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  1. Karen
    Karen / 2-20-2013 / ·

    Sounds delicious! On the nougat layer, is that 1/4 can of evaporated milk or 1/4 cup? It doesn’t specify.

  2. Elsie Paroz
    Elsie Paroz / 2-20-2013 / ·

    I wanted to print off this recipe so I can make it later but it would not print. Awhile back I had put recipes in my computer to save then got a virus and everything was wiped out. That is why I like to print off special recipes, Is this possible to get this recipe for the Homemade Candy Bars??

  3. Georgiana Husni
    Georgiana Husni / 6-3-2013 / ·

    Marshmallow probably came first into being as a medicinal substance, since the mucilaginous extracts comes from the root of the marshmallow plant, Althaea officinalis, which were used as a remedy for sore throats. Concoctions of other parts of the marshmallow plant had medical purposes as well.^*;.

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