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  1. Heidi Reid
    Heidi Reid at

    Anything with clove and molasses in it!

  2. Jocelyn Patterson
    Jocelyn Patterson at

    homemade oatmeal rasin with chocolate chips

  3. Diane
    Diane at

    Sugar cookies are my favorite!

  4. Vanessa Lopez
    Vanessa Lopez at

    My favorite Christmas cookie is Gingerbread. Delicious!

  5. Michele Ash
    Michele Ash at

    My most favorite cookie of course, is Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies, however, if you are looking for something fancier, I do love the decorated Sugar Cookies! I Also Love Vanilla Pitzels, however, I have no idea or way of making them! This would definitely be a Godsend to win this! I have been extremely depressed this year, due to the fact that we cannot afford Christmas this year. I have not made 1 cookie yet this year and generally, I make something like 14 different kinds! My husband and I are both disabled and he works a part time job to help with groceries, etc. He became severely ill this summer and long story short, after numerous hospital stays, tests, specialists, etc. He ended up having major surgery to remove a tumor, his appendix and part of his colon. He was not able to work the entire time he was sick and just up until a few weeks ago. We are still trying to catch up on the bills. Thanks so much for this wonderful opportunity to be a winner! I truly honestly appreciate it! Thanks so very, very much, Michele

  6. Cleo Browne
    Cleo Browne at

    My favorite Christmas cookie is frosted chocolate cookie with nuts inside.

  7. maureen
    maureen at

    Iced gingerbread men are so so good.

  8. Brittany
    Brittany at

    Gingerbread because they’re fun to decorate, but I love any flavor!

  9. cynthia
    cynthia at

    snicker doodles

  10. Susan
    Susan at

    I love sugar cookies!
    Thanks for the chance.

  11. Linda
    Linda at

    I love any cookie that has frosting on it!

  12. Nicole
    Nicole at

    Favorite cookies are definitely gingerbread cookies!

  13. Derrick Johnson
    Derrick Johnson at

    I love Chocolate Chip Cookies!

  14. Rox Blackmer
    Rox Blackmer at

    springer le and baklava…..can’t decide.

  15. Jennifer Vuksinich
    Jennifer Vuksinich at

    I love pffernuse cookies.

  16. erica m
    erica m at

    iced gingerbread! mm

  17. Alma Salgado
    Alma Salgado at

    My Christmas cookie craving are Mint Chocolate Chip Red Velvet cookies!

  18. Cynthia M Volker
    Cynthia M Volker at

    My favorite Christmas cookie is decorated sugar cookies.

  19. Cheryl L
    Cheryl L at

    iced sugar cookies

  20. AM
    AM at

    cut out cookies

  21. Loretta. Altrichter
    Loretta. Altrichter at

    i love sugar cookies

  22. Shirley Hardy
    Shirley Hardy at

    My favorite is double chocolate chip! Yummy!

  23. Michelle Fuller
    Michelle Fuller at

    My favorite a thin chocolate chip cookies studded with chopped pecans.

  24. Joy Ramos
    Joy Ramos at

    My favorite is Snickerdoodle 🙂

  25. natalie carpenter
    natalie carpenter at

    My favorite is Snowball Cookies. I cant get enough of them. Delicious! Thanks for the chance.

  26. karla schmolzi
    karla schmolzi at

    my favorite cookie is sugar cookies decorated

  27. Shelia Noble
    Shelia Noble at

    I love sugar cookies!

  28. Jodi Shafer
    Jodi Shafer at

    Peanut Butter. YUM!

  29. Carol Pendagast
    Carol Pendagast at

    My favorite cookie is snickerdoodles.

  30. Joseph Skidmore
    Joseph Skidmore at

    any that I didnt have to make, really, I like my chocolate chip cookies and fudge is always on the list

  31. Kellie Armstrong
    Kellie Armstrong at

    My all time favorite Christmas cookie would have to be BUTTERHORNS!
    It takes two days or longer to make them depending on the servings you need to make. It’s the most looked forward to cookie of the year!

  32. corey schneid
    corey schneid at

    Sugar Cookies with rainbow sprinkles – homemade!

  33. Kim Case
    Kim Case at

    Love oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

  34. michelle miller
    michelle miller at

    peanutbutter with kisses on top

  35. Kristy McLaughlin
    Kristy McLaughlin at

    My favorite Chrostmas cookie is snowball cookies.

  36. Donna DeMott
    Donna DeMott at

    I love all cookies. But if I must choose, then chocolate with macadamia nuts.

  37. Vicki Hale
    Vicki Hale at

    My fave is iced sugar cookies. Thank you.

  38. Barbie Belpulsi
    Barbie Belpulsi at

    My favorite would be chunky chocolate chip ☺

  39. Jenee
    Jenee at

    My favorite Christmas cookie are my mom’s mint chocolate chip cookies. They are amazing. There’s one thing she does, and I can’t figure out exactly what it is, that sets them apart. They are just the right amount of crispy and chewy.

  40. Diana Tulloch
    Diana Tulloch at

    Either milk chocolate chip, walnut cookies or white chocolate chip macadamia cookies!

  41. Julie Owen
    Julie Owen at

    Sour cream sugar cookies!

  42. Linda Simoes
    Linda Simoes at


  43. Lori H
    Lori H at

    homemade wreath cookies

  44. Erin
    Erin at

    chocolate chip

  45. Quovonna
    Quovonna at

    I love sugar cookies during the Christmas Season.

  46. nancy bohlsen
    nancy bohlsen at

    love peanut blossoms

  47. Glenda Green
    Glenda Green at

    Chocolate Chip is my favorite!

  48. steve
    steve at

    I love Oatmeal rum raisin

  49. Jen B
    Jen B at

    My Sicillian Father in Law Pizzelles. He has mastered them! He makes anise, cinnamon, chocolate, almond. He has taught all of his grand children how to make them and has turned it in to a family tradition to make them, each year!

  50. Sherry Beaubriand
    Sherry Beaubriand at

    My absolute favorites are jam-filled cookies that my mother used to make every Christmas. They were so delicious and filled with such love.

  51. cindy cook
    cindy cook at

    chocolate chip and oatmeal rasin

  52. Donna Meregillano
    Donna Meregillano at

    I love gingerbread! My grandmother used to get a large plate of homemade goodies every year from her best friend and it would include 2-3 gingerbread men, I always snuck in and snagged one of them before they disappeared.

  53. msofthesouth
    msofthesouth at

    Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies are my FAVORITE!!!!

  54. Barbara Schaumann
    Barbara Schaumann at

    Sugar cookies! 🙂

  55. Deborah Gunter
    Deborah Gunter at

    I love sugar cookies and Oatmeal with cherries in them

  56. jodi
    jodi at

    Sugar cookies

  57. Karen Hann
    Karen Hann at

    Kolackys..family eats them as fast as I can make them, have to hide so we’ll have for Christmas party

  58. Debbie
    Debbie at

    I love a good cut out cookie covered with some good frosting. Yum!

  59. Yesenia Salgado
    Yesenia Salgado at

    Chewy Chocolate chip cookies

  60. Jackie Pollaccia
    Jackie Pollaccia at

    My favorites are butter cookies and sugar cookies

  61. barbara patrick
    barbara patrick at

    my favorite cookies is riccotta cookies my mom use to make i love all cookie but thats my favorite

  62. Tina Helmstetter
    Tina Helmstetter at

    Date Nut Pinwheels

  63. Sharon
    Sharon at

    frosted sugar cookies!!

  64. Nanette Lovelady
    Nanette Lovelady at

    I love to make persimmon cookies

  65. Kellie Sonnenfeld
    Kellie Sonnenfeld at

    My favorite Christmas cookie is my Grandma’s cutout cookies.

  66. Connie
    Connie at

    Iced sugar cookies!

  67. kara kjellman
    kara kjellman at

    I love chocolate peppermint cookies!

  68. Linda Meyers-Gabbard
    Linda Meyers-Gabbard at

    Toll house chocolate chip are my very favorite.

  69. Jane Sandona
    Jane Sandona at

    Mexican Wedding cookies

  70. Annette H
    Annette H at

    Peanut butter blossoms

  71. Tammy Leonhardt
    Tammy Leonhardt at

    frosted sugar cookies

  72. Tina p.
    Tina p. at

    Frosted sugar cookies! Yum!

  73. Kathleen K
    Kathleen K at

    chocolate chip

  74. Tina Stryker
    Tina Stryker at

    My favorite Christmas cookie is your basic sugar cookie. I love sugar cookies at this time of year because my children and their cousins make a day of baking and decorating, creating memories and traditions for years to come.

  75. staci oliver
    staci oliver at


  76. Robin Trump
    Robin Trump at

    tollhouse cookies.

  77. Charlette N.
    Charlette N. at

    I love snickerdoodles

  78. Lisa Spitz
    Lisa Spitz at

    Sugar cookies!

  79. carol catto
    carol catto at

    I love sugar cookies.

  80. Meggan Cassatt
    Meggan Cassatt at

    peanut butter blossoms!

  81. laura cook
    laura cook at

    Snickerdoodles…. Yummy

  82. CharityS
    CharityS at


  83. Jason England
    Jason England at

    peanut butter blossoms

  84. Debra Evanson
    Debra Evanson at

    My favorite cookie is chocolate chip

  85. angela smith
    angela smith at

    sugar cookies

  86. Emily Eggert
    Emily Eggert at

    Chocolate chip

  87. Tanya
    Tanya at

    sugar cookies

  88. Tanya
    Tanya at


  89. Beth Ardent
    Beth Ardent at

    My favorite holiday cookie is Gingerbread!!

  90. June Oliveira
    June Oliveira at

    My favorite cookie is butterfingers made with real butter and sour cream. Recipe was passed down to me from my mother-in-law. Make them at Christmas for everyone. All my family loves them.

  91. June Oliveira
    June Oliveira at


  92. Jennifer P
    Jennifer P at

    My grandma would make molasses cookies that were out of this world!!

  93. Ashley barker
    Ashley barker at

    I love an iced Gingerbread Cookie!

  94. Julie
    Julie at

    No matter the time of year it is always Chocolate Chip Cookies.

  95. Barbara Lima
    Barbara Lima at

    Russian Tea Cakes

  96. chris mills
    chris mills at

    i like the frosted sugar cookies

  97. Andrea marino
    Andrea marino at

    Sugar Cookies

  98. Caroline Lennek
    Caroline Lennek at

    Honestly, anything with chocolate! But if I have to pick one, it’s the favorite from my childhook, toll house chocolate chip cookies.

  99. Stephanie Phelps
    Stephanie Phelps at

    I love love love Snowball Cookies. They are the best!

  100. Wanda
    Wanda at

    Cut outs

  101. Susanne Lemert
    Susanne Lemert at

    I love cut out cookies, but I’m also partial to peanut butter blossoms!!!
    Christmas Cookies YUMMY!!!!!

  102. Cindy Boardman Thatcher
    Cindy Boardman Thatcher at

    Chocolate chip are my all time favorite cookies, tho I do like the sugar cookies around Christmas time

  103. TAMARA
    TAMARA at


  104. Kimberly Siegert Norton
    Kimberly Siegert Norton at

    Russian tea cookies the little powdered sugard cookies lovem

  105. Julie B
    Julie B at

    Decorated Butter Cookies!

  106. Mary-Eileen Venturella
    Mary-Eileen Venturella at

    Christmas Windowpane Cookies. They can be made with either a simple sugar cookie or shortbread cookie base. LifeSaver candies are melted in gaps in the designs using standard seasonal cookie cutters,(Christmas tree, bell, star,etc.)during the baking process. When they cool, they are like stained glass and are both tasty and pretty. Extras like sprinkles or icing can be added.

  107. Jennifer Burnette
    Jennifer Burnette at

    My favorite Christmas cookies which I make every year is Peanut Butter Blossoms!

  108. Steven Burnette
    Steven Burnette at

    My favorite Christmas time cookies would have to be Santa, Reindeer and Christmas trees shaped frosted sugar cookies!

  109. Danette Montague
    Danette Montague at

    Snicker doodles!!

  110. Karen B
    Karen B at

    They are called Bon Bon’s – you make Christmas colored dough, wrap around a maraschino cherry or nut, bake and then frost with colorful colors and then sprinkles. On the Christmas plate they look like Christmas ornaments and they are simple to make.

  111. Christine Hughes
    Christine Hughes at

    I love the snickerdoodle.

  112. Debbie Mapp
    Debbie Mapp at

    Since I don’t get cookies very much these days, I’ll take my old standby Chocolate Chip any day of the year!

  113. connie moore
    connie moore at

    Sugar Cookies……….

  114. Denise pasko
    Denise pasko at


  115. Pedro n
    Pedro n at

    Italian knot cookies!

  116. Margaret Smith
    Margaret Smith at

    Chocolate chip. They really remind me of Christmas when I was a kid. My Grandmother would bake them with my help every year just before Christmas. We’d make lots and then I’d go with her to deliver them as gifts to neighbors and friends.

  117. Evans
    Evans at

    I love Peppermint cookies!

  118. Nicholas Huyten
    Nicholas Huyten at

    Soft home made sugar cookies

  119. Kristen D.
    Kristen D. at


  120. Teounna
    Teounna at

    I have two favorite and those two are gingerbread and sugar cookies with a big cup of ice cold milk! 🙂

  121. Karen Adams
    Karen Adams at

    Chocolate chip

  122. Jessica Lasher
    Jessica Lasher at

    I love cookies with white chocolate and macadamia nuts in them!!! Yummy!!!


    Sugar Cookies!!!

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