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  1. Tammy Sigond
    Tammy Sigond at

    my dad Mr. Never Stops Talking !

  2. LaCinda Brooks
    LaCinda Brooks at


  3. Nupur kesarwani
    Nupur kesarwani at

    Mr Fieldman

  4. kathy goldberg
    kathy goldberg at


  5. LaCinda Brooks
    LaCinda Brooks at

    I would name my Dad ~ MusicMan!

  6. ann
    ann at


  7. Jane
    Jane at

    Linguist Force

  8. Angie Bailey
    Angie Bailey at

    Dynamite Dave!

  9. Shannon S
    Shannon S at

    Incredibly Chilled – because he is always laid back yet always there – perfect combination

  10. Oanh Ho
    Oanh Ho at

    Master Chef

  11. Tammera Widell
    Tammera Widell at

    My Fix it Dad can Fix anything! His name should be “Fantastic Fixer Father” 😉

  12. alisa
    alisa at

    The Amazing Helper

  13. Nicole
    Nicole at

    My superhero name for my dad would be: BATDAD

  14. Mary Joyce Arbis
    Mary Joyce Arbis at

    I have always called my dad Captain Handsome!

  15. Mary Joyce Arbis
    Mary Joyce Arbis at

    Captain Handsome!

  16. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth at

    Captain Awesome! He breaks up fights and swoops in with LOVE!

  17. nikki bankert
    nikki bankert at

    The Protector

  18. dayna
    dayna at


  19. Tyson Chambers
    Tyson Chambers at

    My dad grew up in a hard working, farm/construction family. He started working construction when he was just 12 years old and by the time he was 22 he was married to my mom with two kids and no chance to go to college. He had to keep working. So he bought a tractor, truck, and trailer and went to work. He built a family company supporting me, my mother and my two brothers and named it Gregg Chambers & Sons LLC. I have never seen my dad rest a day in his life so this fathers day, I would like to call my dad a superhero and the name I would give him would be the unstoppable MR. GREGARIOUS! It means to be outgoing, companionable, caring, and unstoppable.

  20. Angela Sherry
    Angela Sherry at

    My Dad is more than a superhero to me. He’s my rock, my best friend, and the nicest person you could every wish to meet. Thank you, Dad.

  21. Tina Alexander
    Tina Alexander at

    My Super Hero name for my Dad Would be”Get It Done Man” because I can count on him for anything.

  22. Melissa Cohn
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  23. Kara Kjellman
    Kara Kjellman at

    My Dad’s superhero name would be “StrongSoldier”

  24. jenny
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  25. mike
    mike at

    super dad

  26. Teri
    Teri at


  27. Rachel Kane
    Rachel Kane at

    The Mighty Dad Defender!

  28. Phillip
    Phillip at

    Mr. One More Time because he would always make time for us even if he was tire or busy. He would always say “Ok, one more time” when we want him to play with us.

  29. Phillip
    Phillip at

    Mr. One More Time cause that what he would always say when we ask him to do something when he was playing with us.

  30. Phillip
    Phillip at

    Mr. Time cause he always try to make time for us.

  31. Phillip
    Phillip at

    Mr. Time because he always tried to make time for us.

  32. Sheila Finley
    Sheila Finley at

    The father in my home is disabled but any good day he has he takes advantage of it and enjoys his sons Fishing Baseball Basketball even if he knows it will keep him down for a week got love that man of mine and he shares.

  33. Carol Gagne
    Carol Gagne at

    Dad is a security guard

  34. Rachel
    Rachel at

    Mechanic man! He is always working on one of the cars in the family.

  35. Jim Marlon A. Macaraeg
    Jim Marlon A. Macaraeg at

    Power POP

  36. ARLENE
    ARLENE at

    always there dad

  37. Colleen Fuller
    Colleen Fuller at

    Superman! !!

  38. Julia
    Julia at

    I would call my dad Saltwater Man! He loves the ocean. It’s his happy place. He loves everything about it! Most weekends we would go out to the beach or go fishing in the pier. He took a micro biology class at a local college that focused mostly on the ocean! He works too much now to be able to enjoy the ocean as much as he use too. But on his way home from work, he pulls over and stops to stare at the water and just think for a few minutes.

  39. Linda Shaffer
    Linda Shaffer at

    Super “Mr. Fix!”

  40. Erin
    Erin at

    Sgt. Gunny

  41. lisa
    lisa at

    Leader!!!! He is the man that is in the forefront and leads us where we need to be :). A great man and father! !!

  42. lisa
    lisa at

    Leader!!!! He is the man that is in the forefront and leads us where we need to be leaded :)! A great man and father!!!

  43. Nancy S.
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  44. lisa
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  45. Shannon kincaid
    Shannon kincaid at

    I would call my dad “the amazing redneck papa.”

  46. Cathy Truman
    Cathy Truman at

    My Dad SuperHero name is The Kindest and Giving Heart Superhero in the World.

  47. Cheryl McCalister
    Cheryl McCalister at

    Iron Man ~ because he’s handy with a grill.

  48. Katie
    Katie at

    The whittler.. He creates amazing things with wood.

  49. Carol
    Carol at


  50. Cheryl
    Cheryl at

    I would absolutely name my dad Mighty Mouse!!

  51. carol catto
    carol catto at


  52. danielle dolderer
    danielle dolderer at

    My dad always screams the Word “RIGHT” no matter what me or my sister asks him and he makes the Word when yelling Long so that everyone hears him even If where wrong he says right

  53. Jamie
    Jamie at

    Mr. PutUpWithMom – what could be more super than that?? 🙂

  54. Jamie
    Jamie at

    Mr. PutUpWithMom – what could be better than that? 🙂

  55. Jamie
    Jamie at

    Mr. PutUpWithMom – what could be better than that?

  56. Lori Lehman
    Lori Lehman at

    Dad of Integrity …he had a terrible childhood and could
    have been a product of his environment but he broke
    The chain!!!

  57. Kim Fisher
    Kim Fisher at

    Mr Fix Anything

  58. Amy
    Amy at

    My dad is legal blind and we call he ” Our Super Rock”. We Love you Daddy!!!

    Love you,
    Sara and Matthew

  59. Latonya Banks
    Latonya Banks at

    Strong dad

  60. Cindy
    Cindy at

    Red hot Rocker!

  61. Tammy
    Tammy at

    My Dads superhero name would be SuperDad.

  62. Linda W
    Linda W at

    Mr. Personality

  63. Sandy Gulliver
    Sandy Gulliver at

    Forever Foster

  64. brenda taylor
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  65. Lori C
    Lori C at

    Captain Patience

  66. Valerie Cales
    Valerie Cales at

    Cookie Conqueror

  67. chris
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  68. John
    John at

    My dad’s superhero name would be the hulk!

  69. Jean Clayton
    Jean Clayton at

    My dad’s super name would be silent superman! Even though he had polio as a child and was handicapped because of it, he never complained and was one of the hardest working men I’ve ever known! He raised six kids and even after we left home he would always check our cars when we visited to make sure everything was ok. If he knew we wanted something but didn’t have the money, he would have it waiting for us at our next visit! He had nicknames for every one of us and even though he was a quiet man, his love for us was deafening!

  70. Judy G
    Judy G at

    Superhero name for Dad is “I Know what, who, how, when you did whatever it was.”

  71. Ellen L.
    Ellen L. at

    “The Ferg”

  72. Jennifer
    Jennifer at

    My dad deserves the title The Flying Tuba. And yes, that makes sense.

  73. Justine C.
    Justine C. at

    Motor Magnifico! He’s a car guy and can fix anything on four wheels! 🙂

  74. Karen B
    Karen B at

    I think I would call him Maya Dad. Like Maya Angelou it is all about love, by the words you say and by the that you do. When I look at him I see love and know that it reflects on me.

  75. Chanelle Chow
    Chanelle Chow at

    Handy Dad

  76. Amy E.
    Amy E. at

    Cancer Conqueror

  77. Cathy Carling
    Cathy Carling at

    Super Google! Dad always has the answers

  78. peggy fedison
    peggy fedison at

    mr corny sense of humor hehehehehe

  79. Cindy Phillips
    Cindy Phillips at

    The Care Commander because he’s so loving and caring.

  80. Mary Nelson
    Mary Nelson at

    Master of the Drains!!

  81. Henry
    Henry at

    Super Duper DAD

  82. Amy Tripp
    Amy Tripp at

    My dad would be Preacherman!

  83. Jamie Coppernall
    Jamie Coppernall at

    “The Cancer Defeater” my dad beat lung cancer about a year ago which makes him a superhuman super dad 🙂

  84. Terry Sutton
    Terry Sutton at

    Diligent DAD

  85. chris severance
    chris severance at

    My father was all way’s there he picked me up when I fell guided me in the right way he cheered me on when I won he allways gave me confidence in what I was doing wjen I fell he would always be there for me my dad was a supur hero for me love you allways

  86. Erin E
    Erin E at

    “The Brain”

  87. Jake
    Jake at

    My dad is OH my back

  88. Darren Bongiovanni
    Darren Bongiovanni at

    My Dad’s SuperHero Name would be The Ugly Man Who Can Do Everything

  89. Sandra Crispo
    Sandra Crispo at

    Miracle Grandpa – because he spent 25 days (20 of them in ICU) in late March, early April, but he is home and getting better every day and everyone at one point though he wasn’t making it!! The picture is the day before he went in hospital when all 17 of us were together!!

  90. Danielle P
    Danielle P at

    My hubby is “Super Bubba”. Since we live in Texas .

  91. arlene rodriguez
    arlene rodriguez at

    Super Sir Mellow-Man

  92. Abby L.
    Abby L. at

    “Super Smile Maker Man”, because no matter what is going on, or what he is going through, he always has time to share a smile!

  93. Whitney Arnold
    Whitney Arnold at

    The sensational guardian

  94. Sarah Shepherd
    Sarah Shepherd at

    My Dad is Captain Coolest! He is the best coach, the funniest person I know and the most caring, loving Dad in the world!

  95. Heather Z
    Heather Z at

    Super Handy Man

  96. Shelley Jelinek
    Shelley Jelinek at

    Awesome Al because he can build and fix anything!

  97. Dusty
    Dusty at

    “Super”intendent (he is a school superintendent)

  98. Dusty
    Dusty at

    “Super”intendent (he is a school superintendent)

  99. Lisa S
    Lisa S at

    Dedicated Dad is the superhero name we call our dad – always there for us no matter what – he seems to be able to leap tall buildings, and have superhero powers to do all he does for us. Words couldn’t describe enough about how much we feel dad is a superhero to us. Thanks, Dad, for everything!

  100. Tiffany Courtright
    Tiffany Courtright at

    Mr. HandyMan

  101. Tamara
    Tamara at

    Super Unbreakable

  102. Julie
    Julie at


  103. Leela
    Leela at

    Mr Incredible.

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