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  1. Tracy Vogel
    Tracy Vogel at

    Boss: “No really… this is the best part of the song.”
    -Turns up Eiffel 65/ Blue
    Boss: ” Blue are the words I say and what I think….”- head nodding-
    Employee whispers: ” If I hear this song.. one more time… I’m going too blew up.”

  2. Emily Dunlay
    Emily Dunlay at

    I am the boss

  3. susan smoaks
    susan smoaks at

    hard to sneak this pic

  4. Latrice Long
    Latrice Long at

    staring off in space thing about Ms. Fields cookies

  5. LyzaJo
    LyzaJo at

    That’s what hard work looks like!

  6. Jamie Garcia
    Jamie Garcia at

    Working hard during tax season. The life of a CPA.

  7. Conrad Kovash
    Conrad Kovash at

    My Boss and our former boss who is also a Former Chicago Bears player from 1985…

  8. lorraine
    lorraine at

    My Boss

  9. Ellen L.
    Ellen L. at

    Golf Pro Shop
    My boss taking a lunch break at the office, which is well deserved. He supervises three people at the golf pro shop and shoots the breeze with the customers about golf ( of course ).

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