggs is transformed into an act of service—when the hunt is over, each child returns their basket to its original owner. Warm, fuzzy feelings ensue. 3. Play musical eggs. Have some music to accompany your egg hunt. When the music is playing, kids can hunt. When the music stops, everybody freezes and an adult calls out a direction such as, "Give all your purple eggs to the person on your right!" or "Everybody wearing blue can take two eggs while everyone else is frozen!" or "Find the person who has the least amount of eggs. Everybody give that person one of your eggs!" Make up your own fun directions to interrupt the game play and keep eggs hopping baskets and keeping things fair. Those are my ideas. What are yours? Share them in the comments section! {Image via Pinterest.}
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