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  1. Soncerae d Lewis
    Soncerae d Lewis at

    Over 2000

  2. Alissa Moan
    Alissa Moan at

    1 billion!

  3. Oanh H.
    Oanh H. at

    1 billion

  4. Ria R
    Ria R at

    Approximately 1 billion

  5. Randy Williams
    Randy Williams at

    Approximately 1 billion

  6. kenny atchison
    kenny atchison at

    1 billion

  7. Tish
    Tish at

    1 billion valentines cards are sent each year.

  8. Kelly Porterfield
    Kelly Porterfield at

    Approximately 1 billion

  9. Susan V
    Susan V at

    Approximately 1 billion.

  10. paul laufer
    paul laufer at

    It is Approximately One Billion. This does not take into account e cards which are growing each year!!!

  11. max Brown
    max Brown at

    Approx. 1 Billion

  12. Tara Benvin
    Tara Benvin at

    around 1 billion 🙂


  13. Briana O'Halloran
    Briana O'Halloran at

    approximately 1 billion!

  14. Sheila
    Sheila at

    about one billion! 🙂

  15. Pj Richa
    Pj Richa at

    Approx 1 billion

  16. Stephanie
    Stephanie at

    Approximately One Billion! <3

  17. sherri welsh
    sherri welsh at

    Around 1 billion

  18. Shannon Schulte
    Shannon Schulte at

    Almost 1 billion!

  19. Diana Devlin
    Diana Devlin at

    Approx. 1 Billion!! Happy Valentine’s Day, Mrs. Fields!

  20. Debbie P
    Debbie P at

    approximately 1 billion

    Thanks! 🙂

  21. Omar M.
    Omar M. at

    A Billion

  22. Amber Preer
    Amber Preer at

    1 billion

  23. christina w.
    christina w. at

    one billion

  24. debi affrunti
    debi affrunti at

    Approximately 1 billion

  25. Kaitlyn Grose
    Kaitlyn Grose at

    around 1 billion

  26. nallely segura
    nallely segura at

    about 1.5 billion

  27. ronda garnett
    ronda garnett at

    Approx 1 billion

  28. JD Harmon
    JD Harmon at


  29. Christine
    Christine at

    1 Billion 🙂

  30. Calshondra Williams
    Calshondra Williams at

    Approximately 1 billion!

  31. Angela Grogan
    Angela Grogan at

    1 billion

  32. Dennis Grose
    Dennis Grose at

    Approx 1 billion are sent each year…Now that’s alot of Valentines!!!! 🙂

  33. Martha Cruz
    Martha Cruz at

    1 Billion

  34. Leslie H
    Leslie H at

    about 1 billion

  35. Reginald Johnson
    Reginald Johnson at

    1,000,000,000 cards sent every year!

  36. Robin Pescador
    Robin Pescador at

    1 billion are sent each year

  37. Carey Parks
    Carey Parks at

    a billion

  38. Travis Cole
    Travis Cole at

    Approximately one billion

  39. Terri P
    Terri P at

    Approximately 1 billion!!!

  40. frank perla
    frank perla at

    Over 5 million

  41. Jennifer Scott
    Jennifer Scott at

    1 billion

  42. Daisy Haffner
    Daisy Haffner at

    1 billion

  43. Mike Lee
    Mike Lee at

    an estimated 1 billion.

  44. Poppy Mae Cook
    Poppy Mae Cook at

    1 billion! (roughly)

  45. Mel F
    Mel F at

    1 billion. Happy V-day!

  46. John
    John at

    Around a billion

  47. Toby
    Toby at

    Approx. a billion are sent! <3

  48. Polly Hall
    Polly Hall at

    Wikipedia, says approximately 190 million & Wiki says 1 Billion

  49. Ann narramore
    Ann narramore at

    I love your cookies and do does my son. I am a young 25 year old single mom. Doing everything for my son. On my won and I cant always give him what he wants. And he love your cookie too we are on one of your stores as much as I can take him with my friends. And we both would love to have a great cookie bye the beat cookie place in town for a late v day gift for my son

  50. Kira Chatterton
    Kira Chatterton at

    36 million

  51. amie boland
    amie boland at

    It’s approximately one billion valentines are sent each year worldwide.

  52. Mikki Bruce
    Mikki Bruce at

    Approximately 1 billion! That’s a lot of cards!

  53. Kellie Kluger
    Kellie Kluger at

    approximately 1 billion


    1 billion!! If only they were cookies! <3

  55. Lennyg
    Lennyg at

    The Greeting Card Association estimates that approximately one billion valentine cards are sent world-wide each year.

  56. Vola Christina
    Vola Christina at

    I think approximately one billion Valentine cards are sent world-wide each year, because Valentine’s Day the second largest card-sending holiday of the year behind Christmas:)

  57. teresa harvey
    teresa harvey at

    about a billion

  58. Jennifer Young
    Jennifer Young at

    one billion

  59. beth
    beth at

    1 billion

  60. Carol ONeil
    Carol ONeil at

    1 Billion

  61. Amy Casey
    Amy Casey at

    Approximately 1 billion!! 🙂 🙂

  62. paula skeans
    paula skeans at

    1 billion

  63. Frank Bragg
    Frank Bragg at

    1 billion

  64. Leslie
    Leslie at

    Approximately 1 billion!!! Wow that’s a lot of love 🙂

  65. Lorri Henseler
    Lorri Henseler at

    approximately one billion

  66. karen andrews
    karen andrews at

    1 Billion

  67. Terri champion
    Terri champion at

    Approx 1 billion.

  68. Liz
    Liz at

    approximately 1 billion!

  69. Lee Parsons
    Lee Parsons at

    Approximately 1 billion.

  70. Noopur Kesarwani
    Noopur Kesarwani at

    1 billion approx

  71. Lorri Henseler
    Lorri Henseler at

    Approximately 1 Billion

  72. Nicole Shaffer
    Nicole Shaffer at

    There are approximately one billion cards sent for Valentine’s Day each year

  73. Cheryl M
    Cheryl M at

    Around 1 billion.

  74. barbra patrick
    barbra patrick at

    1 billion

  75. Lorri Henseler
    Lorri Henseler at

    Approximately 1 Billion.

  76. Dena Xie
    Dena Xie at

    1 billion. Valentine’s Day is the second largest card-sending holiday of the year

  77. Kari Judd
    Kari Judd at

    Over 1 Billion Valentine Cards!

  78. Dara
    Dara at

    approximately 1 billion!!!!!

  79. Amanda Rosario
    Amanda Rosario at

    Approx 1 billion

  80. arika orta
    arika orta at

    1 billion

  81. Donna Armeli
    Donna Armeli at

    approx. 1 billion!

  82. Julie
    Julie at

    Around 1 billion!

  83. elizabeth f.
    elizabeth f. at

    About a billion. That’s a lot of cards!

  84. marcie
    marcie at

    1 billion

  85. Gina O
    Gina O at

    Approximately 1 Billion Valentines.

  86. Andrea Darst
    Andrea Darst at

    one billion

  87. William Walsh
    William Walsh at

    Approximately 1 billion

  88. Kathleen Walsh
    Kathleen Walsh at

    Approximately 1 billion

  89. Barbara Hoffmann
    Barbara Hoffmann at

    About 1 billion

  90. Linn T
    Linn T at

    1 billion Valentine’s Day cards are sent each year

  91. Shannon Parmeter
    Shannon Parmeter at

    About 1 billion!!

  92. Penny McPherson
    Penny McPherson at

    Approximately 1 Billion

  93. Amanda
    Amanda at

    About 1 billion..

  94. Jessica
    Jessica at

    Approximately 1 billion <3

  95. Cathy Coibion
    Cathy Coibion at

    Approximately 1 billion!!! That is awesome!

  96. Jack
    Jack at

    a billion – wow!

  97. Angel Rodriguez
    Angel Rodriguez at

    1 billion

  98. Andria
    Andria at

    Approximately 1 billion cards

  99. evan noble
    evan noble at

    1 billion!!!

  100. Crystal Lamb
    Crystal Lamb at

    1 billion

  101. Mystogan
    Mystogan at

    about 1 billion

  102. Carol
    Carol at

    1 billion!!

  103. hannia guerrero
    hannia guerrero at

    1 billion

  104. Azalia Gonzalez
    Azalia Gonzalez at

    One billion

  105. David
    David at

    Approximately 1 Billion

  106. Denise Murphy
    Denise Murphy at

    A billion

  107. Lauryn
    Lauryn at

    Approx. 1 billion.

  108. marie walker
    marie walker at

    Approximately 1 Billion!!

  109. Natalie J Vandenberghe
    Natalie J Vandenberghe at

    approx one billion!

  110. Amber Bigelow
    Amber Bigelow at

    About 1 billion

  111. Nancy
    Nancy at

    Wow, one billion. Would never have thought many!

  112. Charitys
    Charitys at

    1 Billion

  113. Beth
    Beth at

    One billion (Wowsa!)

  114. Beverly J
    Beverly J at

    approximately one billion cards are sent each year

  115. Lindsey M
    Lindsey M at

    Approximately 999,999 🙂

  116. Debbie G.
    Debbie G. at

    1 million!

  117. Angela Akinniyi
    Angela Akinniyi at

    Approximately 1 Billion.

  118. Brianne S
    Brianne S at

    1 billion world wide,

  119. Alexandra Pitcher
    Alexandra Pitcher at

    Approximately One Billion; that’s a lot of cards!!

  120. Beverly Altuzarra
    Beverly Altuzarra at

    I would have to say closer to 1.5 Billion.

  121. Jill Ed
    Jill Ed at

    Approximately 1 Billion

  122. Noel
    Noel at

    OMG, 1 billion

  123. Barbara Long
    Barbara Long at

    Approximately 1 billion Valentine’s Day cards.

  124. Bo
    Bo at

    Approximately 190 million valentines are sent each year in the US. When you include the valentine-exchange cards made in school activities the figure goes up to 1 billion!

  125. Melissa Marcum
    Melissa Marcum at

    One Billion

  126. Leigh Nichols
    Leigh Nichols at

    Approximately 1 Billion

  127. Carol Farr
    Carol Farr at

    one billion

  128. Danny W.
    Danny W. at

    approximately 1 billion

  129. Suzanne Drews
    Suzanne Drews at

    ~ So so so many, approx. 1,000,000,000 Valentines are sent every year; more than I will ever receive and send and more than the amount of Mrs. Fields cookies I will eat in a lifetime, maybe not!

  130. Barbara S.
    Barbara S. at


  131. Mario B.
    Mario B. at

    1 Billion estimated.

  132. Karen Su
    Karen Su at

    One billions

  133. C. LOHRKE
    C. LOHRKE at

    about 1 billion world-wide

  134. Em Robin
    Em Robin at

    Approximately 1 billion.

  135. Lisa Patton
    Lisa Patton at

    I would guess 1billion

  136. Christa
    Christa at

    1 billion

  137. Anissa j.
    Anissa j. at

    About 1 billion!

  138. kelli erholm
    kelli erholm at


  139. Sara C.
    Sara C. at

    I billion

  140. Lucy
    Lucy at


  141. Jonathan Ammons
    Jonathan Ammons at


  142. Susan Christy
    Susan Christy at

    Approx one billion – that is surprising!

  143. Debbie Smith
    Debbie Smith at

    1 billion!

  144. Jenn Fields
    Jenn Fields at

    Around 1 billion 🙂

  145. Andrea McDonough
    Andrea McDonough at

    Approximately 1 billion 🙂

  146. Georgina N
    Georgina N at

    One Billion!!

  147. laura
    laura at

    1 billion

  148. alyce poalillo
    alyce poalillo at

    about 1 billion cards are sent

  149. Dash
    Dash at

    1 billion

  150. gala
    gala at

    about 1 billion

  151. Connie Y
    Connie Y at

    1 Billion

  152. mary meyer
    mary meyer at

    One billion

  153. Ellen B
    Ellen B at

    one billion

  154. Ashley Vazquez
    Ashley Vazquez at

    1 billion

  155. Valerie L
    Valerie L at

    one billion

  156. Margaret Kamio
    Margaret Kamio at

    Aprroximately one billion ( including mine)

  157. Julie Her
    Julie Her at

    1 billion

  158. Kimberly snyder
    Kimberly snyder at

    158 million

  159. Kimberly snyder
    Kimberly snyder at

    sorry, 150 million correcting above

  160. Anastasia
    Anastasia at

    Approximately one billion valentine cards are sent world-wide each year 🙂

  161. katie h.
    katie h. at

    one billion

  162. Ed
    Ed at

    One billion

  163. Svitlana Lozovskaya
    Svitlana Lozovskaya at

    One billion!!!

  164. Janice
    Janice at

    1 billion

  165. Susan Smith
    Susan Smith at

    1 billion

  166. Carol Meyers
    Carol Meyers at

    One Billion!

  167. merri matalon
    merri matalon at

    One billion

  168. Tamara B.
    Tamara B. at

    Happy Valentine’s Day to all and wishing it be filled with much love!
    Answer: One billion

  169. Jill Waldren
    Jill Waldren at

    1 Billion!

  170. tina swineford
    tina swineford at

    One Billion!

  171. phillip smith
    phillip smith at

    1 billion

  172. Ellen Lew
    Ellen Lew at

    one billion

  173. Gary Ferguson
    Gary Ferguson at

    One billion

  174. Maureen
    Maureen at

    Today, according to the Greeting Card Association, an estimated 1 billion Valentine’s Day cards are sent each year, making Valentine’s Day the second largest card-sending holiday of the year.

  175. heather kline
    heather kline at

    Aprroximately one billion

  176. Crystal Young
    Crystal Young at

    1 Billion

  177. Glenn Croman
    Glenn Croman at

    One Billion

  178. McHale Mansfield
    McHale Mansfield at

    1 billion valentines cards are sent each year…awwwww!

  179. Krystal Ross
    Krystal Ross at

    Approximately one billion worldwide.

  180. Brad Goodrich
    Brad Goodrich at

    Approx. 1 billion annually across this great globe! No wonder there are so many Hallmarks!

  181. Melody Pearson
    Melody Pearson at

    1 Billion

  182. Emily
    Emily at


  183. David Haug
    David Haug at

    A billion-1,000,000,000

  184. Brenna
    Brenna at

    Approximately 1 billion.
    OMGosh, I freaking LOVE Mrs. Fields cookies!! I haven’t had one for about 7 years. :/ 🙂

  185. Laura Hattabaugh
    Laura Hattabaugh at

    one billion

  186. HEATHER
    HEATHER at


  187. raishel hall
    raishel hall at

    approx. 1 billion 🙂

  188. Kathy K.
    Kathy K. at

    One billion

  189. Janice K.
    Janice K. at

    One billion

  190. Betsy Meyerson-Butler
    Betsy Meyerson-Butler at

    One Billion

  191. Tia
    Tia at

    one billion

  192. Stefanie
    Stefanie at

    One billion

  193. Lisa Spitz
    Lisa Spitz at

    One billion

  194. Kathleen Gereg
    Kathleen Gereg at

    approx 1 billion

  195. kathryn blankenship
    kathryn blankenship at

    10 million

  196. Eletha Owens
    Eletha Owens at

    Approximately 1 billion cards

  197. Wen
    Wen at

    one billion

  198. Kate F.
    Kate F. at

    Approximately one billion Valentine’s Day cards are sent each year.

  199. Conrad Kovash
    Conrad Kovash at

    How many Valentine’s Day cards are sent each year? Well 1 Billion should be the answer minus 1 this year as I did not send one this year.

  200. Amanda
    Amanda at

    1 billion!

  201. April Martin
    April Martin at

    One billion! <3

  202. Jennifer Dysart
    Jennifer Dysart at

    About 1 billion!

  203. brittany carpenter
    brittany carpenter at

    1 billion

  204. phyllis
    phyllis at

    one billion

  205. Alea Shinn
    Alea Shinn at

    Over 1 billion!

  206. Jennifer
    Jennifer at

    1 Billion

  207. Charlotte LeBlanc
    Charlotte LeBlanc at

    1 billion

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