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  1. Terri Ingham-Bollin
    Terri Ingham-Bollin / 6-3-2013 / ·

    “Don’t make me pull this car over” I can’t count how many time my brother and I heard that. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Jack
    Jack / 6-3-2013 / ·

    “You might not want to try that again.”

  3. Danita Vojta
    Danita Vojta / 6-3-2013 / ·

    If youre gonna be a tird go lay in the yard

  4. Kim B
    Kim B / 6-3-2013 / ·

    “When you’re young, you’re idealistic. When you’re old(er), you’re realistic. This is where I feel the “generation gap” stems from.” My dad was a really wise man. I wish I had more time to learn from him before he passed away.

  5. Heidi
    Heidi / 6-3-2013 / ·

    When he wanted to get going he would say “Place to go, things to do and people to burn” I never quite got that last part!

  6. Toby
    Toby / 6-3-2013 / ·

    I brought you into the world, I can take you out…he got it off Bill Cosby! lol

  7. lisa mcfarland
    lisa mcfarland / 6-3-2013 / ·

    “it’s time to rise and shine” – every single day of my school age life

  8. L Hadfield
    L Hadfield / 6-3-2013 / ·

    When I’d ask him a question, instead of saying yes he’d say, “Does a bear play in the woods?”

  9. Lori C
    Lori C / 6-3-2013 / ·

    My dad always told me … “If you will just sit back and listen, you will learn a lot”.

  10. Tammera Widell
    Tammera Widell / 6-3-2013 / ·

    “Steady and Smooth wins the race”

  11. Theresa Wilson
    Theresa Wilson / 6-3-2013 / ·

    My dad is no longer with us, but his favorite line was when we were leaving the house as a family to go somewhere he would say, “We’re off Like a Turd of Hurdles….I mean a Herd of Turtles!” without even a smile on his face, but it would bring a smile to our. Other infamous line was when he was standing and washing dishes at the sink or standing anywhere really and he would fart, he would say, “Darn it, there must be a lose board or something!”, but then he would smirk at me and I would smile back and roll my eyes. Oh how I miss all those silly things he did. **Best Dad Ever**

  12. Denise Melby
    Denise Melby / 6-3-2013 / ·

    I’ll wash your mouth out with soap

  13. Kristen
    Kristen / 6-3-2013 / ·

    He says he’s going to get his ears lowered when he goes for a haircut.

  14. Debbie E
    Debbie E / 6-3-2013 / ·

    My dad would tell my sister and I to “park your broom” when we were acting up.

  15. Stephanie V.
    Stephanie V. / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Find something to do in life that you love — even if it isn’t the thing that makes the most money. You will be rich in happiness.
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  16. Kathy
    Kathy / 6-3-2013 / ·

    “There will always be people that don’t believe in you, or don’t think you can do something. Give 110%, prove them wrong, and let your success be the best revenge”

  17. Theresa Wilson
    Theresa Wilson / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Another thing that I can even still hear him say to this day when I think about it is, when he would come in to wake me before school, he would say, “Reese Reese, It’s time to wake up Reese” kind of in a whisper and with a higher pitch to it.

  18. Katherine B
    Katherine B / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Always follow your heart!

  19. Billie James
    Billie James / 6-3-2013 / ·

    just remember .. the truth will set you free… unless your in big trouble!!!

  20. Tiffany Kinard
    Tiffany Kinard / 6-3-2013 / ·

    “Do as I say,Not as I do.” The response I would get when I did something wrong and then I would tell him..”Well,YOU did it!”

  21. brandi g
    brandi g / 6-3-2013 / ·

    “There’s no crying in baseball!” The funny thing is that we are all girls and never played baseball. It is just his way of telling us girls to suck it up! He even said it to me when I was in labor with my first daughter! LOL! And now he says it to my 3 daughters and they have no clue what grandpa is talking about!

  22. Patricia
    Patricia / 6-3-2013 / ·

    are you sure you want to do that

  23. Stephanie L
    Stephanie L / 6-3-2013 / ·

    I may not always be right, but I’m NEVER wrong!

  24. Stephanie Reed
    Stephanie Reed / 6-3-2013 / ·

    “Hold my hand so I don’t fall.” My dad said this to my kids when they were young and reluctant to hold hands. He made it sound like they were helping him instead of the other way around. On trips to my grandma’s house when cousins were plentiful, my dad was the one who played with us. Today at 82, he and my mom babysit their youngest grandchild, who is 2, every day. She loves him as much as we do.

  25. kristina
    kristina / 6-3-2013 / ·

    “No laughing, no smiling, and no having fun!” (with a twinkle in his eye)

  26. Kimberly Snyder
    Kimberly Snyder / 6-3-2013 / ·

    The sun don’t shine on the same dog’s rearend every day…. or..
    If you have 2 frogs to swallow, ..swallow the big frog first….

  27. Gina Sandoval
    Gina Sandoval / 6-3-2013 / ·

    I’ll add that to my to-do list! lol

  28. Jen M.
    Jen M. / 6-3-2013 / ·

    ” One of these days your gonna sit there wishing you had listened to Daddy!”

  29. Lynda
    Lynda / 6-3-2013 / ·

    If I won’t eat it, I won’t make you eat it either.

  30. Kalyani
    Kalyani / 6-3-2013 / ·

    always keep smiling ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Gloria Sciuto
    Gloria Sciuto / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Never start a fight, but if you’re in one, always make sure you finish it.

  32. Yew S.
    Yew S. / 6-3-2013 / ·

    My dad taught me how to fish, ride a bike, and learn the basics on fixing a car and he would always say, “A woman can do man’s job just as well, if not better. Don’t let anyone else tell you other wise.”

  33. Frank Bragg
    Frank Bragg / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Nothing is more important then family.

  34. Craig wiggins
    Craig wiggins / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Mine to my daughters was, “You ain’t grown!!!”

  35. William Splawn
    William Splawn / 6-3-2013 / ·

    I don’t have to outrun the bear, I just have to outrun you.

  36. Brooke A
    Brooke A / 6-3-2013 / ·

    What a fruitcake!

  37. Nupur
    Nupur / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Hang on i will do it for u

  38. Leslie
    Leslie / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Every time we left the house it was “be good, stay out of trouble, be careful, do you need some money?” Like clockwork.

  39. Rachel E.
    Rachel E. / 6-3-2013 / ·

    He always said “Hold your horses” when we wanted something now. lol

  40. Brooke Prout
    Brooke Prout / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Always count your blessings!

  41. Natalie J Vandenberghe
    Natalie J Vandenberghe / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Whenever I started to make an excuse by saying, “but I thought…” my Dad would reply “You’re not supposed to think!” LOL
    My Dad was a wonderful guy. He married my Mom when she was a widow with five children (ages 3-12). My Dad would recite poetry all of the time. so, not really a saying, but I remember him reciting (among others)
    “The Family Tree”
    “The Face on the Barroom Floor”
    “The Shooting of Dan McGrew”
    “The Cremation of Sam McGee”
    and, probably my favorite, “If” by Rudyard Kipling

  42. Cassaundra Bass
    Cassaundra Bass / 6-3-2013 / ·

    I always went to dad whenever I wanted something because his answer was almost always, “I reckon so, gal”.

  43. Pam Flynn
    Pam Flynn / 6-3-2013 / ·

    “I’m not just talking through my hat!”

  44. Amanda Marcus
    Amanda Marcus / 6-3-2013 / ·

    “Everything will be ok in the end, if its not ok it’s not the end.” He always makes me feel better!

  45. jodi smith
    jodi smith / 6-3-2013 / ·

    IBe good if you cant be good,be careful

  46. Christie Klein
    Christie Klein / 6-3-2013 / ·

    He rhymes everything!

  47. NiCole
    NiCole / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Oh, you’re all right…I’ve been hurt worse than that picking black berries.

  48. brandi ellison
    brandi ellison / 6-3-2013 / ·

    My Father’s most famous line was “Cow Girl up, You are burning Daylight!”

  49. Claire McTiernan
    Claire McTiernan / 6-3-2013 / ·

    My dad, who is no longer with us, had many “isms”. When I would be kind of sulky, he would say, “if you want sympathy, go look it up in the dictionary!”

  50. donna joyce
    donna joyce / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Today I was gonna tell you about our family tree, but your Mother’s side of the family did waaaay too much pruning ๐Ÿ™‚

  51. Tammy Taylor
    Tammy Taylor / 6-3-2013 / ·

    When dad did something that amazed me he’d say, ” I’m not just another pretty face”

  52. brenna
    brenna / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Life is a Bulls**t sandwich, take a bite every day. (When we were whining about things not being fair).

  53. Renee J.
    Renee J. / 6-3-2013 / ·

    My dad would always say while traveling “When In Doubt, Just Go!” (As in, if you see a restroom go now before it’s too late) – Thanks to my dad, I know where every rest stop in town is!

  54. Joy Blair
    Joy Blair / 6-3-2013 / ·

    “You gotta be tough if your gonna be dumb”

  55. Jeanne Rousseau
    Jeanne Rousseau / 6-3-2013 / ·

    If I told you once, I told you twice… <— Now what does that even mean? lol

  56. Holly Caudle
    Holly Caudle / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Life’s not fair!

  57. Mary Rutter
    Mary Rutter / 6-3-2013 / ·

    If You don’t have anything nice to say don’t say nothing at all

  58. Charles T.
    Charles T. / 6-3-2013 / ·

    “I got to go see a man about a horse”

  59. Nancy Reid
    Nancy Reid / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Always leave a place better than you found it or there will be nothing left for YOUR kids! He was quite the out doors man and loved nature!

  60. amanda assencoa
    amanda assencoa / 6-3-2013 / ·

    dont make me come back in here, if i have to pull this car over you are going to be sorry lol

  61. LM hall
    LM hall / 6-3-2013 / ·

    you’ll be hoofing it unless you take better care of your car

  62. Cipriana
    Cipriana / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Anytime I have messed up he tells me “We all have to learn one way” Thanks Dad for letting me know it’s okay.

  63. Keesha Hinkle
    Keesha Hinkle / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Told you you should have gotten the stick shift!

  64. Shannon S.
    Shannon S. / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Play nice or you get what you deserve! (I always tried to blame my older brother for things growing up and it was true, I started it and would end up getting hurt!) Dads always know best….

  65. Lori
    Lori / 6-3-2013 / ·

    On teaching me the virtues of waiting – You could never be a doctor, you have no patience!

  66. Eric B.
    Eric B. / 6-3-2013 / ·

    My dad would always say “Don’t be afraid to fail. Be afraid not to try.”

  67. Holly Jones
    Holly Jones / 6-3-2013 / ·

    My dad is notorious for being a smart aleck…
    His most famous saying was probably, “lets just wait and see what’s going on.” Whenever we would ask him if we could do something that he didn’t want to do, that was his answer. “Dad, can we go to the lake today?” And he would say that every time we asked. All day long until dark. And then he would say it was too late. Haha.
    Another great one was when we asked him what was for dinner…he would say “food.” If we asked what kind of food, he would say, “The kind you eat.”

  68. Donna K
    Donna K / 6-3-2013 / ·

    “I am your father!”

  69. Vicki Howes
    Vicki Howes / 6-3-2013 / ·

    My first time behind the wheel and after I hit the bushes on the side of the road – Dad said I was so much better the last time -after he realized he meant my sister it was straight to the school parking lot.

  70. P. Richa
    P. Richa / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Money doesn’t grow on trees!

  71. Jenice Gutierrez
    Jenice Gutierrez / 6-3-2013 / ·

    “Money doesn’t grow on trees!” He is not here anymore but now I understand why that was his favorite line

  72. Christel Elliott
    Christel Elliott / 6-3-2013 / ·

    “Cool man!” Lol

  73. Susan C
    Susan C / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Oh – I miss my dad so much and a hundred things came to mind when I read your question. The first one was “Don’t make me pull this car over”. Of course, he was talking to everyone in the car but me.

  74. Erica Best
    Erica Best / 6-3-2013 / ·

    You daddy was not a glass maker ? but the funny part he was

  75. Lori W.
    Lori W. / 6-3-2013 / ·

    My dads was You couldn’t find water if you fell out of a boat! This was his response anytime i couldn’t find something!

  76. Kenny F
    Kenny F / 6-3-2013 / ·

    โ€œYou might not want to try that again.โ€

  77. Nichole McKinnon
    Nichole McKinnon / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Pull my finger

  78. Phillip A
    Phillip A / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Don’t forget where you came from.

  79. Lisa
    Lisa / 6-3-2013 / ·

    “You have to use your mind”.

  80. Kristen
    Kristen / 6-3-2013 / ·

    “The squeaky wheel gets the oil.”

  81. renee h
    renee h / 6-3-2013 / ·

    pull my finger lol

  82. Dawn M.
    Dawn M. / 6-3-2013 / ·

    He always reminded me “Bad associations spoil useful habits”

  83. melodie pederson
    melodie pederson / 6-3-2013 / ·

    “Do as I say..NOT as I do”

  84. Mark Duvall
    Mark Duvall / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Everything that glitters is not gold!

  85. ronnie horton
    ronnie horton / 6-3-2013 / ·

    rome wasnt built in a day.

  86. lisa mazola
    lisa mazola / 6-3-2013 / ·

    My dad always said That “There’s too many cars on the road”!!!

  87. Nyeasia Alexander
    Nyeasia Alexander / 6-3-2013 / ·

    My dad says “You give an aspirin a headache!” Funniest thing ever and pretty bad if you give an aspirin a headache!…lol!

  88. Donna Armeli
    Donna Armeli / 6-3-2013 / ·

    I asked him once for some bread “money” he asked me if I wanted Rye or whole wheat!
    Another one if someone gave him a tip on a horse and he bet it and when I asked him where the horse came in the race he’d tell me “it was still running”!

  89. charlene decosta
    charlene decosta / 6-3-2013 / ·

    “let me think about it”
    he probably knew already, but it made whatever i was asking seem important. my dad was my hero.

  90. Tracey Forrest
    Tracey Forrest / 6-3-2013 / ·

    No cussing it makes you look ugly:)

  91. Karen
    Karen / 6-3-2013 / ·

    You need to take responsibility for your own actions.

  92. Tricia Wehner
    Tricia Wehner / 6-3-2013 / ·

    My Dads famous line is “… Watch your,mouth,Kid”. He would tell me that whenever I forgot that I was speaking to elders and that I needed to show respect where respect was due. #OldSchool #SouthernHospitality

  93. C LOHRKE
    C LOHRKE / 6-3-2013 / ·

    “Get a good education, no one can take that away from you.”

  94. Bonnie Singh
    Bonnie Singh / 6-3-2013 / ·

    my dad always said kids just remember sticks and stones can break your bones but words will never hurt you.

  95. Brianne Smitko
    Brianne Smitko / 6-3-2013 / ·

    “Good thing your tough” was his famous line when we were younger and now it is “Cowboy up” Boy of the lines make you think twice about crying or complaining.

  96. Jenny
    Jenny / 6-3-2013 / ·

    My dad always says No, don’t hire anyone, I can fix that! And he is always right…wish I knew how to fix half of the things he does!

  97. Cheryl V
    Cheryl V / 6-3-2013 / ·

    “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong” My Dad loved repeating Murphy’s Law often to me.

  98. Cade Joiner
    Cade Joiner / 6-3-2013 / ·

    “Work smarter, not harder.”

  99. Jennifer Joyner
    Jennifer Joyner / 6-3-2013 / ·

    When my brother or I would get mad about something our Daddy would say, “Don’t go away mad. Just go away”. haha I now use that on my own son.

  100. Shauni Reid
    Shauni Reid / 6-3-2013 / ·

    I’m a Jack of all trades and master of none.
    Or, I’m crazy like that glue, don’t try me!!!

  101. jeannine s
    jeannine s / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Go ask your mother

  102. Judith
    Judith / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Be Safe

  103. Gabriele Wood
    Gabriele Wood / 6-3-2013 / ·

    to other family members “I’ll never be any one’s ATM”, and he isn’t to this day lol.

  104. Yue
    Yue / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Where did I put my hat?

  105. Kristie
    Kristie / 6-3-2013 / ·

    My Dad would always say you could call him anything you wanted as long as you didn’t call him late for dinner. ๐Ÿ™‚

  106. Gabriele Wood
    Gabriele Wood / 6-3-2013 / ·

    replying to my own comment,dont know if you can see my e-mail or not

    gabsmack2001 at aol dot com

  107. Bonnie Wilks
    Bonnie Wilks / 6-3-2013 / ·

    He would tell my sister and me to quiet down and go to sleep because we would lay in the bed and talk and giggle.

  108. Jennifer Victor
    Jennifer Victor / 6-3-2013 / ·

    “At least we have our health”. My dad always said this to us growing up. Love you, Dad.

  109. Debbie
    Debbie / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Why do you always forget to return one of the books/dvds to the library?

  110. Katie Sexton
    Katie Sexton / 6-3-2013 / ·

    You can want in one hand and poo in the other, see which one fills up first… (cleaned it up a bit ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

  111. Jocelyn Dorsey
    Jocelyn Dorsey / 6-3-2013 / ·

    “That is Out Of Sight, Man” That is really cool!

  112. jenniffer eads
    jenniffer eads / 6-3-2013 / ·

    go ask your mother! lol

  113. Dan
    Dan / 6-3-2013 / ·

    “Patience is a virtue.”

  114. Debra Miller
    Debra Miller / 6-3-2013 / ·

    “Mind your Mother” he must have said daily, then he would wink!

  115. Kristina Gazulli
    Kristina Gazulli / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Let me fix it I know how. ( Secretly he doesn’t know how to fix it he just messes it up more but shhh don’t tell him I said that lol )

  116. deb cohen
    deb cohen / 6-3-2013 / ·

    why r u crying? i will give you something to cry about

  117. susan
    susan / 6-3-2013 / ·

    To the moon Sue to the moon Sue,,
    Later out i found out it was line to the honeymooners he just put my name instead of Alice’s,,,

  118. Stephanie Gaines
    Stephanie Gaines / 6-3-2013 / ·

    “rub some dirt on it and get back in there!” ๐Ÿ™‚

  119. Lynn Winright
    Lynn Winright / 6-3-2013 / ·

    My dad’s go to line always was “go ask your mom, you know SHE’S the boss”. He always knew who wore the pants in our family ๐Ÿ™‚ I think my husband will end up using this line with our future children too haha Smart men!

  120. Linda Brooks
    Linda Brooks / 6-3-2013 / ·

    The devils beating his wife. He says it when its raining and the suns out

  121. Nikki Dugan
    Nikki Dugan / 6-3-2013 / ·

    “Whose your daddy?….BIG DADDY D-O-N!!!” LOL! My dad’s a trip!

  122. Anne M.
    Anne M. / 6-3-2013 / ·

    you get what you pay for- you buy crap, you get crap…lol, miss my Dad!

  123. autumn m
    autumn m / 6-3-2013 / ·

    we know that Autumn….lol. it was a inside joke, and I always think of him saying that.

  124. Alexis T
    Alexis T / 6-3-2013 / ·

    “What do you know for sure”. As an educator, my Dad wanted us to be confident in our knowledge – either book learning or school of hard knocks. And as always, my Dad was ahead of his time…he used that line way before Oprah!

  125. Jana Gramaglia
    Jana Gramaglia / 6-3-2013 / ·

    When my brother or I would ask for money he would look out the window and say “I think you guys forgot to water the money tree it seems to have dried up.”

  126. kelly light
    kelly light / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Learn everything that you can because that is the only thing that no one can take away from you!

  127. Charles R.
    Charles R. / 6-3-2013 / ·

    “did you take the trash out?”

  128. bill
    bill / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Don’t make me come up there!

  129. Leslie
    Leslie / 6-3-2013 / ·

    The best friend you can have is a dollar in your pocket. I don’t go anywhere unless I have a dollar in my pocket. You never know when it’ll come in handy.

  130. debbie smith
    debbie smith / 6-3-2013 / ·

    give all you have to give, love with all your heart and forgive those you can’t!

    love you dad!

  131. Mary Burns
    Mary Burns / 6-3-2013 / ·

    That’s just how the cookie crumbles

  132. Conrad Kovash
    Conrad Kovash / 6-3-2013 / ·

    What is your dadโ€™s most famous line? When I was your age, I had to walk 5 miles to school each day, 5 miles both ways and uphill to boot, now get your lazy #@$ to the school bus.

  133. JD Northwest
    JD Northwest / 6-3-2013 / ·

    It builds character.

  134. Jill Edwards
    Jill Edwards / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Go ask your mother

  135. Lindsay Fields
    Lindsay Fields / 6-3-2013 / ·

    when talking about a birthday gift. “do you want me to tell you what it is? ok i will when its your birthday. he lives out of town and does that to me every year.

  136. Earen Hummel
    Earen Hummel / 6-3-2013 / ·

    I’ll spank you with a wet noodle if you keep that up.

  137. Launi Lewis
    Launi Lewis / 6-3-2013 / ·

    “I love you” Dad died when I was 12 years old. My Husband loves Mrs. Fields cookies.

  138. Jane Sandona
    Jane Sandona / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Get your oil changed!

  139. katie collins
    katie collins / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Quiet down I am trying to watch the news.

  140. Patty wright
    Patty wright / 6-3-2013 / ·

    I’ll get to it later

  141. Meg Tucker
    Meg Tucker / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Oh my gosh! I’m laughing just thinking about it! My Dad has a mouth full of sweet teeth and all it says is give me cookies! He adores cookies of all kinds and flavors and he’s got it real bad too. He absolutley must have cookies after each meal. It’s always been like that. My Mom used to hide the good cookies in diffeent parts of the house when we were kids but really it was to keep my Dad from always eating every single one of them. She would hide them in the oddest places when she left the house and what I still hear my Dad saying is his most in famous line “Is she gone yet? Hurry, where did she put the cookies this time?” ( he always said this to us with a dollar bill in his hand) LOL! It’s still going on and he says it to his Grandchildren! The running joke/line in our family is “Hurry! Where’s the Cookies?”

  142. Lesley F
    Lesley F / 6-3-2013 / ·

    We always had to hear how my dad had to walk 10 miles to school and we should be happy that there was a bus to take us there and not expect my mom to take us! It was constantly said ๐Ÿ™‚

  143. Patty wright
    Patty wright / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Always says it but never does it

  144. Cynthia Gagliardi
    Cynthia Gagliardi / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Put your hand out that window, it will blow off. What goes out, must blow off. Still afraid to put my arm out the window.

  145. Laurie F
    Laurie F / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Oh leave them alone, they’ll be alright.

  146. Crystal Merrill
    Crystal Merrill / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Please keep in mind my dad is a really nice guy. I was about 10 years old and throwing an epic tantrum when he told me, “I have to love you, but I don’t have to like you!”.
    Anyways, my dad is amazing and I am so lucky to have him.

  147. Phylicia Phillips
    Phylicia Phillips / 6-3-2013 / ·

    You’re okay, get up! Lol

  148. Jonathan Ammons
    Jonathan Ammons / 6-3-2013 / ·

    When it comes to gossip, believe nothing that you hear and only half of what you see.

  149. Clara templeton
    Clara templeton / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Stop crying or ill give you something to really cry about!

  150. Kim Parrott
    Kim Parrott / 6-3-2013 / ·

    My dad always said “I brought you into this world and I can take you out and make another one just like you”. That worked up until we found out he had a vasectomy ๐Ÿ™‚

  151. Carolyn Magee
    Carolyn Magee / 6-3-2013 / ·

    “That’s an outrage!”

    No matter what the situation…

  152. Melissa Ann Mazzur
    Melissa Ann Mazzur / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Some day you’ll thank me…….and now I do!

  153. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth / 6-3-2013 / ·

    I’m not made of money

  154. Kelly Reynolds
    Kelly Reynolds / 6-3-2013 / ·

    “don’t forget to get your timing belt replaced”

  155. tara pittman
    tara pittman / 6-3-2013 / ·

    eat your veggies,it will hair on your chest

  156. Kathleen Walsh
    Kathleen Walsh / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Don’t make me say it twice!

  157. Barbara Hoffmann
    Barbara Hoffmann / 6-3-2013 / ·

    I am counting to ten and you had better respond!

  158. William Walsh
    William Walsh / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Proud to have you for my son Billy boy!

  159. chantal ronchetto
    chantal ronchetto / 6-3-2013 / ·

    My dad’s “famous” saying wasn’t so much a saying as it was a corny line. Every time he’d pass gas his comment would be”Whoops! Just stepped on a frog” and then he’d laugh. It never got old…. for him.

  160. sadia shaikh
    sadia shaikh / 6-3-2013 / ·

    because I said so , I heard this every time every day !!

  161. Carol
    Carol / 6-3-2013 / ·

    This is not a line, but my dad used to polish guns when boys would come over to pick me up for a date. That makes it really hard to get a boyfriend ๐Ÿ™‚

  162. Tamra Clifford
    Tamra Clifford / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Toughen up

  163. Jean
    Jean / 6-3-2013 / ·

    There are quite a few, but the one I remember most fondly is Dad announcing that he was heading outside by saying, “I’m going to listen to my corn grow.”

  164. Christine M
    Christine M / 6-3-2013 / ·

    “I’ve got kids your age” I still don’t get it and he ALWAYS says it.

  165. Charles Tweed
    Charles Tweed / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Life is like baseball – three strikes & you’re out – so be very careful to keep your eye on the ball.

  166. Kim kihega
    Kim kihega / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Watch your language!

  167. Margaret P.
    Margaret P. / 6-3-2013 / ·

    It would always crack me up when my father, an elite college educated corporate man, would call from work. He would say “Hey Mawg , let me speak at ya mamer” What’s up with that! Proves you can’t really take a Cajun out of the swamp. It showed me he was still a simple man true to his roots. I found that to be an example of how to live my life. Never forget where you come from.

  168. Bridget Merker
    Bridget Merker / 6-3-2013 / ·

    It has to be “Order whatever you want and eat as much as you want”.

  169. Tracy Melhinch
    Tracy Melhinch / 6-3-2013 / ·

    He used to say, “Don’t make me get up off this couch!” I miss my Dad!!

  170. Christine Libbey
    Christine Libbey / 6-3-2013 / ·

    My dad always said “The person who gets the A wants it more”

  171. Dawn C
    Dawn C / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Can’t never did sh!t…

  172. kathie hoehn
    kathie hoehn / 6-3-2013 / ·

    “Mary had a little lamb and the doctor fainted.” My dad is a jokester.

  173. Valerie C.
    Valerie C. / 6-3-2013 / ·

    He would always say, “The wheel turns.” Of course, it took me years to understand the meaning lol

  174. Maureen
    Maureen / 6-3-2013 / ·

    My father is always saying to his daughters not to rely on a man to save you financially. He wants us to know how to manage money and to save and invest. He says rely on yourself.

  175. Melinda B.
    Melinda B. / 6-3-2013 / ·

    “Come to poppa”

  176. Christine Ramsey
    Christine Ramsey / 6-3-2013 / ·

    My children heard about this and asked me to post their Dad’s most famous line. Ever since they were little, the kids have asked their Dad why he always has to go to work. His constant answer has always been “If I don’t we’re gonna end up living in a van down by the river.” When we bought a van because we had so many children to transport, they thought he was really going to make them live in the van parked by the river!

  177. Peggy Patterson
    Peggy Patterson / 6-3-2013 / ·

    My dad had advice for dating.
    “Honey, NO ONE wants to hunt a deer standing in front of their truck”
    – in other words, don’t chase men, let them chase you – LOL

  178. Bobby Hughes
    Bobby Hughes / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Dad would always say “Cheerio” instead of goodbye. Miss hearing him say it.

  179. Michelle Brown
    Michelle Brown / 6-3-2013 / ·

    To know success you must experience failure

  180. Christina Oddy
    Christina Oddy / 6-3-2013 / ·

    “Did i Stutter?

  181. Linda Greene
    Linda Greene / 6-3-2013 / ·

    A penny saved is a penny earned

  182. Carol S.
    Carol S. / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Don’t be old like me and ever wonder what if.

  183. Patricia Huffman
    Patricia Huffman / 6-3-2013 / ·

    I’ll be on you like a rat on a cheeto

  184. Amanda F
    Amanda F / 6-3-2013 / ·

    My dad always says, “You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone” He always said it when he was doing stuff for us kids when he really didn’t want to. It’s always in a joking tone

  185. Jo-Ann Brightman
    Jo-Ann Brightman / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Go for a walk. It will help you think and relax

  186. Teresa
    Teresa / 6-3-2013 / ·

    “You don’t know your a*s from your elbow!”

  187. Cathleen Mingolello
    Cathleen Mingolello / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Go ask your mother!

  188. Sharon Jackson
    Sharon Jackson / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Everyone’s entitled to an opinion, as long as it’s mine.

  189. Brenda Faulkner
    Brenda Faulkner / 6-3-2013 / ·

    When asked how he was, he would say “fine as frog hair split four ways”!

  190. Tricia T.
    Tricia T. / 6-3-2013 / ·

    No means NO

  191. Stacy Novack
    Stacy Novack / 6-3-2013 / ·

    We can get it if you have a dollar two ninety eight ~

  192. Jamie S.
    Jamie S. / 6-3-2013 / ·

    take a deep breath, close your eyes and go for it!

  193. Patrice
    Patrice / 6-3-2013 / ·

    “Fine as frog’s hair, split down the middle”

  194. Michele Wagoner
    Michele Wagoner / 6-3-2013 / ·

    My Dad was a lot of fun and always said “We’ll have fun up the ying yang!” Definitely not words of wisdom but words of pure fun!

  195. hannia
    hannia / 6-3-2013 / ·

    I know everything so don’t lie to me

  196. danielle stengel
    danielle stengel / 6-3-2013 / ·

    “you’re an adult now, you can deal with the consequences of life.. I’ll always be there with you dealing with them, of course”

  197. Amy M
    Amy M / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Our family eats cookies ALL the time, literally with breakfast lunch dinner and snaking. We can blast through a batch of cookies in 24 hours. Whenever my dad picks up a cookie he says ‘cookies, not just for breakfast anymore’

  198. Joseph M
    Joseph M / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Time flys like an arrow, but fruit flies like a banana

  199. Melinda Franco
    Melinda Franco / 6-3-2013 / ·

    It’s not a TV, the picture isn’t going to change (Referring to when I stood in front of the refrigerator to see what I wanted to eat)

  200. Kim
    Kim / 6-3-2013 / ·

    I’ll put that on your tab, you owe me well over a million dollars.

  201. stacy philip
    stacy philip / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Are you done? Oh no pass it over to the garbage disposal Ill take care of it!! Lol he never wasted foor.

  202. Bev
    Bev / 6-3-2013 / ·

    gonna beat ya like a redheaded stepchild ๐Ÿ˜‰

  203. Tamara Johnson
    Tamara Johnson / 6-3-2013 / ·

    To this day, nothing he has ever said has topped it. He once left a voice mail for a pianist who is a friend of the family and he said: “It’s good to hear your voice. Even if it’s just an answering machine.” We razz him so much for the message as if it was a pickup line to the man.

  204. Tammie Wertman
    Tammie Wertman / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Don’t make me make a scene!

  205. Jo A. T. B.
    Jo A. T. B. / 6-3-2013 / ·

    “Must be in the front row,” when parking and we get to park in the front parking spaces!

  206. Lisa D
    Lisa D / 6-3-2013 / ·

    “Consider the source”, which to me is such a solid piece of advice for when you are upset about something somebody said or did. I say it myself all the time when my friends or family are upset about someone else or gossiping or drama. Helps relieve a lot of stress and aggravation when you step back, breathe, and follow that advice. Thanks Dad and love you!

  207. Becky Cole
    Becky Cole / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Always be yourself

  208. Debra Simning-Chapman
    Debra Simning-Chapman / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Learn to love yourself and everyone else will follow!

  209. paula s
    paula s / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Enjoy today like it is your last

  210. paul laufer
    paul laufer / 6-3-2013 / ·

    I have been married to the same women for 65 years!!!!!!

  211. Candice N
    Candice N / 6-3-2013 / ·

    I remember him saying “To make you ask questions” a lot when I asked him “Why?” for any reason. It used to drive me crazy!!

  212. Ann K
    Ann K / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Early Bird gets the worm

  213. Kelly Van Lahr
    Kelly Van Lahr / 6-3-2013 / ·

    “T. 4. B.” spelled out with his fingers as he said it. (Time for Bed) lol ๐Ÿ™‚

  214. Stefanie
    Stefanie / 6-3-2013 / ·

    I competed in swimming and cross country and my dad was always at the finish line yelling “SPRINT”. It was his famous words that always made me give all I could to win the races.

  215. Tricia Martin
    Tricia Martin / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Whenever something my dad was looking for went missing he’d ask us kids and if we didn’t know where it was he’d always say “Well, it didn’t just grow legs and walk away” lol

  216. carol clark
    carol clark / 6-3-2013 / ·

    he would say So u think so and we’d no we were wrong

  217. Amy M
    Amy M / 6-3-2013 / ·

    My dad ALWAYS wants cookies. He eats them literally for breakfast lunch and dinner when they are in the house. When I go to visit he opens the door and looks at my hands and says ‘where are the cookies?’ But what he has said for 30+ years: ‘cookies… Not just for breakfast anymore’

  218. Dana Sexton
    Dana Sexton / 6-3-2013 / ·

    “Go ask your mother”

  219. Barbara Kesterson
    Barbara Kesterson / 6-3-2013 / ·

    When we would misbehave on family outings my dad would make his hand into a claw and while stabbing the air mutter the words we all dreaded “Back to Grafton”. Meaning he had had enough and was turning the car around.

  220. Tiffany Banks
    Tiffany Banks / 6-3-2013 / ·

    “Keep on & you won’t have a pot to P*** in!!” lol

  221. Em Robin
    Em Robin / 6-3-2013 / ·

    “Just think first!!”

  222. kara kjellman
    kara kjellman / 6-3-2013 / ·

    when you smile, the whole world smiles with you. Be happy.

  223. Tina White
    Tina White / 6-3-2013 / ·

    I was raised by a Single Parent my Mom. So My Grandfather was my Dad/Male Figure in my life. He always said I was his #1! Never mind the fact that I was his one & only grandchild for 11 years. Even after my cousins were born he still called me (#1) & told me that I was his #1. He meant it too. I felt so special & loved every time he said it! He is no longer with us and I miss that man every day.

  224. Allyson Ortiz
    Allyson Ortiz / 6-3-2013 / ·

    We’ll see

  225. Milcah
    Milcah / 6-3-2013 / ·

    After 3 boys a premie who died and a miscarriage, my parents finally got the girl they always wanted. Me. I’m told my dad would sing “People let me tell ya bout my best friend” before going to work.

    Growing up when we’d have colds he’d scold us for not keeping shoes or socks on our feet around the house.

    When we started driving he’d stay on our cases about driving the tires right beside the curve, scraping them. That’s how tires go bad.

    Last year around this time, we thought we might lose him. We didn’t know if he’d have his right mind or what to expect if he made it. Although he’s constantly in the hospital and now lives in the nursing home, it’s a joy to still have my dad around to talk to and get advice, even if it is a little outdated sometimes. Love my dad.

  226. Heather
    Heather / 6-3-2013 / ·

    You can’t always get what you want but if you try sometimes you get what you need ! From a song but those were his famous lines and we hated it ๐Ÿ™‚

  227. Donald DeLancey
    Donald DeLancey / 6-3-2013 / ·

    “Do you think I own stock in the electric company? Turn that light off!”

  228. Donald DeLancey
    Donald DeLancey / 6-3-2013 / ·

    “Quit your crying, or else I’ll give you something to cry about!”

  229. Donald DeLancey
    Donald DeLancey / 6-3-2013 / ·

    “Leave him alone. He’s a boy.” (Said to my mom, while I was jumping off a roof, or catapulting myself off a precipice, or engaging in some similar injury-inviting stunt.)

  230. Valerie L
    Valerie L / 6-3-2013 / ·

    He has so many. Practice makes perfect

  231. Ashley Fernandez
    Ashley Fernandez / 6-4-2013 / ·

    He loves to scold me about screaming and driving, he says, “No screaming while driving, its worst than drinking and driving because your mind seems to go blank, your eyes get real small, and you start going faster than the person you were screaming at to slow down.” Then he whispers, “children, shaking my head!” I am 26 years old and STILL, I am consider a “child” Whatttt????

  232. anne
    anne / 6-4-2013 / ·


  233. Holly W
    Holly W / 6-4-2013 / ·

    Second Place Is The First Place Loser.

  234. Laura Martin
    Laura Martin / 6-4-2013 / ·

    I am your father not your friend, if you need a friend go make one.

  235. Kathy
    Kathy / 6-4-2013 / ·

    Do you have to have just ketchup on your hamburgers?
    He used to hate going through the drive-thru and waiting for a burger with just ketchup ๐Ÿ™‚

  236. Annmarie W.
    Annmarie W. / 6-4-2013 / ·

    Measure twice, cut once.

  237. Cathy Bradford
    Cathy Bradford / 6-4-2013 / ·

    “Look out for number one”

  238. Andrea Keil
    Andrea Keil / 6-4-2013 / ·

    I love you

  239. DT
    DT / 6-4-2013 / ·

    “To treat others the way that I would want to be treated” words that I still live by to this day!

  240. reetinder kaur
    reetinder kaur / 6-4-2013 / ·

    “I told you so”

  241. garianne draves
    garianne draves / 6-4-2013 / ·

    “missed it by that much”

  242. KIM
    KIM / 6-4-2013 / ·

    i need a nap

  243. Jennifer Souveroff
    Jennifer Souveroff / 6-4-2013 / ·

    Whenever we didn’t like the response from someone he would say “consider the source”

  244. Eva Orta
    Eva Orta / 6-4-2013 / ·

    “Don’t be sorry, be careful”

  245. Claudia Horn
    Claudia Horn / 6-4-2013 / ·

    One of these days your gonna sit there wishing you had listened to Daddy!

  246. Fedai
    Fedai / 6-4-2013 / ·

    In one ear and out the other, don’t let anything or anyone get to you!

  247. Lynette Walker
    Lynette Walker / 6-4-2013 / ·

    “Get your own, then you don’t have to ask anybody for anything”

  248. Tammie Pyrzewski
    Tammie Pyrzewski / 6-4-2013 / ·

    You are looking mighty ‘peculiar’ what have you done?

  249. alyce poyner
    alyce poyner / 6-4-2013 / ·


  250. LB
    LB / 6-4-2013 / ·

    “No matter what you do, I will always love you.” <3 Love my dad!!!

  251. Tammy Horn
    Tammy Horn / 6-4-2013 / ·

    “Always eat dessert first, that way you ALWAYS have room for dessert”!

  252. jaimee wood
    jaimee wood / 6-4-2013 / ·

    bacon with any meal fixes anything

  253. Mekenzie Peck
    Mekenzie Peck / 6-4-2013 / ·

    My favorite quote from my dad is (and it NEVER fails to excite him, as his arm goes into a STIFF point) “LOOK, LOOK AT THE DEER, CAN YOU SEE ‘EM, DO YA SEE ‘EM !!!”

    Note… My mom has NEVER seen a deer because my dad’s ARM is always pointing across her face!

  254. Colleen Peck
    Colleen Peck / 6-4-2013 / ·

    My dad was realllllly frugal and was a do it yourself kind of guy! Instead of ever replacing something broken he would just say, “get out the duct tape!

    Also when we would ask him for money, he would never say a word, just put his hands into his pockets, get a hold of the linings and pull them out. Yep empty! He never did have any money in there!! One time I sent him a note from college asking him for some money. His response back in another note… a quote from another kids letter to his dad for the same thing. The quote, “No mun no fun your son!” To bad so sad your dad!”

    I think I really learned the value of money and to work hard!!

  255. Christina Z
    Christina Z / 6-4-2013 / ·

    My Dads fave line was always “Coffee Break”

  256. Dorothy
    Dorothy / 6-4-2013 / ·

    My name is Dorothy (Named after the grandma I never had the pleasure to meet. She passed away when my dad was a teenager), but my dad has always called me “Dorth” since I was a child. Whenever we talk on the phone to this day it’s always..”What’s shakin’ Dorth?” I love it.

  257. Bill
    Bill / 6-4-2013 / ·

    When you are under my roof you follow my rules

  258. Kate F.
    Kate F. / 6-4-2013 / ·

    “Ppfff” with an eye roll whenever he thinks something is ridiculous.

  259. Lucy
    Lucy / 6-4-2013 / ·

    No boyfriends until you are at least 40 (sorry Dad!)

  260. Birdie Skolfield
    Birdie Skolfield / 6-4-2013 / ·

    BCuz I said so

  261. Lynn
    Lynn / 6-4-2013 / ·

    Don’t tell mom

  262. Tom Scott
    Tom Scott / 6-4-2013 / ·

    We’re not lost. I just don’t know where we are.

  263. corinne gonz
    corinne gonz / 6-4-2013 / ·


  264. Fedai
    Fedai / 6-4-2013 / ·

    Just let it’s not worth it

  265. Brandy B
    Brandy B / 6-4-2013 / ·

    “Go ask your Mother”

  266. Z. Jones
    Z. Jones / 6-4-2013 / ·


  267. Cheryl Free
    Cheryl Free / 6-4-2013 / ·

    Clean your plate. Think of all the starving children in Ethiopia.

  268. Ellen Lew
    Ellen Lew / 6-5-2013 / ·

    When Dad calls wanting his tools that I borrow. His famous saying is “Hey Man, you got my power saw? I need it back.”

  269. Dan
    Dan / 6-5-2013 / ·

    “Likely Story”

  270. Catherine Pallaroso
    Catherine Pallaroso / 6-5-2013 / ·

    my dad always said stop acting like a spoiled little rich girl lol even tho he spoiled me like a princess! his fault lol

  271. Darlene Wardle
    Darlene Wardle / 6-5-2013 / ·

    Should we ever forget – “Don’t do what I DO……Do what I SAY”. And we would just look at him.

  272. cheryl d'angelo
    cheryl d’angelo / 6-5-2013 / ·

    Rise and shine

  273. Marilou
    Marilou / 6-5-2013 / ·

    My Grandpa when I asked if I could have something he would reply. “can you eat it, wear it or put it in the bank?” If not, then why would you want or need it. I smile remembering his cut and dry response.

  274. Nicolle
    Nicolle / 6-5-2013 / ·

    Always be the best you can be!

  275. Jennifer Reed
    Jennifer Reed / 6-5-2013 / ·

    My dad always said “I’m not sleeping, I was watching that channel” when I wanted to turn football off on Sunday afternoons.

  276. Krystal Medina
    Krystal Medina / 6-6-2013 / ·

    My dad had many, a couple that come to mind right now are “You’re/he’s/she’s a real fart smeller” and when saying goodbye “Peace, love, and Bobby Sherman.” Also, he used to always gently tell me with a smile “Be smart” rather than give me any sort of lecture or talk before I went off to go somewhere or do something on my own, because he knew I knew what he meant and he trusted me to do what was right.

  277. michele malone
    michele malone / 6-6-2013 / ·

    My dad has always said “he’s like a good un (one.) This is in reference to any child acting like their parents or grandparents. ๐Ÿ™‚

  278. CharityS
    CharityS / 6-6-2013 / ·

    Always stay in the game.

  279. Jen Lynn Rutsky
    Jen Lynn Rutsky / 6-6-2013 / ·

    Life’s not fair – the sooner you learn that, the better you’ll be able to deal with it

  280. Janet Ritchie
    Janet Ritchie / 6-6-2013 / ·

    I was always advised to put my money in the bank or buy stock, especially when I had saved up all year to buy something big like a bike. He was right!!

  281. Terry Cross
    Terry Cross / 6-6-2013 / ·

    Shut the door, you weren’t born in a barn

  282. alen
    alen / 6-6-2013 / ·

    im hungry

  283. Monica McGinley
    Monica McGinley / 6-6-2013 / ·

    A couple of months after both myself and my brother had to move back home for financial reasons my said “I love you guys but I wanted Grand kids, not Grown kids!”

  284. Linda
    Linda / 6-6-2013 / ·

    You can’t go wrong with chicken when visiting or funeral’s

  285. Gary M. Frank
    Gary M. Frank / 6-6-2013 / ·

    IF you don’t like it…… TOUGH!

  286. Christy Yip
    Christy Yip / 6-6-2013 / ·

    is dinner ready:) lol

  287. Wen
    Wen / 6-6-2013 / ·

    Finish your education before anything else

  288. Kristin Boyd
    Kristin Boyd / 6-7-2013 / ·

    Huh, I didn’t hear you

  289. Cynthia Lorish
    Cynthia Lorish / 6-7-2013 / ·

    When I was little and had a boo boo or a bad day, he’d say “It’ll be all better before you get married.” And of course, it always was.

  290. Sue
    Sue / 6-7-2013 / ·

    Sweet gift if win

  291. Andrea
    Andrea / 6-7-2013 / ·

    not sure if this is open to Canada or not but just in case:

    He used to say “Do as I say, not as I do”. He passed away a few years ago, miss him daily.

  292. Erin Johnson-pina
    Erin Johnson-pina / 6-7-2013 / ·

    You NEVER fail UNTIL you stop TRYING

  293. Liz
    Liz / 6-7-2013 / ·

    “You sure about that? Huh.”

  294. alyce poalillo
    alyce poalillo / 6-7-2013 / ·

    been many years ago now but whenever asked where anything was his response was always “down the road a piece”

  295. jeevon kay
    jeevon kay / 6-7-2013 / ·

    If there’s a will, there’s always a way

  296. tara pittman
    tara pittman / 6-7-2013 / ·

    eat your veggies it will put hair on your chest

  297. Kim Barnes
    Kim Barnes / 6-7-2013 / ·

    My Dad always says well when I was growing up we didn’t have all this new fangled stuff like they have now lol. Gotta love my Daddy.

  298. Barbara S.
    Barbara S. / 6-7-2013 / ·

    I remember my Dad always telling me ” we all have more time then we have money.”

  299. John O.
    John O. / 6-7-2013 / ·

    Because I said so, that’s why.

  300. angela grogan
    angela grogan / 6-7-2013 / ·

    Don’t wish your life away little girl, all too soon you will be grown. Stay my little girl as long as you can!

  301. Shantel Humphrey
    Shantel Humphrey / 6-7-2013 / ·

    Because I said so! lol

  302. Debbie G
    Debbie G / 6-7-2013 / ·

    Love you half pint.

  303. Dennis Grose Jr
    Dennis Grose Jr / 6-7-2013 / ·

    Son always stay true to yourself. Never change your moral or values so someone will like you. If they are going to like you they will like you for who you are or no matter what you do or no matter how you change they will still not like you.

  304. JD HARMON
    JD HARMON / 6-7-2013 / ·


  305. kaitlyn grose
    kaitlyn grose / 6-7-2013 / ·

    come on half pint let’s get our day started

  306. Karen D
    Karen D / 6-7-2013 / ·

    I’m able to sit up and take nourishment.

  307. Glenna De Armond
    Glenna De Armond / 6-7-2013 / ·

    My Father in a very odd mood, Proclaimed “Look I’m tickling my self” (as he ran his fingers across his own belly) & then actually did tickle himself.

  308. Travis Cole
    Travis Cole / 6-7-2013 / ·

    Living with me is like living in a jail? ” You can’t hang your guitar on the wall in jail.”

  309. Maralea
    Maralea / 6-7-2013 / ·

    When we were going ona trip and would ask how much longer it would take to get there, he would always say, “Just over the hill”

  310. Julie B
    Julie B / 6-7-2013 / ·

    Hit the road like a flat toad.

  311. amie boland
    amie boland / 6-7-2013 / ·

    My father passed in 06. I’ll always remember after he got out of the shower he’d stand in the mirror brushing his hair and yell DAMN!!! I would think something was wrong (every time he did it too), I’d say what and he’d say, “I get better looking everyday!” He was silly!!

  312. Ryan
    Ryan / 6-7-2013 / ·

    As kids we would always ask dad when we were going to get there on road trips. He would always say, ‘It’s over the next hill.’ That was his most famous line. And it never was over the next hill. Eventually we just stopped asking him.

  313. Erika
    Erika / 6-7-2013 / ·

    My dad always says “if u fail try, try and try again”

  314. Tinha
    Tinha / 6-7-2013 / ·

    If you shut up and listen to me you will learn something! (I was always talking when I should had been listening!)

  315. Calshondra Williams
    Calshondra Williams / 6-7-2013 / ·

    My dad has passed but I remember him always saying “get whatever you want and I’ll pay for it.” Even in his passing he lived up to his word. Love you DAD and I will forever miss you.

  316. christina brioso
    christina brioso / 6-7-2013 / ·

    my dad was one of those who, whenever one of us started complaining and acting kind of spoiled and bratty, would say “there are kids in Africa who [have no food, no internet, no etc. etc.].” it drove me crazy but it also brought me back down to earth, and taught me how to work hard and appreciate what I have.

  317. Danai
    Danai / 6-7-2013 / ·

    My dad is most known for saying, “hmm.” The inflection he uses with it can mean so many different things and that one simple “hmm” can speak so many words.

  318. chickie brewer
    chickie brewer / 6-7-2013 / ·

    Sometimes when I asked if I could do something he would say,
    I”ll think about”

  319. Tanya Phillips
    Tanya Phillips / 6-7-2013 / ·

    We heard this a lot growing up “When you grow up and have your own furniture, I’m going to come over to your house and jump on it.”

  320. nikki bankert
    nikki bankert / 6-7-2013 / ·

    my dad favorite line was “whatever” i could ask him anything or tell him anything and that would be his response till this day lol.

  321. lisa
    lisa / 6-7-2013 / ·

    “Do I look like mom?”

  322. Marsha Saenz-Jones
    Marsha Saenz-Jones / 6-7-2013 / ·

    “Annunciate and project!” Dad was always a bit hard of hearing and didn’t tolerate mumblers.

  323. Linda Orellano
    Linda Orellano / 6-7-2013 / ·

    Never give up! Because you cant succeed if you dont try.

  324. lori clark
    lori clark / 6-7-2013 / ·

    I’ll give you something to cry about.

  325. conni
    conni / 6-7-2013 / ·

    My dad always said, “I’m going to see a man about a car.” He wouldn’t say horse because I was always begging for one and he loved to tease!

  326. Julie S
    Julie S / 6-7-2013 / ·

    When my husband taught the kids to drive he always told them to treat the brakes like there was an egg underneath. He did not like it when they came to the corner and slammed on the brakes instead of taking it slow and easy as they came to a gradual stop. 20 years later they still remind him of this advice.

  327. Tina Knezevic
    Tina Knezevic / 6-7-2013 / ·

    My father is in heaven but when he was alive he was always ask me “why on earth do you wear so much make-up?” It cracked me up every time. I truly love and miss him dearly. Happy Father’s Day daddy.

  328. hanley wong
    hanley wong / 6-7-2013 / ·

    any girl friends yet?

  329. norma webber
    norma webber / 6-7-2013 / ·

    talk to your mother on this

  330. diana wong
    diana wong / 6-7-2013 / ·

    go to bed, young lady

  331. sonia mayo
    sonia mayo / 6-7-2013 / ·

    some day, a young man will sweep you off your feet and marry you off

  332. clayton wong
    clayton wong / 6-7-2013 / ·

    you have to save for a rainy day

  333. Mario
    Mario / 6-7-2013 / ·


  334. Tammie S
    Tammie S / 6-7-2013 / ·

    “walking ain’t crowded”

  335. Kimberly Schotz
    Kimberly Schotz / 6-7-2013 / ·

    It’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt.

  336. Vy Nguyen
    Vy Nguyen / 6-7-2013 / ·

    “What do you do before a big meal? Go poop. After you eat a big meal? Go poop again. HEHEHE :D” Seriously…. xD

  337. Lucy DiDomenico
    Lucy DiDomenico / 6-7-2013 / ·

    To my mom, he’d say…..”You’re a mighty fine look in’ woman.”

  338. Catherine Ly
    Catherine Ly / 6-7-2013 / ·

    You’re a good kid but sometime you forget.

  339. Rhonda Ungericht
    Rhonda Ungericht / 6-7-2013 / ·

    “pass the mus……terd!”

  340. Grace
    Grace / 6-7-2013 / ·

    “I never complained about that when I was a child…”

  341. Holly
    Holly / 6-7-2013 / ·

    “Ask your mother!”

  342. Jade
    Jade / 6-7-2013 / ·

    I’ll always be proud of you.

  343. Andi Sanders
    Andi Sanders / 6-7-2013 / ·

    “Are you ok? Its just a car. It can be replaced – you can’t!” He never made me feel like anything else was more important than me!

  344. Jennifer Dysart
    Jennifer Dysart / 6-7-2013 / ·

    “Don’t make me tell you again” lol

  345. Christine
    Christine / 6-7-2013 / ·

    “Just stop and think for a minute …!”

  346. ashley
    ashley / 6-7-2013 / ·

    When I was younger my dad would tell me it was time to go to bed and I would say I am not tired to which he would respond, “Close your eyes and pretend to be asleep.” It worked…lol :). Got to love the wisdom of a parent and being a parent!

  347. Curt Ferguson
    Curt Ferguson / 6-8-2013 / ·

    Rent is due so where is my money?

  348. Vanessa
    Vanessa / 6-8-2013 / ·

    I would like too win a special lunch box of mrs fields famous Ono cookie bits too a special man! He has been a perfect roll model for so many different occasions! Like getting your drivers license it takes lot of understanding and patience that a dad for you rite, or when you need someone to help you get ready for you first date/ prom he is right there to get you a new wardrobe yup dads right there.or when you are just craving for something good to eat dad comes to you rescue and the most of it all when you just want a one on one conversation about the good the bad the old and the new daddy is right where you need him and that’s right beside you ๐Ÿ™‚ I love me big brother he is and for evermore a father figure to me, He is a heart of gold from head to toes and will forever be a blessing and that I shall keep in my very own heart and soul happy Father’s Day to my big brother love you #7

  349. Vanessa
    Vanessa / 6-8-2013 / ·

    Here for you simple as it can be! I believe that all fathers of 2013 is anyone you want it to be, and that’s a memory of a life time so here is a father fearless as can be available with possibilities and time in need true as it maybe heaven knows here and now! But either or as it shall be I will forever more remember a true father with so much love for me. Happy Father’s Day too you:-) So I hope and pray you will win a special gift too you from me the fresh and finest famous cookies! Mrs:Fields winning lunch box with bits of bite size, and all you need is a tall glass of milk. The story of this tale is not just my father it’s all fathers around the world, so here and now we all have a father with lot of love and sweet sensational realistically, For you from me daddy dearest a special gift to my kind and caring big brother (Damien jr.K) d:)

  350. Aunty/Sister #7
    Aunty/Sister #7 / 6-8-2013 / ·

    Here is a proud father at this daughters graduation, years ago she went to live miles and miles away with her mother where Vegas baby! Her daddy had to live with that! so everyday and a few minute on the phone with her daddy they shared precious moments story and tales which will last forever can you tell Lol. And the day has come that daughter walks in the path of a new life down this lane with hope and tears that her dad will be right there when she receives her diploma. Wishes has came true a father and daughter has come together once again so if it may I will have to pray that I win the most finest gift of the lunch box of the freshest and finest mrs fields cookies bits and bites,that will start a new journey for daddy’s little girl now a grown up young lady with a blink of an eye. Best of the best lucky $$$ love :)Sister#7!!!!

  351. Jane
    Jane / 6-8-2013 / ·

    “Follow your gut feeling, because all day long I had a feeling I should wash my hands and once I did I won twice on the lotto scratchers”

  352. Angela
    Angela / 6-8-2013 / ·

    When my sisters, brothers and I were younger, I remember my dad would pick his nose and roll his boggers into a ball and would say “Who ever can catch my bogger, I will give them $100 dollars” -my brothers would often be the ones who would try to catch my dad’s boggers ahaha…

  353. Jennifer Scott
    Jennifer Scott / 6-8-2013 / ·

    “work smart, not hard”

  354. Tara Huffman
    Tara Huffman / 6-8-2013 / ·

    “Ah, it will be fine.”

  355. Jayla Morgan
    Jayla Morgan / 6-8-2013 / ·

    A closed mouth don’t get feed . Which means if you want something in life you have to speak up for your self to where you want to be in life.

  356. Jody Rice
    Jody Rice / 6-9-2013 / ·

    I live 700 miles from my dad, whenever I call him no matter what he is doing when I ask “what are you doing?” I get the same reply “talking to you”, he’s too funny same response to that question all these years.

  357. Jane
    Jane / 6-9-2013 / ·

    “Don’t just do the bare minimum, go the extra mile”

  358. Shiloh K
    Shiloh K / 6-9-2013 / ·

    When we were getting too silly at the dinner table he’d say: “Don’t Cross The Line” …………and then we’d always cross it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  359. Sheila Vives
    Sheila Vives / 6-10-2013 / ·

    “When a boy picks you up for a date, you need to make him come inside to meet us, not just sit outside and honk. That is disrespectful”

  360. amy bishop
    amy bishop / 6-11-2013 / ·

    When I would “act up” he would say: Do I have to count to ten ? Please don’t make me count to ten

  361. edwin c
    edwin c / 6-12-2013 / ·

    he’d say, don’t be afraid to ask for seconds, especially when it comes to chocolate chip cookies

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