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  1. Alissa
    Alissa / 10-14-2013 / ·

    My SIL made these Caramel Chocolate Chip bars and they were fantastic so I took a picture of the recipe. Went home and made it. Well, I forgot the butter completely the first time. I thought the mixture was a little dry but I thought it would magically moisten. I had just enough ingredients to make it again so this time I remembered the butter. I looked at the recipe again and realized after it baking for 10 mins that I did not put enough butter in it. I misread the 3/4 cup for 1/4 cup. Glad to say that the 3rd time was a charm and finally was able to make them correctly after another run to the store to get more ingredients and they were delish!

  2. Marie Peterson
    Marie Peterson / 10-14-2013 / ·

    I wanted to make banana oatmeal cookies& I just got a new canister set.I forgot which was sugar and which was salt….well without thinking,I put in a cup of salt instead.Good thing I took a little taste before putting them in the oven.That was nasty!

  3. Barbara Mayes
    Barbara Mayes / 10-14-2013 / ·

    Omgoodness! I was a new cook, and housewife, and decided to put a pot of beans on for dinner. Once I had everything set, and the beans on a low simmer, I went outside to sun bathe. I fell asleep, and when I woke up, there was black smoke coming from my windows. Nothing smells worse than burned beans! Scorched, ruined the pot, and our dinner. 😛

  4. Cristel Rose(Green on fb)
    Cristel Rose(Green on fb) / 10-14-2013 / ·

    Baking in someone else’s kitchen I managed to swap corn starch for flour. Everything was poured into fancy containers and nothing was marked so, I guessed. It did not turn out good. Lol

  5. Sarah W
    Sarah W / 10-14-2013 / ·

    My biggest baking blunder was not noticing the right size pan to use. My entire cake overflowed all over the inside of my oven. The house smelled and the cleanup took forever. But, I surely learned a lesson!

  6. Peggy Hauck
    Peggy Hauck / 10-14-2013 / ·

    Beginning to learn to bake from scratch: Using Self-Rising Flour instead of AP flour does not make brownies and cakes fluffier.
    Learned that lesson at my first family dinner…oh no, no, you don’t need to bring a dessert…I have the entire dinner including dessert covered.
    Oops forgot the butter in the chocolate chip cookies…frisbee anyone!
    Pie baking in same oven as turkey and green bean casserole, not a tasty flavor to the pie.
    So Ice cream was dessert!
    Now a better cook and baker, my friends and family now look forward to a great get together, good food and a delicious dessert. But I believe but have no proof that at least one guest brings a secret dessert and has it hidden…just in case!

  7. Annie Scalise
    Annie Scalise / 10-14-2013 / ·

    Forgot to grease the pan what a mess!

  8. pamela collins jester
    pamela collins jester / 10-14-2013 / ·

    I was making my homemade biscuits and I forgot the baking powder..ugh total disaster and I had family over for breakfast, I was so embarrassed..distractions..yep I was

  9. Kayte CookWatts
    Kayte CookWatts / 10-14-2013 / ·

    I wanted to bake my best friend a birthday cake, but I was a very inexperienced cook. After greasing the pan, I put the can of Crisco right next to the hot burner. Brilliant move! I started a fire in the kitchen and totally froze with panic. I ended up screaming for my brother who put the fire out before it burned down the house. At least the cake turned out OK.

  10. lucy
    lucy / 10-14-2013 / ·

    i once used baking powder instead of baking soda….not a tasty result!

  11. sandra davis
    sandra davis / 10-14-2013 / ·

    i was baking a chocolate cake and i guess i did not grease the pan right and when i went to turn the pan upside down for the cake to fall out, it won’t fall out. After trying forever to get it out. i only managed to get the very center out. So we only had little cake bites to eat.

  12. Donna Yost
    Donna Yost / 10-14-2013 / ·

    I made a chocolate cake that turned out beautiful so I thought until we tasted it! I didn’t realize I had put baking soda and salt in it instead of baking powder and sugar.

  13. Eustacia Miliusis
    Eustacia Miliusis / 10-14-2013 / ·

    Last week after I finished doing my dishes and let the water down the drain I turned around and saw a large plastic storage container sitting on the counter with a few cookie crumbs in it that I had forgotten to wash….. so I stashed it in my oven. I did not use my oven over the weekend and this morning after my sons left for school I decide to bake cookies. I mixed up the cookie dough and then turned on the oven. Then I went to start some laundry. It was not long before a pungent smell alerted me to the kitchen where I found smoke rising out of my oven! Ugh, the plastic storage container!!!! I turned off the oven, turned on the stove vent fan and opened the windows and then opened the door to my oven. The container was completely melted, including the lid. There was just long dripping tendrils of plastic hanging from the top rack that extended down onto and thru the bottom rack and ended in a large puddle of smoking plastic on the floor of the stove. I put the cookie dough in the refrigerator and spent all day cleaning the melted plastic out of my stove today. Lol, if I knew you were going to post a ‘baking blunder’ giveaway I would have taken photos!!!!

  14. Angie Boylan
    Angie Boylan / 10-14-2013 / ·

    When I tried to be clever and make my son a little red tractor birthday cake but it came out as a big pink boot 🙁 Luckily he still loved it!

  15. Jill W.
    Jill W. / 10-14-2013 / ·

    I made a huge batch of Grandma’s recipe for homemade buttermilk doughnuts for my family and friends. I was mortified when they came out super salty. It turned out I had inadvertently purchased self-rising flour instead of all purpose. I’m still embarrassed!

  16. Krista Huskey
    Krista Huskey / 10-14-2013 / ·

    I should be in the baking and cooking Hall of Shame. Aside from the typical burning cookies and brownies here and there, my most memorable experience was ruining boxed Au Gratin. You would think it would be tremendously difficult to destroy a boxed meal, however, I was in a hurry to cook dinner. I had just used the pan the night before, so I had to wash it and dried it with a paper towel. I put the ingredients in the pan and was baking away. Shortly after I checked on my tasty dish only to realize particles of paper towel were floating everywhere. Au Gratin with a hint of paper towel, anyone?

  17. Brad Goodrich
    Brad Goodrich / 10-14-2013 / ·

    My worst blunder? Ah that would have to be, accidentally grabbing the container that consisted of salt and not sugar. Since, they looked alike back then, it was an easy mistake to make. Anyway, the cake I made looked a bit funny but it was my first time making the recipe so I didn’t think TOO much about it. I’m thankful it wasn’t me who bit in to the first bite of that cake! Should have seen the look of the poor old guy who bit into that and had to rush to get some water! Ah well. And I survived the weeks of constant teasing about my cooking that followed. Sea salt caramel desserts might taste great, but a cake made of all salt and no sugar does not make for a great experience.

  18. Brad Goodrich
    Brad Goodrich / 10-14-2013 / ·

    heh just read donna yost’s comment above. we make the same beautiful blunders! 🙂

  19. michelle fuller
    michelle fuller / 10-14-2013 / ·

    I remember the first time I baked a cake. I forgot to properly incorporate the eggs into the batter; just poured the batter in the cake pans and baked. The eggs settled on the bottom and my family never forget to remind me of my mistake.

  20. Donna Armeli
    Donna Armeli / 10-14-2013 / ·

    I didn’t wrap aluminum foil under & around the Springform pan when making a cheesecake, earlier in the day. When I used the oven later on it caught fire from the melted butter that had dripped down from greasing the Springform pan. What a mess and what a stink!

  21. paul laufer
    paul laufer / 10-14-2013 / ·

    My worst one was when someone turned of the oven while baking chocolate chip cookies. They came out terrible when trying to re bake them. Now I just order from Mrs. Fields!!!!

  22. Yoli Flores
    Yoli Flores / 10-14-2013 / ·

    Tried to do an angel cake from scratch. Turned out more like brownies! #flop

  23. Mendy Dinsmore
    Mendy Dinsmore / 10-14-2013 / ·

    my blunder would be mistaking corn meal for flour. we knew the cake wasn’t quite right. we started looking at the canisters and found the reason. note to everyone, don’t try to use corn meal when it asks for flour.

  24. Marsha Saenz-Jones
    Marsha Saenz-Jones / 10-14-2013 / ·

    Realizing I forgot to put the eggs in my cake batter when I took the pans out of the oven.

  25. Karleen
    Karleen / 10-14-2013 / ·

    I put a last-minute batch of cookies in the oven before I took what was supposed to be a quick shower. Well, while I was in there, I completely forgot about the cookies and had a lovely, relaxing shower. When I got out, I smelled something burning. It was not a very pleasant surprise.

  26. Cindy B.
    Cindy B. / 10-14-2013 / ·

    My worst baking blunder was using the wrong size pan for my pound cake. One day I was in a hurry making the cake and grab the wrong one. I discovered my error when I went to check on my cake about 45 minutes later and found it had overflowed onto the oven floor. Now I clearly marked my pans and always keep foil on the bottom of my oven floor.

  27. Cheryl Scott
    Cheryl Scott / 10-14-2013 / ·

    Forgot about the cookies in the oven 🙁 hockey pucks anyone?

  28. Robin Pullen
    Robin Pullen / 10-14-2013 / ·

    Using wayyyyyyyy more peppermint extract than called for!

  29. Kathie Lanham
    Kathie Lanham / 10-14-2013 / ·

    My worse kitchen blunder was when I was cooking hard boiled eggs. I was making them and I had to run my little sister home and I forgot to turn off the stove. I ended up staying at my parents house longer than planned. When I got back to my apt the eggs had exploded. The were everywhen even the ceiling and the smell was horrible.

  30. destiny
    destiny / 10-14-2013 / ·

    I used salt instead of sugar one day not even sure how and didn’t notice it until the cookies were done. To say they were awful is an understatement.

  31. Phyloyd
    Phyloyd / 10-14-2013 / ·

    I licked the vanilla flavor spoon.

  32. Leisha Reigner
    Leisha Reigner / 10-14-2013 / ·

    The mistake i make almost every single time is with Chocolate Chip Cookies i start mixing all the ingredients together and your not supposed to. My cookies come out flat i feel sorry for my kids everytime.

  33. Kris B
    Kris B / 10-14-2013 / ·

    My biggest baking blunder was when I put my angel food cake in the oven and a little later- noticed a burning smell! I didn’t put the angel food cake pan together properly and the batter was leaking from the pan! Batter was all over the oven! It was a huge mess to clean up!

    DANIELLE WILLIAMS / 10-14-2013 / ·

    Well have a couple…one time I forgot to set the timer for my cake and go side tracked with house work…well needless to say I didnt have much of a cake left! Another time when making frosting I used salted butter instead of unsalted…it was pretty nasty!

  35. LaTasha
    LaTasha / 10-14-2013 / ·

    My worst baking blunder was putting accidently substituting salt for baking soda in my cake and quadrupling it where all you could taste was salt throughout the entire cake instead of sugar.

  36. Mita
    Mita / 10-14-2013 / ·

    Forgot to add sugar in fruit cake…

  37. Marcy
    Marcy / 10-14-2013 / ·

    Gummy, raw banana bread. The WORST is when I made it for a church bake sale (yes, sounds hokey, but true). It looked really brown on the outside so I thought I was safe. I made 4 loaves and brought 3 to the church. When I cut the one open at home I was MORTIFIED because I knew someone at church would be getting a raw, gummy banana bread. I realized I need to use a larger pan so the dough had room to expand and bake through!

  38. Lauren S.
    Lauren S. / 10-14-2013 / ·

    Once upon a time I was baking cookies and using parchment paper.
    Parchment paper doesn’t normally catch on fire but….
    I left the paper on top of the stove while a burner was on walked away and ran in after my smoke detector finally went off. All I saw was smokey parchment paper in flames on my oven. Needless to say I slightly burnt the cookies cleaning up the whole mess.
    I could really used a set of pans instead of silly parchment paper!
    And more fire extinguishers!

  39. Melissa Journell
    Melissa Journell / 10-14-2013 / ·

    I was making muffins for my kids. I mixed everything together, and baked it. When I bit into one after they very cool enough, I realized that I put salt in the place of the sugar, and EWE it was nasty. I had to throw out all the muffins and the batter and start over again.

  40. angie
    angie / 10-14-2013 / ·

    When my glass pan exploded in the oven and i had to then clean up enchiladas that was a cheesy mess!

  41. merri matalon
    merri matalon / 10-14-2013 / ·

    I put leftover chicken to heat up in the microwave. I set the timer wrong. When it rang the chicken was burnt to a crisp.

  42. Maureen
    Maureen / 10-14-2013 / ·

    I was trying to make some buckeyes and I had to melt chocolate. I melted chocolate that seized everytime. My husband came home from work when I was doing the last time and he was able to make it not seize.

  43. Antoinette Soto
    Antoinette Soto / 10-14-2013 / ·

    It seems like every time I make a sweet that is already made and you just have to put it in the oven and bake, it always burns. It drives me crazy because no matter what it always burns, it could be cupcakes to cookies. I don’t know if the temp. is too high or if I let it cook too long. But it never fails, the top looks good but the bottom is always burned. What was embarrassing was when I made brownies for my son’s teacher and the bottoms was burnt and tasted a little bit crunchy……I cut off the bottoms and decided to give it to her anyways because I didn’t have anything else. I only gave her a couple but I was so embarrassed even though she was happy to recieve it.

  44. Michelle Brown
    Michelle Brown / 10-14-2013 / ·

    My worst baking blunder was when I was tasked with making chocolate chip cookies for a ministry meeting at my church last year. It was a very busy morning because I had a ton of errands to run before the meeting started so nonetheless I was very short on prep time. I had what I thought were all the ingredients laid out on my kitchen counter so I began to mix everything up and get the cookies in the oven. A few minutes after the cookies were baking in the oven I noticed I hadn’t opened the bag of flour that was sitting in my pantry. I suddenly realized I mistakenly used 2 1/2 cups of salt instead of flour the recipe called for! Let’s just say the cookies were the saltiest and most doughy cookies I ever tasted. Thankfully I caught it in time before they served to the church group. Food Labels are a must in the kitchen!!!

  45. Kate D.
    Kate D. / 10-14-2013 / ·

    My worst baking blunder was when I realized AFTER I had put a pan of brownies in the oven , that not only had I forgotten the eggs, I had forgotten to grease the pan.

  46. Jan Warner
    Jan Warner / 10-14-2013 / ·

    My worst blunder was when I was making lemon bars. The dish was dirty so I washed it. The blunder happened when I didn’t rinse it well enough and the lemon bars tasted just like soap. They were disgusting and my family called them soap bars. Lesson learned, wash once, rinse twice.

  47. aimee
    aimee / 10-14-2013 / ·

    I was bragging about how good my famous chocolate cookies were that I got distracted and let them burn!

  48. Tia
    Tia / 10-14-2013 / ·

    I baked cookies and didn’t think it was a big deal if I didn’t grease the pan. The cookies look beautiful when I took them out but I couldn’t eat them because they were stuck to the pans.

  49. Lorri S
    Lorri S / 10-14-2013 / ·

    I was attempting to bake a chocolate cake and after 30 minutes it still wasn’t done. That’s when I realized I forgot to add the flour!

  50. Terri Herman
    Terri Herman / 10-14-2013 / ·

    Very early in our marriage, my husband and I decided to make a lemon meringue pie for a family reunion. We worked so hard, making each step carefully. When it came to the meringue, the recipe said, “whip until fluffy”. So we got out our handy-dandy whisk and began whipping! We whipped, swapping back and forth for what seemed like forever! After close to 30 minutes, we had meringue! We smoothed it on and fell into bed since we had taken all evening preparing the various items to take to the reunion. To our dismay the next morning, our beautiful meringue had shrunk since we had failed to cover it before going to bed! We decided to scoop it off and take a meringue-less lemon pie but it still tasted yummy!

  51. Casey Everidge
    Casey Everidge / 10-14-2013 / ·

    it seems like everytime i try to bake i have a baking blunder! im always burning cookies, making dry cakes, and ive even caught some cookies on fire!!

  52. Ray
    Ray / 10-14-2013 / ·

    I baked a french toast bake…after it was cooking for awhile, the liquid started to overflow from the pan and onto the bottom of my stove. Long story short, my smoke alarm kept going off for a good half hour.

  53. joanie waterman
    joanie waterman / 10-14-2013 / ·

    Not entirely my fault; wanting to impress my soon to be father-in-law, I decided to make him a chocolate cream pie from scratch using his Grandma’s recipe. I had just taken the crust from the oven and was crossing the kitchen with the pot of ( boiling hot } chocolate filling. Apparently, their cat was either A) unimpressed or Unapproving of my efforts. She attacked my ankles and toes. Hot chocolate filling EVERYWHERE! Seemed like gallons of it. My future husband and I spent hours cleaning the mess, cupboard doors, floor, counters, light fixture, even under appliances. We’ve been married 23 years and still laugh about it.

  54. Gianna
    Gianna / 10-14-2013 / ·

    When I asked one of my kids to read off the ingredients to me for a sheet cake as I made it. They read the cups wrong and I ended up with a very bad tasting cake I had to throw away.

  55. Yew S.
    Yew S. / 10-15-2013 / ·

    My worst blunder? Under-baking banana bread! First of all, I put way too much batter into a smaller loaf pan than I was supposed to and after a while in the oven, the outside looked like it was cooked, so I pulled it out to cool. When I went to cut into it, it was still slightly runny! I should have inserted a toothpick in the middle first and cooked it using a proper pan size as well.

  56. Beth
    Beth / 10-15-2013 / ·

    I once used spoiled milk in a cake I was baking–the results were not sweet!

  57. Jennifer Barr
    Jennifer Barr / 10-15-2013 / ·

    forgot I put a cake in the oven and it burned to a crisp lol

  58. Brooke
    Brooke / 10-15-2013 / ·

    Oh I could be a poster girl for baking blunders. Once I tried to make a quick bread in the oven. To this day I still don’t know where I went wrong, but it was more of a jello than bread haha!

  59. marcia gauer
    marcia gauer / 10-15-2013 / ·

    Boy we could use these with a middle schooler that is going to be learning to cook and loves to help out in the kitchen. Also being that my pans need to replaced and $ is currently tight so cant afford to replace.

    thanks for hte chance to win

  60. shannon m
    shannon m / 10-15-2013 / ·

    My worst baking issue happened before I even got the batter into the pan! I sat a crystal baking dish on the stove and proceeded to turn on the WRONG burner, a few minutes later (while my mom was standing right in front of the stove) it sounded like a bomb went off and that dish was in a million pieces (even stuck in the ceiling!). Thankfully mom was not hurt, but the dish never recovered lol.

  61. Patricia
    Patricia / 10-15-2013 / ·

    Confident from Home Ec, I made a lemon meringue pie. Don’t know how it happened, but the crust was tough and salty. My dad ate the whole slice and said it was the best!

  62. Mary W
    Mary W / 10-15-2013 / ·

    I have learned the hard way not to free hand it when measuring, especially small amounts. A glug of almond extract is not the same as 1/2 teaspoon. Yowza!

  63. cindy
    cindy / 10-15-2013 / ·

    In the 1970’s we used alot of utensils made of a heavy duty plastic. One day while cooking a pan of fudge on the stove, I had gottten distracted and left the spoon in the pan with the fudge. I asked a family member to look after it until I returned. Unfortunately, I was distracted longer than I thought because when I returned the spoon was now no where in sight! Looking all over, I assumed my family member removed it. I finished cooking the fudge, poured it in the pan and refrigerated it only to give it to my boyfriend for a gift. He ate it but said it had the most unusual taste of any fudge he had ever had. It then dawned on me where my spoon had really gone…….

  64. Neal Buck
    Neal Buck / 10-15-2013 / ·

    When I was baking a cake in the oven one time I forget it was in there & it burned. What was edible I feed to the dogs. Same when thing happened when I did brownies.

  65. Jen S.
    Jen S. / 10-15-2013 / ·

    When I moved into my new house I didn’t realize the broiler was inside the oven and not the bottom drawer like my previous one. I pulled the plastic drawer “liner” out (thinking it was just for shipping, yet it seemed pretty heavy duty for that) and put it on the counter. When we began a remodel later that day, for some reason someone stuck it in the oven to get it out of the way. Guess what happened when I went to preheat the oven for the first time! Smoke, melted plastic, a stinky house, the works. The first thing baked in my new house was a plastic drawer…awesome.

  66. Janet G
    Janet G / 10-15-2013 / ·

    I’ve been baking for over forty years and I still haven’t gotten it right yet. One of my most common phrases is ‘that doesn’t look like the picture.’ My husband’s favorite flavor is burnt. I once used bitter chocolate, instead of sweet, in a pie.

  67. Susan P.
    Susan P. / 10-15-2013 / ·

    I used the wrong salt when making Eggplant Parmigiana and had to throw it out because it was inedible. Looked gorgeous, though!

  68. adro
    adro / 10-16-2013 / ·

    I was making no bake cheese cake and put in too much lime juice and not enough sugar. Ugh!!

  69. Shirley Stewart
    Shirley Stewart / 10-17-2013 / ·

    I made greek snow balls but had no snow. Was all out of confectioner sugar. So I tried to use granulated sugar not at all worked. So the next day i went to the store and bought some. I came home and rolled them in it not great but ok.

  70. Valerie C.
    Valerie C. / 10-17-2013 / ·

    I decided to make “healthy” muffins for my children. I found a recipe online that resulted in one inch tall bricks! lol. The next time I went to a better site 🙂

  71. Calshondra Williams
    Calshondra Williams / 10-17-2013 / ·

    My worst baking blunder was cooking a nice cake for family reunion. Only to realize that I had forgot to add the eggs. So, ofcourse my cake didn’t rise and it was horrible. Everyone tried to make me fell better. I wanted to throw it in the trash but it still tasted good. I didn’t have time to prepare another one and I have to have everything perfect. I was so disappointed in myself as a baker. I guess I was in such a hurry that I turned around to do something else and forgot.

  72. Valerie Hofmann
    Valerie Hofmann / 10-17-2013 / ·

    When I was younger. My parenst were coming home from a business trip. I stayed home from school to surprise them and make a cake. I got the cookbook out. To make one from scratch. I don’t know what I did wrong. But the cake looked good until I took it out. It ended up being about an inch high. LOL It was like corn bread instead of cake. I got in trouble for staying home. But its the thought that counts? Right mom? 🙂

  73. Lynn
    Lynn / 10-17-2013 / ·

    one time i was try to make a pumpkin pie. i made the crust from scratch, but forgot to bake it first before adding the filling.
    the crust came out soggy and ruined the pie.

  74. Stefanie
    Stefanie / 10-18-2013 / ·

    My worst baking blunder was a few years ago when I finally got the chance to host Thanksgiving Dinner. I spent so much time in the kitchen making the food and when the guests were served everyone loved it. Everything was going great until someone smelled smoke and I suddenly realized I had forgotten the rolls in the oven. Soon the house was filled with smoke and the rolls were burned to a crisp. The house was so smoky that we ended up finishing the meal on the patio. Now at every dinner party my friends always remind me to “Don’t forget the rolls”.

  75. Melanie Anderson
    Melanie Anderson / 10-18-2013 / ·

    Salt instead of sugar, nuff said!

  76. Lindsey C
    Lindsey C / 10-18-2013 / ·

    When I was a kid my brother and I *accidentally* ate a batch of Christmas cookies that my mom was planning to take to a party. To make up for it, we got my dad to help us make a new batch for her as a surprise so that she would still have something to take. The cookies were supposed to be rolled in sugar before baking, and we misunderstood this part of the recipe and forgot to add the sugar that went into the cookie batter. The cookies, well… they did not turn out.

  77. Jennifer verdi
    Jennifer verdi / 10-18-2013 / ·

    My worst baking blunder was trying to make fried icecream, well let me just tell you that if you dont have the oil just right with the temperture your ice cream will bubble up and spit all over the place plus it will just dissapear in the bubbling hot oil, It spit all over the place and overflowed the pan, smoke, hot oil, pieces of icecream liquid went all over the place! I cleaned for hours!UGH Never again!!

  78. deb cohen
    deb cohen / 10-18-2013 / ·

    worst baking disaster was spraying oven cleaner to coat the pan instead of cooking spray, they have the same color cap . OUCH Lucliky I noticed the can on the counter before we started eating the pineapple upside down cake.

  79. brandi g
    brandi g / 10-18-2013 / ·

    Last year the kids and I decided to bake christmas cookies. We made the dough from scratch and everything.We floured the table and rolled out the dough. Unfortunately i rolled it a little thin. The kids had fun cutting out the cookies and throwing flour around. We baked the cookies and they were as hard as a rock!!! Too thin and too much flour! We decorated them anyways hoping the frosting would moisten them up but it didn’t work. My kids were disappointed to say the least. They got me a cookie cookbook for christmas LOL!

  80. Lisa Puckett
    Lisa Puckett / 10-18-2013 / ·

    I have had plenty of baking blunders!! From using salt instead of sugar, forgetting ingredients and to burning food to a crisp. Have even had one or two oven fires!! Yikes!!

  81. conni
    conni / 10-18-2013 / ·

    I had unexpected company drop in and I threw a few pieces of Tupperware in the oven to get it off the counter. A few days later I baked cookies, I took the Tupperware out of the oven before I preheated it, but somehow didn’t notice a piece left in there. What a terrible smell, so I opened all the windows and doors and tried to get rid of all the smell but it took several days and had to bake the cookies in a friends oven.

  82. terri ingham bollin
    terri ingham bollin / 10-18-2013 / ·

    I used salt instead of sugar…I didn’t notice until it was time to taste….yuck!!!!!

  83. connie w
    connie w / 10-18-2013 / ·

    hate it when u go to make something and forget a ingredient then got to stop and run to the store

  84. Sara Hopper
    Sara Hopper / 10-18-2013 / ·

    One year for the fourth of july I made a fourth of jully cake with vanilla frosting, bluberries for the stars and strawberrys for the stripes.. well.. lmao I was hurrying and the cake was still slightly warm I decorated it, it looked beautiful – when I got to my even – every last piece of fruit had slid off the cake – I was so embarrased and mad!

  85. Analissa Cruz
    Analissa Cruz / 10-18-2013 / ·

    Forgot to add sugar in a sweet roll.

  86. Lori S
    Lori S / 10-18-2013 / ·

    I like to use store-bought pizza crust and add my own sauce and toppings for a quick homemade pizza. By the time I add all the toppings, it’s pretty heavy. I put a piece of foil on the oven rack and put the pizza on top of the foil. One day I decided to just grab the foil by the sides to lift the pizza out of the oven, but the foil didn’t last under the weight of the pizza, and the whole thing ended up face down inside the oven!

  87. Tabitha Lankford
    Tabitha Lankford / 10-18-2013 / ·

    I was making cake balls actually yesterday, and after I dipped them I placed them on wax paper. Well I double stacked them in a box. Needless to say I have cake pieces instead of yummy chocolate cake balls…

  88. Cherie Ly
    Cherie Ly / 10-18-2013 / ·

    I started first baking when I was in middle school and relied on advice from others. So I was baking a cake and the filling called for macerated strawberries using Grand Marnier. Well I strained it like the directions said when my Mom walked in and said I should poke holes in the cake and soak it with the strained liquid cause that’s where all the flavor is. Sounded like a good idea to me. Needless to say I nearly choked on my 1st bite :/

  89. Dayna
    Dayna / 10-18-2013 / ·

    Made a Pecan Pie one Thanksgiving that never did set up when baking. We ended up using it for an ice cream topping …. it was very good. I never did figure out where I went wrong in making the pie though.

  90. Billie Hurd
    Billie Hurd / 10-18-2013 / ·

    My worst blunder was when I was making rolls for Thanksgiving dinner and forgot to add the yeast. I tried adding it to the dough and then needing it in. Needless to say, that didn’t work. I had to call my brother-in-law and have him pick up some dinner rolls.

  91. jodi goins
    jodi goins / 10-18-2013 / ·

    my worst was when i was baking some bbq chicken and i went to get the glass pan out,it shattered all over me and the whole kitchen.i had to say i just sit down and more glass ware for me!

  92. judie farris
    judie farris / 10-18-2013 / ·

    My worst blunder that I can think of right now is when we moved from down the mountain to up the mountain, and if ya know anything, which I didn’t was that the elevation has a lot to do with the ingredients that you use…needless to say my cupcakes for the party were more like squashed cupcakes.. It was definitely not a pretty site.. Now I pay more attention.

  93. Brenda Combs
    Brenda Combs / 10-18-2013 / ·

    When i make cookies always the first batch i get them a little darker than i want them to be . Not burnt but close.

  94. Meg Tucker
    Meg Tucker / 10-18-2013 / ·

    Worst baking blunder ever! My hubby hid some cookies from the kids inside the oven with plastic wrap on them. Well…. I had decided to do do some baking and pre heated the oven while I took a quick shower. Next thing I know the fire dept. is in my kitchen! I had no idea they were in there and I’ll never forget watching a fireman carrying the baking rack from the inside of my oven outside with a smelly melted mess all black and stuck to it while he said to me “Looks like your cookies are done”!

  95. Dawn curtean
    Dawn curtean / 10-18-2013 / ·

    My worst baking blunder was getting sidetracked and forgetting to put the sugar in the pumpkin pies I was making for thanksgiving dinner. Yuck!!! Not to mention embarrassing when the family was biting into horrible pumpkin pies 🙁

  96. Courtney H.
    Courtney H. / 10-18-2013 / ·

    I was told that people could bake cakes and brownies on baking stones — of course, the meant the stone cake pans. I pulled out my flat stone and proceeded to cover it with brownie batter and popped it in the oven. Thirty minutes later, I opened the oven door to find cooked/burned batter all over the bottom of the stove — the worst mess I’ve ever had in the oven.

  97. Rebecca Rose
    Rebecca Rose / 10-18-2013 / ·

    Thought, “I love chocolate… I’m just gonna dump the whole bag in here” when making brownies, and they ended up not baking through and were undercooked, but we ate them anyway..

  98. Crystal Holmes
    Crystal Holmes / 10-18-2013 / ·

    I invited my cousin over to show her how to make pumpkin roll. The batter looked a little strange and bubbly but I put it in the oven to bake anyways. It wasn’t rising and I couldn’t figure out the problem. I soon realized that I had filled my flour canister with powered sugar by mistake and had used powdered sugar instead of flour. Lol

  99. Lori
    Lori / 10-18-2013 / ·

    On Halloween I used to make home made beef and noodles. I decided as always to make my noodles orange well instead of the food coloring I put in orange flavoring. You can figure the rest. lol

  100. bhawna gupta
    bhawna gupta / 10-18-2013 / ·

    Use Salt instead of sugar

  101. glo
    glo / 10-18-2013 / ·

    i was cooking 5 minutes oats yesterday and sat down playing w/my ipad and forgot and burned the oats. hubby didnt know i just didnt scrap the pan. my pan is still dirty.

  102. Jessica Rawlings
    Jessica Rawlings / 10-18-2013 / ·

    The temp of the oven is very temperamental. The food isn’t done when you check on it, three minutes later you check again and it’s burned. I burned nachos a couple months ago, I guess there’s a first time for everything.

  103. Tina Knezevic
    Tina Knezevic / 10-18-2013 / ·

    I made a homemade strawberry shortcake for a family Christmas dinner and when I made the whip cream I did not shake the container of heavy cream and the whip cream came out flat and ruined my cake. I never made that mistake again!

  104. Nicole T
    Nicole T / 10-18-2013 / ·

    Trying to bake anything for my 18 month old is quite the blunder. He’s allergic to milk and eggs so swapping these 2 baking necessities has been a nightmare. My muffins are always mushy and I’m sure my attempt at cookies will be hysterical. At least the poor guy doesn’t mind his baked goods a little mushy for now!

  105. amy s.
    amy s. / 10-18-2013 / ·

    My worst baking incident was baking pumpkin pies. They take over an hour to bake in my old oven. I forgot to set the timer, forgot the pies, so instead of desert I made some nice black charcoal circles.

  106. CesC
    CesC / 10-18-2013 / ·

    when i was still a small child, I prepared batter for butter cookies for an annual family get-together. Being in a humid country, putting the batter inside the ref before using the cookie cutter is a must! I forgot about this step and kept on adding flour because the batter was runny. My butter cookies were rock-hard! 😀

  107. megan ortega
    megan ortega / 10-18-2013 / ·

    I decided to make a large batch of frosted sugar cookies for Christmas. I hardly ever baked. I used an old hand mixer that had been passed down from old roommates long before. As I was mixing the icing for the cookies, I notice small globs flying out of the body of the mixer. To my horror, I discovered that MEALWORMS were shooting out of the motor of the mixer and into my icing! Flour must have gotten in through the grates long ago and bred the little buggers. Needless to say, I gave up on Christmas cookies right then and there. I’ve never made them since..

  108. Bridgitte Wright
    Bridgitte Wright / 10-19-2013 / ·

    I was around 12 and thought I would surprise my parents with a dinner after work. Everything was going okay & I thought hey I will boil some cabbage. It was a last minute decision to add to the meal. I know that my Mama made great cabbage but have never seen her do it. Well lo and behold a made a big boo boo. Instead of it being a head of cabbage into the boiling pot I threw in a head of lettuce. My brother made sure everyone found out about it!!

  109. eileen grace
    eileen grace / 10-19-2013 / ·

    while baking… I noticed that there is no flame already in my oven (we were using LPG for La Germania gas range here in the Philippines) maybe because It blew off when I shut the oven door awhile ago when I check for doneness of cake. So, I get my kitchen torch/lighter to lit it again. I forgot the.gas tanj was still open.. BOOOOOMMMMM!!!! thank god I’m still alive!! feels like a flaming monster hits me.
    I have slight burns in my hands and feet though.. and my a lit curly burnt hair and eyebrows! and this happens twice… hahahh

  110. Deborah Tworek
    Deborah Tworek / 10-19-2013 / ·

    Deborah Tworek I was a new wife when I tried to make my husband some pumpkin pies. I mixed the ingreadients just like the can of pumpkin said to do and put them in the oven to cook. Two and a half hours later the pies were still like water, and like any new wife ,I called my mom crying over the phone and she asked me the question, “Did you put the eggs in?”. After I stopped crying, and I thought about it a minute, she was right. I forgot the eggs. I ended up starting over again, making sure I put the eggs in this time, and they came out perfect. That was 30 years ago, and I never forgot the eggs in any recipe again.

  111. Deborah Tworek
    Deborah Tworek / 10-19-2013 / ·

    Deborah Tworek I was a new wife when I tried to make my husband some pumpkin pies. I mixed the ingreadients just like the can of pumpkin said to do and put them in the oven to cook. Two and a half hours later the pies were still like water, and like any new wife ,I called my mom crying over the phone and she asked me the question, “Did you put the eggs in?”. After I stopped crying, and I thought about it a minute, she was right. I forgot the eggs. I ended up starting over again, making sure I put the eggs in this time, and they came out perfect. That was 30 years ago, and I never forgot the eggs in any recipe again.Deborah Tworek I was a new wife when I tried to make my husband some pumpkin pies. I mixed the ingreadients just like the can of pumpkin said to do and put them in the oven to cook. Two and a half hours later the pies were still like water, and like any new wife ,I called my mom crying over the phone and she asked me the question, “Did you put the eggs in?”. After I stopped crying, and I thought about it a minute, she was right. I forgot the eggs. I ended up starting over again, making sure I put the eggs in this time, and they came out perfect. That was 30 years ago, and I never forgot the eggs in any recipe again.

  112. Deb Charte
    Deb Charte / 10-19-2013 / ·

    It was Christmas morning and our family likes to eat something quick and easy while opening our gifts. We usually order a cut up fruit platter from the grocery store and we make hot cinnamon rolls. This one year we decided to make the Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls out of the can. My aunt was the first one to take a bite and discovered that we baked the end of the cans on the bottom of the cinnamon rolls. She has never let me forget that year. Now we make from scratch – much better.

  113. Melissa Hess
    Melissa Hess / 10-19-2013 / ·

    Wish I could post a picture of our blunder. My daughter(14 at the time) decided to make a multi layer fondant martial arts cake for my son’s birthday. We planned on putting a martial arts guy on top kicking out. Well our cakes turned out well and the fondant wasn’t horrible. Well parts of it wasn’t horrible but when we made the guy on top we laughed until we cried, it was so awful. The guy kept falling over. We tried to make his body out of rice crispy treats and put fondant on it. The fondant kept falling off. We made his head out of chocolate and it was to heavy. In the end he wouldn’t stand and looked like a horrible mummy. Needless to say the guy didn’t get put on the cake.

  114. Kimberly Frazee
    Kimberly Frazee / 10-19-2013 / ·

    Messed up a batch of biscuits once so bad you could had built a house with them. I literally smacked one with a hammer pretty hard and it bounced – never broke. Needless to say my garbage disposal of a pooch wouldn’t even touch it lol.

  115. Sarah Salley
    Sarah Salley / 10-19-2013 / ·

    My first time making a Cookie Cake I had a pizza pie pan that was too small and the cookie dough oozed all over the pan on to the rack and some on the floor of the oven lol what a mess!

  116. Pattie Webb
    Pattie Webb / 10-19-2013 / ·

    My worst baking experience was when I made an apple pie for the first time and over worked the dough. The crust was so hard that not even the dog could or would eat it. After that I used pre-made pie crusts, until just recently when I found a good recipe on line and now can make my own pie crust.

  117. Megan
    Megan / 10-19-2013 / ·

    OMgoodness, Megan Ortega’s post should win hands down. Good Lord. :/ EEEEEEEK.

    Anyway, I’m not good at calculating how big of a pan I should use – I’m better now, but my oven often has a layer of baked on and burning parts of my cakes and breads plastered down there.

  118. Susan Christy
    Susan Christy / 10-19-2013 / ·

    Dessert baking has always gone well for me, but I’ll never forget the vinegar meatloaf I made when I was a newlywed and just learning to cook. The worst part was I made it twice, not knowing there was a misprint in the recipe.

  119. Kimberly Crowley
    Kimberly Crowley / 10-19-2013 / ·

    I made tacos once. put the shells into the oven to warm them up thinking he were on warm. Come to find them on fire flaming away on broil. The funny thing was the shells stayed in shape looked like the tacos of hell.

  120. Ann Akinniyi
    Ann Akinniyi / 10-24-2013 / ·

    Burning up some cookies is not fun. Done! 🙂

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