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  1. rhonda granquist
    rhonda granquist / 3-22-2013 / ·

    Sunday: Stake Conference. A certain young couple left the Sunday meeting. My husband just happened to see them leave. When we got home, he called their apartment and left a message on their voice mail saying he was the Stake President and he saw them leave early. He wanted to know why they had left. (This was before caller I.D.) This young couple was pretty mad! I turned out to be pretty funny when the young couple realized it was my husband and NOT the Stake President!

  2. Amber Preer
    Amber Preer / 3-22-2013 / ·

    Me and my mother were out shopping and when we got home it was dark, there wasn’t any light on in the house or outside. When we unlocked the door my father jumped from around the corner and both my mother and I screamed. My father was on the ground laughing. I will never forget that.

  3. Robin Pullen
    Robin Pullen / 3-22-2013 / ·

    4 years ago I had my pregnant friend pee on a stick so I could surprise/scare my fiancee…well it was a double pack and I decided to pee on the extra one (yea bored) and turned out I was pregnant!!

  4. Linda Poplees
    Linda Poplees / 3-22-2013 / ·

    when I was in college, two friends made chocolate chip cookies. They brought it around the dorm, I took two. We all came down with dysentery and we ran out of toilet paper. Weeks later we found out the cookies had ex-lax in them. We took their beds out of their rooms and hid them by the vending machines. We all laughed later.

  5. Adina Clarke
    Adina Clarke / 3-22-2013 / ·

    The best prank I did was chose that day to tell my mom I was pregnant. She didn’t believe me thinking I was April Fooling her. She felt so duh when she realized I wasn’t lol.

  6. Barbara Mayes
    Barbara Mayes / 3-22-2013 / ·

    One time, I put a baby monitor under the couch where my husband sits, and made random noises..Rofl! He was pretty confused!

  7. Carla Truett
    Carla Truett / 3-22-2013 / ·

    my husband hid in an old washer in the shed. When his brother came over to look at some appliances we had for sale, he lifted the lid and got the surprise of his life!

  8. Tracy Stuhler
    Tracy Stuhler / 3-22-2013 / ·

    One year I removed the shower head , inserted a chicken bouillon cube, and then replaeced the shower head. After a few minutes of my hubby in the shower all you heard was him yelling and freaking out!! It was hilarious!!

  9. ToCo
    ToCo / 3-22-2013 / ·

    Those weren’t chocolate chips! …I’ll leave it at that…lol

  10. Kali Hees
    Kali Hees / 3-22-2013 / ·

    Best prank my mom ever thought she pulled was on one April Fool’s day when I was about 12, when she came to wake me up for school she said, “It is a snow day, no school!” Then went back to doing her morning routine. I think she thought I was going to get up and look out the window, instead I believed her and rolled over and went back to sleep. Needless to say I was late to school that day because I missed the bus and mom was not so happy she had to drive me!

  11. James Kennedy
    James Kennedy / 3-22-2013 / ·

    We had a new bartender working at a restaurant /bar I worked at. For an April Fool’s day prank we took one of our heavy glass beer mugs and spread some silicone lubricant on it. This stuff was so slippery. I handed him the mug and he took hold of it but it was impossible to hold on to. It slipped out of his hands and crashed to the floor. The look on his face was priceless and everyone, including him, had a good laugh.

  12. marcie
    marcie / 3-22-2013 / ·

    Our senior class prank was epic. We got to school early and went to every room to put a small piece of masking tape on the sensor of all the computer mice. We then watched as our teachers struggled to get each different mouse to work. A lot of teachers threw them on the floor in frustration and we definitely heard some saucy language.

  13. Joanne
    Joanne / 3-22-2013 / ·

    On year I took my brother’s car and left it a block a way. Then I went in the house and acted surprised that he was home because I didn’t see he car. He was puzzled so he went outside and didn’t see his car. At first he said what did you do and then looked down the street and then panic set in!. He then started flipping out and was ready to call police. As soon as I told him he didn’t think it was that funny and chased me around the block! We do laugh about it now!

  14. Valerie
    Valerie / 3-22-2013 / ·

    One year when I was little, my Dad called my mom with a fake accent and told her she won a car. He said it would be delivered the next day. He came home that night and told her it was probably a scam or April Fool’s joke. The next morning the new car he had bought was parked in our driveway!! Silly, but, she loved it. lol

  15. Bryan Anderson
    Bryan Anderson / 3-23-2013 / ·

    When Life Gives You Lemons. Buy a box of Life cereal. Take out the bag with the cereal. Put lemons into the empty box. Leave a note at the bottom saying, “Make Lemonade.”

  16. Gianna
    Gianna / 3-23-2013 / ·

    Saran wrap over the toilet seat!

  17. Stefanie
    Stefanie / 3-24-2013 / ·

    Growing up, my mom always had her favorite cookie jar, shaped like a bunny from Mrs. Fields. She kept it out year round and we always loved when she would stock it with treats. One year for April Fools, I made it look like the cookie jar had been broken and taped it up and put on a sad face when my mom got home from work. She said she understood accidents happen, but I could still see on her face how sad she was that us kids broke her favorite cookie jar. When we all blurted out “April Fools” to her, we all just laughed and she said it was the biggest prank ever. Now everytime we get cookies from the jar we all put on a little smile as we remember the prank of that year.

  18. Jennifer Benson
    Jennifer Benson / 3-25-2013 / ·


  19. Ttrockwood
    Ttrockwood / 3-26-2013 / ·

    Its actually kind of mean, but every year i call on april 1st and tell my mom i’m pregnant! (Single and not involved with anyone)
    And every single year it gets her!!

  20. Ellen Lew
    Ellen Lew / 3-27-2013 / ·

    Computer Prank

    I work in an office with a bunch of computer geeks and my boss office is next door to me. I heard a belching noise and I looked at my boss thinking it came from her then I heard a fart and I thought Wow! the McDonalds hamburger or Ivars clam chowder soup must not have agreed with her. The belching and fart noise got louder and louder and I ask the boss what is going on and my boss thought the noise was coming from me. So we looked around the office to see where it was coming from then it dawn on my boss that one of the computer geeks upstair is up to one of his practical jokes and she called him and he said April Fools! The computer geek installed a software program in the computer to make that noise.

  21. Tammy
    Tammy / 3-27-2013 / ·

    My co-worker and I played a prank on our boss who was always playing pranks on us and everyone else. He is blind…we dropped cinnamon candy in his coffee all the time but one day we decided to spray cool whip on the phone receiver then called him from the back room. Everyone got a great laugh at the cool whip on his face and in his ear, until we realized we ruined the phone!! LOL

  22. Lynn
    Lynn / 3-28-2013 / ·

    One time my friend was selling his car on craigslist, I was chatting with him online. So I had my roommate call about his post asking silly questions. The whole time he was messaging me about how someone was prank calling him about the car and how he was going to get them because they didn’t use caller ID. oops on our part…but we had a good laugh.

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