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  1. Vanessa Lopez
    Vanessa Lopez at

    Dad was right about that he is my best friend ever.

  2. Sara Kleipe
    Sara Kleipe at

    Dad was right about my potential suitors. He told me if a man can’t look him in the eyes when shaking his hand and meeting him for the first time, that he doesn’t have good intentions for his daughter!

  3. Maureen
    Maureen at

    Being true to yourself. Do what you know to be right.

  4. Robin R Gibson
    Robin R Gibson at

    My dad was right about always treating others as you want to be treated.

  5. Kara Kilhoffer
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  6. Debbie
    Debbie at

    Money! “Money doesn’t grow on trees!”

  7. valerie owen
    valerie owen at

    Dad was right about my husband!

  8. LeAnne
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  9. angela grogan
    angela grogan at

    Dad was right about pretty much everything. He told me when I was little that if I always used my manners and was polite to other people that they would be polite to me. Check one off for dad he got that one right . 🙂 He told me if I always prayed to GOD that he would hear my prayers and answer them. Check another one off for dad. I have come to realize that GOD does listen to our prayers and answers them when the outcome is to benefit us in the long term. If he doesn’t answer a prayer it is probably because he has something better in store for us. He told me that the boy I was dating in high school wan’t good enough for me. I didn’t listen and ended up marrying him. (which didn’t last either) So chalk number 3 piece of advice up to dad who once again knew what he was talking about. Still to this day my dad gives me advice and now I am more prone to listen to him than I have been in the past. Happy Fathers Day to the most wonderful dad in the world.

  10. April Hughes
    April Hughes at

    Dad was right about everything!

  11. Linda
    Linda at

    Dad was right about marriage.

  12. Candy Higginbotham
    Candy Higginbotham at

    Dad was right about a lot of things but mostly he taught me that life is too short and to tell the people you love that you love them everyday because one day it might be too late……
    My dad passed away Feb of 2014 and I miss him more everyday

  13. Nancy Bahamondes
    Nancy Bahamondes at

    Hard work pays off.

  14. carmen finch
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  15. linda hernandez
    linda hernandez at

    Act like a lady.then you’ll be treated like one.and he’s always right

  16. Jo-Ann Brightman
    Jo-Ann Brightman at

    Dad was right about my not being out too late next about almost ey thing. I miss him!

  17. Barbara Mayes
    Barbara Mayes at

    getting an education!

  18. Tonja Davis
    Tonja Davis at

    Daddy was right about my husband. He never like any guy that I dated until I started dating DeWayne. Daddy really liked him! DeWayne and I have been together 25 years and married 23 of those years. Trust your Daddy’s instincts!

  19. elener mcdonough
    elener mcdonough at

    my dad was ri8ight about money he was absolutely right

  20. Melissa
    Melissa at

    Dad was right about teaching me how to cook and bake, homemade food is one of a kind! 🙂

  21. Pat s
    Pat s at

    Dad was right about always doing things with integrity, people be will have respect before you.

  22. Megan sirota
    Megan sirota at

    My dad was right about finishing something! “The hardest part about finishing something is getting started!”

  23. Margaret Pac
    Margaret Pac at

    Hard work pays off!

  24. Jakara Jackson
    Jakara Jackson at

    There’s nothing like your own

  25. Cecile Styron
    Cecile Styron at

    I would,re as lly Love To have the cookies.

  26. Pam
    Pam at

    Dad was right about always being kind and polite.

  27. Deborah Sappington
    Deborah Sappington at

    Dad Was So Right About Getting Upset Easily. Love, Breathe, Step Back, wait A Moment When Upset. This Is My Father-Inlaw, He Is My Dad In My Heart. He Has Passed, An I Hear His Wisdom An Words All The Time. we Were Close, And It Means So Much He Took So Much Time Talking With Me. Is It Going To Make Your Life Hard, Are You Going To Remember This Next Week, Month, Year! Is It A Deal Breaker,Then Why Are You Getting Upset An It Could Cause Big Problems Over Time. Life Is Too Short, Pick Your Battles. Enjoy Your Life An Be Happy!! 🙂

  28. Christie L
    Christie L at

    Dad was right about so many things. He told me to get my tires checked every year, He told me to keep cash in my purse at all times, he told me to make sure I have gas in my car at all times, and he told me to keep my cell phone charged in case I need it for emergencies.

  29. June Worrell
    June Worrell at

    Always put others before your self!!!

  30. Karen
    Karen at

    My dad was right about listening to that inner voice.

    That inner voice knows right and wrong. UGH! How does that inner voice know that? My heart or my mind want to do something else but that inner voice can be so strong.
    I love you dad!

  31. Susan Lampe
    Susan Lampe at

    With my daughter, Theresa, not quite being 18 years old (missing it by a little over 2 months.) she asked if I could do this entry for her because her dad has helped her understand about believing in herself and her driving.

    Per Theresa: My dad was right about courage and believing in myself, especially with my driving. I love him so much 🙂

    Theresa and I hope this was okay to do because she really wanted to be a part of this Father’s Day Giveaway that Mrs. Field is doing.

  32. llibby77
    llibby77 at

    Dad was right about everything, I miss him so. Once a Daddy’s girl and forever will be! RIP Dad!

  33. Kat
    Kat at

    Dad was right about taking the road less traveled. It has made all the difference.

  34. Marsha
    Marsha at

    Dad says to remember the good time.

  35. Rosa Naranjo
    Rosa Naranjo at

    Dad was right about everything

  36. Becky
    Becky at

    everything! He is an awesome protector and provider. I have learned so much from him. Thank you, Dad. I love you.

  37. Malia W
    Malia W at

    adults knowing a little more about life than most people think

  38. Donna Murphy
    Donna Murphy at

    ….about everything!!! I mean really, how can he always be right but somehow he is!!! Of course, if he does happen to be wrong, he will never admit it. NEVER!

  39. Mary
    Mary at

    that all you have is your self, your reputation. It takes a lifelong to build it and just a sec to destroy it, so always do the right things and make the right choices.

  40. Susan Townes
    Susan Townes at

    Dad was right when he would tell me to treat people good and to work hard at what you are trying to excel in. Whether it was school…..a job….or even a personal relationship…..these were all important aspects of life. Oh and to have fun!

  41. Diane Conover
    Diane Conover at

    Dad was right about Mrs.Fields Cookies…He said they will help fix whatever ails ya!And my Dad is hardly ever wrong.But when he is he will be the first to admit it..

  42. Julie
    Julie at


  43. Camilla
    Camilla at


  44. Dominic Johnson
    Dominic Johnson at

    About most everything. He’s been there for me through the toughest times. Love you Dad.

  45. Anna
    Anna at

    Dad was right about being loving who I am and that nothing else mattered!

  46. Annaly
    Annaly at

    Dad was right about hard work!! Can’t get no where when you don’t work for it!

  47. manda
    manda at

    Dad was right about not taking life too seriously and relaxing. I was always a worrier as a child and my dad helped me work through those issues.

  48. Carol ONeil
    Carol ONeil at

    If it’s not broke leave it alone!

  49. Michelle S.
    Michelle S. at

    Dad was right about the importance of making fun, family moments.

  50. Patricia
    Patricia at

    My dad was right that when you use your head things come your way and patience is a virtue no one uses anymore

  51. Emily Eggert
    Emily Eggert at

    Learning to drive a stick shift. I’m able to be designated driver since I can drive my friends’ car!

  52. Ellen B
    Ellen B at

    don’t rush into anything – think things through

  53. Patty G
    Patty G at

    Dad was right about being positive all the time. It really pays off to think about all the good things. It brightens up your day as well as the people you interact with.

  54. L Shwrtz Sweeps
    L Shwrtz Sweeps at

    Measure twice to cut once

  55. Beverly Guajardo
    Beverly Guajardo at

    Dad was right about having to make tough decisions when you become an adult. He was right when he said that not everyone is considered a nice person. He was right when he said the only person you can count on is yourself.

  56. hilary
    hilary at

    Dad was right about boys when you’re a teenage, wish I would’ve listened then! Now I have a wonderful man who I wish I had met years ago!

  57. bart cook
    bart cook at

    Dad was right about “woulda, coulda, and shoulda never got ANYTHING done!”

  58. Linda Counts
    Linda Counts at

    Life, education, and love. Don’t let life run you: you run your own life. Get an education first so whatever happens in your life you will be able to take care of yourself. Don’t rely on a man; rely on yourself first. After your education there will be plenty of time for men. Do not settle. There is nothing greater in this world than love. True love lasts a lifetime and it is beautiful. Don’t settle for anything less than the imperfect in the perfect relationship. This is what we all deserve in life. Perfection in your advice dad. I love you.

  59. Shiloh
    Shiloh at

    Dad was right about never forgetting who you are, no matter what people around you think, say or try to convince you to do. If you know your self and your value, you won’t make harmful choices in life.

  60. Diane Lisker Belyea
    Diane Lisker Belyea at

    Mrs Fields Cookies being the best present ever.

  61. robin wolfe
    robin wolfe at

    Dad was always correct, leave early, and you will never be late !

  62. TAMARA
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  63. Terry Mac
    Terry Mac at

    Dad was right about EVERYTHING!

  64. pennie courtois
    pennie courtois at

    Dad was right about if you work hard, things will pay off in your furture.

  65. Jessica
    Jessica at

    Dad was right about everything!

  66. Julie
    Julie at

    My dad was right about everything!!

  67. rachel
    rachel at

    learning how to change my own oil in my car!

  68. Carrie N.
    Carrie N. at

    Dad was right about the apple not falling far from the tree.

  69. Carrie N.
    Carrie N. at

    Dad was right when he said,”The apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree.”

  70. Natalie may
    Natalie may at

    Dad was right about making hotdogs in the microwave is faster

  71. Carrie Lemert
    Carrie Lemert at

    Life, it has it’s ups and downs, but you should count your blessings because there is always someone who has it a lot worse than you! And smile and the world will smile back at you!!!!

  72. Dawn Monroe
    Dawn Monroe at

    My dad was right I should have went to college.

  73. Ann Tacbad
    Ann Tacbad at

    Dad is right bout everything

  74. Susan D
    Susan D at

    showing respect and kindness to others will make you feel better than focusing on yourself.

  75. Carol Ezovski
    Carol Ezovski at

    Dad was right about how important it was to study hard so I could get into college and get a good job. That’s what I did. Glad I listened to him.

  76. Leela
    Leela at

    Dad was right about family.

  77. Teressa K
    Teressa K at

    Dad was right about how to take care of myself.

  78. Jennai
    Jennai at

    Dad was right about what a loser the guy I was dating was. Thank goodness I finally realized he was right before I married him.

  79. Cindy R Moore
    Cindy R Moore at

    Always know how to work on your own car

  80. chickie brewer
    chickie brewer at

    About staying somewhere too long and wearing out your welcome.

  81. Susan Christy
    Susan Christy at

    Dad was right about all of my boyfriends.

  82. Rob
    Rob at

    Dad was right about doing school work.

  83. Milt
    Milt at

    Dad was right about managing time.

  84. Marc
    Marc at

    Dad was right about managing money.

  85. Mal
    Mal at

    Dad was right about my friends.

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