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  1. Michele Ash
    Michele Ash / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I am very thankful for my family and for God helping us through this horrible 2014. We’ve seen everything from sicknesses, having no money, operations, and a hard time getting by. I’m extremely thankful for ALL of us still being here, alive, and somewhat healthy!

  2. Michele Ash
    Michele Ash / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I read the instructions wrong! Sorry. I am very thankful for my husband. He has had the most problems with sickness, hospitalization, operations, no work and yet, he still managed to be able for us to keep our home. He is definitely one of the strongest people I know. He has been trying, as hard as he can, to help get our home winterized for the upcoming cold season! He may only be able to do a little at a time, however, I’m trying to help as much as I possibly can. He definitely deserves to have a treat for the upcoming holidays. He’s been through it all this year and he has survived with the cancer scare and major surgery and still pushes on! For all he has been through and he is still here with us, I am so Very, Very, Thankful! Thanks, Michele 🙂

  3. Julie Davis
    Julie Davis / 11-3-2014 / ·

    My friend Sharon Stevens Hudson who I know I count on no matter what. I am so lucky to have her as a friend.

  4. Rebecca Lawson
    Rebecca Lawson / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my daughter Carrie . She has been my rock for the past 2 years. Through the loss of my job and other personal issues she has always been there for me with a word or even the money to pay my bills when I couldn’t pay them. She loves me unconditionally 🙂

  5. Hadiya Imran
    Hadiya Imran / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I’m thankful for my mother she gave me life and taught me how to be a good mother! Shes amazing

  6. Cathy Bradford
    Cathy Bradford / 11-3-2014 / ·

    My Mom, for all that she has done for us kids!

  7. melinda cassell
    melinda cassell / 11-3-2014 / ·

    im thankful for my family and especially my daughter allison , besides being the best mother to my grandkids she also takes good care of me without thinking of anything shes suppose to and now i think she should win these for all the good she does for other people too
    love that girl

  8. Amber Chesler
    Amber Chesler / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I would love to thank my mother for putting up with me over the years. Now that I’m on my own I would live to give this giveaway and give them to her for all her hardwork!

  9. Kari Judd
    Kari Judd / 11-3-2014 / ·

    My Mother-in-Law She recently lost her husband of 42 years, But she has been a member of the Salvation Army for much longer and has dedicated her life to helping others!

  10. Thom Coleman
    Thom Coleman / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank our service men and women for keeping us safe

  11. carla carr
    carla carr / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I would thank my DAD.

  12. kari newman
    kari newman / 11-3-2014 / ·

    Not feeling well makes it very tuff on cooking… I love my ffMILy and owuld love to have great homemade taste of your cookins for them

  13. Brian
    Brian / 11-3-2014 / ·

    i would like to thank my mom, who fought hard throughout her life to raise my sister and I all by herself

  14. Carrie Sheerin
    Carrie Sheerin / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I am Thankful for all the past and present Men & Women in the service protecting us. They get called and deployed to not only fight but to serve to help others. They put themselves in danger to keep us out of danger .

  15. Cheryl S Kloesz
    Cheryl S Kloesz / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I’d love to thank my mom. She is such an inspiration. My mom raised 8 children and never once complained a day in her life. She is the strongest, kindest, most generous person I know. With her love and support, she has shown me what matters most in life, family.

  16. Cheryl S Kloesz
    Cheryl S Kloesz / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I’d love to thank my mom. She is such an inspiration. My mom raised 8 children and never once complained a day in her life. She is the strongest, kindest, most generous person I know. With her love and support, she has shown me what matters most in life, family.

  17. Mary Joyce Paual
    Mary Joyce Paual / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my better half Jerome Paual for everything he has done for me. For bringing me to America, giving me a better future. For supporting me in my chosen career path. For reminding me to follow my dreams. I wouldn’t be a registered professional nurse without his love & support. He gave me the strength & courage to be the best I can be.

  18. Evans B.
    Evans B. / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I would like to nominate my husband’s co-workers–Eric, Matt, Moud, Brian, Jake and Mike. Very thankful for them! They had helped us fix our house back. Our house was infested with termites couple years ago, and had to replace half of house–flooring, walls, and porch. So it’s basically re-building the whole house. Due to budget issues, we can’t afford a professional to do the work, so my husband did it himself, with the help of these guys. We wouldn’t be able to live back to our house the soonest possible time if not for them. Thankful we have them as friends. A box of Mrs. Fields to share would be an awesome way to say we’re thankful for their help.

  19. Terri R
    Terri R / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I’d like to thank our school secretary, Helen Batten. She goes out of her way to encourage and uplift our small staff. Being in the office, Helen is in the middle of the ups and downs of school life, including trying to find ways to keep our school of less than 100 students, pre-k through 8th grades, afloat. This would be a great way to show we appreciate her Thank you!

  20. Mary Joyce Paual
    Mary Joyce Paual / 11-3-2014 / ·

    With the love of my life. I wish to thank him for everything!

  21. Lori Grish
    Lori Grish / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I am thankful for the time I have to spend with my family, friends and everyone I come to meet. Each & everyone is to be in my life even if it is for a short period or longer. Every day I have here in the world is a blessing as I realized the circle of life that I am at…been a child, teenager, married, had a son, been to family & friends weddings, baby showers and now at the point were some family & friends are passing on to the great unknown and a better place where we will all see them again. So as I said I am thankful to each & every day I breathe.

  22. lisa
    lisa / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my mom for so many reasons. She taught us everything we needed to know when we were kids growing up, and she continues imparting her wisdom to this day. She is always there for us, no matter where we are; we got stationed overseas, and she still made the trek to celebrate her grandson’s birthday, her annual tradition. I can’t thank her enough for being there whenever we need support or a smile or a place to rest our heads between moves. She deserves so much in appreciation!

  23. Judy Woodson
    Judy Woodson / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my Husband for being by my side this past year . It has been a rough year for both of us at the loss of family and friends

  24. Ruth Eisen
    Ruth Eisen / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my parents for being there for me and letting me move back home when I needed some emotional support and a roof over my head.

  25. Lloyd Lonergan
    Lloyd Lonergan / 11-3-2014 / ·

    My wife, because she is the “Best”.

  26. lori moore
    lori moore / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I am thankful for my siblings, they have always been there for me, no matter what! We grew up with both of our parents absent, so they’re the only family i have!

  27. Liz
    Liz / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I’m thankful for my hubby who stayed up late three nights this week to help me with work and THEN cleaned house without me asking him to. I am already one lucky girl but he deserves a treat! 🙂

  28. janet petersen
    janet petersen / 11-3-2014 / ·

    mom for always being there for me ,my kids and thier kids

  29. April H
    April H / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I would love to thank my mom! She has been everything to me and to others around her. She is going through a difficult time and we haven’t been able to see each other for over 8 years. She has made me the person, mother, friend, and wife I am today! She has taught me to love in situations when most people hate. She has taught me to look past the surface and to dig deeper to find the hidden gem in people and in life. I love and miss her greatly and she deserves the world!

  30. Theresa Grassi
    Theresa Grassi / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I would like to Thank my Husband of 42 years of marriage for being my rock and my world and the father of my children. He make things all right with the world.

  31. Nadylie Patten
    Nadylie Patten / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I would love to say thank you to my husband for giving me two beautiful children, being a great father and supporter and an awesome father and husband.

  32. maureen
    maureen / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I would love to thank the love of my husband. He has been there for me through very hard times and then he and I have shared some beautiful times. I know that a spouse is expected to be there but he has been there even at the beginning of the marriage when I was diagnosed with a very serious health issue. He is a wonderful person and he does what he does in a very quiet unassuming manner.

  33. Laura Shepherd
    Laura Shepherd / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I want to THANK my Mom for a million reasons, but just to name some, I’m thankful for her kindness, thoughtfulness and generous spirit. She is always thinking of others, whether it is to do an errand for them, help them with a special need, praying for them or making a meal…she lives to serve others. I’m also thankful for the love & care she had for my Dad and us children growing up and even now with a family of my own. She loves us so much and continues to pour joy into our lives and the lives of her grandchildren and son-in-laws. Lastly, I so appreciate the creativity and attention to detail that my Mom taught me and she used this talent to make others feel special from a sweet, personalized note to the way she’d gift wrap a present. Making others feel special is a gift that keeps on giving! I love my Mom.

  34. Kristi bohne
    Kristi bohne / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I am so grateful for my husband and my wonderful family. I am thankful for a sweet friend who has had such a bad year and this would make them smile. Family and great friends is all you need.

  35. Wilma
    Wilma / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my wonderful tenants who have been like family to me over the past three and a half years. My “instant son”, Ronnie Sanchez, has helped me keep the house in order, always ready to fix whatever needs fixing and to transport me anywhere I need to go. My “instant daughter-in-law”, Marilyn Taveras , has become a good friend , always ready with conversation & advice, and always good company. My “instant grandchildren”, “little” Marilyn, Krystal, & Ronnie Jr. , who with their behavior & achievemnets give me much to be proud of, and with their affection, much to love. The day they moved in was the luckiest day of my life !

  36. Holly
    Holly / 11-3-2014 / ·

    My hubs. He’s the bestest in the universe. The one and only and only one. Loving… Hard working. Never taking a day off just because he doesn’t feel like going to work. Does what he can to keep us close to family … Instead of moving all over.

  37. Natalie J Vandenberghe
    Natalie J Vandenberghe / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I would like to nominate my friend Meghan Finley. She gives me encouragement and support on a daily basis; more importantly, she makes me laugh!
    The reason I would like Meghan to receive something special (and what could be more special than Mrs. Fields cookies) is because Meghan is a foster parent. She opens up her home to provide loving care to children who need a safe place in order to thrive. Recently, an infant was placed with Meghan. I was surprised to learn that he didn’t come with the things that are necessary to provide care for a baby. Meghan didn’t complain about this, she just told me that she needed to go buy formula and diapers. I couldn’t imagine starting out with a baby that way! I was able to prepare for my babies’ arrivals; and, now, as a grandmother, I have the pleasure of helping my daughter prepare. I think Meghan is a special person and I just want her to know she’s appreciated.

  38. monica comparetta
    monica comparetta / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my twin sister, Lynda. I am going through a divorce and she has been there for me. She has given me a place to live, food, clothing, and financial help. I do not know where I would be without her.

  39. Meghan Finley
    Meghan Finley / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I nominate Natalie J Vandenberghe because she is a dear friend to nominate me for my foster work but neglects to tell you about her own unselfish acts on behalf of others. She always looks out for others before herself and is an exemplary example. I can’t think of anyone else that is a better role model.

  40. Linda Randolph
    Linda Randolph / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I would like GOD for my life and my family for being by side. For you see I had cancer and the doctors were able to remove it all. That was GOD and I am very thankful to him and all my family for there support and prays. I love God and my family.

  41. Melissa Cohn
    Melissa Cohn / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my mom. She is always there for me & is very supportive. She does not judge me & is the best listener.

  42. Kimberly Canale
    Kimberly Canale / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I am thankful for my family. I enjoy participating in community theater and when I’m in a show, household things and family commitments fall behind!!! My family steps up and takes on added responsibility so that I can study lines!!! They are always in the front row ready with a standing ovation! I’d love to treat them with this giveaway!! Sweets for my sweets!!!

  43. Richard Shouse
    Richard Shouse / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my wife, Brenda. She and I are both retired. We just moved to Indiana recently and bought a house that we later discovered had a lot of issues that needed repaired or dealt with. I have a bad hip and can’t do much physically. We didn’t have a lot of money to correct the issues. My wife just jumped right in and started repairing things; many of which she knew little about and normally would need to be done by a professional. She rescreened screens; painted rooms; painted outside window frames; insulated the garage door; did all the mowing on an acre lot; helped build a fire pit and dig up the sod and lay approximately 100 16″ X 16″ pavers weighing 42 lbs each for its base. She even spent most of two days in the crawl space under the house in the dirt with the spiders insulating the rim joists; so our heat bill wouldn’t be so expensive this winter. As she was doing all of these repairs, she still kept up with her many household duties. At 66 she was easily doing the work of two people ; not because she wanted to; but because it need to be done.

  44. Debbie
    Debbie / 11-3-2014 / ·

    Parents for always being there for me!

  45. Susanne McInerny
    Susanne McInerny / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I want to nominate and thank my husband Rick. He has always put his family 1st no matter what,There are many times he has gone without in order to provide for us. He works hard but always has time for our children and others. He is the man who will help anyone even on his one day off if you need something he always tries to help. If there is something our kids need whether help at school or just some father daughter time he finds away and never complains.This past year we have had so much tragedy in our lifes he stepped in and took on my role in our home when I just couldnt anymore, he was amazing, We are THANKFUL we have him he is truely a wonderful man.

  46. heather s
    heather s / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank Karen Rimiller Presley for being a good friend and listening to all my problems. It is great to have someone to talk to about life. (not sure if we are supposed to post here or on facebook)

  47. Deb R.
    Deb R. / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my parents for giving me life and giving me all that I needed while growing up. They celebrate their 60th anniversary on Nov. 20, one week before Thanksgiving. At 84 years old, they have both been dealing with cancer and other health problems, but their zest for life has not waned.

  48. Nai Harrington
    Nai Harrington / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I’m thankful for having my mom; her courage and thrive to survive through the communist country of Laos, World War II, and crossing of the treacherous Mekong River provided me the life I have now in America. As a refugee and survivor of war in Thailand, I am truly thankful for the opportunities and privileges I have in America, and the risks my mom took to provide me life and peace.

    Thank you Mom, Muey (pronounced May).

  49. Rachael Arredondo
    Rachael Arredondo / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my husband, because he works so hard & does so much for us.

  50. Eva Mack
    Eva Mack / 11-3-2014 / ·

    Thankful for my sister… she cooks the turkey!

  51. Mandie Houston
    Mandie Houston / 11-3-2014 / ·

    My daughter Saisha Houston
    by far the best ever as I’m sure her brother and sister would agree you see she’s the healthy one. little sister on her 2 heart transplant and brother recently diagnosed with schizophrenia and she never complained she always make sure they have want they need and want always makes them feel good about themselves WHILE MAINTAINING AN A average in college yelp thats right an A. college dean’s list 3 times. NOT bragging justyou a very proud. May GOD bless you love always your family.

  52. Courtney H.
    Courtney H. / 11-3-2014 / ·

    My friend Jenn!

  53. Patti Fickes
    Patti Fickes / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my sister Diane for always being there for me, especially when I was very sick. Now, unfortunately, she is very ill and I am there for her. Basically we have always been and will always be there for each other! Love my sister!

  54. Joyce Burgin
    Joyce Burgin / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I recently went out of town to visit my elderly mother. When I returned I was delighted to find my front porch balcony cleaned, swept, and decorated with pumpkins, gourds, and beautiful pots of mums. My friend Laura and her daughter Amanda did this for me because they knew I needed some cheer. I’d love to give them something wonderful in return, like Mrs. Field’s cookies!

  55. Tracy Robertson
    Tracy Robertson / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I would love to win this for my Dad to thank him for always checking up on me and thinking of me. I love to bake for my Dad because he is elderly and has always been a picky eater, so he is underweight. However he can’t resist delicious cookies. I work 6 days a week and can’t bake as much as I’d like to, and I know he would also love a Mrs. Fields assortment. Who wouldn’t?

  56. Jane Pleasant
    Jane Pleasant / 11-3-2014 / ·

    My sisters Wilma, Becky, Jettie,, Vaneta, Bobbi, Cindy and Joyce.

  57. Nicole Huynh
    Nicole Huynh / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I would like to THANK my daughter special education teacher. She is a great teacher who loves each kid even though each kid has some type of health/mental illness. My daughter has had her since preK and I can’t even repay her teacher for all she has done for Samantha/rest of the children in the classroom. If anyone has ever been in a special needs education classroom, the teacher is the one who has to be in control of the classroom plus overseeing the staff on top of teaching. There are not enough thank yous to my daughter’s teacher because its infinite.

  58. Nancy P.
    Nancy P. / 11-3-2014 / ·

    The students I have taught and their parents/guardians for letting me part of the most important time of their lives. Not only have I taught them but they, in turn, have taught me

  59. Sue N.
    Sue N. / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I would like to nominate my daughter, Michelle. She is doing an amazing job of taking care of two precious sons while her husband is deployed in Afghanistan for a year. This is his third deployment and she does a wonderful job of keeping things as normal as possible for their two boys… not an easy task!! She deserves a treat!

  60. Judith Roe
    Judith Roe / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I want to thank my husband for always being there for me. He served over 30 years in the U.S. Army and was a hero many times over. (Including being a Son Tay Raider in 1972, on the raid to rescue POWS from Son Tay Prison.). He always helps my handicapped Mom with whatever she needs done and never complains. We have been married for 42 years and they have all been blessed because of his patience, courage, and love.

  61. Nancy Pflipsen
    Nancy Pflipsen / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I’d like to Thank my husband Scott. We celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary in August and I have to say if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be where I am today! He has been my ROCK thru the years. When my mom died suddenly just 1 week before our first child was born I was devastated! ! Here I was a 23 year old about to have my first child and instead of having my dear mother there for her motherly advice all I could do was cry. Scott was the strong one who made sure me and the baby were ok, and that I was getting the rest and nourishment I needed for our daughter. He stepped up and helped me through everything, even contacting the dr. And giving them the heads up so they knew about the situation ahead of time. Such a sweetheart he is and always has been. I can’t begin to thank him for all of the love and support he has given me and our kids! He works so hard to support us. I truely am blessed to have him be my husband.

  62. Diaondra
    Diaondra / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I would love to thank my husband, Andrew. He is the most amazing father and husband in the world. He gets up when it is dark and doesn’t make it home until after the sun sets. I know he is exhausted and stressed from work but that doesn’t stop him from getting on the floor and playing with our 3 year old. From the very beginning he has done more than his share of taking care of our little girl. He only has 2 days a week to sleep in and he always gives up one of them to let me sleep in. Also, every 2 weeks he goes to the Red Cross to give platelets (a 2-3 hours process). He is the most selfless, generous, and caring people I have ever met, and I am proud to call him my Husband.

  63. madeline mcgrane
    madeline mcgrane / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my mother, Linda Wheeler. She has gone through a difficult year and has moved in with us. She has grown and healed so much in the past year. While she has been working on herself she has helped me out with my son and daughter due here this month. I just want to thank her for all that she has done and tell her how proud I am that she has come as far as she has!!

  64. Vicky Chan
    Vicky Chan / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I am thankful for my family, my friends, my dogs, and the good Lord. Also, for my health, my home, and my comfort.

  65. valerie parker thurman
    valerie parker thurman / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my oldest daughter,. She works 7 days per week-12 hours per day so her sons won’t have to borrow money for college. Her sons have partial academic scholarship and in addition to college fees, her youngest son attends college out of state so she incurs those cost as well. Her youngest sister lives with her and has been diagnosed with MS and signs of the disease are evident, I’d like for something nice to happen for her.

  66. Tracey Gallagher
    Tracey Gallagher / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank our service men and women. My son and I adopted a soldier in Afghanistan through adopt a platoon and we would love to have one sent to him. his name is Alexander Smith.PS he is a resident of the US but currently deployed so will he be eligible?

  67. Jen Bordonaro
    Jen Bordonaro / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I give Thanks everyday to my dear friend Jackie. When my first husband suddenly passed away 14 years ago, she was the first person I called, she was the first person to come to my house, she scooped up my 3 young children and took them to her house while I planned his funeral. She offered to go through his belongings when the time had come, offered to watch the children while I went to grief counseling, contacted me on a daily basis to see how we were doing, physically and emotionally. She was there by my side with “ears” and advice during the transition of our new life. She was and has been my rock.

  68. Cinnamen
    Cinnamen / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my close two college friends that put up with all my drama and personal issues. At any moment they could of left and just said screw you and go get some help you crazy chick, but they didn’t for the most part.

  69. Valarie Lee Gentry
    Valarie Lee Gentry / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my mom because she has sacrificed everything for me, my sister, and my brother to have a great life. I don’t know anyone who is more selfless. She is my role model.

  70. Glenda Green
    Glenda Green / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my Mom for raising five children in a Christian home. There were times I would go on a date & come home & find her on her knees praying for my safety. Then when I came thru the door she would get up & go to bed. She sewed mine & my three sisters clothes. We always got compliments on them from people saying they looked store bought. Mom always did so much for me, my three sisters, & one brother. Love her so much & I thank God for a praying Mom!

  71. Diana A.
    Diana A. / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I’d like to thank my best friend, Kristy Fortner, for just being there for me always. Kristy has held me when I’ve cried, cheered me up when I was down, given of her time, her emotions and her money, to help me and my family through some tough times these last 20 years. She has never once let me down from the smallest to the largest of favors. She has helped me through marital problems, through medical problems, through the loss of loved ones, through job loss, through financial problems and more. I honestly do not know what I would do without her in my life. I can only hope and pray that I can be half as good a friend to her as she has been to me.

  72. Heather M
    Heather M / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I would love to thank my best friend and sister by choice Cara. She has been there for me since the 6th grade. She was my matron of honor and my shoulder to lean on when my mom was sick, since I’m an only child it meant a lot. My mom was a very sick woman, in and out of the hospital and nursing homes no matter when I could call Cara and she’d be there. Mom pulled her trach out once and Cara sat with me up at the hospital until 3am, that might not sound like much but she was 5 months pregnant at the time. Last year when mom was hospitalized for the last time, Cara offered to leave her son’s birthday party, however I refused. She was there for all of the visitation and funeral, making sure my dad and I were ok, making sure we ate and took breaks through out those couple of days. I couldn’t have made it without her.

  73. Amanda S
    Amanda S / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my husband for being my rock through the stressful times. We sure go through a lot of drama but he always finds a way to keep us smiling. Thank you, Tim, forever and ever.

  74. Lillian Palko
    Lillian Palko / 11-3-2014 / ·

    My friend Cheri Kluever is a retired nurse who doesn’t know she’s retired. Besides helping with her brother who died of cancer (and taking him to Mexico for “miracle treatments,” and later caring for her Mom in her home for a few years who had Alheizmers; she was chairman for the Catholic Carmelite Community and organized a fundraiser. In addition, she helps transport a lady in our community who can’t drive herself. She never says ,”Sorry, I can’t” to anyone with a need. Her advice is always solid; she is ALWAYS funny and happy and one of those people you love to be around. Maybe that’s why so many people ask things of her….because she does everything with humor and always gives them the dignity they deserve.

  75. Betty Hallett
    Betty Hallett / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I would love to thank my daughter, Susan, for always being there for me. No matter what happens in my life she is always by my side. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love you

  76. jean potter
    jean potter / 11-3-2014 / ·

    Susan Wiener is my bestie.

  77. Jacki Alcorn
    Jacki Alcorn / 11-3-2014 / ·

    She is the most encouraging person I know. She always has the right words to say to encouraging people. She is also the most giving of time, talent, and everything she has that I know.

  78. Luz Ortiz
    Luz Ortiz / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I am very thankful for my Mother In Law. She has been one of the few who has been there for me through my recent illness, job loss, and has been supporting me and my children financially as much as she can. She has been a blessing and I will always truly appreciate her.

  79. Amanda Alvarado
    Amanda Alvarado / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank the lord for blessing my mom with me, and for her decision to keep me. Without her decision, I myself wouldn’t be here today with two blessings of my own. And a loving partner to raise them. 🙂

  80. Gwen H
    Gwen H / 11-3-2014 / ·

    My husband, for standing up for me against the insurance companies that would deny my coverage.

  81. Ruth Arens
    Ruth Arens / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my daughter for all the big and little things she does for me and my husband. My husband has Alzheimer’s and I can no longer take care of him by myself. .On the many occasions that we have had to take him to the ER,she is always with us and takes care of him when we get back home (meaning showers, dressing, etc.) We now have 24 hour care thanks to her making all of the arrangements and talking to the care givers . She helps me by buying food and things for my husband and calls him all the time to tell him how awesome he is. She is in law enforcement which means a tough job but comes on her day off
    to get us out of the condo. He needs constant help and can barely walk but she always manages with him. I honestly DO NOT KNOW WHAT I WOULD DO WITHOUT HER! My judgement,at times, is not always the best and I depend on her good thinking. She is my Godsend.!

  82. Tera
    Tera / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I am thankful for my birth mother who chose to give me life at the age of 16. She then allowed me to be adopted by my parents! I am thankful for them and their willingness to take a child that wasn’t theirs. I love them and am grateful for the guidance, love and care that they have given me throughout my life.

  83. Amy Bowens
    Amy Bowens / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my mom. She has given up so much for me when I was younger and still would. Not only has she sacrificed so much she has taught me many valuable lessons throughout life. She has always been there in good times and and bad with such good advice. Even as a grown woman she still helps me when I’m in need and had taught my children so much.

  84. Jonathan Ammons
    Jonathan Ammons / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my best friend. She helped me through a rough time in my life when I broke my back, collar bone, and shoulder. She took good care of me. Took me to doctors appointments, cooked meals for me, and run my lawn business for me for 4 months. Never asking for anything in return. She is most deserving of a nice gift of cookies and more. Thank you Charlotte Brooks LeBlanc.

  85. Charlotte LeBlanc
    Charlotte LeBlanc / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I would love to thank my mom. She has always been not only a mother, but a best friend. Someone I could tell everything to. She taught us manners and respect. She made the best dinners, kept up a clean home, was involved in our school events and girl scouts. She is an amazing woman who I admire and love unconditionally.

  86. tammigirl
    tammigirl / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my neighbor, who did something really nice for me.

  87. Noel
    Noel / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I am so thankful for my dad. He has had a horrible year, fist on New Year’s he ended up in the hospital near death, and survived, only to get better get back to normal and then in late August get hit head on by a jerk on a cell phone crossing two lanes of traffic, only to find out that it wasn’t his car, had fraudulent plates and no insurance, having to deal with all of that, and then getting an antibiotic resistant strain of staph infection in his leg from the accident. All this with dealing with the passing of my mom a short time ago, and never really let all this get him down for more than a short time. He deserves everything good in life, he’s been a fantastic father for all my life and I’m blessed to have him in my life.

  88. Carol Woods
    Carol Woods / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I would like to Thank my Mother. She has always been there for me through sickness & surgeries or just when I needed a friend to talk. We enjoy helping each other out, spending time together or just talking on the phone. She had kidney/adrenal removal surgery~ Stage 4~. She doesn’t have either adrenal gland so after 3 different attempts at Chemo her body shuts down. She has been strong in her faith through it all and I am thankful I have her as my Mother and Friend. #‎giveaway‬

  89. Deandra
    Deandra / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I thank my husband for being an amazing father and husband supporting me in my most needed times, 7 yrs strong! <3

  90. Frances Kelley
    Frances Kelley / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my sister Becky Childers –just for being my best friend too. We have never had a big problem between us. She has had some heartbreaking problems with others which she does not deserve! Love her lots. She has always been a positive influence in my life and gave me the greatest compliment I could receive–she said I was her best friend.

  91. deborah reyes
    deborah reyes / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to my sister, Donna Norton.
    She has been taking care of our Mom, who has Alzheimer’s Disease. She manages to work fulltime and checks in on Mom twice a day and on weekends. She takes care of everything at her own home and at Mom’s house. It is a tremendous responsibility and she does it all without complaint. I am truly thankful for all that she does for our Mom.

  92. Sarah Bau
    Sarah Bau / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my mom and dad for always supporting me in everything I do. I wouldn’t be hard at work getting a BA degree at college this year if it wasn’t for them. I love them both and I can’t wait to visit them at Christmastime!

  93. Michelle LaMoore
    Michelle LaMoore / 11-3-2014 / ·

    I would without a doubt or second thought give thanks to my Mom. She has worked so hard her entire life and been through so much. We do everything together.

  94. Darlene Jackson
    Darlene Jackson / 11-4-2014 / ·

    I want to thank my family for being here for me. This year has been long and hard to get thru but after two injuries taking a full year to recover I am finally regaining strength and I have just taken on full time hours at work again. My parents, my husband and my daughter have been there for me and supportive and I am thankful and blessed to have them in my life. Thank you family and thank you lord for all blessings received.

  95. Corinna Sunderland
    Corinna Sunderland / 11-4-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my husband. We have been through so much. I became ill / disabled in 2003. When I became unable to work we lost our home. As my health has continued to decline he has had to do more and more. He has loss several jobs due to needing so much time off to take care of me through several surgeries and hospitalizations due to illness. He is my full time care giver. He has to do all the household chores as well as take care of our dog and care for me. I would love to be able to give him this to show him how much I appreciate all he does.

  96. barbara stewart
    barbara stewart / 11-4-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my mother. As a single mother she put her all into raising me, and she did it on her own. I know the difficulties now that I have 3 children of my own.

  97. Chrissy N.
    Chrissy N. / 11-4-2014 / ·

    I want to thank my mentor, without them, I’ll be lost.
    Let’s make it happen!

  98. Danielle Quintana
    Danielle Quintana / 11-4-2014 / ·

    I’d like to thank my children and husband because I was attacked on Halloween and have a couple broken bones in face and my children had the power to act quickly run to get my husband and get help and stay calm and there only 8 & 10 yrs old! And my husband because he has been by my side every step of the way taken great care of me, through this horrible time! !!

  99. Seyma Shabbir
    Seyma Shabbir / 11-4-2014 / ·

    I would love to thank my parents! My dad was in the US Army for 20+ years and my mom was a great army wife, supporting him and raising 2 daughters. Moving every 3 years was tough but having grounded parents makes all the difference!

  100. Debbie Welchert
    Debbie Welchert / 11-4-2014 / ·

    I would love to thank my daughter who has always been there for everything I have ever needed and for giving me my wonderful grandchildren who I would be so lonely without. Without them my life would be so incomplete….

  101. Linda Rice
    Linda Rice / 11-4-2014 / ·

    I would nominate my daughter who has always been there for me. She takes care of me when I am sick even carrying me to the bathroom when I can’t walk.

  102. Linda Rice
    Linda Rice / 11-4-2014 / ·

    I am very thankful to have such a loving daughter.

  103. shelly
    shelly / 11-4-2014 / ·

    Im thankful for my god, my family, my life!

  104. Jerrye Lail
    Jerrye Lail / 11-4-2014 / ·

    I am thankful for my life partner who has been there to take care of me when I could not take care of myself. He has also been my partner in helping others who needed help that only I knew. He is selfless and gives of himself freely to anyone in need. He is a faithful friend(my best friend), a concerned partner, and a loving parent. I do not think I would be doing as well as I am without his help. He is “Dad” to our children and our four legged children. He came into my life as a “love at first sight” opportunity almost 29 years ago. When we met, we were married in less than two months. We have been through everything together, financial difficulties, deaths of loved ones, problems with our children. But we are still here and stronger than ever. I love you, Dan!

  105. Alexandra V
    Alexandra V / 11-4-2014 / ·

    I am so very thankful for my coworker Kristen. We are both sophomores at Western Oregon University and we work in University Housing. I have only known Kristen since March, but in this short time I have seen how selfless and caring she is. She puts others before herself, is always smiling, and is ready to take on anything thrown her way. She has a way about her that makes me want to include others and enjoy every moment of life. I would like to thank Kristen for being an overall wonderful friend, person, coworker, student, and leader.

  106. Nyeasia Pippin
    Nyeasia Pippin / 11-4-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my twin Ashley Weaver for being such a wonderful friend and person! She lives far away but she is close in my heart! I call her my twin and she doesn’t have a problem with that and I love her for that! When she’s upset, she tries to be strong but when others are upset, she makes it her job to comfort and get us through our tough time. A GOOD friend is really hard to find these days but I’m so blessed and thankful that I can call on her when I need a shoulder and an ear. So I’m nominating my twin for the #giveaway

  107. Linda Ptuyac
    Linda Ptuyac / 11-4-2014 / ·

    I am thankful for my friend Janet Bartell. We met over 45 years ago before we started kindergarten. We attended the same schools growing up & have always been close. Janet knows me so well, she’s been there for the good times as well as the sad times, a friend I can always count on for advice or just to listen even when she has her own challenges I know I can count on her to keep me centered!

  108. lynne haffner
    lynne haffner / 11-4-2014 / ·

    My daughter Shellie Mejia who takes care of my grandson Anthony.

  109. shellie mejia
    shellie mejia / 11-4-2014 / ·

    My mom who’s more than a mom she’s my best friend my superhero my inspiration !

  110. Stefanie Schmidt
    Stefanie Schmidt / 11-5-2014 / ·

    I would thank my dad because he’s always been there for me, and growing up I never really told him how much I appreciated everything he did. From helping me learn math to being my biggest cheerleader at my swim meets, he always helped me out. Now we live in different states and every year I send him cookies to say thanks since we never see each other. This gift would be the perfect way to show him thanks for everything, and we both love Mrs. Fields cookies!

  111. Leela
    Leela / 11-6-2014 / ·

    I’d thank my husband for being such a hard worker.

  112. Jennifer
    Jennifer / 11-6-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my mother for everything she has done!

  113. trish clapper
    trish clapper / 11-6-2014 / ·

    I am thankful for my mom and dad. They raised us six daughters, and has always been there. some of us including myself gave them a harder time then we should of but my parents never waivered from us. daddy had a triple bypass this year and momma eye and shoulder surgery, yet still got up and went back to work to care for themselves and others.
    with living three states apart we only see each other every few years but we try to make it special, these two truly are great people who a lot of people are thankful for

  114. Jaime
    Jaime / 11-6-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my wonderful husband. He works 2 jobs so I can stay home with our 3 amazing kids. He works about 60 hours a week. He does a amazing job taking care of all of us and he still makes time for his kids and myself and others. I couldn’t imagine going thru life with out him.

  115. Susan Murray
    Susan Murray / 11-6-2014 / ·

    I am Thankful for My Family for the Ways since we loss our Dad in Dec 2013. We are all their for Mom and we stay 24/7 with her it can
    be hard but we are doing this for Her and this is what Dad would want
    us to do so Thankful for my Family.

  116. Valerie Guida
    Valerie Guida / 11-6-2014 / ·

    My aunt, who is always so generous to our entire family!

  117. bonnie pletcher
    bonnie pletcher / 11-6-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my husband hes such a good man .next my son thats in the military(navy)who spends alot of time out at sea away from his family .and next my special friends and family grandchildren for making my life what it is

  118. Destany Jones
    Destany Jones / 11-6-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my husband! He’s an amazing father & provider for our family. Our youngest is a special needs heart child & withe everything we go through with her he is my rock…unwavering in his love for us. He cried with me when we almost lost her in March after her 2nd and 3rd open heart surgeries & there every step of the way since! I couldn’t ask for a better partner on this journey we’ve been put on!

  119. Amanda Heck
    Amanda Heck / 11-6-2014 / ·

    I am very Thankful for my Mother in Law who is the best mother ever! She took me into her home when I was just 17; I was homeless because my own mother was on drugs and alcohol. 12 years later, I am so thankful to have had her in my life that I have her over for dinner at least once a week. I am truly grateful and thankful to have my mother in law. Thanks!

  120. Jude
    Jude / 11-6-2014 / ·

    My mom for always being there.

  121. Ian R
    Ian R / 11-6-2014 / ·

    My wife for the many jobs she has chef, grocery shopper, gardener, house cleaner & organizer.

  122. shanta spradlin
    shanta spradlin / 11-6-2014 / ·

    I would like to Thank my husband. He works hard for his family. After having knee surgery, he went back to work the same day.

  123. james doyle
    james doyle / 11-6-2014 / ·

    I would love to thank both sides of my family. My grandparents have been so loving and supportive and without them I would not be here today 🙂 Thank you God for my family!

  124. Kaori
    Kaori / 11-6-2014 / ·

    I want to thank to my parents who both in not us.
    They always trust and support me whatever I do.

  125. Devon M
    Devon M / 11-6-2014 / ·

    I am thankful for my husband. He works incredibly hard so that I can be home with our son.

  126. Kristine R.
    Kristine R. / 11-6-2014 / ·

    My friend Jen deserves a gift of thanks this season. When I was on vacation, she watched my dog… who completely and systematically destroyed her house. Mrs. Field’s cookies could make her forget…

  127. trenda t
    trenda t / 11-6-2014 / ·

    I am thankful for my healthy happy family, I would like to thank my husband for giving me the gift of my children!

  128. darlene hampton
    darlene hampton / 11-6-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my son, Shawn, for being such a loving and caring person.

  129. Sharon Kaminski
    Sharon Kaminski / 11-6-2014 / ·

    I am thankful for my hard working husband who goes all day long.

  130. Kristin Schmidt
    Kristin Schmidt / 11-6-2014 / ·

    I’d like to thank and nominate my beautiful fiance, Gary. In the last 2 years, he has opened up a business and became successful. Now, we have a beautiful 10 month old son and a very happy little family. He has worked so hard so that I am able to be a stay at home mother and breastfeed our son until he’s a year old. I am forever thankful to him for being the wonderful person that he is.

  131. Charles Goode
    Charles Goode / 11-6-2014 / ·

    my daughters who’s always there for me.

  132. Sandra Dickey
    Sandra Dickey / 11-6-2014 / ·

    I am thankful for my husband, Tom Dickey for showing me that I am worthy of being loved. I never felt that anyone loved me until he showed me that he did and that I deserved the love.

  133. gerry lotter
    gerry lotter / 11-6-2014 / ·

    To my husband.. Who is currently serving his country in Afghanistan. He has been and active soldier for 21 1/2 yrs. I would love to share a container of Goodies to show just how proud I am of him. Thank you Handsome for all that you have done for all of us . And thank you to all the men and woman who have served and are still serving to keep us safe.

  134. gerry lotter
    gerry lotter / 11-6-2014 / ·

    thank you

  135. amber j
    amber j / 11-6-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my mother n law for being such a strong woman

  136. stacey s.
    stacey s. / 11-6-2014 / ·

    I’m thankful for my Mom! She’s always there for me and helps me in so many ways.

  137. Van Olson
    Van Olson / 11-6-2014 / ·

    My son, too many kids to count, too small a house and no room for a dog even, now they need a treat!

  138. Natalie
    Natalie / 11-6-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my mom for always supporting me and loving me unconditionally.

  139. Heather K.
    Heather K. / 11-6-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my friend and mentor Debb. She has been an inspiration to me as she has taken in and cares for more then 30 horses every day. Never without a smile or kind word of encouragement, she goes about her day shining light into every life ( weather human or animal) that comes across her path.

  140. Kathy McCrae
    Kathy McCrae / 11-6-2014 / ·

    I want to Give Thanks to my friend <3 Tamasa.
    She has always been there to lend a hand or an ear.
    She makes me laugh and has a wise view of life.
    Tamasa works so hard, but has had a very difficult year with her husband in the hospital and having to move abruptly from her home.

    I am so grateful for her!

  141. Tiffany Whittington
    Tiffany Whittington / 11-6-2014 / ·

    I am thankful for my mom. She always finds time out of her busy schedule to help everyone. I am blessed to have a mother this wonderful. She spreads sunshine to everyone around her.

  142. Nancy Adams
    Nancy Adams / 11-6-2014 / ·

    I’m so very thankful for my mother. She is so giving and loving to a fault. She gives to her family, friends and strangers. It makes her feel great to help others even though she has very little. I cant believe that I was so lucky to be chosen as her daughter. My mom has the biggest sweet tooth and loves your cookies.

    I love you Mom!!

  143. Kathryn C
    Kathryn C / 11-6-2014 / ·

    I am very thankful for my mom, who showers me with her unconditional love & I’m thankful for my health

    Kathryn C

  144. carrie rizzo
    carrie rizzo / 11-6-2014 / ·

    I am thankful for a beautiful family.My mom is 86, my husband my 2 daughters one beautiful granddaughter and my dog.

  145. Dale Rodberg
    Dale Rodberg / 11-6-2014 / ·

    My husband Alan and I are very thankful for our friend Mary who stepped up many times, after my surgery, to drive us to doctors and the store, etc.
    We are very blessed to have her in our lives!

  146. Karen Mikusak
    Karen Mikusak / 11-6-2014 / ·

    I am most thankful for my boyfriend. I am disabled and he cares for me 24/7 with hardly a complaint.

  147. Ruth McIver
    Ruth McIver / 11-6-2014 / ·

    I am very grateful for Mrs. Lillian Branham-Warren. She has shown genuine love and concern for me. She knows that I am a caregiver and I rarely take time for me. She always asks if “I need anything”. The warm hugs and kisses are a real booster.

  148. Michael Drews
    Michael Drews / 11-6-2014 / ·

    I would like to nominate my wonderful wife of 28 years. She has been thru the ups and downs I have put her thru and still stays with me. Because they have been mostly downs she has suffered quite a bit. For sticking with me I love her!

  149. tiffany wisman
    tiffany wisman / 11-6-2014 / ·

    I am thankful for my beautiful birth daughter Brooke Joy Pierce…. She is an amazing woman, mother, wife, church leader, community activist and mission worker. She has blessed me with a window into her wonderful life, a life which I could not provide for her at the time she was born. It was the love in my heart that gave me the strength to place her for adoption. I am honored to know her and I was actually thrilled to have finally met this angel 2 years ago… she love sweets and the holidays and I would love this prize to go to her.. she just welcomed her 2nd son 3 days ago after an extremely difficult pregnancy so I know this would make her really happy!

  150. debbie ortiz
    debbie ortiz / 11-6-2014 / ·

    My cousin Kiley dauel and her family. Kiley has recently suffered a stroke at the age of 13. She is in rehab now but it will be a long way for recovery. Her and her family just lost there house last year after it flooded. And now this. Her family travels from Burlington to Chicago to visit Kiley in rehab.

  151. Pamela Murphy
    Pamela Murphy / 11-6-2014 / ·

    I would thank my best friend Gloria Penner for being such a good friend to me for the last 40 years. We may not live near to each other and we may not talk for months, but when we do it’s like we have never been apart.

  152. lisa brown
    lisa brown / 11-7-2014 / ·

    I would thank my son, Henderson brown, for going out of his way to take care of me, he does it all no compaints

  153. Carolyn Berg
    Carolyn Berg / 11-7-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my family & friends for their continuing support.

  154. angela smith
    angela smith / 11-7-2014 / ·

    my mom who has always been there for me no matter what.she did a great job raising me.she’a wonderful woman and my best friend.

  155. Christine York
    Christine York / 11-7-2014 / ·

    I’m Thankful for my brothers for helping around the house after my parents passed away!!

  156. Betty Shoemaker
    Betty Shoemaker / 11-7-2014 / ·

    I would love to Thank my daughter for all of her help during my husbands surgery. Family is so important and she is the best.

  157. Gina Schiller
    Gina Schiller / 11-7-2014 / ·

    I am grateful for my Dad who is 93 years old and who has been an inspiration my entire life for his positive attitude and dedication to family.. He has survived the Holocaust and losing most of his family, the death of my Mom after over 60 years of marriage and continues to live his life with grace, good humor and energy. I can always rely on him for down to earth advice and his wholehearted love and support. They couldn’t write a Hallmark card that could pay enough tribute to the man, father, grandfather, neighbor and friend my Dad is. I am lucky to have him in my life. For all the love I feel for him I will always get back twice as much in return – that’s just who he is.

  158. Maria Iemma
    Maria Iemma / 11-7-2014 / ·

    I give Thanks first to God for giving me strength and to my doctors and surgeons who were able to make me cancer free.

  159. Theresa Jenkins
    Theresa Jenkins / 11-7-2014 / ·

    I’d like to thank my MOM and DAD for teaching us all about life and still teaching the great grandkids!!! recently Dad had brain surgery to relieve a subdural hematoma and Mom has memory loss so at the moment they are at an assisted living home for recovery…My Dad is very ‘sad’, cause he went from tilling a 50 x 60 garden by hand and taking care of all the finances(and my MOM) to having to learn how to walk and talk again … the key word here is SAD, all the doctors want drugs and more drugs!! after 85 yrs of being there for everyone I think it’s our turn to be there for them…sometimes PEOPLE can make a bigger difference than drugs. LOVE YOU– MOM and DAD

  160. Monica Nuss
    Monica Nuss / 11-7-2014 / ·

    I am thankful to God for my husband and kids and everything He has provided/given us, my friends and the privilege to play in our church band

  161. Telah Mackle
    Telah Mackle / 11-7-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my husband for his awesome job at getting us off the street and into a stable place we could call home. We were in a bad situation and he pulled us out all by himself. He is my rock, very supportive and oh so loving. I am thankful I have him because I simply would not of made it without him by my side. I wish I could do more for him to show him I appreciate his hard work and determination. The picture is of him (the hubby) pulling a double at work. (stocking the shelves).

  162. Michele K
    Michele K / 11-7-2014 / ·

    Most thankful for my husband because he is there for me no matter what offering words of encouragement and unconditional love through everything that is going on in our life

  163. Linda J.
    Linda J. / 11-7-2014 / ·

    I am thankful to all of my teachers who gave me a great foundation for life!

  164. Cathy Cole
    Cathy Cole / 11-7-2014 / ·

    First i would like to thank God for my life because at lot of my family have come and gone in this year and second for my family and friends love one and other live for today not tomorrow it is not promised. and last treat each other with love and respect that’s the best way to live a happy and joyful life.

  165. amy smeltzer
    amy smeltzer / 11-7-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my mom for all she’s done to help me become who I am today, my boss and their family for providing a unique and fun place to work and my old boss Madeline and her family for many fond memories.

  166. dale bartlett
    dale bartlett / 11-7-2014 / ·

    For my hard working husband &father. Who has put up with for 36 yrs. the ups & downs. Good times & hardshipsAnd for always loving me. And making me feel special

  167. Sean Vollman
    Sean Vollman / 11-7-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my wife for always being there when I need her and putting up with my “uniqueness”.

  168. Ruby
    Ruby / 11-7-2014 / ·

    I want to thank my mom. She is not only the best mom ever but she has been my best friend all my life. She has comforted me when I’ve felt awful and sad. She has made me laugh and forget all my worries. She never needs to ask me anything because she knows me so well.. Plus her cooking is the best. I mean seriously there’s no better mom I could ever have asked for. 🙂

  169. Annjanette Jackson
    Annjanette Jackson / 11-7-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my sister for being there for me through all the tough times.

  170. Patricia Hilke
    Patricia Hilke / 11-7-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my husband for 65 years of marriage.

  171. monika bigelow
    monika bigelow / 11-7-2014 / ·

    For my children, especially my special needs daughter who lives with me and has so many struggles, yet God has chosen me to be her mother and I am so proud of her.

  172. pamela bryant
    pamela bryant / 11-7-2014 / ·

    I would thank God because he is awesome

  173. Tracie Tilley
    Tracie Tilley / 11-7-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my sister Teresa who has been so helpful and been there for myself and my family as we went through some terrible times when my husband was in a coma and on a ventilator twice. She was always there even though she hurt so bad with her Rheumatoid Arthritis, she would always come and check on us no matter what. I’m blessed to have h er as my sister!

  174. Carrie Mahan
    Carrie Mahan / 11-8-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my husband, Steve. He works overtime every week so that I and my 3 boys can have the extras in life.

  175. Shelton Rogerson
    Shelton Rogerson / 11-8-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my momma. She has always stood behind me and given comfort and reassurance when times called for it. I couldn’t ask for a better mom!!

  176. C L
    C L / 11-8-2014 / ·

    I am thankful for my older sister who has been nothing but a beautiful person this year. She has helped me get through so many tough times and is always there when I need her. Couldn’t have asked for a better sibling!

  177. David Heath
    David Heath / 11-9-2014 / ·

    I am thankful for my wife Sue, who takes care of all of my needs

  178. Stephen Lee
    Stephen Lee / 11-9-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my wife. I’m a Soldier in the US Army and my job requires me to be away from home for long periods of time. Sometimes it’s a couple of days, sometimes a couple of months, and in some cases, it’s a year or more. I’m currently stationed in Korea and she is back home in the US trying to keep our household together. So far, it has been 6 months this time around. We have a 3 year old son that she chases around day and night, and with me gone, she never gets a chance to just sit down and relax. She is everything to me and I don’t tell her nearly enough how much everything she does means to me or how much I appreciate her. She is everything to me and I couldn’t imagine my life without her in it.

  179. Robert Tschinkel
    Robert Tschinkel / 11-9-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my Aunt and cousin, they have been a constant support this past year , I had to deal with some serious medical issues and their kindness and encouragement helped me through this

  180. Wilma P
    Wilma P / 11-9-2014 / ·

    I would like to give thanks to my sister who was extremely supportive of me when my husband of 43 years died. She would call and tell me to get dressed and that we were going to lunch or a movie or just to the mall. She made sure I got out of the house the first couple months so I didn’t just sit and grieve all alone. I will forever be grateful to my sister for her love and compassion during that time.

  181. christine burd
    christine burd / 11-9-2014 / ·

    I would give these to my wonderful mother in law because she is such a lovely person who is kind and daring . I love her so much.

  182. Sheena
    Sheena / 11-9-2014 / ·

    I’m thankful for my boss. He hired me and has been really pushing my growth in the company and is appreciative of my work. I’ve had a lot worse!

  183. sasha payne
    sasha payne / 11-9-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my identical twin sister Tracy who is also my best friend. We survived and thrived after a very neglected childhood and now are both busy moms and professionals with graduate degrees. She has been through a lot after losing two children but is helping others with bereavement counseling and prenatal hospice work. She is the strongest and most inspiring woman I know and she loves cookies!

  184. dana m lindley spence
    dana m lindley spence / 11-9-2014 / ·

    my mother in law Laura, father in law gib and co worker deb. Laura and gig are the best in laws ever, and deb for the awesome work she does.

  185. dana m lindley spence
    dana m lindley spence / 11-9-2014 / ·

    see. Above

  186. April Behounek
    April Behounek / 11-9-2014 / ·

    I would love to thank my whole family. Despite everyone’s busy lives and personal struggles we always come together in love and support.

  187. Cheryl Wistrom
    Cheryl Wistrom / 11-10-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank all those who show kindness to others whenever they can.

  188. pat
    pat / 11-10-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my grandmother and the pastor of my church. The two of them was so helpful to my mother during every difficult times.

  189. sandra
    sandra / 11-10-2014 / ·

    i’d like to thank my therapists for showing me that I am worthwhile

  190. Nancy Bahamondes
    Nancy Bahamondes / 11-10-2014 / ·

    I am very thankful for my family. Specially my two kids. I have been ill and when I could not do much housework they kicked up a notch. Now that I am better they continue to help out and go above and beyond. It does not seem like much to other people knowing that they could have just done the minimum and went above and beyond meant the world to me. I love my two little helpers.

  191. Suzanne Drews
    Suzanne Drews / 11-10-2014 / ·

    ~ I am truly thankful for my husband, Michael Drews, of 30yrs. The roads have been long, rocky, mountainous, winding, hazardous, smooth, glorious and sometimes a dead end, but that’s what makes a true marriage. He’s been there to help my ailing mom and nanny for years. He has been a wonderful dad to our daughter and he looked up to my dad with great admiration. He was burned in a fire years ago but never lost hope. We’ve watched people in our lives come and go but we have continued to be the best for each other. He’s never the one to complain…. I do enough for us both. So, we don’t have a fancy car, and we live in our starter house … still, but we’ve made it and I love him and my daughter for making our family full of LOVE. ~

  192. CathyH
    CathyH / 11-10-2014 / ·

    I’d like to thank my borther in law who drives me an hour and a half to the hospital then waits all day while I am having testing or surgery

  193. Nichole S
    Nichole S / 11-11-2014 / ·

    I’d like to thank my boyfriend for saving me from an abusive life and nursing me back to health during my cancer scare and for caring for my kids as his own.

  194. Sarah Marshall
    Sarah Marshall / 11-11-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my best friend Nicole because I can’t imagine life without her. We have shared so many memories, good and bad, tears and laughter together.

  195. Beth
    Beth / 11-11-2014 / ·

    I would thank my mom for all she has done for me.

  196. Brian Franz
    Brian Franz / 11-11-2014 / ·

    I am thankful for my wife, Sarah. She was a strong partner during our 20 mo old son’s kidney transplant this summer. She continues to provide awesome care for him. Let’s celebrate and give thanks with cookies.

  197. Lorina Padgett
    Lorina Padgett / 11-11-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my friend Shirley. She has been the only person who came by with food since I took ill almost 4 years ago. Everyone promised to come by or call but she kept her word. I have known her since 1st grade. Deep in my heart, I am thankful for those times she brought us a full meal to eat.

  198. Kathy Rosario
    Kathy Rosario / 11-12-2014 / ·

    My husband, for all he does for me and our kids.

  199. Gary F.
    Gary F. / 11-12-2014 / ·

    I would like to THANK my girlfriend for comforting me when I had open heart surgery. Also, she helped me change my diet by eating heart healthy food and exercise.

  200. Sarah @ Sunny Runner
    Sarah @ Sunny Runner / 11-12-2014 / ·

    I would like to nominate my mother, Jackie, for all the hard work she does. She is caring and kind and has a love for animals like no other! She takes care of our neighborhood cat colony and even takes some of the cats in.

  201. Kathleen Bovay
    Kathleen Bovay / 11-12-2014 / ·

    I would love to thank my co-worker, and friend, Mary Munroe. She is a hard worker with a strong work ethic, who can work circles around those half her age. She and her husband, though owning little in the way of material possessions, give all that they can to others….they are truly selfless souls, always putting others before themselves. Mary is a shining example of all that we should aspire to be…..honest, loving, generous, proud and strong in the face of adversity…..and life has dealt her some pretty harsh blows! But she perseveres, uncomplaining…….she is truly an inspiration to me!

  202. Bettye Short
    Bettye Short / 11-12-2014 / ·

    I like to thank my three daughters and four grandchildrens who have shown me so much love and happiness .They are the best daughters and grandchildren you can ask for. I am truly blessed.

  203. Sylvie W
    Sylvie W / 11-12-2014 / ·

    I would give so much thanks to my mother. She became a single parent when my brother and I were in our early teens. She gave us a happy, loving, carefree life. With her there, the world was and is a beautiful place.

  204. Kassandra P.
    Kassandra P. / 11-13-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my good friend Melissa for all that she does. She rarely gives herself credit or praise, in fact, she does the opposite, always degrading herself and is unwilling to accept praise, gifts, or well-wishes from friends like me. I would love for her to win this basket, as she will not accept any gifts from me, but she so deserves it!!

  205. rm
    rm / 11-13-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my kids who have listened and grown and studied hard and accomplished their goals and are now embarking on their own careers. A parents this is what we all strive for and I want to thank them for becoming the great people that they are.

  206. Chelsie Rae
    Chelsie Rae / 11-13-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my fiancé (Matt). We have been engaged almost 7 years, and brought a beautiful baby boy into our lives. Matt has sacrificed a lot of time to make sure we can afford the things we need by being such a hard working father. We do not have everything, but what we do have is a beautiful, happy, loving family!

  207. Stacy
    Stacy / 11-14-2014 / ·

    I am thankful for my husband. I recently became quite sick and he has been taking care of me since then, taking over my usual household responsibilities including cooking because some days I can barely stand up. He has done it without complaint and has been helping me research all of my treatment options so that we can make the most informed decisions for moving forward. I also appreciate it that he takes me all over the world (the week before I fell ill we took a two-week cruise through the Panama Canal and next year we are going to the British Isles).

  208. WF Kowalski
    WF Kowalski / 11-14-2014 / ·

    I’d like to thank my stepson, Nicky, for always helping me and his Mom out with whenever we need an extra hand – cleaning out the gutters, shoveling snow off the driveway & sidewalk, mowing the lawn. Now that he’s away at college we really miss him – always a happy presence!

  209. elizabeth miller
    elizabeth miller / 11-14-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my son Justin for being such a role model to his baby sister and for protecting our country and sacrificing your life in doing so by being deployed for almost the entire first year of your first child, my first little granddaughters life. I love you and couldn’t ask for better.

  210. Linda
    Linda / 11-14-2014 / ·

    I am thankful to the Lord for my health and good common sense!

  211. Natalie J
    Natalie J / 11-14-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my friend vickie for always being there for me over the last 10+ years. Even when I wasn’t being a good friend. she still supported me and lifted me up

  212. Janet R.
    Janet R. / 11-15-2014 / ·

    How appropriate, just before Thanksgiving, to be able say just how thankful I am for my Mother who turned 93 years old last month. She doesn’t have a bigoted bone in her body and she has always been a fine example of someone who lives by principles and doesn’t just pay lip service to them. She has endured much hardship and sorrow during her long lifetime, including surviving cancer at the age of 79 and losing two of her children, but she never complains and always manages to look forward and not backwards. As expensive treats are few and far between on her fixed income, I just know she would love to indulge her considerable sweet tooth with some delectable Mrs. Fields cookies!

  213. Philip Rothstein
    Philip Rothstein / 11-15-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank all my fellow volunteers who give their time routinely without pay or compensation to making other peoples lives better. The unsung heroes of the world who give without question, work without breaks, make time when there is little or none and work for causes that matter to them. The rank and file that do so much for nothing but the knowledge that they are doing good work and helping others. Thank you.

  214. Merton R Parsons
    Merton R Parsons / 11-15-2014 / ·

    I thank the Lord for allowing me to live on this earth for 80 years and to enjoy the friends and family I have.

  215. liz wilson
    liz wilson / 11-15-2014 / ·

    my mom,
    though short lived on this earth
    she taught me things about life and death and birth
    she shines so bright now in my heart
    loving her is a simple art
    forever my friend
    my love and my kin
    just wanted to say
    I love you again and again

  216. Kathy Kuykendall
    Kathy Kuykendall / 11-15-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my daughter. She has many medical issues and is disabilities and is my inspiration and motivation. She is my sunshine and my smile keeper. She keeps me laughing whether we are sitting in the ER or another painful test. She keeps smiling. She always tells everyone…”well it could be worse”. This year it seems she should have little to smile about but she has. She loves Mrs. Fields cookies. It used to be our special treat when we went to the mall. This would just make her day and we could share an old tradition together again. Thank you for giving this mom a chance to surprise my smile keeper!

  217. Jenny Eaton
    Jenny Eaton / 11-15-2014 / ·

    I would love to give cookies to my daughters volleyball coach. She has been her coach for three years now, and she is five months pregnant, so I know she has the munchies for cookies.

  218. Mike Perkins
    Mike Perkins / 11-15-2014 / ·

    Id thank my Sister, She has always had my back, I love her.

  219. Terry Stebbins
    Terry Stebbins / 11-15-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my parents. They have always been there for me and I really appreciate it. My dad helps my husband farm, they helped me with my boys when they were younger and now they help me feed my husband and his crew while they are harvesting the crops. I’ve always worked full-time and the demands of farming and raising a family can be daunting.

  220. Misti
    Misti / 11-15-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my son because he has been so helpful taking time to help me and his grandfather with so many household chores that we aren’t able to do any more, like mowing, snow blowing, cleaning, hauling garbage .. etc. I really don’t know where we would be at without all of his help.

  221. Mark W
    Mark W / 11-16-2014 / ·

    My brother and his wife. Because they have always been there when I needed them.

  222. misty rummell
    misty rummell / 11-16-2014 / ·

    im thankful for my sister terri she helps me out alot she is like a second mother to me without her i dont know where i would be

  223. Betty Vermillion
    Betty Vermillion / 11-16-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank our soldiers. Who are fighting for us. God bless them

  224. Michael Montauk
    Michael Montauk / 11-16-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my wife for putting up with me for 38 years.

  225. cyndra ferris
    cyndra ferris / 11-16-2014 / ·

    Wonderful school secretary in a l ittle rural school, Ruby Arias, I am thankful she is there She makes it better for the kids and the parents.

  226. Yolande
    Yolande / 11-16-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my Mom. She is an incredible strong and loving mother. She raised my 6 brothers and me with morals that have passed on in generations to our children and grandchildren. I couldn’t ask for a better mother.

  227. Sandra Davis
    Sandra Davis / 11-16-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my best friend for 46 years. I have been so lucky to have her in our lives. She is there for good and bad. She helps others by volunteering everywhere, even in my son’s school when they were young. She drove 5 hours each way when my husband was told he had cancer when we found out and when he was cured even though her husband works 17 hours away he would come and get her and drive her here to be with us. I could go on and on. I wish we didn’t have to move 5 hours away from her because I love her so much.
    I included a picture of her and my husband.

  228. gina
    gina / 11-16-2014 / ·

    I’m thankful for my parents, they are always there for me!

  229. Jacqueline Lewis
    Jacqueline Lewis / 11-16-2014 / ·

    I happy to have my son and his wife as I have been very sick this year.

  230. Carolyn Massey
    Carolyn Massey / 11-16-2014 / ·

    I am thankful for my daughter. I don’t drive anymore so she’s always having to take care of the bills and grocery store. We live together since she’s divorced and I’m a widow. Don’t know what I would do without her. Also thankful for my grandson and my 19 month old great granddaughter. I am blessed.

  231. Cleo Browne
    Cleo Browne / 11-16-2014 / ·

    I am thankful for my children and they are very supportive. During my most recent health problem they gave me the strength to deal with my medical condition. I am very close to good health

  232. Linda Jackson
    Linda Jackson / 11-16-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my mother and grandmother for passing down to me the wonderful holiday traditions that I can now pass on to my daughter and granddaughter.

  233. Deneen Berry
    Deneen Berry / 11-16-2014 / ·

    I would like to nominate my sister Jackie Smith because she has inspirational GRACE. She just went through a bad divorce two years ago from a 24 year marriage. Though she was deeply hurt, throughout the proceedings she forgivingly bestowed a lot of LOVE and GRACE upon her ex-husband. Every week for the past two years he caused trauma after trauma upon her and their three daughters. Jackie learned this forgiveness and grace by being a tutoring TEACHER working is a very distressed poor neighborhood. At this job she is constantly bestowing love, forgiveness and grace to the next generation. God bless you sister dear, you are an inspiration to many others. (she’s the one on the left dressed in blue)

  234. laurie damrose
    laurie damrose / 11-16-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank all of the volunteers from the Interfaith Hospitality Network who helped my family when we were homeless. Everyone went above and beyond to help my family.

  235. christina tuck
    christina tuck / 11-16-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my husband for all the big and little things he does for me that I don’t get to always show him appreciation for. He has inspired me to do amazing things and always pushes me to reach for the stars. He doesn’t get the recognition he deserves and has been with me through thick and thin for almost 14 years. He’s the most understanding and caring person in my life!

  236. Darla Peduzzi
    Darla Peduzzi / 11-16-2014 / ·

    I am so thankful for my Dad. He will be 80 in a few months and has been a hard-working man all of his life. He provided us with good morals, love and support not only when we were small, but now as well. He’s the first one to be there for all of my family, especially my brother and I. We lost my mom to breast cancer 10 years ago at the young age of 63. He really misses her, especially this time of year with the holidays approaching. I would love to do something nice for him like he has done for us.

  237. Jamie Larimore
    Jamie Larimore / 11-16-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my mom for always being there for me and my sister and for the whole family.

  238. Lucy Cromas
    Lucy Cromas / 11-16-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my mom. Mom is a true blessing!

  239. e michelle
    e michelle / 11-16-2014 / ·

    I owquld send it to my sister and her family! We didnt become freidns until she moved away! I miss her and my niece and nephew so much more than i thought I ever would!

  240. Shawn E
    Shawn E / 11-16-2014 / ·

    My best friend Patty who has helped me thru some very rough times in my life and continues to do so. She is an avid cookie fanatic so she would love this!

  241. Jenna Petardi
    Jenna Petardi / 11-16-2014 / ·

    I would love to thank my mother for always being supportive and kind! I just relocated, moving 300 miles from her, and she has helped so much! Who else would tell me how to fix a messed up water pipe via the phone, or walk me through recipes?? You are never too old to need your mom. I would love to be able to surprise thank her with these amazing treats! Thank you!

    GINA STEVENS / 11-16-2014 / ·

    I would like to than God, my Heavenly Father, for my Family. Because, without them I would be lonely and they are my super support system. I am eternally grateful for my Family! Thank you, God!

    GINA STEVENS / 11-16-2014 / ·

    I would especially like to thank my Cousin Mary for her support.

  244. shelly
    shelly / 11-16-2014 / ·

    thankful for my mom that does alot of us kids and grandkids.she puts everyone first before her self.

  245. Robyn Norris
    Robyn Norris / 11-16-2014 / ·

    I would like to thank my sister for being so strong and giving even when things have been hard for her.

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