25 Ways To Help Our Classroom Heroes

The Shocking Amount America’s Teachers Spend on School Supplies: A TakePart Infographic

Pretty staggering numbers in this graphic, right? Now that we've sent the kids back to school with their new sneakers, backpacks and list of school supplies, it's easy to forget that needs in the classrooms still exist, and those needs are most often filled by teachers themselves. Most of us don't realize how simple it is for us to help shoulder the burden if only we are aware of the needs. Sometimes it's only a few extra dollars at the store; sometimes you have valuable resources already around the house; and sometimes, if budget allows, a little splurge can make a big difference. Here are 25 simple ways you can help our classroom heroes:
  1. The next time you buy hand sanitizer, buy an extra bottle for the classroom.
  2. When you buy Clorox wipes in bulk, remove one and send it to school.
  3. An extra box of pencils, markers, or crayons might already be sitting around the house. Donate it.
  4. Teachers often use stickers for rewards. Pick up a few sheets and send them in. Let your child help choose.
  5. Scissors are always a helpful classroom tool. Do you have extra pairs at home?
  6. Colored paper is helpful for crafts and highlighting important copies.
  7. Share some hand soap and disposable hand towels for the classroom sink.
  8. Pick up an extra box or two of tissues—cold season is just around the corner.
  9. Go through your home library and donate reading books that are in good condition.
  10. Those craft supplies gathering dust in your basement could be put to use during art class. Get them out!
  11. Do you have software programs you could donate? These are a big expense for teachers.
  12. At the hardware store, pick up a box of latex gloves for science or art class.
  13. Teachers can always use storage containers, and most of us have extras at home.
  14. Donate new playground balls and jump ropes.
  15. Do you have a CD player you don't use anymore? Maybe the classroom could put it to use.
  16. Teachers usually have a limited supply of printer paper. Next time you buy for yourself, pick up an extra package.
  17. Donate dry erase markers and permanent markers—everyday tools that get used up fast.
  18. Pick up a gift card to a local office supply store.
  19. Teachers like to create comfortable reading spaces. Donate your old bean bag or floor pillows.
  20. Next time you're in a carpet store, ask if they have extra carpet squares that could be donated.
  21. Everybody loves the form and function of sticky notes. Pick up a stack for the class.
  22. Donate a set of goggles for science experiments.
  23. Paint is a classroom necessity: finger paints, craft paints, and poster paints. Buy the primary colors—other colors can be mixed.
  24. Classes often work toward parties paid for by the teacher. Offer to sponsor a classroom party, like a milk and cookies party with a case of cookies.
  25. Do something special to show your gratitude. A personal gift, a thoughtful note, or bouquet of flowers from the yard can be just the kind of support a teacher needs.
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{Image Via: TakePart.com}
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