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Spider Web Snacks


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Whether you’re hosting a Halloween party or helping in your child’s classroom, we’ve found a fun treat via Mom Endeavors to make with the kids. These spider web snacks couldn’t be simpler or more adorable. Plus, we love the combination of salty and sweet with a hidden raisin treat!

Spider Web Snacks
from Mom Endeavors

pretzel sticks
white chocolate bark or white candy coating (both work well)
chocolate chips or milk chocolate candy coating (both work well)
pastry bag with fine tip or baggie
wax paper

Spread wax paper on a baking sheet and arrange pretzel sticks in starburst patterns using 6 or 8 sticks per pattern. Melt white chocolate and place in a pastry bag or baggie with the corner tip clipped. Pipe a generous amount of white chocolate in the center, enough to bind all of the sticks together, then continue to pipe rings around the sticks to create a web pattern. Press two raisins into the center to create the body of the spider. Melt the milk chocolate and pipe eight small spider legs out from the raisins before covering the raisins  with a layer of milk chocolate. Transfer baking sheet to the fridge and allow chocolate to harden for about 10 minutes before removing from the fridge. Peel webs off the wax paper and serve.

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