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  1. Diane
    Diane at

    Love coconut in cookies, always a nice surprise!

    1. louise
      louise at

      secret ingredient=love πŸ™‚ (and good chocolate!)

      1. Cathie Lannen
        Cathie Lannen at

        I use all the things that you have listed and love

    2. susan
      susan at

      Cinnamon and nutmeg, oh so good!

      1. Teri Rose
        Teri Rose at

        Coconut is my favorite ingredient

    3. Betty Webb
      Betty Webb at

      A cinnamon, real butter and a lot of love.

    4. Tonita Woods
      Tonita Woods at

      real butter and fresh ingredients.

      1. brenda grove
        brenda grove at

        I add almond and vanilla extract

    5. eden gerrick
      eden gerrick at

      Dark chocolate!

      1. mary murphy
        mary murphy at

        extra vanilla

    6. Brianne
      Brianne at

      I love Sweet Potato In my cookies

    7. Marye Sladewski
      Marye Sladewski at

      lots of ingredients!

    8. marni
      marni at

      sugar, it’s all about the sugar

    9. Julie
      Julie at

      Macadamia Nuts and delicious White Chocolate with a ribbon of salted caramel in the middle would be oh so delicious!!!

    10. Troyann Kidwell
      Troyann Kidwell at

      real butter and chocolate chunks not chips!!

  2. Amelia Baehl
    Amelia Baehl at

    cinnamon makes even chocolate chip cookies better!

  3. ashlie elari
    ashlie elari at

    Coconut oil

  4. Lorri S
    Lorri S at

    I always like to use real butter, which makes everything taste better

  5. Patricia
    Patricia at

    Vanilla… and chocolate chips <3

  6. Analissa Cruz
    Analissa Cruz at

    Love almond nuts!

  7. Shawn Stover
    Shawn Stover at

    Use brown sugar instead of regular sugar to give your cookies a unique taste!

  8. Tara Sweet
    Tara Sweet at

    Extra chocolate chips!!! πŸ™‚

  9. Tricia G
    Tricia G at

    Macadamia nuts.. yummmmy!

  10. Sharon R
    Sharon R at

    I love adding some heath bar bits

  11. gina lopez
    gina lopez at

    Candied Bacon in my Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies πŸ™‚

  12. Patrick
    Patrick at

    Love! And lots of lard

  13. heather
    heather at


  14. charle
    charle at


  15. Cindy
    Cindy at

    A touch of Sea Salt on top. Love sweet and salty together.

  16. Bethanny
    Bethanny at

    Organic coconut flakes!

  17. Cheryl Dwyer
    Cheryl Dwyer at

    butter, a little extra… it makes everything else taste so yummy!

  18. Yvonne Agostinho
    Yvonne Agostinho at

    A bit of coffee added to anything made with chocolate really brings out the flavor of the chocolate… especially anything double chocolate!

  19. Kari Judd
    Kari Judd at

    Vanilla Bean!

  20. Jennifer Warzynak
    Jennifer Warzynak at

    My secret ingredient for amazing chocolate chip cookies is a generous dash of cinnamon πŸ™‚

  21. Shannon
    Shannon at

    Well I like to use shortening (butter flavored) if a cookie calls for butter. It makes better cookies IMO.

  22. Melissa Willard
    Melissa Willard at

    Lots of love, time & extra Fresh creamy butter & brown sugar!

  23. Barbara Mayes
    Barbara Mayes at

    I add chocolate chips to my peanut butter cookie recipe! πŸ™‚

  24. Linda Purvis
    Linda Purvis at

    Sour cream always makes for a light cookie

  25. Evelyn Paonessa
    Evelyn Paonessa at

    Love to add almond extract.

  26. Kati Fellows
    Kati Fellows at

    butterscotch chips. they go great with chocolate, oatmeal, peanut butter. EVERYTHING!

  27. Kellie Sonnenfeld
    Kellie Sonnenfeld at

    My fav secret ingredient in cookies is cinnamon. Yum!!

  28. Shari A
    Shari A at

    Coconut Flour

  29. Amy Snyder
    Amy Snyder at


  30. Melissa Cohn
    Melissa Cohn at

    A hint of cinnamon

  31. anna
    anna at

    Real Butter & Best quality of Vanilla!~ πŸ™‚ YUM!

  32. Amy Snyder
    Amy Snyder at


  33. Tina Fields
    Tina Fields at

    If I tell, then it wouldn’t be my “secret” ingredient! I will give you a hint; it’s “Old School”

  34. heather S
    heather S at

    browned butter

  35. Shiretha Moppin
    Shiretha Moppin at

    Sugar, duh! lol!

  36. Amanda Kinder
    Amanda Kinder at

    I love to add chocolate chips to just about any cookie! (Except maybe sugar cookies.)

  37. Vickie H.
    Vickie H. at

    Pecans in chocolate chip cookies are FABULOUS, but I don’t know if that’s a secret…

  38. Cheryl L
    Cheryl L at

    Add a little extra vanilla

  39. Jean Ikehara
    Jean Ikehara at


  40. Denise
    Denise at

    Sea salt!

  41. Allyson Odell Hunter
    Allyson Odell Hunter at

    I bake with lots of love and put a pinch of nutmeg in my cookies. It gives all of them an extra bit of unexpected flavor.

  42. Connie Way Wallace
    Connie Way Wallace at

    Brown Sugar ❀️ little extra goes a long ways.

  43. Teri Long
    Teri Long at

    Nuts all kinds walnuts , pecan, hazelnuts any of them make a delicious cookie.

  44. Jill Boyd
    Jill Boyd at

    If I told you it wouldn’t be secret! So instead, my not so secret ingredient is dark chocolate peanut butter in my peanut butter cookies!

  45. Angela Mitchell
    Angela Mitchell at

    My favorite ingredient in a cookie is macadamia nuts:))

  46. Heather
    Heather at

    cinnamon makes almost every cookie better!

  47. Ashley Agner
    Ashley Agner at


  48. shawna durk
    shawna durk at

    Real butter first of all. But, my secret ingredient is a little cayenne powder in my chocolate cookies. I love a little spicy undertone in my chocolate cookies.

  49. Kathleen Contenta
    Kathleen Contenta at

    Double chocolate chips in chocolate chip cookies & add tablespoon of peanut butter….yummy!

  50. Laura Kieras
    Laura Kieras at

    Gotta use real butter, real vanilla and I love walnuts!

  51. Tina Meissner
    Tina Meissner at

    I love chocolate and chic chip

  52. Mary Joyce Arbis
    Mary Joyce Arbis at

    I love macadamia nuts!

  53. Megan O'Leary
    Megan O'Leary at

    Chocolate chips or heath

  54. Wilma Cohen
    Wilma Cohen at

    Vanilla .

  55. Ellen B
    Ellen B at

    maple sugar

  56. Courtney Christmas
    Courtney Christmas at

    Finely chopped oatmeal is always good

  57. Rosy M
    Rosy M at

    My favorite secret ingredient to a cookie is a little bit of salt, mixed to the cookie batter. It enhances the taste of the cookies.

  58. Daphne Baker
    Daphne Baker at

    I like to use some extra vanilla extract, and it has to the good stuff, no artificial or low grade stuff. I also like to add applesauce or whole grain flour or oatmeal to make cookies a littlt healthier.

  59. Christine Beasley
    Christine Beasley at

    Real vanilla and butter.

  60. Christina Constantine
    Christina Constantine at

    remove cookies just before done & sprinkle a little sea salt on top then put back in to finish cooking….

  61. Loretta Altrichter
    Loretta Altrichter at

    I use real butter

  62. Jeane Beasley
    Jeane Beasley at

    I love to use real butter…

  63. Cindi
    Cindi at

    It depends on the cookie but I think using real vanilla bean makes any cookie taste better.

  64. Saundra Coffey
    Saundra Coffey at

    My secret ingredient is high quality butter no matter what cookie I make they always come out great with quality butter.

  65. Jeane Beasley
    Jeane Beasley at

    and chocolate of some sort

  66. Stacey Smith
    Stacey Smith at

    Chocolate chips!

  67. Georgann Tisdale
    Georgann Tisdale at

    I like to add pecans, milk and simisweet chocolate chips and white chocolate chips…yummm!

  68. Audrey
    Audrey at

    I love adding marshmallow fluff or melted marshmallow mixture. Makes my cookies sweet and chewy, especially in an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipe!

  69. Gail Peloquin
    Gail Peloquin at

    I love to use brown or raw sugar is place of white sugar, pecan’s are a favorite in any of the cookie recipes, and when possible real butter.
    Favorite cookie oatmeal raisin or replace with chocolate chips.

  70. Joyce Naelitz
    Joyce Naelitz at

    Love chocolate, some of the new chips are wonderful, add to most everything, ads a nice flavor.

  71. Christina D
    Christina D at

    I like to add just a little bit of extra oil to make them super moist and a dash of cinnamon.

  72. Eileen
    Eileen at

    Pinch if salt

    1. Eileen
      Eileen at

      Pinch of salt

  73. Jeane Beasley
    Jeane Beasley at

    I love to use real butter.

  74. Sarah B
    Sarah B at

    Vanilla bean. Makes every cookie taste homemade … even if you cheat a little πŸ˜‰

  75. Reeta Harrison
    Reeta Harrison at

    I like coconut in my oatmeal cookies.

  76. Tammera111
    Tammera111 at


  77. Jennifer
    Jennifer at

    A touch of peppermint extract!

  78. Amy
    Amy at

    I love cookies that are made with browned butter!

  79. Debbie
    Debbie at

    I like to use extra chocolate chips , real butter,and walnuts

  80. Dawn Harkins
    Dawn Harkins at

    Passion and enthusiasm…..all other ingredients are secondary and will make an awesome cookie every time πŸ™‚

  81. Jacqueline Perez
    Jacqueline Perez at

    I love macadamia Nuts in the cookies all the ingredients taste yummy the vanilla is an awesome flavor and coconut or chocolate with nuts my mouth got watery with a cup of milk

  82. kara kjellman
    kara kjellman at

    A shot of sour cream! It gives cookies an irresistible soft and tender crumb!

  83. Violeta V Gill
    Violeta V Gill at

    I use both Semi and Milk Chocolate chips in my cookies! The mix taste so much better!!

  84. Amy Frank
    Amy Frank at

    i like to use real butter when baking. It taste so much better. And I like to add chocolate chips to anything that I can!

  85. orianne
    orianne at

    Maple syrup! Shhh!

  86. Kelsey
    Kelsey at

    I put peanut butter in my cookies and chocolate gotta have the chocolate.

  87. Julia Chavez
    Julia Chavez at

    I always put pudding in mine for that Extra softness.

  88. Taren
    Taren at

    brown sugar, coconut, toasted cinnamon pecans and caramel chips!

  89. Jacqueline Perez
    Jacqueline Perez at

    Macadamia Nuts in the cookies are delicious all the ingredients are one of the best cookies I can eat with a glass of milk:)

  90. Tina Sears
    Tina Sears at

    I always put a little more vanilla in the batter than what is called for. Sometimes I substitute almond extract for the vanilla.

  91. Amanda Rupprecht
    Amanda Rupprecht at

    My secret ingredient is a dash of almond extract!

  92. MaryLou D'Englere
    MaryLou D'Englere at

    If it calls for vegetable oil, I like to substitute coconut oil. It gives it such a great flavor. Also love to add cinnamon and applesauce whenever possible too!

  93. Mike M
    Mike M at

    Sea Salt sprinkled on top

  94. Jenny D.
    Jenny D. at

    Butterscotch chips added to the chocolate chips

  95. Jennifer
    Jennifer at

    I like to use real butter and brown sugar!

  96. Kelly Massman
    Kelly Massman at

    i almost always add cinnamon to any cookie; almond extract for sugar cookies–always makes them better!

  97. Roxanne Carlson
    Roxanne Carlson at

    I love to add peanut butter and use real butter.

  98. Polly Hall
    Polly Hall at


  99. Lisa Weidknecht
    Lisa Weidknecht at

    Chocolate! Of course!

  100. Lisa
    Lisa at

    Dark chocolate

  101. mary mcmenamy
    mary mcmenamy at

    salt is my fav off set other flavors to make delish

  102. Jenny Q.
    Jenny Q. at

    Vanilla is my favorite ingredient.

  103. samara Jefferson
    samara Jefferson at

    I use a 1/2 tsp of orange extract…i just love it.

  104. Lori Craig
    Lori Craig at

    crushed cashews

  105. Meredith
    Meredith at

    Vanilla paste in place of vanilla extract…yummy!

  106. Jillian T
    Jillian T at

    Vanilla is my favorite ingredient.

  107. Constance Colar
    Constance Colar at

    Chocolate Chip (semi sweet or milk chocolate), and pecans! Yum! :0)

  108. Donna Sc.
    Donna Sc. at

    It is always about the chocolate!!!!


    I have always loved Mrs. Fields cookies. What a great desert to have on hand for friends.

  110. Debbie
    Debbie at


  111. Tammy Horn
    Tammy Horn at

    Fresh real butter. Makes every batch of cookies the best!

  112. Alicia
    Alicia at

    dark cherries πŸ™‚

  113. Sandra Miles
    Sandra Miles at

    Chocolate chips with pecans

  114. Melissa
    Melissa at

    Vanilla makes everything taste better!

  115. Diaondra
    Diaondra at

    I love a splash of fresh orange juice/zest. It gives plain old sugar cookies a little something extra!

  116. Patrick Yockey
    Patrick Yockey at

    I like chocolate chip or M&M cookies. I also like Oreos.

  117. sue
    sue at

    just a pinch of salt and butter at the right temp. not too hard & not melted

  118. VICKI R.
    VICKI R. at

    For better moister sugar cookies I use sour cream and mix them in a glazed bowl with a wooden spoon never a alum. one

  119. jodi
    jodi at

    Macadamia nuts!

  120. Brenda McCracken
    Brenda McCracken at

    I use baking powder in all of my recipes that call for baking soda.

  121. Carolyn Hernandez
    Carolyn Hernandez at

    I use organic coconut oil in my cookies.


    I love to use fresh and natural ingredients, like organic if I can!

  123. betty
    betty at

    I add Cinnamon

  124. Jennifer Swanger
    Jennifer Swanger at

    If I make chocolate chip cookies for example I always add extra chocolate chips so I always add extra of whatever it may be. Another example if peanut butter cookies add extra peanut butter.

  125. Joy Ramos
    Joy Ramos at

    The walnuts in chocolate chip cookies πŸ™‚

  126. Jennifer
    Jennifer at

    Butter and brown sugar

  127. Arline
    Arline at


  128. Teresa Thompson
    Teresa Thompson at

    I like extra vanilla.

  129. Linda B
    Linda B at

    nutmeg spice

  130. Linda B
    Linda B at

    nutmeg spice

  131. Dianne
    Dianne at

    Always use butter, high quality vanilla and really good chocolate! Never skimp on quality!

  132. Barbara Dowdell
    Barbara Dowdell at


  133. Mona Sunday
    Mona Sunday at

    mint chocolate chips

  134. Stefanie
    Stefanie at

    Crunchy peanut butter is my favorite!

  135. Jill E
    Jill E at

    Crushed Walnuts always add something delicious to cookies.

  136. Rita Aponte
    Rita Aponte at

    Macadamia Nuts!!

  137. Barbara
    Barbara at

    I use coconut oil, flour, and pure organic pure sugar,,using less than the regular, because of the natural flavor,,nuts are nice also!

  138. Rita Aponte
    Rita Aponte at

    Macadamia Nuts

  139. Dawn Sterner
    Dawn Sterner at

    Peanut butter in my chocolate chip cookies!

  140. Julie Cover
    Julie Cover at

    Butter…not oleo, not margarine…just real butter!!

  141. charlene chambers
    charlene chambers at

    Definitely cinnamon, makes my cookies way more tasty… Now I’m craving them. πŸ™‚

  142. Ron Sipek
    Ron Sipek at

    I replace the oil with mayo, cookies are more moist.

  143. Barbara
    Barbara at

    I like pecans and peanut butter with almond or coconut flour!

  144. abbie guerrero
    abbie guerrero at

    Chocolate chips!

  145. Jessica Fisk
    Jessica Fisk at

    Extra vanilla & cream cheese and can’t 4get My children adding their loving touch. I have a special no flour peanut butter cookie recipe. They will melt in your mouth.

  146. Mary Manion
    Mary Manion at

    Fav ingredient would be a little extra vanilla. <3

  147. william stemmler
    william stemmler at

    really good vanilla

  148. Ashley Ruzin
    Ashley Ruzin at

    Macadamia nuts are my favorite secret ingredient!

  149. Peg
    Peg at

    Dried cranberries

  150. maria haro
    maria haro at

    macademia nuts and white chocolate chips ! yeah baby lol

  151. Nancy
    Nancy at

    Shortening and coconut

  152. Frances Kelley
    Frances Kelley at

    Love Pecans in cookies!!

  153. Heidi Reid
    Heidi Reid at


  154. Brianne Leighton
    Brianne Leighton at


  155. Jayne
    Jayne at

    Extra vanilla … now I”m hungry for cookies ;-D

  156. Teresa Criddle
    Teresa Criddle at

    I love to add a little extra butter for a more buttery cookie and of course a little extra LOVE !!!!

  157. Krista Waldorf
    Krista Waldorf at

    Homemade vanilla makes everything better!!

  158. Donna Prosnansky
    Donna Prosnansky at

    I always double the chocolate chips so there are several in every bite!

  159. Julie Owen
    Julie Owen at

    White chocolate =)

  160. Jeannette Freese
    Jeannette Freese at

    LOVE LOVE LOVE chocolate chip!!


    Ahhhh, you want to my secrets. Well, aside form using the freshest ingredients I also make sure that my eggs and butter are at room temperature. I learned this from my Grandma and it makes a difference. Another secret (ssshh) is Madagascar Cinnamon. It’s divine!

  162. Cedel
    Cedel at

    My secret ingredients is Pure Almond Extract!

  163. maureen mccabe
    maureen mccabe at

    I always add a little more vanilla than is required

  164. Scott Parker
    Scott Parker at


  165. Jena Whipking
    Jena Whipking at

    Vanilla from Mexico

  166. Christopher Goeden
    Christopher Goeden at

    My secret ingredient: Mexican Vanilla.
    I bring large bottles of it back every time I go!

  167. Judy
    Judy at

    I have said that everyone has the right answer
    To what is special for their cookies but, what
    Makes the amazing is to share when finished
    So mine is Share

  168. Sue Barney
    Sue Barney at

    Definitely use fresh ingredients but my secret ones are nutmeg with a lil cinnamon too and depending on the type of cookie sometimes its pumpkin pie spice πŸ™‚

  169. Marion marret
    Marion marret at

    Bananas cinnamon and butter

  170. Carol Collett
    Carol Collett at

    white chocolate chips and macadamia nuts

  171. Ashley Miller
    Ashley Miller at

    MORE Chocolate! πŸ™‚

  172. Sharon Watt
    Sharon Watt at

    chocolate chunks and brown sugar

  173. Debra Logan
    Debra Logan at

    macadamia nuts and dark chocolate

  174. Patricia C
    Patricia C at

    i like to add a little honey

  175. Sherri Doty
    Sherri Doty at


  176. Kristen
    Kristen at

    Real butter!

  177. Tiffany Kinard
    Tiffany Kinard at

    Peanut butter and ghirardelli chocolate are my two favorite secret ingredients I use.

  178. Wellington
    Wellington at

    Extra chocolate chips

  179. Suzanne Drews
    Suzanne Drews at

    ~ Sometimes Butter Nut Flavoring, sometimes cream cheese, and sometimes craisins. <3 ~

  180. wayne chan
    wayne chan at


  181. heather
    heather at

    butter flavored crisco!

  182. Teresa Moose
    Teresa Moose at

    I love anything with hazelnut…..and chocolate! ANY kind of cookie batter, just throw in some ground to coarsely chopped hazelnut and I’m your friend for life πŸ™‚

  183. Nicole Maldonado
    Nicole Maldonado at

    My secret ingredient is love, with mini chocolate chips and raisins.

  184. Kathi Armstrong
    Kathi Armstrong at

    Extra brown sugar in my oatmeal cookies

  185. Karen Lyvers
    Karen Lyvers at

    Almond Extract


    Since the only cookies I ever make involve tons of spices – either ginger cookies, spice cookies, cinnamon cookies – my secret ingrediaent is pumpkin. Pumpkin is a loaded fiber – very good for you – and enhances the spicy flavors of my fave cookies. I am doing good for me and adding good flavor as well.

  187. Michelle Schultz
    Michelle Schultz at

    Different types of chocolate chips

  188. Deb B
    Deb B at

    Peanut butter chips – yummo!

  189. Pattie Truber
    Pattie Truber at

    real butter and lots of love and giving

  190. Pattie Truber
    Pattie Truber at

    homemade goodies to share with everyone is a true blessing

  191. Becky J
    Becky J at

    I use Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla. A great Vanilla makes a huge difference, and I always use real butter!

  192. Leanna
    Leanna at

    Cinnamon and real vanilla

  193. corey schneid
    corey schneid at

    I love chocolate chips as my favorite ingredient!

  194. Denise K
    Denise K at

    dark (not milk) chocolate chips

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  196. Diane Lawton
    Diane Lawton at

    My ingredient is mini chocolate chips! Every cookie is better with chocolate!!!

  197. Sara B
    Sara B at

    ground flaxseed is my nutty secret ingredient.

  198. beth
    beth at

    I love using peanut butter!

  199. Brianne
    Brianne at

    Love is my secret ingredient

  200. Linda F
    Linda F at

    peanut butter chips

  201. melissa
    melissa at

    a small package of vanilla instant pudding to the mix! (add with flour, reduce sugar to 1/4 cup) Makes the best chocolate chip cookies

  202. Rhonda Best
    Rhonda Best at

    I love adding extra chocolate chips, not much of a secret…but it is my specialty!

  203. Carrie
    Carrie at

    Real butter and I like to add peanut butter

  204. lorri
    lorri at

    in fall i add pumpkin an cinnamon to cookies fills ur tummy an taste yummy.

  205. Madeline Baldino
    Madeline Baldino at

    Cold ,fresh ,high quality butter

  206. Marlene
    Marlene at

    Vanilla made with rum, what a taste it gives.

  207. Jason England
    Jason England at

    Tahitian vanilla extract

  208. Sandra O'Reilly
    Sandra O'Reilly at

    Brown sugar is my favorite special ingredient

  209. deb stuart
    deb stuart at

    I use real butter and real vanilla. I always want mine with nuts. Mostly pecan or macadamia. Yum digity.

  210. Linda P
    Linda P at

    I love using the secret ingredient of sour cream to make the cookies soft.

  211. Donna Meregillano
    Donna Meregillano at

    My secret ingredient would be brown sugar, always prefer a little more brown sugar to white sugar instead of half and half.

  212. kristina whittaker
    kristina whittaker at

    Sorghum Molasses especially in chocolate chip cookies…gives a twist on flavor and is chewy goodness!

  213. Joan M Carr
    Joan M Carr at

    make with love

  214. Sheree Connors
    Sheree Connors at

    Real butter is very important , always use good ingredients !

  215. Jean Bearlin
    Jean Bearlin at

    I like to use extra vanilla ,extra chocolate chips and pecans.

  216. Jean Bearlin
    Jean Bearlin at

    I like to use extra vanilla, chocolate chips, and pecans. always
    use real butter for best taste.

  217. Leigh Nichols
    Leigh Nichols at

    lemon zest

  218. sharon goulet
    sharon goulet at

    chocolate and butterscotch chips together

  219. Carol Wojnarowicz
    Carol Wojnarowicz at

    Chocolate is good in anything, especially cookies, Yummy yummy, yummy

  220. sherry pincus
    sherry pincus at

    love pecans or walnuts in cookies

  221. BILL HOFF
    BILL HOFF at

    Real butter,touch of brandy and love!

  222. Terry Butler
    Terry Butler at

    Real Butter and extra Chocolate Chips or Mini Hershey Kisses.

  223. Maureen
    Maureen at

    My husband and I found a recipe on the internet that we tried and loved. We later went to see what the B & B that created the cookie was all about. They stated that so many people loved their cookies. The extra touch was cinnamon in a chocolate chip cookie.

  224. Amber Grace
    Amber Grace at

    The best ingredient to put in cookies is Greek Yogurt. Using this ingredient will allow your cookies to only take 6-7 minutes to bake. ;o

  225. Nicky
    Nicky at

    My secret ingredient is vanilla bean

  226. Paul Welford
    Paul Welford at

    Butterscotch chips

  227. Theresa Queen
    Theresa Queen at

    Brown buttered pecan bits

  228. Niko Simpson
    Niko Simpson at

    my secret ingredient is oat bran, it makes simple cookies taste amazing without any vanilla or extra flavoring! Plus it’s also good for you! πŸ™‚

  229. Mariza
    Mariza at

    A nice splash of Mexican Vanilla

  230. Maria W
    Maria W at

    cayenne pepper

  231. Vicki Hale
    Vicki Hale at

    mini chocolate chips! great in chocolate or vanilla recipes. Thank you. Vicki

  232. Laura O.
    Laura O. at


  233. Claudia C
    Claudia C at

    Macadamia nuts. I need to make sure I don’t eat all of them before they go in the batter! πŸ™‚

  234. Lana Thomas
    Lana Thomas at

    I love white chocolate in my cookies!

  235. Marge
    Marge at

    a little extra flour…

  236. Nancy Sabo
    Nancy Sabo at

    My favorite ingredient is my homemade vanilla. A secret pinch of cinnamon a close second.

  237. val jodeck
    val jodeck at

    use real extracts, not imitations.

  238. Kim Allmon
    Kim Allmon at

    Coconut oil

  239. Pam Scott
    Pam Scott at

    My secret ingredient would have to be nuts. I like to add peanuts, pecans, walnuts,etc. to my cookie recipes. Ex. I like chocolate chips cookies with pecans.

  240. Lynn
    Lynn at

    Vanilla pudding. It makes a soft and utterly delicious cookie!

  241. Christina Turley
    Christina Turley at

    Bacon…because bacon! πŸ™‚

  242. Megan Havice's
    Megan Havice's at

    I think pecans are perfect in every cookie. My 15 year old daughter loves almond extract. ❀️

  243. Troy C
    Troy C at

    dark chocolate chunks

  244. barb haley
    barb haley at

    I LOVE nuts in my cookies… walnuts, peanuts any kind of nuts

  245. Melissa Conley
    Melissa Conley at

    I always like an extra splash of vanilla.

  246. Tim Best
    Tim Best at


  247. Elaine C
    Elaine C at

    Toffee chips, pecans and that special way you do what you do!!!!

  248. Travis Johnson
    Travis Johnson at

    double the butter

  249. Amanda Best
    Amanda Best at

    My favorite, not too secret, ingredient when making cookies is real butter…it does make a big difference. Also, high quality cookie sheets really help.

  250. Lloyd
    Lloyd at

    Just love fresh, chewy (not crispy) oatmeal raisin cookies. Wholesome oats, plump raisins, a few chopped walnuts, brown sugar, cinnamon, some coconut for the chewiness & whatever else till they’re golden brown on their bottoms.

  251. AM
    AM at

    real butter or oatmeal

  252. Kathryn Pratt
    Kathryn Pratt at

    I love either caramel extract or almond extract in my cookies! !

  253. Jodi
    Jodi at

    A tablespoon of instant coffee in triple chocolate chip cookies gives it a nice mocha flavor and no one knows what that secret ingredient is when they taste it.

  254. Ellen Levine
    Ellen Levine at

    I Love Macadamian nuts

  255. Heidi Maeda
    Heidi Maeda at

    My favorite secret ingredient in cookies would be any kind of nut.

  256. Ethel Carpenter
    Ethel Carpenter at

    I have a recipe and it has real whip cream and a dash of strawberry flavoring.

  257. Kathy Seil
    Kathy Seil at

    I chop up chocolate (or use mini chips ) with chopped marshino cherries in cookie dough .

  258. belinda hughes
    belinda hughes at

    raw sugar and fresh eggs

  259. Karen Fritts
    Karen Fritts at

    I like chocolate and pecans..

  260. Paralee Riggs
    Paralee Riggs at

    Real creamery butter

  261. Jamie Feldman
    Jamie Feldman at

    extra vanilla, cinnamon,chocolate chips, sometimes applesauce

  262. Deborah L
    Deborah L at

    I love all kinds of nuts.

  263. sdmulkey
    sdmulkey at

    sea salt

  264. Barbara
    Barbara at

    Vanilla infused sugar.

  265. Paula Gresen
    Paula Gresen at

    I only use fresh real butter in cookies. No margarine allowed.


    I just love oatmeal and raisins!!


    I love oatmeal and raisins in my cookies!!

  268. Amanda Casto
    Amanda Casto at

    Salt & Pepper!

  269. Julie Cutshaw
    Julie Cutshaw at

    I love nuts in any cookie, especially black walnut, thanks

  270. diana
    diana at

    Butter…the more butter the better

  271. Beth Ardent
    Beth Ardent at

    Vanilla is my favorite ingredient along with some toasted almonds!!

  272. TammyJo Eckhart, PhD
    TammyJo Eckhart, PhD at

    Cocoa + Cinnamon — I love to add in a tablespoon of cocoa and a teaspoon of cinnamon to baked goods and meats even when I’m looking to add a bit of mystery.

  273. Cheryl Smith
    Cheryl Smith at

    Plugra European Style Salted Butter.

  274. Cassandra
    Cassandra at

    Flavored coffee creamer & coffee grounds

  275. angelam
    angelam at

    LOVE! it goes into everything I make!

  276. gita prasad
    gita prasad at

    Coconut Oil

  277. lenery smith
    lenery smith at

    Almond Paste

  278. Richard Shouse
    Richard Shouse at

    Definitely macadamia nuts!

  279. Deborah Farris
    Deborah Farris at

    Actually a little orange zest is an awsome secret ingredient!!

  280. Ana
    Ana at

    Butter, fresh real butter

  281. Dena McCorkle
    Dena McCorkle at

    My husband is the cookie maker in the house & he always adds a little extra flour to whatever recipe he’s using & is sure to make a double batch since our kids manage to gobble up the first one before he’s even done.

  282. Leela
    Leela at

    I love chopping up dark dove or dark ghiradelli chocolate to put in my chocolate chip cookies. They are so good and vanish so fast!

  283. Katie Urban
    Katie Urban at

    Peanut butter!!!!!!!!


    I love the chocolate chip cookies

  285. Robert Smith
    Robert Smith at

    My favorite is macadamia nuts.

  286. Claudia M.
    Claudia M. at

    Lots of Love, a dash of Heart, and a pinch of Passion!

  287. Daniel
    Daniel at

    A hint of nutmeg.

  288. Suzanne Esposito
    Suzanne Esposito at

    Love dark choc and Macadamia nuts

  289. jean Pennington
    jean Pennington at

    I like to add chocolate covered raisins to my oatmeal cookies. Thanks for the offer.

  290. John Joseph
    John Joseph at

    I love to use kisses instead of chocolate chips and bake them right into fresh cookies

  291. Kayleigh Purwin
    Kayleigh Purwin at

    My secret ingredient is cornflakes!! The cookies come out a little bit crispy but also gooey!! So good

  292. Tamara B.
    Tamara B. at

    Pure vanilla

  293. Jennifer George
    Jennifer George at

    Mint chips

  294. Leanna
    Leanna at

    White Chocolate Macadamia Nut

  295. Brandy Bill
    Brandy Bill at

    I love a hint of cinnamon and bite size peanut butter cups.

  296. Lee Ang
    Lee Ang at

    sour cream

  297. Ginger B.
    Ginger B. at

    Buttered, toasted pecan bits are amazing!

  298. Ilona
    Ilona at

    Dark chocolate

  299. Ann
    Ann at

    I use bourbon vanilla and roasted hickory nuts instead of walnuts. SO good! Even the aroma has calories!

  300. Cynthia Brown
    Cynthia Brown at

    Chocolate chip with pecans.

  301. Yesenia Salgado
    Yesenia Salgado at

    To me it’s between chocolate and the chocolate chips!

  302. beth eagle
    beth eagle at

    Shortening instead of butter πŸ™‚

  303. Phylicia Phillips
    Phylicia Phillips at

    Extra vanilla makes everything better!

  304. Denice Jenschke
    Denice Jenschke at

    Most certainly Texas Pecans!

  305. Ruth Anne Sfeir
    Ruth Anne Sfeir at

    I like using Danish butter, Dutch Van Houten cocoa, pure vanilla, walnuts and Ghiradelli dark chocolate chips!

  306. Patricia Caradonna
    Patricia Caradonna at

    secret ingredient: is real butter. love butter cookies not marjarine

  307. Ester Wadley
    Ester Wadley at

    My favorite ingredient is walnuts. They make cookies swing!

  308. Carol Woods
    Carol Woods at

    Besides the fresh butter, eggs and vanilla, I love to add ground up oatmeal into my chocolate chip cookies for a moist and chewy cookie. YUM!

  309. Krystal
    Krystal at

    Vanilla extract

  310. Shannon LaPierre
    Shannon LaPierre at


  311. Christine suter
    Christine suter at

    I love macadamia nuts in all my cookies

  312. Jessica Send
    Jessica Send at

    Lots of love, chocolate, some peanut butter and almond extract

  313. susan fain
    susan fain at

    I love the fresh ingredients and high quality chocolate chips and chunks yum yum

  314. Laura
    Laura at

    Love, extra chocolate chips (semi sweet of course) and just the right amount of mixing – not too much and not too little – jussssst right.

  315. Cindy franco
    Cindy franco at


  316. Renee Urrutia
    Renee Urrutia at

    Quality family time gathering all the ingredients and pure vanilla and walnuts. That is our secret ingredient.

  317. Nikki Wilke
    Nikki Wilke at

    My secret ingredient? Applesauce or banana puree instead of oil. Most people omit butter all together when using applesauce or banana, but some recipes can really benefit from just a minimum of a teaspoon of butter with the puree or sauce.

  318. Angie
    Angie at

    Creamy Caramel with cashews

  319. John Lewis Wright
    John Lewis Wright at

    Mmmm, cinnamon. Hehehe.

  320. Summer I.
    Summer I. at

    I love using dark chocolate. It is my favorite.

  321. Tasia Cornett
    Tasia Cornett at

    White Chocolate and Macaroons. The smell itt gives off when those to are baked together is like heaven in my own sense.

  322. Myanna Allen
    Myanna Allen at

    My favorit secret ingredient of Mrs.Fields cookies is definitely the fresh butter and the chocolate chips. The texture of Mrs.Fields cookies are unbelievably delicious..

  323. Sandy Adams
    Sandy Adams at

    I love to put semi-sweet chocolate chips in my cookies.

  324. mark l Phillips sr
    mark l Phillips sr at

    Mine is real sugar and dark chocolate

  325. Amara
    Amara at

    My secret INGREDIANTS is cinnamon and almonds

  326. April Landells
    April Landells at

    I always like to use applesauce in cookies I make

  327. Jessica Lollis
    Jessica Lollis at

    ground coffee, cinnamon , and cocoa powder

  328. Diana Thompson
    Diana Thompson at

    Marshmallows & chocolate chips awesome!

  329. Karen B.
    Karen B. at

    I add instant French Vanilla to all my cookies. Just 2 Tablespoons to just about any cookie adds to the softness and moist(ness) to each cookie. It is important not to add more that the 2 Tablespoons to the recipe.

    I have had it in chocolate chip, peanut butter, oatmeal etc. It still makes the edges of the cookies crisp that is always wanted.

    I also always use real butter. If you are going to have cookies might as well have the best.

  330. Tanya
    Tanya at

    Chocolate chips,

  331. Krista Jardeen
    Krista Jardeen at

    I substitute coconut oil for butter


    I like to add vanilla extraxt to my cookies

  333. Janet Mathews
    Janet Mathews at

    My secret ingredient is almonds and fresh vanilla from a vanilla bean! πŸ™‚

  334. Thomas Willette
    Thomas Willette at

    I love peanut butter.


    Real butter and cinnamon make my cookies great.

  336. Sue Gosland
    Sue Gosland at

    Raspberries-that’s my secret ingredient!

  337. Robin Childress
    Robin Childress at

    You would be surprised how much a little instant coffee in your recipe will do for your cookies.

  338. Linda Fye
    Linda Fye at

    Good quality chocolate-never scrimp. Sea salt, real vanilla extract,real butter; pure, simple ingredients. Cooking with my grandson, the best ingredient. That boy loves to bake!

  339. Linda Fye
    Linda Fye at

    Good quality chocolate; never scrimp on that. Good vanilla extract as well, real butter, a hint of cinnamon, good quality ingredients make the best cookies.,and having my grandson beside me. He’s my assistant baker, and he is good!


    I like to add finely chopped/slivers of cashews, yum!

  341. Laura Martinez
    Laura Martinez at

    Vanilla and I always put a ridiculous amount of flavoring in if that’s what the recipe calls for. Makes them taste way better.

  342. Christy
    Christy at

    Chocolate CHUNKS …and a lot of them!!

  343. Teresa Foley
    Teresa Foley at

    I like to use free range eggs in my cookies.

  344. Sherree
    Sherree at

    Applesauce! Makes wonderful, moist cookies that are low fat!

  345. Meridith Belfield
    Meridith Belfield at

    Homemade bourbon vanilla and salted butter

  346. Joan Leonard
    Joan Leonard at

    Coconut the best

  347. Susan P.
    Susan P. at

    I like using real butter and good quality chocolate in my cookies.

  348. Mary W
    Mary W at

    I like to use 1/4 Splenda and 3/4 sugar.

  349. Jill Kempf
    Jill Kempf at

    I like chocolate mint chocolate chips in my cookies.

  350. Brandi
    Brandi at


  351. shelby
    shelby at

    Fresh lemon zest!

  352. Gina N.
    Gina N. at

    I love to add champagne extract to my cake mix and frostings. It tastes delicious!

  353. Carly Wiegand
    Carly Wiegand at

    A must have is BUTTER over margarine. Butter is richer and makes for a better tasting cookie and its used for most cookie recipes. For Chocolate Chip or any Chocolate Cookies it has to be Semi Sweet Chocolate and it has to be quality Chocolate. I would never substitute either one for anything less then the best.

  354. Susy Ryherd
    Susy Ryherd at

    Pure vanilla & fresh eggs

  355. Jane Ritz
    Jane Ritz at

    I always use butter, a little extra vanilla, love, and sprinkle a little extra sugar on top.

  356. carla l.
    carla l. at

    real butter is the best secret ingredient

  357. carla l.
    carla l. at

    real butter

  358. Christy
    Christy at

    real butter and brown sugar

  359. Amy D
    Amy D at


  360. Marjorie McGraw
    Marjorie McGraw at

    High quality vanilla with a perfect blend of spice

  361. Natalie
    Natalie at

    I love to put vanilla pudding mix in my cookies!

  362. al
    al at


  363. Elisabeth Ashley
    Elisabeth Ashley at

    I love vanilla in cookies πŸ™‚

  364. Carly D.
    Carly D. at

    I love coconut. I love the flavor but I feel like it is not used enough.

  365. Nichole Smith
    Nichole Smith at

    White Chocolate and macadamia nuts and a tablespoon or two of fresh cream.

  366. latanya
    latanya at

    a little extra vanilla

  367. Wehaf
    Wehaf at

    I love marzipan in cookies – it adds not only sweetness but richness. And because it is made from almonds, it is full of protein and good fats. It’s definitely my number 1 secret ingredient. πŸ™‚

  368. Jessica Rose
    Jessica Rose at

    Sea Salt! It give them a little something extra that regular salt just doesn’t.

  369. ralph gonzales
    ralph gonzales at

    a pinch of allspice always brightens up any cookie

  370. Evelyn Goettner
    Evelyn Goettner at

    A lot of Love πŸ™‚

  371. L
    L at


  372. je burns
    je burns at

    any kinda of nut

  373. gypsy thomas
    gypsy thomas at

    my secret ingredient is cardamom it makes the best cookies

  374. Terri Morgan
    Terri Morgan at

    I add extra vanilla and unsweetened coconut.

  375. angela v
    angela v at

    Toffee Bits

  376. Paula Caudill
    Paula Caudill at

    I like to use black walnuts, and pure vanilla.

  377. Mindy S
    Mindy S at

    I like to switch things up and add almond extract and white chocolate chips.

  378. Jamie r
    Jamie r at

    Reese’s pieces

  379. angie pruden
    angie pruden at


  380. Demetra Hayes
    Demetra Hayes at

    I love the chocolate chips real butter flavor and vanilla

  381. Petra Jadan
    Petra Jadan at

    I love coconut and almonds in a cookie. I made a coconut almonds cake this weekend and came out delish.

  382. Linda Jackson
    Linda Jackson at

    Cream cheese!

  383. Kim N.
    Kim N. at

    Always fresh ingredients in the cookies and made with lots of love, sharing and caring. πŸ™‚

  384. tammy cordery
    tammy cordery at

    mine is apple sauce.

  385. Morgan
    Morgan at

    LOVE makes everything taste better.

  386. Jason Shreve
    Jason Shreve at

    chocolate chips

  387. Marner Campbell
    Marner Campbell at

    I always add a tablespoon or teaspoon to all my baking—-amazed at how it keep everything moist and chewy longer! Try it!

  388. Pat Hockett
    Pat Hockett at

    I add tons of our home-grown pecans!

  389. Raina Hood
    Raina Hood at


  390. linda moore
    linda moore at

    baking cookies for your family is a whole lotta lovin!

  391. Virginia Evans
    Virginia Evans at

    I love pecans in cookies

  392. Joy Isley
    Joy Isley at

    In my chocolate cookies I put a bit of diced green chilies. It helps bring out the taste of the chocolate

  393. Laura schag
    Laura schag at

    Fresh ingredients. And a dash of vanilla.

  394. Daniel Hinzman
    Daniel Hinzman at

    macadamia nuts

  395. Shirley Turner
    Shirley Turner at

    A little extra sugar always makes the cookie better.

  396. Sonja Samples
    Sonja Samples at

    Extra chocolate chips!

  397. Lori Larsen
    Lori Larsen at

    Chocolate is my favorite sweet flavor. My favorite sour/tart flavor is key lime. Beyond those, I like just about anything in a cookie except bananas.

  398. Jim De Arman
    Jim De Arman at

    When I make peanut butter cookies, I add some brown sugar!

  399. Dawn M Creech
    Dawn M Creech at

    I add 3 oz cream cheese to any cookie batter…..

  400. Catherine
    Catherine at

    I like to add some lemon juice and a pinch of nutmeg and cinnamon to my chocolate chip cookies.

  401. Ellen Lew
    Ellen Lew at

    Candied bacon bits ingredient in my chocolate chips cookies.

  402. Gary Ferguson
    Gary Ferguson at

    I put oatmeal which makes it heart healthy.

  403. Chris Noe
    Chris Noe at

    I must have really good quality vanilla. The best I can afford.

  404. Nina Mustang
    Nina Mustang at

    favorite ingredientsa are chocolate chips,chocolate chunks,and icing on top to really sweet and to make them really pop.

  405. Veronica G
    Veronica G at

    I like using extracts other than vanilla especially orange with chocolate cookies.

  406. natalie yeoman
    natalie yeoman at

    my favorite would have to be extra sugar or vanilla added

  407. Deborah Ragno
    Deborah Ragno at

    My secret ingredient is to use mini chips and double add an extra cup of them to the recipe.

  408. Debra Evanson
    Debra Evanson at

    Toasted coconut and lots of chocolate!

  409. Amy Norman
    Amy Norman at

    I use high quality milk chocolate chips, and unsalted butter in my cookies.

  410. Heather R
    Heather R at

    if it’s a chocolate cookie, there should be some spice. even a touch of cinnamon brings out the chocolate taste like nothing else!

  411. Valerie W
    Valerie W at

    My secret ingredient is chocolate chunks. They make my cookies so irresistable.

  412. Nancy McCaig
    Nancy McCaig at

    Granulated fructose

  413. Shawn Davlin
    Shawn Davlin at

    A bit of tapioca pudding or tapioca dry pudding mix with a pinch or 2 of cayenne pepper and a dab of honey.

  414. Kimmy Ngo
    Kimmy Ngo at

    I put instant vanilla pudding in mine to make it taste delicious and bake it with love.

  415. Thanay
    Thanay at

    Macadamia nuts

  416. Darlene Carbajal
    Darlene Carbajal at

    Chocolate chips!

  417. Pat
    Pat at

    VLOE (that’s LOVE all mixed-up in the batter!) and a drop or two of anise flavoring!

  418. Paul Rose Jr
    Paul Rose Jr at

    I use a little extra brown sugar, the best vanilla I can afford (and I don’t measure) and some granulated white sugar sprinkled on top. Makes the cookies my whole family loves!

  419. Nicolas Gardner
    Nicolas Gardner at

    A touch of Root Beer Extract to sugar cookies is VERY nice. πŸ˜€

  420. Janet
    Janet at

    coconut oil and bit more fresh vanilla bean

  421. Bonnie Ferguson
    Bonnie Ferguson at

    I make a chocolate chocolate chunk cookie and I add a teaspoon of chipolate powder and a teaspoon of cinnamon.

  422. Sarah Cool
    Sarah Cool at

    I love a bit of nutmeg in my cookies

  423. Idella Adams
    Idella Adams at

    butter makes for the best cookies!

  424. Sherri Schroeder
    Sherri Schroeder at

    My secret ingredient is Mexican vanilla – yummy!

  425. Kim Decker
    Kim Decker at

    ive made chocolate chip cookies for over 40 yrs and I’ve tried so many recipes. My favorite right now has French vanilla instant pudding.
    My hubby, my taste tester expert,has deemed this my best in a very long time!

  426. Cathy French
    Cathy French at

    Macadamia nuts are so expensive but I love to put them in chocolate or white chocolate chip cookies as a secret ingredient.

  427. jerzygirl45
    jerzygirl45 at

    pumpkin puree and coconut

  428. amy tolley
    amy tolley at

    peanut butter or coffee depending on what im making

  429. I. Ray
    I. Ray at

    Butter and cinnamon

  430. Jessica Whitehouse
    Jessica Whitehouse at

    I like macadamias ad almonds

  431. James Smith
    James Smith at

    real butter and amaretto

  432. liz l
    liz l at

    Chocolate from venezuela

  433. Cheryl B.
    Cheryl B. at

    Pecans are my favorite.

  434. Ashley Busse
    Ashley Busse at

    REAL vanilla- not that imitation junk! πŸ™‚

  435. amber hamilton
    amber hamilton at

    A little dash of salt πŸ˜‰

  436. beth embrey
    beth embrey at

    Well it won’t be secret anymore but i use a white cake mix. (Of course eggs,a dash of pure vanilla, chocolate chips and 1/3 c of oil

  437. Leslie
    Leslie at

    High quality chocolate, it makes all the difference!

  438. cassandra
    cassandra at

    Fresh and High Quality butter & vanilla is the way to go.

  439. Catrina
    Catrina at

    I love using walnuts

  440. Jan Hammersmith
    Jan Hammersmith at

    i love macadamia nuts.

  441. Jessica Jackson
    Jessica Jackson at


  442. katelyn
    katelyn at


  443. Rose Fisher
    Rose Fisher at

    I use butter flavor crisco!

  444. Michelle S
    Michelle S at

    Sour Cream.

  445. Cheryl
    Cheryl at

    Coconut and any kind of nuts. I only use real butter and pure vanilla. Fresh organic eggs are also the best.

  446. Kathryn C
    Kathryn C at

    I add cran-raisins to my oatmeal raisin cookies as well as chocolate chip for extra flavor & chewiness

    Kathryn C

  447. Sarah Oswald
    Sarah Oswald at

    I love adding chopped peanuts in the peanut butter mix for my peanut butter cookies and it tastes more like peanut butter sally0630@frontiernet.net

  448. lin banks
    lin banks at

    My secret ingredients are pecans ;I also add a little orange zest in my sugar cookies. I love making cookies!!!!

  449. Lisa Babusch
    Lisa Babusch at

    Macadamia nuts and dried cranberries

  450. Annemarie Z.
    Annemarie Z. at

    I love using vanilla!

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