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  1. Angela Amenta
    Angela Amenta at

    Mrs. Fields of course!

  2. sharon trickel
    sharon trickel at


  3. Carrie Conley
    Carrie Conley at

    Mrs. Field….

  4. Carey P
    Carey P at

    Mrs. Field’s

  5. Billie James
    Billie James at

    oh my goodness Mrs. Fields!!!

  6. Liz
    Liz at

    My mom!

    1. UnknownReality
      UnknownReality at

      I by mom !

  7. cheryl scheckel
    cheryl scheckel at

    Mrs Fields!! chocolate chip are my fav

  8. Neal Buck
    Neal Buck at

    Who other than Mrs Fields

  9. Katherine B
    Katherine B at

    Mrs. Fields of course!!

  10. Tia
    Tia at

    My grandmother

  11. tara pittman
    tara pittman at

    mrs fields

  12. amy bishop
    amy bishop at

    MRS FIELDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜›

  13. debi affrunti
    debi affrunti at

    Mrs Fields without a doubt

  14. lisa
    lisa at

    My mom (sorry, mrs. fields, but she has you beat. Yours are good, too, though!)

  15. Jennifer Moates
    Jennifer Moates at

    Mrs Fields of course!

  16. Mary Cowan
    Mary Cowan at

    You, of course!

  17. Mary Rutter
    Mary Rutter at

    Mrs. Fields of course

  18. Samantha Martinez
    Samantha Martinez at

    Mrs.field of course!

  19. Kate D.
    Kate D. at

    Mrs. Fields (and my Mom!)

  20. Julie Wood
    Julie Wood at

    I have had your cookies, and I have to say that Mrs. Fields makes the best cookies I have ever eaten!

  21. Laura Tesoro-Lopez
    Laura Tesoro-Lopez at

    Mrs. Fields, the best cookies in the whole world!!!

  22. Dayna
    Dayna at

    Mrs Fields …. of course πŸ™‚

  23. Tiffany Greene Elliott
    Tiffany Greene Elliott at

    Mrs. Fields!! πŸ™‚

  24. Ariane Barragan
    Ariane Barragan at

    Mrs Fields with no doubt!!!!

  25. Adam Innes
    Adam Innes at

    My wife (& Mrs. Fields)

  26. Susan Christy
    Susan Christy at

    Sorry, Mrs. Fields, but my grandma made the best cookies ever. Now that she’s gone, I’d have to say my cookies are pretty darn good.

  27. Cheryl Larson
    Cheryl Larson at

    my Mother of course

  28. CharityS
    CharityS at

    My grandmother

  29. kim Davis
    kim Davis at

    My sister in law. It is like a ranger cookie of sorts. But way buttery and yummy. I have her recipe. But mine do not compare.

  30. Bev
    Bev at

    Mrs. Fields cookies are the best!

  31. Linda Poplees
    Linda Poplees at

    Mrs. Fields!!!

  32. Lee Parsons
    Lee Parsons at

    My mom and Mrs. Fields!

  33. Violeta V Gill
    Violeta V Gill at

    Mrs. Fields!

  34. Michelle Nguyen
    Michelle Nguyen at

    Mrs. Fields makes my favorite cookies!

  35. shannon m
    shannon m at

    mrs. fields!

  36. Laura K
    Laura K at

    Mrs. Fields – the semisweet chocolate chips πŸ™‚

  37. laura
    laura at

    mrs fields!!!!!

  38. Angela Sison
    Angela Sison at

    no other than Mrs. Fields!:)

  39. maureen
    maureen at

    My husband.

  40. Kelly E
    Kelly E at

    Easiest question ever! Mrs. Field’s of course πŸ™‚ Thanks for the chance!

  41. Beth
    Beth at

    Mrs Fields but my mom is a close second

  42. Linda Orellano
    Linda Orellano at

    Mrs. Fields makes my favorite cookies!

  43. Hannia guerrero
    Hannia guerrero at


  44. Nicole Toscano
    Nicole Toscano at

    Love Mrs. Fields, but I’m pretty excited to go to Lancaster this weekend and have some delicious whoopie pies from the Amish!!

  45. Tracy Robertson
    Tracy Robertson at

    Mrs. Fields!

  46. Em Robin
    Em Robin at

    I thought my mom made my favorite cookie until I had Mrs. Fields’ cookies.

  47. Barbara Hoffmann
    Barbara Hoffmann at

    Mrs. Fields and then it’s me!

  48. Kathleen Walsh
    Kathleen Walsh at

    Mrs. Fields!

  49. Edwina Moorman
    Edwina Moorman at

    Well, my grandmother made the BEST sugar cookies! But she has since passed, and so now I will have to say my brother can actually make a FANTASTIC ooey-gooey fresh-out-of-the-oven chocolate chip pecan cookie! I also love my own Potato Chip Chocolate Chip Cookies. It’s fun to listen to people try and guess what is that “crunch” in there?!!

  50. William Walsh
    William Walsh at

    Mrs. Fields, but my wife’s are right up there!

  51. Mya Murphy
    Mya Murphy at

    As a baker, I can say ME!!!!

  52. Laurie
    Laurie at

    Mrs. Fields makes my favorite cookies.

  53. hanley wong
    hanley wong at

    Mrs. Fields, bar none!!!

  54. norma webber
    norma webber at

    mrs. fields, of course

  55. paul laufer
    paul laufer at

    my wife!!!! Then you Mrs. Fields!!!!

  56. diana wong
    diana wong at

    Mrs. Fields, all the way!!

  57. sonia mayo
    sonia mayo at

    Mrs. Fields. none comparable!

  58. Jim Geddis
    Jim Geddis at

    Mrs. Fields.

  59. Dennis R Grose
    Dennis R Grose at

    Mrs Fields

    JD HARMON at


  61. clayton wong
    clayton wong at

    mrs. fields and no one could hold a candle to her

  62. angela grogan
    angela grogan at

    mrs fields

  63. Kaitlyn E Grose
    Kaitlyn E Grose at

    Mrs Fields

  64. Andrea McDonough
    Andrea McDonough at

    The One, The Only..Mrs. Fields YUM!

  65. jeannine s
    jeannine s at

    Mrs. Fields πŸ™‚

  66. Susan V
    Susan V at

    Mrs. Field’s

  67. patricia gamache
    patricia gamache at

    MRS>FIELDS & my sister in law

  68. Alexandra Pitcher
    Alexandra Pitcher at

    Mrs. Fields!!!!!!

  69. terri e
    terri e at

    Mrs.Field’s Cookies are like homemade πŸ™‚

  70. terri ingham bollin
    terri ingham bollin at

    Mrs Fields πŸ™‚

  71. Cherie Ly
    Cherie Ly at

    Mrs. Fields !!!

  72. Laura
    Laura at

    How can I even answer this question? All cookies are my favorite cookies.

  73. Jennifer Esperanza
    Jennifer Esperanza at

    Mrs.Fields – the best cookies I’ve ever taste

  74. Peggy Hauck
    Peggy Hauck at

    The One and Only Mrs. Field’s…nothing else compares!

  75. Susan H.
    Susan H. at

    Mrs. Fields.

  76. Nancy
    Nancy at

    Mrs. Fields….just don’t tell my mom I said that:)

  77. Dale Fish
    Dale Fish at

    The one, the only…Mrs. Fields

  78. Jade E.
    Jade E. at

    I want to say Mrs. Fields but I’m going with mom lol but Mrs. Fields is delicious β™₯

  79. Ruth McIver
    Ruth McIver at

    I make “my” favorite cookies! When I don’t have the time to bake my own it’s Mrs. Fields to the rescue!

  80. Eula Altarejos
    Eula Altarejos at

    It used to be my grandmother but when she died and Mrs. Fields cookies was introduced in market, wow!! I thought I wouldn’t taste those cookies baked by my “lola”! In fact, Mrs. Fields cookies are yummier! But I love my grandma, miss her….

  81. ed
    ed at

    Mrs. Fields

  82. willis flanagan
    willis flanagan at

    Mrs. Field’s

  83. katrina
    katrina at

    Mrs Fields of course!!!!!!! Best cookies EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. katrina
    katrina at

    Mrs Fields of course!

  85. Karen M.
    Karen M. at

    when I was young it was my mom, now it’s my mother-in-law

  86. Jackie Tweed
    Jackie Tweed at

    Mrs. Fields makes my FAVORITE cookies!!! Always fresh & delicious.

  87. Jeanna g
    Jeanna g at

    Mrs fields!!!

  88. Jesse Sanchez
    Jesse Sanchez at

    Mrs. Fields

  89. Vee B
    Vee B at

    Well I make a pretty good oatmeal choco chip cookie, but I have to say, Mrs Fields probably makes hers better!

  90. Rache'l Terry
    Rache'l Terry at

    Mrs. Fields, my baking hero!

  91. Deb
    Deb at

    Mrs Fields

  92. Marygrace cirera
    Marygrace cirera at

    Yummy mrs fields

  93. Eustacia Miliusis
    Eustacia Miliusis at

    Mrs. Fields

  94. Brianne Smitko
    Brianne Smitko at

    I love cookies no matter who makes them but mrs. fields ranks #1 with me

  95. Katlin
    Katlin at

    MRS. FIELDS…..love their cookies!

  96. celeste b santiago
    celeste b santiago at

    Of course nothing beats the chewiness of Mrs.Fields!
    So far you’re the best!

  97. Deb MacDonald
    Deb MacDonald at

    Fields Does!

  98. Dolly
    Dolly at

    The first time I’ve tasted Mrs Fields is when i was 20 yrs old. I used to buy them if i remember right in Atrium Makati. Now that im 48 yrs old, still my favorite and i must sau one of the best cookies i’ve ever tasted. Glad to share that my kids love them too. Mrs Fields is the best!!!

  99. william carpenter
    william carpenter at

    mrs. fields!

  100. brittany carpenter
    brittany carpenter at

    MRS. FIELDS…..love their cookies! there the best

  101. Jill Edwards
    Jill Edwards at

    Mrs Fields is number 1 and then my local Safeway makes some pretty good cookies!

  102. barbara patrick
    barbara patrick at

    mrs fields is best


  103. Annmarie W.
    Annmarie W. at

    Other than Mrs. Fields, of course, I also make my favorite cookies!

  104. bhawna gupta
    bhawna gupta at

    Mrs. Field’s πŸ™‚

  105. Angela Swirles
    Angela Swirles at

    My grandma (especially when we use Mrs. Fields’ chocolate chips)!

  106. razhelle anne bautista
    razhelle anne bautista at

    Other than me, mrs. Fields!

  107. Zella Hilt
    Zella Hilt at

    Mrs. Fields

  108. Liz King
    Liz King at

    My son. He says one day he will have a restaurant and I believe him.

  109. Chiara Yap
    Chiara Yap at

    Mrs Field’s, definitely.

  110. Khain Navarro
    Khain Navarro at

    Mrs. Fields :>

  111. Dominic Arrojado
    Dominic Arrojado at

    Mrs. Fields!!!

  112. Kit
    Kit at

    My grandma, of course! Mrs. Fields comes in a very close second πŸ˜‰

  113. Annalie Lunaria
    Annalie Lunaria at

    Mrs. Fields!!!!!! <3

  114. Pauline Saldana
    Pauline Saldana at

    I love Mrs. Field’s. I bake for myself because nobody bakes in our family. I would love to be able.to bake cookies as great as Mrs. field’s. But there are things in life that all we can do is just buyand enjoy a box filled with goodness

  115. Christy
    Christy at


  116. Eloisa Joy Quiambao
    Eloisa Joy Quiambao at

    Mrs. Fields! i would love to meet the person behind my scrumptuous cookie yey! Happy National Cookie Month. Cookie Addicts ΓΌ

  117. Pat Milo
    Pat Milo at

    Of course Mrs. Field’s bake the best cookies in town!

  118. Rhoda Lalin
    Rhoda Lalin at

    Definitely Mrs. Fields!

  119. kristhine realeza
    kristhine realeza at

    my mom and mrs fields’ makes my favorite cookies πŸ™‚

  120. D Schmidt
    D Schmidt at

    Mrs Fields of course πŸ™‚

  121. reg c.
    reg c. at

    the #1 cookies in our hearts “mrs. flieds”. so delicious!

  122. Julius Anthony
    Julius Anthony at

    Mrs. Fields!

  123. Sheena
    Sheena at

    Obviously it’s Mrs. Field’s…I super love their cookies and brownies

  124. Lori H
    Lori H at

    Mrs. Fields and my mom

  125. Edwyna Quizon Ondoy
    Edwyna Quizon Ondoy at

    My daughter, the pastry chef does my favorite cookies and she loooves to bake just like Mrs. fields! Your cookies are her standards for making the best cookies in the whole world. And I’m just so lucky to have 2 (not 1), yes 2!…favorite cookie makers: You, Mrs. Fields and my daughter, Rejoice Marie!

  126. joseph
    joseph at

    Mrs Fields and My Grandma :))

  127. Mina Osorio
    Mina Osorio at

    Mrs. Fields !!My all time fave! :). I love the brownies too.. πŸ™‚

  128. Patricia Rae O. Yabut
    Patricia Rae O. Yabut at

    Other than Mrs. Fields, it would be my deceased Great-Grandmother and currently, my Mother does it best πŸ™‚

  129. VN M
    VN M at

    mrs. fields!

  130. ra avila
    ra avila at

    100% Mrs Fields !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  131. Olga Guanzon
    Olga Guanzon at


  132. Ej Narido
    Ej Narido at

    Mrs. Fields!

  133. Charlene Ortiz
    Charlene Ortiz at

    Mrs. Fields! πŸ™‚

  134. Elizabeth Taar
    Elizabeth Taar at

    My grandmother and Mrs. Fields! πŸ™‚

  135. christina w.
    christina w. at

    Mrs. Fields

  136. Cristina
    Cristina at

    Mrs Fields the best cookies!

  137. Cristina
    Cristina at

    Mrs Fields…no one even comes close!

  138. Joyce
    Joyce at

    Mrs. Fields!!!

  139. Cheryl F.
    Cheryl F. at

    Mrs. Fields

  140. Meryl
    Meryl at

    I do.

  141. Lou
    Lou at

    My wife makes my favorite cookies.

  142. marjorie chan
    marjorie chan at

    With all honesty, I just buy from a store. And hopefully after winning this one and when I get to taste Mrs. Fields, it will then be my favorite cookie! I love cookies! Its a great snack for a breastfeeding mom like me who only sneaks to eat if there’s time. πŸ™‚

  143. rianne reyes
    rianne reyes at

    My Tita who bakes cookies, cakes and other time of pastries!

  144. gloria matugas
    gloria matugas at

    I would like to believe that I do!

  145. Gloria Matugas
    Gloria Matugas at

    Mrs. Fields! πŸ™‚

  146. Linda S.
    Linda S. at

    Mrs Fields!

  147. Alexandra Almario
    Alexandra Almario at

    MRS. FIELDS! definitely. πŸ™‚

  148. Alyssa Joy Espinosa
    Alyssa Joy Espinosa at

    Mrs. Fields! I love it! πŸ™‚

  149. Angela Mercado
    Angela Mercado at

    Mrs. Fields πŸ™‚

  150. April Rose Calinog
    April Rose Calinog at

    Gosh, really can’t wait for the announcement of the winner. Hope to have a year filled with the most delicious cookie I’ve ever tasted. “Mrs. Fields..!”..:)

  151. Alo Valenzuela
    Alo Valenzuela at

    L O V E L Y L A D Y ,
    M R S. F I E L D S O F C O U R S E! ! !

  152. Joanna Dalmacio
    Joanna Dalmacio at

    Only Mrs. Fields!!! πŸ˜€

  153. juan kokbinp. dela cruz
    juan kokbinp. dela cruz at

    of course nobody but Mrs. Fields

  154. iSSa
    iSSa at

    Mrs Fields makes my face cookies! πŸ™‚

  155. Gary F.
    Gary F. at

    Mrs Fields makes my favorite cookies!

  156. Monica Estrella
    Monica Estrella at

    Mrs. Fields and my mom πŸ™‚

  157. Beverly Lee
    Beverly Lee at

    Mrs.Fields πŸ˜€

  158. Carmela
    Carmela at

    Mrs. Fields!

  159. Noel
    Noel at

    My nana!

  160. Rose Ann
    Rose Ann at

    My best friend made my favorite cookie ever. She a HRM student and never fails to make me one whenever they were assigned to do some.

  161. Jizelle
    Jizelle at

    Definitely MRS.FIELDS!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  162. Sarah Kristine de Asis
    Sarah Kristine de Asis at

    no one bakes cookies for me but Mrs. Fields does <3

  163. Marian
    Marian at

    My mom bakes the most delicious cookies I have ever eaten in my entire life. A cookie filled with love will always be the best. But Mrs. Fields cookies are great, too! πŸ™‚

  164. philip p. hagos
    philip p. hagos at

    I just see this on facebook. I said its interesting. But i cant answer the question because I didn’t have tasted cookies yet.

  165. Norma Williams
    Norma Williams at

    I loved my grandma’s oatmeal cookies! Mrs. Fields yours are good too.

  166. cerize sicat
    cerize sicat at

    Mrs. Fields of course! And my mom XD

  167. Nessalyn
    Nessalyn at

    Absolutely Mrs. Fields!

  168. Mae Romero
    Mae Romero at

    Aside from my mom, it’s Mrs Fields. :’)

  169. Mae Romero
    Mae Romero at

    Aside from my mom, IT HAS TO BE MRS FIELDS :’)

  170. Justine Manalang
    Justine Manalang at

    Mrs. Fields.. and my mom too! πŸ™‚

  171. Sharmaine Y.
    Sharmaine Y. at

    Nothing beats Mrs. Fields! πŸ™‚

  172. Denisse Tan
    Denisse Tan at

    I’d have to say my favorite cookies are home-made chocolate chip ones made by me! I usually bake a bunch to share with my friends and family! I really like it whenever I give smiles on their faces but Mrs. Fields cookies is the brand that I consider the closest to the taste of a home-made delectable. ❀

  173. Nicole I. Tibay
    Nicole I. Tibay at

    of course, Mrs.Fields :>

  174. Alyssa Pejana
    Alyssa Pejana at

    My Gramps. But nothing beats Mrs. Fields!!!

  175. trisha
    trisha at

    Mrs. Fields! ❀ And some of my friends too. πŸ™‚

  176. Trisha Deynaco
    Trisha Deynaco at

    It’s Mrs. Fields ofcourse :))) FOREVERRRR <3

  177. Deng
    Deng at

    Of course, Mrs. Fields. Who can beat Mrs. Fields’ cookies right? =)))

  178. Maria Antonia
    Maria Antonia at

    The best of all the best baker of cookies, MRS. FIELDS!!!!

  179. Nancy Reid
    Nancy Reid at

    You make my favorite cookies, Mrs Fields, because good enough never is! Yours are GREAT!

  180. Maria Antonia
    Maria Antonia at

    The Best of all the BEST baker of cookies, MRS. FIELDS!!! It makes me happy whenever I eat her chocolate cookies….

  181. Maria Antonia
    Maria Antonia at

    The Best of all the BEST baker of cookies, MRS. FIELDS!!! It makes me happy whenever I eat her chocolate cookies….

  182. Razel Villar
    Razel Villar at

    Mrs. FIELDS!!!!

  183. Amanda Hoo
    Amanda Hoo at

    Mrs. Fields!

  184. Phyllis Cadwell
    Phyllis Cadwell at

    Mrs. Fields

  185. Dhona Nofuente
    Dhona Nofuente at

    Mrs Fields made me taste one great cookie but of course my Grandma is making with love dedicated only for me. So I’ll go with her cookies. πŸ™‚

  186. Diane Sy
    Diane Sy at

    Mrs. Fields!! πŸ˜€ Delicious cookies! I love white chocolate macadamia πŸ˜€

  187. cindy ottao
    cindy ottao at

    Mrs. Fields

  188. Lady Michelle Villena
    Lady Michelle Villena at

    Mrs. Fields of course! no more… no less…

  189. Lady Michelle Villena
    Lady Michelle Villena at

    Mrs. Field of course! no more… no less…

  190. Meojii
    Meojii at

    Mrs. Fields! πŸ™‚ Best cookies <3

  191. evelyn hamlyn
    evelyn hamlyn at

    Mrs Fields

  192. Dawn M
    Dawn M at

    I make my favorite cookie!!! But……I love Mrs. Fields on special occasions and to have shipped to friends as gifts.

  193. Carmelita Abesamis
    Carmelita Abesamis at

    Mrs. Fields! Oh how I love your chewy cookies!

  194. Geeflor S. Panong
    Geeflor S. Panong at

    Mrs. Fields!

  195. Linda Brooks
    Linda Brooks at

    My mom makes the best choc. chip cookies!

  196. garfield cadwell
    garfield cadwell at

    mrs. Fields

  197. Alie Greene
    Alie Greene at

    I make my favorite cookies! Just being honest πŸ˜‰

  198. Kirk Ivan Baesa
    Kirk Ivan Baesa at

    No other than Mrs. Fields. No doubt. πŸ˜€

  199. carolyn
    carolyn at

    Mrs Fields of cours!

  200. Michelle Bambou
    Michelle Bambou at

    Mrs Fields make lovely cookies

  201. Katrina Z
    Katrina Z at

    Not including my family members I would have to say Mrs. Fields!

  202. Chetan
    Chetan at


  203. michelle
    michelle at

    Nothing compares, nothing compares to you, Mrs. Fields!

  204. Carol B
    Carol B at

    That’s easy….Mrs Fields!!! πŸ™‚

  205. Gianna
    Gianna at

    Mrs. Fields.

  206. Lucy
    Lucy at

    Mrs fields!

  207. Kathy Lane
    Kathy Lane at

    Mrs Fields makes my favorite cookies!Always has,and always will!

  208. Nathalie Inductivo
    Nathalie Inductivo at

    Of course, it’s Mrs. Fields! πŸ™‚

  209. Curt F
    Curt F at

    Mrs Fields makes my favorite chocolate chip cookies.

  210. Geren Piltz
    Geren Piltz at

    What’s the one with those elves? Actually, I meant that rhyming famous one. KIDDING! Of course Mrs. Fields is the undeniable leader in cookie perfection. I shall not soil my lips with any other sub-par cookie brand! Love you. Kisses.

  211. Kathryn Curtis
    Kathryn Curtis at

    Mrs. Fields always and forever.

  212. giana rivero
    giana rivero at

    Oh my gosh!mrs fields!!! Ofcourse!!! Me and my kids are addicted to your cookies!

  213. Ellen L
    Ellen L at

    I am sitting on my couch reading a good book and enjoying Mrs Fields cookies and milk.

  214. Anesia Sandifer
    Anesia Sandifer at

    I AM A LOVER OF ALL COOKIES!!!!!! It’s my absolute favorite dessert, and yes… MRS. FIELDS are the best!!

  215. Kathryn Curtis
    Kathryn Curtis at

    Mrs. Fields of coarse.

  216. Edsel G. Milla
    Edsel G. Milla at

    I love chewy cookies by Mrs. Fields. I’m already a grandma now at 50 and though I’m a bit late, I wish i could have won for my 2 grandchildren too who both love Mrs Fields.

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