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  1. Roxann
    Roxann / 2-4-2013 / ·

    Having dinner with a certain someone at red lobster. The food was horrible conversation bad and I just knew he was not the one for me but had no way to escape. What a looooong night.

  2. CES-Wynn Girl
    CES-Wynn Girl / 2-4-2013 / ·

    I went on a date w/ a guy I knew from school. Turns out he was the epitome of what the word douche bag meant. I mean if you look up the definition of douche bag, you’d see his face w/ two thumbs up. I thought he was cool, funny guy at school but, I guess when he spent a few dollars on our date he felt the need to be condescending and rude.

    made the date even worse is his car broke down so, I had to put up w/ the loser for an

  3. CES-Wynn Girl
    CES-Wynn Girl / 2-4-2013 / ·

    What made the date even worse than it was is that his car broke down so, I had to put up w/ the loser for an hour and a half until AAA came to tow. Needless to say I learned a valuable lesson. Never date former classmates and NEVER go out w/o enough money for a cab.

  4. Liz
    Liz / 2-4-2013 / ·

    I went on date with a guy I barely knew in college. He asked me for coffee one day when we were sharing an elevator. I said sure, thinking it would be fun. The date was super awkward, I felt like we had no chemistry and were both struggling to find anything to talk about. I mean he was perfectly nice, but I felt like our conversation was just long pauses punctuated by stiltedly asking about how our classes were going. I was so relieved when I was out of beverage and could politely make my exit. I assumed that we were both on the same page that we were not compatible, and could go back to being classmates who said hello when passing each other in the halls. However I was horrified to see that later that day he posted on Facebook “I think I’m in love…..” While it is conceivable that he had a string of coffee dates with various ladies that day, and could have been talking about someone else, I somehow doubt it. I had no idea how we had been to the same date and come away with such wildly different feelings. The last thing I expected when I said yes to coffee was that I might have to break someone’s heart.

  5. Carol
    Carol / 2-4-2013 / ·

    My worst date was when I was 33 and just moved downtown. I met a guy online and we decided to get drinks then go to dinner. After 2 glasses of wine we started walking to the restaurant when I realized I was walking alone–he had stopped to urinate in the street. Yup, he just started urinating and exposing himself in public. Needless to say I feigned a stomach flu and never spoke to him again.

  6. Amber Bigelow
    Amber Bigelow / 2-4-2013 / ·

    My worst date was in october I went out with a guy I graduated high school with. I went on the date with him even though I knew he was a jerk back in school I thought maybe he could have grown up since high school. But I was wrong! He picked on me the whole date since I walked out of my house. I made him some chocolate chip cookies and he yelled at me I am not going to eat them now and told me to hold on to them. Then he asked me if I brought an umbrella since it was raining out. I said no its only water. He told me since what I was wearing would be screaming look out my chest since I was wearing a yellow and white shirt even though I had another shirt on underneath it. Once the car was parked we got out and he told me to run across the street I told him no I am in flip flops and I can’t run in. Once we entered the movie theater he never asked me if I wanted popcorn or something to drink. Once we got in the theater he told me since I looked and smelled nice I was trying to impress other guys. I told him I always smell and look nice its how I am. Once the movie was over we started talking as we where leaving the theater and he told me he wasn’t going to hold my hand or put his arm around me since I look 14 and it is embrassing. We are the same age and know each other and he is telling me its embrassing. I was never more hurt and embrassed in my life. I never went out with him or talked to him after that night.

  7. Katherine Briggs
    Katherine Briggs / 2-4-2013 / ·

    First date was a trip to his friends house to watch football…….no thank you!

  8. Alicia Gray
    Alicia Gray / 2-4-2013 / ·

    The worst date that I ever heard of was my best friends. She went on a date with a guy that she had met at work. He seemed like a nice guy until he got a phone call and said he had to “stop at a friends” he ended up doing a drug deal on the way to dinner. Needless to say; she didn’t go out with him again.

  9. Nicki R.
    Nicki R. / 2-4-2013 / ·

    He bragged about his ex-girlfriend all night 🙁

  10. Jill Ed
    Jill Ed / 2-4-2013 / ·

    I’ve had so many. LOL I went on a fix up and I had just broken up with my boyfriend. My friends boyfriend set me up with his friend who looked exactly like my old boyfriend. It was super awkward and really uncomfortable. I had a hard time even looking at him. Poor guy.

  11. Raina Delrio
    Raina Delrio / 2-4-2013 / ·

    My worst date was the Christmas Dance of my sophomore year. I got all dressed up and was excited that my date was a Senior. Shawn showed up to pick me up with his friend, Andy. Andy complimented how nice I looked when they arrived at my house (Shawn didn’t utter two words). We made our way to the dance, where Shawn, Andy and I seated ourselves at a table (Andy’s date arrived later and joined us). The whole night Shawn kept disappearing. Come to find out, he was picking up other chicks at the dance! I demanded he drive me home, and dumped him that same night!

  12. Leslie
    Leslie / 2-4-2013 / ·

    ALL OF THEM….. I finally gave up! They all were boring & absolutely no chemistry! Anyone I’ve had a great connection with was already attached, so just friends it is. Maybe one day but until than there’s always mrs. fields goodies to fill the void.

  13. annie scalise
    annie scalise / 2-4-2013 / ·

    My worst date ever I was sixteen and saw this guy pumping my sisters gas. I said he is cute so my sister and her friend got out of the car and told him That I thought he was cute next thing you know we were on a date my mom even liked him too. So he says would you like to see a movie I said sure When we pulled into a drive-in movie I thought ok then the movie started it was a porno drive-in needless to say see ya later Charlie I never wanted to see him again worst date ever!!!!!

  14. Todd B
    Todd B / 2-4-2013 / ·

    First the movie turned out to have a scene about date rape. Then, when we went out for food after, my buddy swore we had enough to cover dinner. Problem was, he couldn’t do math, so we had to get some cash from our dates.

  15. amy guillaume linderman
    amy guillaume linderman / 2-4-2013 / ·

    got pooped on by a bird ON my head while in line outside the restaurant. then, while we were eating, he said “so…if we aren’t going to end up in bed tonite i think i should just take you home” ugh! what a pig!

  16. Toby
    Toby / 2-4-2013 / ·

    The worst is the one that started the whole relationship and brought us together! Why we stayed together for as long as we did is beyond me! I curse that one date that started the ball rolling! lol But I guess you need those bad ones to make you truly appreciate when you have it good! I am now married, happily, with the most wonderful man!

  17. David Haug
    David Haug / 2-4-2013 / ·

    My first date was my worst date. I was extremely nervous. I was 15, she was 16. We went to a movie, and it had graphic sexual innuendo. Then at dinner at a diner, the waitress spilled pasta and pasta sauce all over me, and my white shirt was a big mess. Then I found out I had lost my wallet at the movie theater (later recovered, thank heaven’s) so I tried to borrow money from my date to pay for dinner. She didn’t have enough, so I had to ask the waitress who spilled the pasta and sauce on me if I could use the diner phone-no cell phones back in 1982- to call my dad to bring some money. Luckily he was home, and came up to the diner. My dad drove my date home, and then me. I cried for hours. Then I got teased at school the next school day, as gossip traveled quickly. So on my next date I tucked some emergency money in my shoe.

  18. Kim Stowers
    Kim Stowers / 2-4-2013 / ·

    I was on a blind date in a Casino. The guy was real nice at first. He headed off to buy us drinks after an hour into our date…and he never returned! Worse date ever!!!!

  19. Laura D
    Laura D / 2-4-2013 / ·

    Decided to go out with the former “nerdy” guy from high school. Well he grew up and became a male model. So we met on the beach to go rollerblading. He pulled up in this yellow Ferrari looking thing, (I have no idea what cause I’m not a “car” girl) and proceded to rub it where specks of dirt were. We skated for a bit and people literally stopped to ask him to pose for photos. He agreed as long as they wouldn’t be used for sale without him getting a cut of the money. Geesh- big headed much? The few times he was stopped, he told me to wait out of the way so I wouldn’t be in the picture. Also, plenty of hot model girl types were on the beach and they would slip him their numbers and he’d put it in his pocket. It’s as if I wasn’t even there. Awkward, weird, and grateful I didn’t end up with that guy. I may not have been up to his physical standards but he wasn’t up to my standards of class.

  20. Cindy
    Cindy / 2-4-2013 / ·

    My thigh highs kept falling down _

  21. Kari Judd
    Kari Judd / 2-4-2013 / ·

    When I was fifteen years old my new boyfriend took me by his parents house to meet them, they were having a party with their upper class friends, the boy offered me some finger foods, and some shrimp, which I had never had in my life, so I took a bite, ended up it was raw shrimp, I got really nauseated, he also ate some, after we left his house and drove around for awhile, he bent over to kiss me, and I could smell the shrimp on his breath, I started gagging, needless to say, that was our first and last date!

  22. Madeline Murdoch
    Madeline Murdoch / 2-4-2013 / ·

    Well, I was in my 20’s and my sister and I lived together at the time. He was a blind date. So i figure, why not? Well, my sister goes to the door when the door bell rings and says hi. She turns around to me and shakes her head like no, this is not going to be good. The guy was at the door with a flasher coat on, you know the ones that flashers wear to expose themselves. I could not believe this. We went out to eat and it was ok. Then I told him, I had to go home early as I had to go to work. It was only 8:30 pm. by then. My sister says oh so home so early. I said yes, thank God!

  23. Natalie J Vandenberghe
    Natalie J Vandenberghe / 2-4-2013 / ·

    Maybe this doesn’t count as a date…because, when my guy got to my house to pick me up, he was so drunk–that he spent the rest of the night vomiting! Needless to say, we didn’t go anywhere that night (by the way, I never spent another evening like that again!)

  24. jeannine s
    jeannine s / 2-4-2013 / ·

    I went on a blind date. He was older then me…by at least 15 yrs. Person that set us up forgot to mention that. He was going through a divorce but still living with wife (found that out when he start babbling drunk) . He got drunk…really drunk on our date and had to run to bathroom to throw up. I followed him and waited by the bathroom door to tell him I was leaving and it was nice meeting him. He walked me out to my car and I as I turned around to tell him sorry this wasn’t going to work out he grabbed my hand and put it on his private area that he had pulled out as I was opening the door. I sreamed, jumped in the car and sped away. When I got home I scrubbed my hand for 5mins under hot water.

  25. Tiffany Kinard
    Tiffany Kinard / 2-4-2013 / ·

    My worst date ever was when a guy I was dating said he wanted to take me out for dinner and entertainment.I he said he would pick me up that evening.Well,8 pm came and he knocked on the door and asked if I was ready to go.He took me down to what I thought was his car and come to find out it was best friend’s car.I was ok with a double date.Well, I found out our dinner was going to be at McDonald’s and I decided to let it slide,but when I saw we pulled up in front of a strip club and that was going to be our entertainment..I was horrified!

  26. Rebecca Smith
    Rebecca Smith / 2-4-2013 / ·

    My worst date ever, In October 2001, I was set up on a blind date with a man I worked with. Literally all I knew was his name. I was bugged by my friends because he was such a “nice guy.” I finally agreed, and he and I arranged to meet at a local dive bar, despite the fact I don’t drink. He showed in a fancy white truck, which he told me was his. We played a couple of games of pool, I drank diet cokes, while he slammed back liquor. After about an hour and a half, I decided I wanted to go home and be done with it. However, the guy was to drunk, so I had to drive him home. On the way back to his house, I was pulled over for failure to signal. That is when it went downhill, worse. I found out the guy had an arrest warrant for passing bad checks, and he was arrested right there on the spot. I just went home, thanking God it was over. When I got to work the next day, his boss was asking where he was and where the truck was. I told him where, and he just was so mad..turned out the truck was actually his and the guy’s house wasn’t his, but my “date” was actually his brother in law who lived with him and his wife..close one that was!

  27. May
    May / 2-4-2013 / ·

    Worse date ever would be you are going out and then while on ur way to the **romantic** evening then he gets a call saying emergency emergency come home now! to find out it is a surprise his friend comes to visit him and ruins the day! in the end they hang out and you get out!LOL

  28. Katherine
    Katherine / 2-4-2013 / ·

    My worst date was my first date because I had never been on a date until I was in college and I was so anxious about how to act and everything.

  29. Theresa Wilson
    Theresa Wilson / 2-4-2013 / ·

    Worst date ever was with one of my ex boyfriends who worked day and night in a landscaping company that he owned, and after weeks of trying to get things planned to go out to a nice sit down romantic dinner, he calls from work and says he had to go out of state for a day or two. Go figure. I got all ready and was practically waiting on the front steps for him, and he called to say he was cancelling. Needless to say, the wine bottle had me at hello! 🙂

  30. Jack
    Jack / 2-4-2013 / ·

    I went on a date and this girl checking her cell phone and then she started smoking. I was like, you are not the girl for me. Worst date ever. true story.

  31. Lisa Weidknecht
    Lisa Weidknecht / 2-4-2013 / ·

    He spent a lot of money taking me to Six Flags for the entire day. We had a great time! Such a gentleman, never tried to even hold my hand. When he dropped me off at my house, I thought he was shy when he didn’t try to kiss me. Instead, he informed me he was gay and I just “didn’t do it for him.” Thank God I am married now and no longer have to date anyone!!!

  32. Diane Leavey Wolf
    Diane Leavey Wolf / 2-4-2013 / ·

    First date, he took me out to a pizza place. Bought me a slice of pizza and i got a small cup of WATER! and he spent the rest of the time playing Centipede!!!!

  33. Travis Cole
    Travis Cole / 2-4-2013 / ·

    When I was 16 I went out with a girl who was a few years older than me, She had a ’69 camaro & she always wanted to drink everytime she picked me up & then never fail the police would find us & I would go to jail for drinking as a minor & they would let her go everytime & she was drunker than I was, so any date with her was my worst date ever, after awhile I got tired of going to jail & broke up.

  34. Linda Poplees
    Linda Poplees / 2-4-2013 / ·

    My mom worked for a doctor’s office and kept telling patients about me when I was single. One lady said her son was looking for a nice girl. They both set us up. The guy came over and said let’s take a ride. He took me to a fishing pier in the winter and tried to attack me. I said your mom said you were looking for a nice girl. He said I can’t help what my mom says. He drove me home the whole date took and hour and a half. After that mom never set me up again.

  35. Sharon
    Sharon / 2-4-2013 / ·

    hanging out with someone who thinks it’s a date when we’re just friends… feeling the need to escape and not hurt their feelings!

  36. Julia
    Julia / 2-4-2013 / ·

    About 15 years ago I went out on a friendly date with an ex boyfriend. I was vegetarian at the time. He took me to a steak house restaurant that served mostly meat meals, he had also started smoking and made sure I could smell it. ( I am 100% against smoking) After our 45 minute meal he left me stranded. I had to call my mom to pick me up. It was so embarrassing. I’m not sure what I was thinking going on a date with him after we had split up. He reminded me why we had split up in the first place.

  37. Stephanie V.
    Stephanie V. / 2-4-2013 / ·

    This guy asked me to dinner. Knew he had a good job, drove a nice car, lived in a good neighborhood, and seemed nice so said yes. Wanted to meet me there, which is fine because didn’t know him that well. Anyway, looking at menus he said, “I will pay up to $10, food and drink, for your meal so if you go above that, it’s on you.” Uh, really? I ordered a strong martini for $10 and no food. Drank it, left my own tip, said thank you, and left. He actually called and asked me out again. I said no.

  38. Melinda
    Melinda / 2-4-2013 / ·

    My worst date happened to be my first date ever. When I was in high school I agreed to go to the school dance with a guy that I was friends with but had no romantic desire to be with. I was a freshman and he was a sophomore. When the day came I went out to get my hair done up….. The hair dresser gave me the worst updo I’ve ever seen so I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to get my hair back to normal. Then when we went on the date we went out with one of his friends and his date. I didn’t know either of them and no one wanted to talk to each other. It was super awkward and everytime I tried to get people to talk they would answer with yes or no. I ordered the cheapest thing on the menu and it tasted awful. The other downside was that it took so long to get our food we were 2 hours late to the school dance. When we got there my date didn’t really want to hang out with any of my friends so he got pouty. Then when I was dancing one of my friends stepped on the bottom of my dress and broke both my straps off. Luckly I was able to catch the dress before I flashed anyone and had to go to the bathroom and attempt to pin my straps back on. One of my guy friends offered his jacket to me, which I took because my date didn’t and then my date got pissed. Finally the night was over and my date walked me to my door and asked me to be his girlfriend! What the heck…date from hell and he asks me that! Needless to say…I said no.

  39. jeevon kay
    jeevon kay / 2-4-2013 / ·

    He brought me out for dinner but he kept texting on his cellphone. Then he gave me a a lovely gift but the name on the card is another girl’s name. >.< I never spoke to him again

  40. Lydia Harpe
    Lydia Harpe / 2-4-2013 / ·

    My worst date ever was after this guy Jake and I met through friends. He promised me the standard amazing date, dinner and a movie. Well Jake came and picked me up and brought me instead to a dirty dark bowling alley where we bowled with his friends for two hours. I was the only girl! Afterwards we stopped at a 7 eleven for him to get beer (FOR HIMSELF after he dropped me off at my house). Needless to say, we never went out again.

  41. Vicki Wascher
    Vicki Wascher / 2-4-2013 / ·

    My worst date ever was with a guy I had liked for a long time. We went to a party a friend of his was having. We spent so much time talking about him and his old girlfriend. I ended up leaving and he didn’t even notice till hours later. I had been home for over 3 hours when I got a call from him asking why I had left and when. I told him and he didn’t get it and asked me out again. Said no. Good thing. I have been happily married for over 22 years now.

  42. christina brioso
    christina brioso / 2-4-2013 / ·

    well once i went out to hangout at the mall with my ex boyfriend to help him shop for some close before going to the movies. it was our first and only date and we had not even really known each other well before hand. he was just acting really desperate for some action, but came off as a hormonal little boy trying to act like a man or something. he kept trying to get me to try on clothes for him, like short skirts and dresses, even though i kept saying no, all the while telling me how thin I was and how other girls wished they had my body, blah blah blah. he made comments about us just having to go the beach soon and it was nonstop and pretty obnoxious. He made me so uncomfortable by that and the way he kept trying to buy me stuff even though i kept declining. The real kicker is that towards the end of the date he actually said something along the lines of “yeah, so what was your name again?” the bad date didn’t even end there. after i in make it pretty clear i didnt want to see him again he was texting me nonstop that night saying I had misread his intentions and he was just a lonely guy. yeah right.

  43. Markia
    Markia / 2-4-2013 / ·

    This guy took me to this Carribean restaurant. We were talking and then he seen this girl he knew. He went over and talked to her for the whole time while I sat alone eating my meal. He embraced her and laughed with her. He didn’t even introduce me or anything. He came back to the table and acted like nothing ever happened. Then he had a nerve to ask me if I wanted to go out with him again. : (

  44. brittany carpenter
    brittany carpenter / 2-4-2013 / ·

    worst date ever would def. be going out to eat at a japanease restraunt and the guy didnt have absolutly nothing to talk about and me either, just wasent for each other! so we just sat there eating and staring at the walls. t.v. ect. Lame!

  45. paul laufer
    paul laufer / 2-4-2013 / ·

    Flat tire from a pot hole during a down pour rain storm. Changing the tire in the rain, missing our fancy dinner reservation and ended up eating Chinese take out instead. My dress clothes were ruined from changing the tire in the rain and I was filthy. Defiantly my worst date ever!!!! Don’t worry I made it up to her!!!!

  46. Ray
    Ray / 2-4-2013 / ·

    I agreed to take a girl to prom because her date had backed out on her. My friends asked me if I would. I felt bad for her and agreed to take her. She couldn’t fit her wheelchair into my car so we had to ride in the back of a friends truck. It was Fall and freezing cold. She was standoffish and didn’t want to dance. She told me that I wasn’t doing it right. So, we got our pictures taken. Then she left me hanging. I didn’t want to go to her house for a party with her friends after prom that her parents were having. I had enough. At school the story got twisted and she told everyone that I left her hanging and was mean to her. I had guys wanting to beat me up. Then the kicker is that she got the prom pictures before I could pick them up. So, I didn’t get any of them. I missed a days pay of work and all the money I had to pay to take her to prom including the money for the pictures.

  47. ellen b
    ellen b / 2-4-2013 / ·

    well we were walking down the street to a friends house and he tripped me so that I fell and then laughed – he thought it was so funny – he actually meant to do it – ugh

  48. Katie
    Katie / 2-4-2013 / ·

    Instead of going to senior prom (he didnt want to) we were going on a double date to the movies. When I got to his house I find out that his friend had just been dumped but was still coming to the movies with us (third wheel). I was told my the friends dad that we should keep the PDA to a minimum because he was upset about the breakup. Turns out holding hands is too much PDA. Making things more awkward we bumped into another of his friends at the theater who creeped me out and I had to sit next to him. Aferwards we went to burger king for food. I missed prom to go to a movie with a kid whining over a breakup and sit next to Creepy McCreeperson.

  49. lori clark
    lori clark / 2-4-2013 / ·

    The guy invites me to his house. He lived with his parents for starters. I get there, he answers the door wearing socks with sandals. So help me I am telling the truth. I immediately knew that was it for me, but had hours to go. I had to watch him play video games. Yes, video games. A grown man. Cold pizza for our “dinner.” After all that loveliness, I decide to go at the late hour nine. (heavy sarcasm) I hugged him and thanked him and kind of ran to the door. He hurries towards me, grabs me and proceeds to shove his tongue in my mouth. Literally pecking at me like a bird with it. I felt like I was on candid camera, it was that appalling and unbelievable. I wriggled free, and ran to my car like I was running from fire. I locked my doors as soon as I got in it. And drove. Fast.

  50. Alea
    Alea / 2-4-2013 / ·

    My worst date was my first date I was supposed to go on that they cancelled via instant messaging!! How lame is that. Their excuse was they need to practice their karate more or something along those lines.

  51. Brittany Ramos
    Brittany Ramos / 2-4-2013 / ·

    My last date that I had actually was my worst date. It was the day after Easter last year. It was my second date with a guy that I just met. My idea for our date was to see The Hunger Games movie. After my date came to pick me up, he told me that we were going to watch the TV show The Office. First he took me to this lake. We mostly just walked around for a little bit and then we sat down in front of a tree. We were both quiet at times. After we left the lake, he decided to take me to his house. We did watch a little bit of The Office and then he mostly just wanted to make out with me. This definitely wasn’t what I had planned for our date. I broke up with him a few days later. I told him that I didn’t think that I was the right girl for him.

  52. Lesley
    Lesley / 2-4-2013 / ·

    I met a cute guy in a sandwich shop in my old office building. He asked me out and seemed semi-normal to me. We talked for about two weeks on the phone before we went out. He told me about how he loved classic cars and how he owned 5 sports cars (a little strange since we were 21 at the time.) We finally make a date to go out and he tells me he is going to take me to a Mexican restaurant. He picks me up in an old beater car (which is fine, but he obviously lied about all of his cars) On the way there he tells me it’s loud in this restaurant so he wants to talk to me first. He parked in a Wal-Mart parking lot so we could “people watch” and proceeded to talk for an hour about how he jumped out a friends car when he was drunk and now has a personality disorder because he had brain damage. We never made it to the restaurant. What a weirdo… haha

  53. Elizabeth R.
    Elizabeth R. / 2-5-2013 / ·

    My worst date was when my ex told me he had to confess, he was driving while he was confessing his cheating and lies he had not been working for months n told me he was lie #1 lie #2 going to the clubs all night n saying he had to work overtime lie#3 he was cheating on me with a stripper 🙁 he drove for a good 4hrs n told me he wasnt stopping until I forgave him n I didnt so eventually he stopped in a beach close to Tijuana 🙁 only reason why he confessed was because I found new dressy clothes n shoes in his trunk n a receipt from the strip club WORST DATe EVER

  54. Beth
    Beth / 2-5-2013 / ·

    My worst date was when we were at dinner at a fancy italian restaurant, he somehow thought it would be funny to fling a piece of spaghetti on me, ruining my white top. Then he tried to “Clean it” by attempting to grab a napkin and rub my top, which I was not about to let happen. So of course he suggested we go back to his place so he could wash it for me. I bolted and told him to lose my number.

  55. Cathy Bradford
    Cathy Bradford / 2-5-2013 / ·

    Back in high school my senior year, going out on a blind date and not a word was spoken, could not wait to get home and leave that awful night behind me!

  56. Sarah Hirsch
    Sarah Hirsch / 2-5-2013 / ·

    I met a guy online and decided to meet him in person (in a public place, thankfully). We met up for dinner and I discovered the risk of blind dates! Although, I don’t even know how he was online because he told me he was currently living out of his car (this was before the days of going online with cell phones). I never learned what he normally sounded like, because all night he was talking in different voices…some impressions of celebrities, some just trying to sound goofy. He also had this nervous laugh that kept cropping up – it was an onslaught of strange noises coming from his side of the table. I felt like he had escaped from a psych ward. We didn’t hit it off…

  57. Dorinna Wren
    Dorinna Wren / 2-5-2013 / ·

    Worst date ever…The guy picked me up and instead of dinner went straight to the bar. We played a game of pool which was fun but when I used the bathroom I came out to find him with another woman and he left me there while he left with her.

  58. Cheryl
    Cheryl / 2-5-2013 / ·

    I had been dating a guy for about a month and it was July 4th…so we went to a place to watch the fireworks. I thought we might advance past sitting in the car and watching them and he said…you want to get out of the car and watch them. I said sure…so he jumped up on to the car so that he was sitting on the edge of the car…he said come here (I’m thinking it might turn romantic) and he turned me around so that I was leaning against him as he sat and I stood!! We stayed in that position for 2 hours watching the fireworks. My legs were numb from standing and when it was all over he said ok, I’ll take you home now! That was it???? No dinner, no drinks, no kiss, no NOTHING!! That was our last date!!!

  59. Debbie Q
    Debbie Q / 2-5-2013 / ·

    Went to an outdoor concert on this date that was jammed lawn seating. My date went to buy a T shirt met up with old friends who came back with him and he ended up leaving with one of the female friends. I got a ride back taking a bus. Go figure

  60. Jonathan Ammons
    Jonathan Ammons / 2-5-2013 / ·

    The girl I took out wanted to go to a nice restaurant. So I took her. She stated she needed to go to the ladies room. She was gone for a long time. So I decided to ask a lady to go check on her. While I was waiting, I looked over at the bar and seen my date chatting with her ex-boyfriend. She was all over him. I was used for an opportunity for her to see her ex. I confronted her. She introduces me as a friend at her apartment complex. Really? That’s funny, we had been dating for a month. Just the day before, she was telling me I was the kind of guy she could settle down with.

  61. Deb Cohen
    Deb Cohen / 2-5-2013 / ·

    My worst date ever was a blind date, went out to dinner and during the salad he said’ now i know why I am so comfortable with you, you remind me of my mother, ah check please!

  62. Kristen P
    Kristen P / 2-5-2013 / ·

    When I was 23, my grandmother set me up with a 42 year old man who lived with his mother still. (Red Flag #1) This was my first blind date and my last! When we spoke he said to dress up, which I did to be greeted with him far more casual than I. Then, he asked me what I felt like eating to which I responded Italian, Mexican or Chinese food. We ended up at a diner. Instead of sitting across from me, he sat right next to me and continued to dominate the whole conversation. When it came time to order, he announced it would be “romantic” to split a meal. So, we split a hamburger and fries. not only did he speak with food in his mouth he had lettuce stuck in his teeth and he did not pick up on my subtle hints to get it out of his teeth. Honestly I was ready to go home at this point. However, I was polite and we ended up going to a play. He passed gas throughout the whole evening and kept pointing to an older couple in front of us. At the door I quickly went inside my apartment and thanked him to which he tried to kiss me and ask me out again to which I said, “thank you, but I don’t think that would be a good idea.” I closed the door and vowed not to get mad at my well intentioned grandma, but also to never go on blind dates again.

  63. Monica Steele
    Monica Steele / 2-5-2013 / ·

    My worst date I guess would be when we were driving to dinner, and it was snowing, my boyfriend (at the time), decided it would be fun to swerve all other the road. Then he got mad at ME because I was upset that he was doing that!

  64. Amy
    Amy / 2-5-2013 / ·

    My senior year in high school I went on a first date with an older Air Force boy. He took me to McDonald’s for dinner and then we went back to his apartment where he showed me his collection of guns. It started to snow and when he was taking me home, he hit some sort of road debris and got a flat tire. I had to stand outside while he changed the tire in below zero wind chills. He left the blinkers on and the battery ran down. This was before cell phones, so we had to wait until a police officer cruised by to give us a jump. The policeman had to write me a note telling my parents that I wasn’t lying because I was out after cerfew. I got frostbite in my fingers and toes.

  65. allison
    allison / 2-5-2013 / ·

    While in college, my boyfriend said he wanted to take me to a popular wrestling event that happens where we lived annually. I said no, but the day the date came, not only did we go to the wrestling event, we went with five other guys who were ready to get drunk and stare at and grab the ring girls when given a chance. So, my evening of misery consisted of watching a bunch of guys get hammered, listen to them make comments on how good other girls looked, and see my boyfriend take a chunk of one of the ring girls butt in his hand because she let him. He then preceeded to tell me, I should no be offended. The only consulation for me, I did not have to pay for my beer and had two other guys telling me what an idiot my boyfriend was.

  66. keri
    keri / 2-5-2013 / ·

    The guy tried to take me to a hotel room on a first date then got mad when I wouldn’t sleep with him. At least he was nice enough to go through the drive thru at Burger King before he took me home.

  67. Dianna Thomas
    Dianna Thomas / 2-5-2013 / ·

    I went to dinner on a spring date, it was going ok,I thought. But after dinner,a few drinks–he was smashed. To top it off some jerk ,while on the dance floor stole my purse. I was so upset–I just took a cab home, and never talked to that jerk again. I am so glad,that my momma had told me at a very young age,”Always,always keep mad money in your bra” Ok -mom,I get it now.

  68. Erin Woodard
    Erin Woodard / 2-5-2013 / ·

    Went on a date with a guy I met via a friend. He was so rude. We went to the movies and he walked 10 feet in front of me (like we were not together). He sat a seat away from during the movie and when we walked out..he walked way in front of me again…I was so embarressed.

  69. Sarah Kurtz
    Sarah Kurtz / 2-5-2013 / ·

    My worst date was a first date. He came to pick me up, we drove to the park. Lucky me, I got to watch him play basketball and I got ice cream from an ice cream truck playing Christmas music. I went home and had a drink or two 😉

  70. Martha Balderson
    Martha Balderson / 2-5-2013 / ·

    A guy picked me up and stopped for gas. He then noticed he forgot his wallet and had no gas. He asked if he could borrow $20. Like a fool I gave it to him. Then he took me to the mall to just walk around because he had no money and I wasn’t going to by dinner too. He took me home. No kiss for that jerk. I did not get my $20 back either. A normal person would have stopped home to get his wallet. So I guess he probably planned the whole thing. I was young and stupid. Never happened again.

  71. Marilyn H
    Marilyn H / 2-5-2013 / ·

    I was 15 and had a new boyfriend from a neighboring town. I had a babysitting job and we decided our big date would be for him to meet me at the house where i was working. After the kids were asleep, he and i were in the family room making out. Then, we heard the people come home early. We were so scared, he ran out into their garage! The father took me home in his car and i left my boyfriend there! I had no idea if he could get out and i was scared to death he would be caught. Somehow, he got out of the garage without anyone knowing. I was shaking all the way home and didn’t hear from him until the next day.i still can’t believe that date!

  72. Allie
    Allie / 2-5-2013 / ·

    I was so looking forward to a date with this guy that would always come into the store (PakMail) I worked at (YEARS ago)
    He was so cute and very sweet. After flirting for months, he asked me out!!! I was so excited until it wound up being the worst date ever for me!!
    He picked me up in his POS car that you could not open (to get out) from the passengers side. A bit scary!! Well then it just gets funny!! He takes me to dinner (I paid half) but we were getting along well so I decided to keep the date going. At the end, I agreed to go on another date.
    2nd date was low key, we hung out and walked around the lake at the park near columbine. After that, he suggests we grab some movies and watch at my house. Being that I’d actually chatted with him (in person) for months, I thought why not!!

    Put the “tape” in the VCR and start watching. About 20 minutes or so, my phone rings. I excuse myself and step into the dark kitchen to answer. A few minutes later I can feel someone standing behind me. I turn around and there he is, BUTT NAKED and with a butterfly tattoo on his hip! I asked him to get dressed and leave. WEIRDO!!!!

    Never came to mail anything again!!

  73. KATHY
    KATHY / 2-5-2013 / ·

    My worst date ever was a blind date with the brother in law of a friend.I was a large size woman, but he had me beat. He had an older car and had the front seat almost in the backseat, and took up 2/3 rds of the seat himself …making it a tight fit. We had dinner at my friends and then our date took us to a CB Radio ralley.
    He was a nice guy,but we just didn’t click and I felt terrible about my being prejudice!

  74. Meggan
    Meggan / 2-5-2013 / ·

    Well I met a guy online , Things Seek good. So I figured lets meet. We met at mongolian bbq. We went thru the line and order our food. Hé hurried thru cutting around people, leaving me. I finally join Him and his meal is gone. Here I am trying to catch up. I won’t he tell you the dinner conversation. The check comes and I kindly say let me go half. Hé replies great. Then proceeds to tell me he is having à great time and We should go for a walk but first he needs to go to the bathroom. And while he is doing that, I should go pay the Meter and hands me quarters. Mind you, it was raining. I went to my car and just sat. He found me and I told Him I need to go home. I drove him to his car and said bye. He texted me saying what a great time he had. I reply sorry I didnt think it was. He blocked me, thank goodness. Lol.

  75. Danielle stuckey
    Danielle stuckey / 2-5-2013 / ·

    my worst date was a blind we met at a restaurant and he clearly lied about his age he said he was 35 but in reality was 62OMGI could not believe it I had to excuse myself go to restroom and I left

  76. Erin M.
    Erin M. / 2-5-2013 / ·

    I have two worst dates, and both times I was set up by my friend’s husband. The first worst date was with his friend that he said was very shy. To make a long story short, the guy was all hands and I left 10 minutes into the date. He certainly wasn’t shy. My second worst date ever was with another of his friends that perhaps had never been on a date before. As a matter of fact, I don’t think he ever ate at a restaurant before. We went to Pizza Hut (you are thinking what I was thinking) and we sat down and ordered food. Honestly I don’t remember the meal being awful, or him being bad company. But, after we ate we got up to pay the bill. I had never walked to the cash register with a guy on a date before, but this time it seemed like the right thing to do. There was a person paying in front of us. While waiting the waitress stood behind us. After my date paid for the meal we started walking out and the waitress ran up and asked if she had done anything wrong. I said, “No, everything was fine.” Then she got a sad look on her face. I asked her what was wrong and she told me that my date had not left her a tip. I couldn’t believe it. I could never date someone that didn’t leave a tip. Imagine if he didn’t tip at Pizza Hut….he would have died to know what a tip at a good restaurant was. That was the last time I ever saw him. Those were my two worst dates. Mr. Hands and Mr. I Didn’t Know I Had to Tip.

  77. Austen
    Austen / 2-6-2013 / ·

    Okay so about 3 years ago i met this guy through a friend of mine…we talked for a few months before he finally got the nerve to ask me out on a date he was really sweet about it had flowers and opened the door complimented me that sort of thing…we went to this habachi restaurant (ive never had that before) and we spent about an hr just chatting and things before we even ordered he kept…delaying the date it seemed which was fine everything was going great come to find out we went there cus his ex worked there and he kept delayin the date cus she wasnt off of her shift yet and wanted to rub it in her face that HE had a date for vday it was the most uncomfortable feeling ever i was so embarrassed

  78. rochelle haynes
    rochelle haynes / 2-6-2013 / ·


  79. Stefanie Tomlinson
    Stefanie Tomlinson / 2-6-2013 / ·

    My 9th grade social – I offered to pay for my date’s dinner. He must have been offended because when we got to the dance, he informed me I had to find my own ride home!

  80. Andrew G
    Andrew G / 2-6-2013 / ·

    Worst date ever? I haven’t had a bad date. There is good in every moment we live.

  81. Carol
    Carol / 2-6-2013 / ·

    Hands down, my worst date was with a man who got so drunk at dinner he couldn’t drive home. I offered him a lift even though I couldn’t stand him, and he ended up vomiting and urinating on the drive home. As if that wasn’t bad enough, he actually called me the next day not to say thank you or even apologize, but to see if I still had his doggy bag from the restaurant. I fed his leftovers to my dog and never saw him again!

  82. David
    David / 2-6-2013 / ·

    Worst date? I met a lady on-line and after several months of talking over the net and talking on the phone, we finally agreed to meet in person…at an outdoor concert.
    I guess she wasn’t impressed with me once we met, because she “disappeared” into the crowd leaving me behind.
    Eventually, I left and I never heard from her again.

  83. Kristen
    Kristen / 2-6-2013 / ·

    It was actually with my husband! It was my birthday and I was 38 1/2 weeks pregnant with our 2nd child. We rarely got time away but my parents were watching our oldest for just a few hours. I think we had maybe 3 hours for our date. We only had 1 car at the time and he worked 40+ hours a week (in his defense of this….). So…..we loaded up and he took me to…get the stinking oil changed. THEN the place forgot the cap and spilled all our oil almost totalling the car. Our ONLY car. Then it took them awhile to fix it. By the time it was over we had time for Taco Bell….drive thru.

  84. jessica witt
    jessica witt / 2-6-2013 / ·

    My worst date was actually a vday date. We had been talking fir a couple weeks and had decided we were gonna go bowling. Instead we ended up going to his cousins house, who smelked by the way, and watching wrestling. Then afterwards he tried to get in my pants and I said no so he got mad and had his cousin take me home.

  85. Martha Cruz
    Martha Cruz / 2-6-2013 / ·

    my worst date was with this guy he picked me up then we went his friends house who i didn’t even know. . then him & his friend decide to run to the store dont know why but left me there with the mans wife & kids. needless to say he shows back up 2 hours later. I made him take me home. told him never call me again. I had to go & buy my own dinner cause of some lame guy. never heard from him again.

  86. Amie Olson
    Amie Olson / 2-6-2013 / ·

    My worst date ever was a long time ago! I went on a first date with a guy who was actually very cute. He seemed fine, until our date. We went to our local fair and he made negative comments about literally almost everyone who walked by us. People watching, except ripping on the appearance of the clothing, looks, etc. of nearly everyone. He was so conceited, which was a huge turnoff for me. Then when we were driving back, he let go of the steering wheel and told me I had to drive from the passenger seat. Apparently he thought it was funny, but I was extremely annoyed by his childish behavior.
    Needless to say, there was never a second date with him!

  87. Karen Glatt
    Karen Glatt / 2-6-2013 / ·

    My worst date was when he asked me if I could pay for our Taco Bell dinner because he did not have any money! Then he began to tell me his woes of why he does not like women. Boy, that was the last date with him for me!!!

  88. paula skeans
    paula skeans / 2-6-2013 / ·

    I was going on a date with friend of a friend. It was so strange we just didnt talk nothing in common!!! We sat for hrs trying to talk and just very akward date

  89. Tracy Robertson
    Tracy Robertson / 2-6-2013 / ·

    I had seen him around for months and he was really nice. When he asked me out, we met for coffee where he confessed that he liked men as well. I said “thanks for the coffee and bye”, LOL! I am 100% for gay rights, but I have this ” thing” where I only date straight men.

  90. dymphna delarosa
    dymphna delarosa / 2-6-2013 / ·

    We went out to dinner and I could not eat a thing because the food was horrible…..but did not want to make him feel bad…..

  91. Angela Grogan
    Angela Grogan / 2-6-2013 / ·

    My worse date was a blind date that another student in college set me up with. She said when I agreed to this date that the two of us had alot of common interests. He came to pick me up and I knew the minute I saw him walking up the sidewalk to my apartment that I should never have agreed to this date. I am almost 6 ft tall and he was just barely 5 ft tall. (and to make matters worse I was wearing 2 in heels) He took me out to a sushi dinner (which I can’t stand) and then he wanted to go back to my apartment to talk. All the way back to my apartment I kept thinking up reasons to make a run for it when we got home but I couldn’t think of any without being down right rude. The whole conversation over dinner had consisted of his ex girl friend and I was getting pretty tired of hearing how she had “screwed” him over to go out with his friend. Thank goodness my phone rang just as we were pulling in my drive way and I made the excuse that I was needed to run into work and cover for someone. Unfortunately he knew where I lived and kept showing up day after day asking me out again. 🙁

  92. carol h.
    carol h. / 2-6-2013 / ·

    HAHAHA… Worst date ever was a long time ago. Some of my co-workers wanted me to go out with another co-worker. So, hey, a free meal, why not. HAHAHA… We went out to eat at a local place, good food, but we had nothing in common and then he asked if he could have another beer. Sure, why not. He was a seasoned drinker, didn’t think it would be a problem. He drove me home and then made the comment that he had had to much to drink and he wanted to spend the night. OH NO, got him into my car, with him arguing the whole time and drove his butt home. Was a little difficult at work until he quit and moved on. Still remained friends with my other co-workers.

  93. Hazel Fields
    Hazel Fields / 2-6-2013 / ·

    Doing a friend a favor and go on blind date with her play cousin. First, he took me a jazz dive. That’s what he called it! I call it a warehouse with a stove. Then the place not only get raided for drugs. He has warrants. Nothing else to say.

  94. Angela A
    Angela A / 2-6-2013 / ·

    In a more positive light, I have a weird first date story with a happy ending. I was complaining to a good friend about some awkward first date moments I’d been having recently, and he proceeded to tell me about his weirdest first date. He was hitting it off really well with this girl and they end up back at her apartment cuddling and kissing. Shortly after they start making out, she stops him and says that they have to brush their teeth first. She then drags him into the bathroom and goes through this whole ordeal of digging through drawers to find him a toothbrush. She finds one and instructs him to brush his teeth. They both go through a strict teeth brushing and flossing ritual, and then finally she’s like “Okay, now we can make out.” You may be thinking that my friend had bad oral hygiene or something, but i can assure you he takes good care of his teeth and brushes multiple times a day. She just seemed to think that insisting upon a mutual teeth brushing session was a totally appropriate thing to do on a first date. He just thought she was crazy after that, but liked her otherwise, so he didn’t bail.

    And here’s the kicker: They are still happily together 2 years later. It turns out she is mostly sane, but just has this weird OCD quirk about oral hygiene, so he makes sure to brush his teeth before he sees her. Sometimes things work out despite those awkward first dates.

  95. Pippi Swagstocking
    Pippi Swagstocking / 2-6-2013 / ·

    My worst date ever was when I was in high school. My boyfriend’s car was in the shop and his dad let him borrow his new company car. He apparently didn’t know how to parallel park and scraped the passenger side of the car on some concrete posts that were on the sidewalk outside the restaurant. He was too afraid to tell his dad and hoped he “wouldn’t notice.” He noticed. :/

  96. Melissa
    Melissa / 2-6-2013 / ·

    I ended up on a date with a guy that I didn’t even know was a date. I’d known him for years but we’d never spent any time together outside of school. We decided to see a movie together and I figured out that I was on a date when he put his hand on my thigh!
    I’m not usually so dense but I felt really slow that day!
    I went out with him a few more times but nothing serious. If I didn’t see him as date potential in the beginning, he probably just wasn’t!

  97. Tanya Phelps
    Tanya Phelps / 2-6-2013 / ·

    My date took me to the movies and then for no apparent reason, took the gum out of his mouth and put it on my jeans. I still have no idea why! I never did get the gum out of my pants!

  98. C. LOHRKE
    C. LOHRKE / 2-6-2013 / ·

    It was on a 3rd date, went to a really nice restaurant. About mid meal he said he wasn’t feeling too good, but he decided to stay. Moments later, he leaned over toward me intending to say something and “tossed” his lunch instead. Never found out what he was going to say. The date ended quickly, oh yea, he left me with the bill and we had no more contact, no apology, just the end.

  99. Nicole C
    Nicole C / 2-6-2013 / ·

    My worst date was in my freshman year of college. I met a guy from a nearby college and he asked me out. He came to my dorm on a bicycle and I had to ride on the back. He took us to his school’s football game but he made sure we got there around halftime so that we could get in free. While I was trying to watch the game he tried to talk to me about our “relationship” and wanted to know how I felt. This was our first and last date!

  100. Georgina N
    Georgina N / 2-6-2013 / ·

    My worst date was at a Steakhouse. He suggested this particulr steakhouse and while he’s looking over the menu he says, “These prices are way too high. I could go home and cook my own steak for $6”. Why would you even take me to a Steakhouse if you were too cheap to begin with? So of course, my first date impression wasn’t going too well. As if the pricing comment wasn’t bad enough, he had a chili pepper in his side dish. He proceeded to SPIT the pepper out onto the table while saying “WTF is that”. Apparently he didn’t read the comment that the particular side dish he ordered was spicy and included chopped chilis. I made an excuse as why I had to leave early and I never talked to him again.

  101. maria rizzo
    maria rizzo / 2-6-2013 / ·

    I had my worst date long ago when the bouffant hair styles were the thing. I had my hair all beautifully done(by myself). and was waiting for my date. When he arrived, he was with another guy and he told me we were double-dating. I thought that was a good idea until I saw the guys car. It was a convertable! OMG!!! Well, I got in and had to sit in the back seat with my date. We were going to a club. Little did I know that when you ride in a convertable, the wind hits you from behind. Well needless to say, my bouffant hairdo was ruined and I looked like I had been scared out of my wits. My hair was standing straight up!!!!! My date said he wouldn’t be seen with me like that and took me home. How rude!!!!!

  102. kathleen
    kathleen / 2-6-2013 / ·

    Going on a “flirting safari” with a roommate at a local bookstore.

  103. Laura K
    Laura K / 2-6-2013 / ·

    Against my better judgement, I set up a date with an older gentleman through an online dating service. First of all, he didn’t follow my directions so he was really late to the restaurant. Then, he insisted on giving the waiter a hard time about the menu, stating he was expecting ‘real’ Mexican food. In his haste to send back his perfectly good Sangria, he spilled it all over my shoes and even blamed that on the waiter. On our way out of the restaurant, he pointed to his fancy car and told me what he paid for it. I told him he better add another hundred to the total since I saw he was getting a ticket for parking in the fire lane. I pretty much ran away as he started arguing with the cop. What a loser!

  104. Karen S.
    Karen S. / 2-6-2013 / ·

    My worst date was back in three yrs ago, a fd introduce hom to me, after a while chating, we deceide to set up 1st date and told me to meet him at the sushi restaurant after my work, but when we got there, the restaurant closed on Tuesday night! Then we head to other place try Vietnamese noodle, he told me all night regarding every times he and his ex hangout how his ex want him to take care the bill and how much he don’t like it but he did not confess with his ex…..and said he prefer AA style. But when we finished dinner, he told me he need to Go to restroom then left me alone at the restaurant and don’t even paid his meal and left without said ‘goodbye’!! Worst date ever!

  105. Susan C
    Susan C / 2-6-2013 / ·

    It’s a tie between the guy that asked me to cut his toenails, and the guy that wanted to talk about his dysfunctional family and the tumors on his … um ….. I don’t know if I can say that here….gross!

  106. Kelly
    Kelly / 2-6-2013 / ·

    When I was in college, I went out with this guy I knew from middle school and high school. He was always a nice guy and I definitely liked him. I figured he liked me, too. I was over his house and we were watching TV and chatting. Suddenly, he started asking about this girl who also had went to our high school. He started talking about how pretty she was and if I was in touch with her and suggested I could find out if she liked him, too. Worst date ever!

  107. Cathy Phifer
    Cathy Phifer / 2-6-2013 / ·

    ok..worst date was my first date with a guy named Al in High School..we went to play miniature golf..on the 10th hole he swung the darn club like a real golf club and hit me above my left eye brow. I went to the emergency room and had to have 20 stitches and still have the scar 40 years later! Now THAT is a BAD date!

  108. Miron Montanino
    Miron Montanino / 2-7-2013 / ·

    I went on a blind date one time and the girl had pigtails…under her arms!!!!!!

  109. Melinda Singer
    Melinda Singer / 2-7-2013 / ·

    Oh where to begin…let’s go with the blind date who had agreed to meet me at a hockey. I bought the tickets. He apparently hadn’t had time to shower even though he worked as a dog groomer. The entire hockey game I felt like I was sitting next to a wet dog at least I was smelling WET dog all night. He went to the restroom between periods, came back with a large beer and a roast beef sandwich for himself. Nothing for me. Did I mention I bought the hockey tickets. After the game he suggested another date and a good night kiss…you guessed it, I declined both.

  110. Miron Montanino
    Miron Montanino / 2-7-2013 / ·

    not really, thats an old Don Rickles joke…

  111. Nia Harrington
    Nia Harrington / 2-7-2013 / ·

    I remember this guy Carlos i dated once in sophomore year of high school who took me to a Cantonese restaurant and we sat at a table for two. He leaned over to me to pour me some water that the waiter left for us. Soon as he picked it up he lost his balance leaning over making the pitcher drop and drenching me in ice cold water! I was wearing a flesh colored dress and unfortunately became see-through. All of a sudden he proceeded to yell, “Whoa, you’ve got bigger boobs than my ex! Are they natural or put-ins?!” Everyone within a five mile radius could hear that… Needless to say i stomped out of there –fuming and completely embarrassed. Jerk!

  112. Starr Harrison
    Starr Harrison / 2-7-2013 / ·

    Ok, so here is my worst date experience…..

    It was the first date I ever went on, that wasn’t a high school dance. (I was 15)He picked me up to take me to a movie, but before we could go to the movie, he picked up his friend “George”, who of course had no date. The three of us head to a small movie theater in their lil’ town which had one lame movie playing “The Mighty Ducks 2”, which I had no desire to see. We get to the movie right as it’s starting. My date is rambling out loud about where we should sit… all 3 of us….. He got no popcorn… no soda… NOTHING… We sit through the movie, and get up to leave and he walks out like Egor, and being that I was 15 I was mortified. Anyways… after the movie he decides to go on a walk by the river… the 3 of us!!! Which is where my first kiss happens… “just a peck” Not how a girl pictures her first kiss, on a date with a dork and his friend George. At this point I am getting hungry… so what do we do next go to “George’s” house and hang out, watching Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” while George is at work. After that he just took me home… STARVING, and ANNOYED…

  113. Kath Gonzales
    Kath Gonzales / 2-7-2013 / ·

    I have 2 that tie…BOTH met online at the urging of my best friend. I chatted with both George and Adam online, then on the phone before I agreed to meet either of them. George is from the same hometown I am, Rochester, NY, but we both lived in Houston, TX. I thought it would be nice to meet someone that I might have more in common with, so I agreed to meet him for lunch at his favorite hamburger place.

    First of all, even though I live in Houston, I have NEVER been attracted to cowboys and I certainly NEVER expected a man from upstate NY to be dressed as one! From the gingham shirt to the boots, I walked into the restaurant to find out that I was meeting Howdy Doody for lunch!

    Ok, no problem, I had made it CLEAR that I was ONLY interested in friendship…except that ALL he wanted to talk about – ON A FIRST DATE – was MARRIAGE! That pushed my “R U N ! ! ! !” button and I got out of there quick. Unfortunately, I had a room mate who told him where I lived when he called and I refused to answer his calls. Where we are from is the only place that I know of that sells white hot dogs. They are all pork and DELICIOUS. Of course, I had spoken of missing them since he knew what they were. He had gone “home” and brought me some back, even though I hadn’t spoken to him since leaving the restaurant! George camped out outside my apartment and I had to SNEAK into my OWN HOME! Finally I had to be MEAN to George to get him to leave me ALONE!

    The second, which didn’t last as long, but was a bit worse, was Adam. He was a chubby mama’s boy, but I thought to myself that maybe I wasn’t meeting the right man because I was being too judgmental of the guys who weren’t attractive to me. Again, it was my best friend (humph) who talked me into giving Adam a shot.

    He seemed really nice and really sweet on the phone, so I agreed to meet him for dinner and he invited me to a movie I had been wanting to see. He said that he would be the one at the bar area with a dozen red roses. Impressive. Except that he was so SLOPPY fat that I nearly turned around and didn’t even go into the restaurant when I saw him. Overweight is one thing, but he talked about his mama’s pies, and he was SHAPED like one!

    I talked myself into going in…he seemed to be a good person underneath. The conversation was going well and we had a nice meal, but after he finished his meal and I had finished after eating only half, he asked if I was going to eat the rest of my food. When I said “No,” he asked if he could have it! Then he proceeded to begin talking about sex. Ok, first of all, have you seen yourself in the mirror? Second, after watching you consume all that food, do you REALLY think I am turned on in ANY WAY?!

    I did want to see the movie, so I sucked it up and went. When we arrived, he took me straight to the concession stand, where he proceeded to order the family-sized drink and family-sized popcorn loaded with butter. I was disgusted to think that he had the idea of us sharing like that, but then he turned to me and asked me if I wanted anything!!!! GROSS!!!! After 1 1/2 FULL MEALS, he is going to down all that soda and popcorn BY HIMSELF?! I got a drink and we went to sit down, and ALL through the movie, as I was eying the hot actor on the screen, he was actually sitting there just watching me. CREEPY!

    When we got back to my car at the restaurant, we said our good-byes. I then nicely told Adam that I enjoyed dinner, enjoyed the movie and enjoyed meeting him, but could I keep the roses anyway…thank Heaven he understood that I was telling him there would be NO subsequent dates. He WAS a perfect gentleman in leaving me alone.

  114. Annette Rochelle Aben
    Annette Rochelle Aben / 2-7-2013 / ·

    Met a fella through an ad, we met for dinner and as we are ordering he looks at me and asks, “What’s with the hips?” I am a Reubenesque woman and he KNEW that going into this… It took all within me NOT to slap the stupid out of that remark. As it turned out there was a neighbor of mine there who volunteered to do it for me.

    ROBIN WOLFE / 2-7-2013 / ·


  116. Lisa Carr
    Lisa Carr / 2-7-2013 / ·

    In high school, I went on a date with one of the football players. When we were seated at a booth, he insisted on sitting on a particular side. I became very self-conscious when I thought he kept looking at the top of my head. I thought there was something on my head. Until I realized he kept staring at himself in the mirror on the wall behind me.

  117. Debbie K
    Debbie K / 2-7-2013 / ·

    My worst date was years ago- before cell phones 🙂 My date picked me up in his ‘classic car’ and we went to the roller rink to skate. This was in the middle of winter and unbeknownst to us it starting snowing while we were inside. When we came out he started the car and the heat wasn’t working. (I’m not sure if this was a ploy or not) Then, as masterful at driving as only a 17yr old boy can be- he slid off the road in the snow. For some reason he decided to go into the trunk- maybe to get a blanket while we waited for a passer-by to help. He used the key to access the trunk and it promptly broke off- leaving us without any way of turning the car back on. Then he started to cry. We finally got a ride from a tow truck driver back to his house. Since his parents were conveniently (for him I guess) out of town, I called my Dad to come out in the storm to get me. It was pretty embarassing for him and he never asked me out again. He really was the cutest, most popular guy at the roller rink and I’m afraid I saw him at his worst.

  118. Ashley A
    Ashley A / 2-7-2013 / ·

    I got all dressed up to see my long distance love interest….and I mean dressed up. Hopped on a train and rode 3 hours to meet him for our lunch reservations, that he stressed we couldn’t be late for… off of the train and waited an HOUR for him to pick me up. Turns out he fell asleep in his car at the train station, had his phone on silent and missed all of my calls. I rode back to my city in tears and once I put my key in my front door he called to say he fell asleep. Needless to say we never went out again…..I mean really, how do you sleep in your car for 4 hours?!

  119. Yvonne Adams
    Yvonne Adams / 2-7-2013 / ·

    Worst date in the 13 years after my divorce was with a gent met thru a personals ad. He was a teacher who had his students painting his house when we first spoke on the phone, but I didn’t think much about that. He was twice-divorced, but still the antenna didn’t go up. He mentioned that his 2nd wife said he was too cheap, that they went to a play one night and she wanted to stop at a restaurant, but he pointed out to her that they had plenty of delicious food at home. (Yeah, every woman in the world wants to reheat leftovers after 10 PM)! We went to the free presentation of “Shakespeare on the Green”, where there were many vendors selling food and beverage; no offers nor questions from him as we walked down the hill to be near the stage. He later walked up the hill behind us and went into the first building on the college campus next to where the play was being presented until he found a water fountain, then came back and bragged to me about it! No offer afterwards on the way back to my house of stopping anywhere for any food, not even a soda! Luckily, I had a date with someone else whose ad I had answered the next night, and have been married to that man for 19 years, wedding him after knowing him for only 6 weeks. The other gent left a message saying “I guess I’m not your boyfriend anymore since you aren’t returning my phone calls”. Needless to say, I didn’t reply to that message either.

  120. Odessa Frey
    Odessa Frey / 2-7-2013 / ·

    I met a guy while out dancing with the girls. We danced, talked, he seemed like a great day, so when he asked for my #, I was pretty excited. We talked on the phone and planned a dinner date. Almost immediately once he picked me up, it started. His ex-girlfriend this, his ex-girlfriend that. She did this, did that, blah blah blah. Everything I talked about, he found a way to bring her into the conversation. I was also lucky enough to have a pimple emerge before the date. He was kind enough to speak repeatedly about his ex-girlfriends perfect, flawless skin. So perfect in fact, she would get complimented on it from complete strangers while they were out in public. When he finally did move the conversation away from her, it was to speak VERY bitterly, how being raise by parents in a good relationship, with a nice home, nice cars, and financial comfort was all a dirty trick. His whole youth he assumed that was how life worked. You grew up, found the perfect someone, got the picket fence, family car, two cute kids. It wasn’t fair to now be 30 and realize that stuff doesn’t just fall from the sky. And my goodness, was he angry about it. Needless to say, we never went out again.

  121. Rachel
    Rachel / 2-7-2013 / ·

    !! Worst first love misleading in believing what was not true!!

    When I was fifteen I had never dated , before and shortly after I became pregnant from an older male, and the end I ended raising my son for the last eighteen years never to hear from him again, and now my son is a Senior in High School and I’ve never dated more and to trust a male has been very hard , but maybe one day I’ll met a gentlemen luckily and the sun will shine again luckily I’m not that old . That’s always been a very big lesson learned and deception that no one should ever endure.

    The sun will always shine …

  122. Laura Elorza
    Laura Elorza / 2-7-2013 / ·

    My name is Laura I am 46 and I live in New Orleans, La. My worse date ever surely had to be the one I went on with a guy from Mississippi I had met him while camping. My family and I went camping in Mississippi all the time and we met lots of great people and I met lots of cute guys while at the game room, swimming or playing sports. This one guy and I really hit it off and we had kept in touch with letters and phone calls. I was 17 and he was 18 at the time and neither of us had our own car, so he got his uncle who really wanted to see the French Quarter to drive him down to New Orleans along with a good friend of his. Before coming he asked me if I had a friend I could set his friend up with and it would be kind of like a blind date. I agreed and talked one of my good friends into coming along. I even kind of embellished the truth a little bit, when it came to the unseen guys looks.

    My girlfriend and I were getting so excited on the couple days leading up to our big date/blind date for her. Besides going out with the guys it was going to be extra special, because we never went to the quarter at night without our parents, an adult or with some school band function before. Well the night finally arrived and when the door bell rang at my house, I kind of felt like it was Christmas. I was excited to to see Dex again, but I was also kind of worried since I had lied about seeing his friend. When I opened the door there stood Dex with a huge big smile on his face looking as cute and sweet as I remembered him. I gave him a quick hug and then I invited him in and along with him came his uncle who was about 35 and behind him was this little short guy with a crew cut and overalls not quite the prince charming that I had described him to be at all.

    I tried very hard to keep a smile on my face as I reached to shake his hand and introduce my friend who was in the room when I opened the door, but as I turned her way she was gone! I played it off like oh, she must of ran to the restroom. I introduced my mother and little brother to Dex, his uncle and friend. I then excused myself and went to find my friend? I found her in the kitchen and she didn’t look to happy with me. She started talking under her breath saying things like: are you freaking crazy, what the hell, I am not going out with him! Thank God, I talked her into going and I said, it’s not really a date it’s a group date, I’ll be with you the whole time. She agreed saying I owed her big time and if he even tried to kiss her I was better then dead!

    We headed back in the living room to introduce them and to gather the guys and go. My mom made sure to repeat like 3 times what time I had to be home by so there wasn’t a chance I could act like I forgot what time she said, and of course my friend was most likely wishing she would of said, much earlier. Once we got out the house, Dex was so sweet he opened the door for us on this big ugly station wagon. As we got in the car my friend gave me a look and rolled her eyes at me. Of course I pretended not to notice and I quickly started to try and make everybody laugh and have a good time.

    Once we got to the French Quarter Dex and I held hands and we all walked up and down Broubon Street just people watching, laughing and talking. We were to young to drink, but his uncle who had told my mother he didn’t drink, was knocking down Hurricanes like they were Kool-aid. At first he was funny talking loud and just acting dumb, but then he started to argue with other guys who also seem to be drinking too much. So, the date was turning into a total nightmare, because my friend didn’t like her 4″ shorter then her country prince charming, and Dex’s sweet uncle seemed to be playing as Jekyll & Hyde making us the baby sitters. Dex kept telling me how sorry he was and I know he was so embarrassed as was I.

    We finally got his drunk uncle in the car and Dex took the keys and decided he better try and drive since his uncle was plastered. The picture of us heading home had to be a sight, because in the back seat was his drunk uncle passed out drooling up against the door and in the middle was short country prince charming who by now knew him and my friend weren’t hitting it off, so he was staring straight ahead looking pissed off. And then sitting by the other door was my friend who also looked pissed off, she wasn’t saying a word either, she just sat staring out the window. Dex looked very nervous as he was trying to drive that big ugly station wagon through the french quarter. The Quarter is pretty tight and very busy on the weekends. And then there’s me trying to make light of the horrible situation, but not looking in the back seat for nothing cause I don’t want either one of them to bite my head off.

    We head onto I-10 towards my house and we are only about 2 miles before the exit when the worse date ever becomes even worse if you can believe that! All of a sudden this huge bang hits the car we all jump and scream even the drunk yells if only for a second and then falls back to sleep. Next thing I know we can’t see out the windshield and we are driving about 60 miles an hour. Talk about scary, we are freaking out screaming and poor Dex is driving without seeing the road! We can’t see out because the huge hood of this funky old station wagon has flew up and hit the window shield! Dex tries to slow the car and pull over, where he can shut the hood, but before he can get over the whole hood flies right off and over the car! Dex cute face went from tan to red in seconds, he was so embarrassed. Dex and his friend jump out the car and go running back down the freeway for the hood. My friend and I are turned around sitting up on our knees looking to see what they are doing and kind of making sure they don’t get run over. Then all at once both of us busted out in laughter, and I said, hey this may not of been the date you wanted, but I can promise you it won’t be one you EVER, EVER forget! LOL And I was right, cause even now many years later all I have to say to make her laugh today is remember that double date from hell where the hood flew off the car? And we both just laugh and laugh. I never seen or heard from Dex again after that date, I am sure it must of been just to embarrassing for him to call or show his face again. Sad, though because I really did like him he was a sweet-heart and very nice on the eyes. 😉

  123. Kerry B
    Kerry B / 2-7-2013 / ·

    One of my worst dates was several years ago. I had to pick him up because he said his car wasn’t running. It turned out that he didn’t have a car…OR a driver’s license. We went to a buffet style restaurant where I noticed that he seemed to be intoxicated. He made rude comments about other diners, threw food at me, spoke very loudly, and embarrassed me thoroughly. I couldn’t wait to get rid of him. It was awful.

  124. Mary Jamison
    Mary Jamison / 2-7-2013 / ·

    Met a guy through the net. And after talking for over a week we agreed to meet and he did not show up. His lost

  125. Margaret Smith
    Margaret Smith / 2-7-2013 / ·

    The worst date that I went on was a blind date that someone from work set me up on. We met at a bar and when this guy walk in I was shocked. He was so dirty and had terrible bo. I tried to be polite and stayed for awhile talking to him, but when he started trying to hold my hand, I politely said that I had to leave.

  126. Jill
    Jill / 2-7-2013 / ·

    Four years ago, I met a man through an online dating site and after exchanging numerous e-mails and talking on the phone extensively, we decided to meet. We had talked about so much, I felt like I truly knew this man and felt that perhaps I had found someone who understood me and would accept me for who I am. It was my first real date, and I was excited and nervous.

    We decided to meet at a bookstore in the mall, where we could talk without being interrupted and then we would decide where to go for dinner and what movie to see.

    I arrived for my date dressed nicely with a bit of makeup on, and butterflies in my stomach. We found each other in the bookstore and sat and talked for a while. At one point, he asked me if I’d like to walk around for a bit and continue talking. I agreed, but excused myself to the restroom first. He said he was going to step out to smoke while I tending to my business.

    I finished in the restroom and returned to where we had been sitting and waited for him to rejoin me. And I waited. And waited. I quickly began to realize that I was waiting for someone who was not going to return, and who didn’t have the decency to come up with an excuse.

    A couple of months later, he sent me a friend request on facebook, and I thought he had been feeling guilty about walking out on our date like he did. Turns out, he just wanted another friend to bombard with game requests. Needless to say, he was very quickly unfriended and his e-mail address blocked in my e-mail.

  127. sbconchita
    sbconchita / 2-7-2013 / ·

    When a friend, let’s call her Renee, of a friend needed a someone for a double date, I was called in. This did not turn out to be your typical double date because Renee ended up tagging along as well. Because no one was paying enough attention to Renee, she spent the entire night shamelessly flirting with my date. He, on the other hand, turned out to be self-absorbed and rude. When we returned to the house after a very long night, I had had enough and said my good-byes. My date walked me to my car. When I opened the door, he made his attack and started kissing and groping me. After I finally got him off of me, I drove away, but it was at least ten minutes before I realized that I was so upset by the surprise attack that I has turned left instead of right and was driving away from home.

  128. Francine
    Francine / 2-7-2013 / ·

    That would be the one where I actually broke my house key in half in the lock trying to get away from him – 39 years ago!

  129. Kelly D
    Kelly D / 2-7-2013 / ·

    My worst first date story was when I went out for pizza on a first date with someone and then we were sitting in the car talking and out of no where they tried to kiss me, and they had bad garlic breath.

  130. Katy P.
    Katy P. / 2-7-2013 / ·

    I am a failure when it comes to dating on Valentine’s day. The first time I ever had a boyfriend for the dreaded holiday was during my freshman year of college. He was in grad school and had the typical professor that laughed at his students when they asked if they could leave early on Valentines night. The fact that he did not get out of class until 9:00 pm did not deter me, however. In fact, I was so excited at the idea of having a date for Valentine’s day, that I plowed full steam ahead on getting ready to go out after his class. In my rush to make myself the object of perfection, I did not notice when the girl in my adjoining dorm room got in our shared shower. Cramped for time, I decided to shave my legs in the sink instead of waiting for her to vacate the bathroom. BAD IDEA!!!!. Before I knew it, I had removed a 2 inch by 4 inch patch of skin, blood was covering the floor, and I was seeing stars. Miraculously, I was able to bandage myself up and finish getting ready, but not before losing about a cup of blood. Needless to say, my date was a little more than shocked to find me in that state, but we proceeded to dinner anyway. Unfortunately, by the time we ended our panic and left the dorm, all of the restaurants in town had closed their kitchen. We ate gyros and had a giggle at my expense.

  131. Dina Mousa
    Dina Mousa / 2-7-2013 / ·

    Well, my Valentine’s Day date told me we would have to have our date early, because he was on call that night. So, I took off of work early, got primped up and wrapped his special gift up and drove to his condo. He came downstairs where I had parked, and we rode together in his car to the restaraunt. Everything was fabulous, he was charming and sweet but at 7 pm, he said that we had to get back because his shift started at 7:30 pm. So we drove back to his condo and lo and behold, my car was gone! Freaking out, we called the security for the complex and he said he didnt see anything. I decided to call the police, because it was obviously stolen. We went to his condo unit to do Police report when the cops came and I noticed that he was getting more and more nevous as the time passed. I looked at my watch and it was 7:45pm! Just when I was about to tell him I was sorry for making him late, someone knocked at the door and opened it and walked in. It was his 2nd date of the night! She walked in and looked at me, puzzled and at the police and asked him what was going on. Just as he was about to shuffle her away to “explain”, I grabbed her by the arm and told her the whole story. She slapped him and thanked him for wasting a year of her life (he ad I had been dating 6 months). So the cops asked him if he wanted them to stay to protect him! I told them he wasn’t worth it and finished up and then started to leave with the police, turned around and knee’d him in the groin. I didnt get in trouble for that, luckily but ended up being good friends with the other woman!

  132. nallely segura
    nallely segura / 2-7-2013 / ·

    my worse date ever was probably about three years ago. i was actually very excited to go on this date because to me he was the most handsomest guy in school and mostly every girl had a crush on him and i thought i was so lucky that he asked me on a date. so that day he came to my house to pick me up and i was so excited but when we walked to his car i realized that it wasn’t going to be just us two, he took his “homeboys” it was like 3/4 other guys and us two, but i thought to my self maybe it could still be a good date. the plans were for us to go to a movie then out to dinner. so we were at the moves and the choice a real ugly movie full of violence. and if that wasn’t enough they kept taking during the whole movie and made us get kicked out the when went to dinner and agh my date got worse they kept taking about girls and boy stuff and i felt like i was invisible they didn’t even notice me. after we were all done eating they wanted to go to a lake and so i agreed and while we were there my date was acting like a jerk and tried kissing me and after i didn’t let him he tried pushing me in the lake so i refused and ended up walking home. agh it was really the worst date ever!!
    it made me realize that the “cute boys” were mostly all jerks!!

  133. Katie M.
    Katie M. / 2-7-2013 / ·

    My worst date ever….I had a major crush on someone I worked with but never really wanted to pursue anything since we worked together. This “secret crush” went on for about a year, before I changed jobs and went to work for another company. Since we no longer worked together , I decided to see if he would like to go out. He said yes, and I was so excited…told everyone at my new job about him and how WONDERFUL I thought he was. Finally……….. date night arrived, we were suppose to go to dinner and dancing at a local club. Well….dinner turned out to be a disaster, he was really rude and obnoxious to the waiter for absolutely no reason, and made sure everyone could hear him (I wanted to hide under the table). Well I thought it could not get any worse….yeah right! We went to the club and he ended up getting completely trashed, started hitting on another girl and then left with her!!!! Since he picked me up for our “date” I had to call a cab for a ride home. What a JERK!!!!!

  134. Terra
    Terra / 2-7-2013 / ·

    What date? He never showed up.

  135. Tamar
    Tamar / 2-7-2013 / ·

    It was awkward and I commanded the whole conversation. Meh.

  136. Katherine
    Katherine / 2-7-2013 / ·

    ONe of the first dates I had with my now husband was awful. I was to be dropped off at his house on the way home from college.
    He wasn’t there. The house was locked and there were no cell phones at that time. My driver had left and the only place left to go was to the barn and wait. It was in the middle of winter so it was below freezing and I couldn’t wait outside. Down to the barn I went with the cows in my good clothes and waited. 2 hours later he showed up. He had forgotten. I was extremely unhappy and smelly~

    DEBBIE BLALOCK / 2-7-2013 / ·

    1971, introduced by a fellow school friend Kevin to Jerry. My first date. We go to the Gemini Drive In and I am 17. We do a little necking during the movie and at the intermission, he goes to the concession stand to get us Dr. Peppers.
    Jerry returns and with that grin of his, he leans into the drivers’ window and says, ”Hey you want to get in the back seat?”
    I couldn’t believe it! I was so hurt, because he went to get drinks and found someone better looking and he wanted me to get in the back seat!!
    He slid behind the wheel and he kept looking at me all night; I took his looks to mean he couldn’t believe I was so uncooperative.
    The next day at school, Kevin pulls me aside in the hall and says, ”You want to tell me what happened at the drive in?” After telling him, I could not believe we’re friends and you set me up with this cad, I told him what happened. My friend was so callous, he slid down the wall laughing, holding his sides!
    He said, ”You crazy girl, Jerry wanted to get in the back seat with you, because the steering wheel cuts into a guys hips! He did not find someone cuter at the concession stand!!”
    Do I need to add, I was raised a Little Naive?
    (both the guys have since passed on…but I still get a laugh out of that little memory…hope you did too.)

  138. Laura Lambie
    Laura Lambie / 2-7-2013 / ·

    My worst date was our first date with my now husband. He decided to take me to a drive in movie. The movie started and it wasn’t even into 5 min. when it started showing rape scenes on the screen. We immediately left. Come to find out it was rated X. He had thought X was a comedy. Needless to say, I picked the movie from then on and he was lucky he got a second date.

  139. Jane Squires
    Jane Squires / 2-7-2013 / ·

    My worst date was on Easter right after I met my husband. He picked me up after I cancelled out on my Mom and family having them move their celebration up. We went to a friend’s house where the women stood in one room and the men stood in the other room. My boyfriend, now my husband, kept glancing my way but didn’t know what to do. I could hardly wait to leave as I was uncomfortable.

  140. Peg Mularz
    Peg Mularz / 2-7-2013 / ·

    I was forced to watch Grease 2 on a date. Need I say more

  141. Donna Yost
    Donna Yost / 2-7-2013 / ·

    My worst date was with a gentleman who thought he was over his ex.. Well we where at dinner and who walks in the room.. his ex! He jumps up and starts saying we are just friends and nothing is going on.. she laughed at him.. and turned around and went to her table.. he walked over to her asked her to talk.. and they went out side.. and both me and her date sat their waiting for them to return.. after 2 hours I left… her date was still waiting for her to return when I left the restaurant!

  142. brandy ables
    brandy ables / 2-7-2013 / ·

    Worst ever was when he didnt show up & called the next day to say he had the flu & I gave him another chance & for the 2nd time he didn’t show up again & come to find out his parting with his buddies was more important.. Now Im engaged & we’ve been engaged now for 2 years & no wedding in sight… Lol.. We had our daughter instead….

  143. cristin mcdowell
    cristin mcdowell / 2-7-2013 / ·

    my worst date happened about 10 years ago i was 18 and met this really good looking guy at a club he asked me out and i accepted well the day of the date he told me to come and meet him at his house so i did their i found out he had a daughter. ok no problem i am cool with it then he says oh we are going to olive garden are you ok with that. yeah i am fine no problem we get there and there is a wait so we wait in the bar area to have some apps. well little did i know he had friends waiting their and no it wasnt like other couples it was like guy friends that you would watch football with on a sunday we get to the table and they were sooo loud and obnoxious after we ate he then expected me to pay the bill. i just got up and walked out.

  144. Anne Mostella
    Anne Mostella / 2-7-2013 / ·

    My worst date ever, believe it or not, was with my now husband. It happened on our second date. He knew I liked Chinese food, so off we went to the best Chinese restaurant in town. Once we got there, we had a lovely dinner, but he looked kind of uneasy through most of dinner. I thought to myself, well this is probably going to be our last date. I must have imagined the “connection” I thought we had. As we finished dinner, and the check came, he asked me a question. “How do you feel about washing dishes?” I was very puzzled, and laughed nervously. He then explained halfway thru dinner he realized he left his wallet at home, and only had 10.00 in his pocket (left over from a 20.00 when he had stopped to get gas before our date. Gas was way cheaper then!) This was before cell phones were common…etc. Lucky, I had enough to cover the rest of our bill in my purse. He apologized so many times on the way home, I lost count. I told him it was alright, but after I got home, I did more thinking….I thought, what a loser, I can’t believe he did that to me…etc. I finally decided that things happen, and I did like him, so I gave him one more chance…the roses I got the next day sealed the deal, lol…we have now been together 22 years. <3

  145. joanie
    joanie / 2-7-2013 / ·

    My worst date ever was with my hubby , several years after we were married.
    We had been busy going about the business of life; jobs an ailing parent and building a family.
    After 3 children in 3 years , we were ready for some much needed time alone together . We spent a couple of months planning a weekend away, arranging childcare, etc and were thrilled to be on the road and headed to our destination. The car ride went really well, the whole day was amazing. We went to an expensive restaurant for a romantic dinner and could manage to talk about nothing but how much we missed our children and it was the 1st time we weren’t there to tuck them into bed. Between the end of our meal and the drive back to our hotel , we mutually decided that there would be a later time we could get away together, but this time wasn’t it, we just weren’t ready to be away from our babies. That was 20 years ago, we still put our children first . Worst date ever? Probably not, wouldn’t change it for the world or a second of all our years together.

  146. Michelle Dehowy
    Michelle Dehowy / 2-7-2013 / ·

    Worst Date Ever, he showed up 3 hours late. I gave him a second chance because his excuse was about work. And he showed up 3 hours late again.

  147. Bridget
    Bridget / 2-7-2013 / ·

    Probably when I was a freshman in high school and a senior football player asked me to Homecoming. I was excited and nervous!! Then, I found out that he didn’t drive yet, but we worked it out with my friend and her date (that could drive) to go with them. He wouldn’t let me dance or leave his side the whole time- he just wanted to sit with his friends and wanted me to sit on his lap. After the dance he was all over me in the backseat and wouldn’t listen to me to stop! My friend’s date saw my sister’s car at Hardee’s so he said he was starving and we should stop to get something to eat (thank goodness!) I ended up riding home with my sister!!!

  148. Adina Clarke
    Adina Clarke / 2-7-2013 / ·

    I’ve had so many bad dates I wouldn’t know which to pick as the worst. There was the guy that had to point out everything he didn’t like about me am let me know I was undateable, the date that left the party we were at with my best friend, hmmmm or how about the one that ended with me having to go to the ER. Oh did I happen to mention that each of these dates were on my birthday lol. Lets just say I stopped going out and celebrating my birthday lol.

  149. Ttrockwood
    Ttrockwood / 2-7-2013 / ·

    Worst date we went to sports bar on first date, he was a tv screamer in a head to toe sports team outfit i was waaayyy over dressed, he got plastered, he went for a smoke (?!) and got sick- i was stuck with huge bar tab and trying to babysit and get the drunk guy who was all touchy a cab!!

  150. Kirstin Fasbender
    Kirstin Fasbender / 2-7-2013 / ·

    My very first date was by far the worst. I was 16 years old and the boy picked me up after my basketball banquet and told me he was taking me to The Pelican Brief. First, we stopped at a restaurant so he could eat. I watched him talk with his mouth full, lick his mouth clean with his tongue, and burp several times into his napkin. I was choking on his cologne and wishing I had just turned down his invitation for a date. We left for the 9:40 pm movie and I fell asleep during the first 10 minutes. I woke myself with a very loud fart. That is right, I farted and woke up to my date just staring me down. He stood up and I followed him out. In the car he told me he has never wasted $7 like he did that night buying my way into the movie. He sped on the way home and was pulled over and ticketed not only for speeding but also for neglecting to wear his glasses while driving. I’m surprised he stopped and let me out.

  151. Robert Hogan
    Robert Hogan / 2-7-2013 / ·

    My worst date would have to be the time I met someone through a phone dating service. We talked for a bit and decided to meet for dinner. At the restaraunt I saw my date and was pleasantly pleased with how attractive she was. Once I had sat there for a bit I began to wonder what her gender was as certain mannerisms seemed feminine while others were more masculine. I finally decided I just had to ask and did, excuse me but what’s your gender. After a long look from her she said she was a man and even with knowing I was straight still thought we would hit it off and stroll down romance lane. I ended up staying for the dinner, made a new and interesting friend but that’s where it stayed, just friends.

  152. angela cunningham
    angela cunningham / 2-7-2013 / ·

    my worst date was a blind date he was a nice guy but he was 6foot8 and im only 5foot 2 it was really weird because i felt like i was talking into his bellybotton and everywhere we went people would just stop and stair at us.

  153. carla carr
    carla carr / 2-7-2013 / ·

    I went on a blind date and the guy showed up completley drunk. I had to call my friends to the restraunt because I was afraid ,he was out of control. thank god for friends,they dropped him off at the nearest train station

  154. Lynn
    Lynn / 2-7-2013 / ·

    When to the zoo on a date once. The worst part, he wore denim on denim and walked like a monkey…all saggy and limpy like a thuggish kid!… for goodness sake we’re in our 20s.
    When he dropped me off..i tried to leave quickly be he stopped me and said “I want you to be my girl”…what? are we in middle school????

  155. Susan Wiener
    Susan Wiener / 2-7-2013 / ·

    My worst date was a blind date my cousin set up for me. He called me the night before our meeting and described himself as having bug eyes, balding and very broad-shouldered. I really thought he was kidding and we joked about it.
    Unfortunately, when I saw him, his description was exactly like he said. I could’ve not been judgmental had he been nice, but he wasn’t. He took me to a fast-food restaurant and had coupons for a buy one get one burger and wouldn’t let me get fries or a drink. Then we went to a movie and made me pay for him and me! I was so annoyed that finally I told him I was leaving and took a taxi home. So glad to be away from that guy and never went on a blind date again!

  156. Silvia Estrada
    Silvia Estrada / 2-7-2013 / ·

    When my father was diagnose with colon cancer
    And the doctors said there was nothing they could do
    For him. My father only spoke Spanish so transported
    Him to hospice facility. I had to let my father now
    He was there because he was going to leave us. That
    Was the worst day of my life. This was 2 years ago.

  157. Stefanie
    Stefanie / 2-7-2013 / ·

    My worst date happened a couple years ago and I will never forget it. I remember how excited I was to finally be asked out by this guy I really, really liked. I went out and bought a new outfit and he was taking me out to dinner. I had on these new white pants I loved and felt great. When we got to the restaurant, he ordered us drinks and I got a strawberry daiquiri. As the waitress came over and sat the drinks down, she accidentally missed the table and spilled my drink all over me. A strawberry daiquiri all over my brand new white pants! I was so embarrassed and raced to the bathroom to clean my pants, but it was a huge pink mess. The worst part was the restaurant was a buffet so everytime I got up I was being stared at because of the spill on my pants. The whole night was ruined and my date just ignored it and the waitress never said sorry. Worst date ever and I’ll never order drinks on a date again.

  158. Janene
    Janene / 2-8-2013 / ·

    My worst date was a blind date, I met him at a restaurant. First i’m 5’3″ and this guy was shorter than me, okay I can deal, sorta. Then during the entire meal he kept cracking his knuckles, his neck, you name it he cracked it, was freaking me out. As we were leaving the restaurant he asked me to come to his house so I could crack his back!! I was outta there, never, ever went on another blind date again!

  159. Danielle Currie
    Danielle Currie / 2-8-2013 / ·

    When I was 16 I went on a date w/a boy from my high school. He took me to dinner at a very upscale restaurant and told me I could order anything I wanted, so I ordered a Filet Mignon with all the fixings. Afterwards, he said he wanted to show me where he worked after school and on the weekends. It ended up being a farm on the other side of town and and about 10 miles outside the city limits.
    Once we got there he pulled around back and proceeded to start mauling me, he then told me to either put out or get out. So I got out of the car not believing that he would really leave me all the way out there. But that is exactly what he did. As he started driving out the farm yard I began running after him screaming for him to not leave me. I watched as his tail lights went around a corner and left me out in the middle of nowhere, in the dark, and all alone. At first I was screaming hysterically, then just crying. A farmer’s son who was coming home from his own date heard me screaming and ran into his house and got his dad. His dad then found me running down the middle of the road. He promised he wouldn’t hurt me and then drove me about 20 miles to my house. He walked me to the door and explained to my parents what had happened.
    My dad then let everyone know in the next few days that if he ever saw the boy again he would shoot him.
    Since that night I have never eaten Filet Mignon ever again. And I am now 51 yrs old.

  160. Anastasia
    Anastasia / 2-8-2013 / ·

    Went to a concert out of state in a car that smoked and had a headlight out. Got lost on the way, but eventually got there. After the show, didn’t have enough cash to pay to get the car out of the parking lot, but dug up change off the floor and eventually pooled enough… Got pulled over twice… Car impounded, one person in jail and an eight hour wait in a phone booth for someone to come pick me up 😀

  161. Fallen brubaker
    Fallen brubaker / 2-8-2013 / ·

    My worst date story was on valentines day. He & his mother picked me up and took me to the cheapest place he could find for my gift. He didnt have money for a gift so he had to use spare change to even try to get me a gift from the mechanical claw. (Which he failed) Then we went to the Eagles club where we were to eat & dance. Ordered a steak that I had to pay for and ended up getting food poisioning with. While we were at the club his ex & her family showed up and he ended up hanging out with her the whole night while I was stuck with his mom. I ended up tell his mom that I was going to the br and I left & walked home which was about 10 miles away. When I got home my parents asked me why I was home so early & I told them everything.

  162. Vickie Couturier
    Vickie Couturier / 2-8-2013 / ·

    My worse date ever was a blind date,I had spoken to the guy on the phone an he had the sexiest voice,we decieded to meet at a small resturant for lunch,,I go there first an sat in the car waiting,,an he pulled up,,I almost drove away,but he had seen me an I couldnt hurt his feelings,it was so bad,that it was funny,but I didnt laugh until later,first I thought someone had pulled a practical joke on me,I even looked around for the cameras,an there none,so out I got,the poor man weighed over 400 lbs,,that I could have accepted,,but he had on polyester pants that came up over his socks,,they were about 4inches too short,,we got in an sat down an he took off his jacket an he had big sores all up an down both arms,,GROSSSSS,,he had long greasy hair,an a sty on his left eye,a big one! an was missing a few teeth,,this was like something from Candid Camera,,,Ill admit 17yrs ago,I wasnt a fashion model but compared to him,I was! People in the resturant was staring at us,an when I thought it couldnt get any worse ,it did,,we ordered an he ate an talked with his mouth full,I kept my head down I couldnt even look at him,,I was eating fast so I could leave,,I tried to pay for my own meal an he wouldnt let me,,he kept bragging about how much money he had,an I thought wellllllllll,if thats true,get some new clothes, an bath an hair cut,some dental work an a good doctor to lance that sty on your eye!omg!I almost ran to the car,,an called my girlfriend an told her,,,you are NOT going to believe this,,,of course he called an called,an I just never answered the phone,,it was the worse”date” i had ever had an am glad I never had another one like that again,,

  163. debbie
    debbie / 2-8-2013 / ·

    This was with my very first boyfriend. We had been dating for about a year. On Valentine’s day he took me out to dinner. After dinner, still at the restaurant, he gave me a teddy bear with a note pinned to it, I am breaking up with you. What a jerk he was.
    [email protected]

  164. Jeff Hartzheim
    Jeff Hartzheim / 2-8-2013 / ·

    My horror story began innocently enough as a blind date. But things went downhill once she began to speak. Imagine someone inhaling a voice altering helium balloon and then add to that a vocabulary of cuss words that would make a gangsta rapper blush. It was too late to feign a medical emergency so I just hoped for the best and accepted the fact that I would make the best of a bad situation.

    But as luck would have it, the Italian restaurant where we decided to eat happened to be the same choice for an ex girlfriend and her new chiseled feature beau. Fate also seated us within range so that she could hear the ear piercing pterodactyl shrieks coming from our table. Especially after my date sucked down glass after glass of wine which helped to increase the volume of her vulgarity. It was only a matter of time before I caught my ex’s smug look of satisfaction as she realized that she had traded up while I had most certainly sank into the slimy ooze of the dysfunctional dating pond.

    Just when I thought it couldn’t possibly get any worse, my hungrier than anticipated tablemate decided that she wanted to sample a marinara soaked meatball from my plate. Sadly, the fermented grape juice she had consumed in mass quantities had impaired her aim so her jousting fork only helped to lob the beefy ball into my lap. The familiar laughter of my former flame echoed off the walls as I slipped out of the restaurant with my stumbling, bumbling squeak toy potty mouth date in tow.

    Although the evening did end on a positive note as I had a message waiting for me on my answering machine after escorting my date safely home. It seems that I was more appreciated than I had realized since the phone message from my ex was a very favorable “Looks like you’re still a fun date!”

  165. Marty Knutson
    Marty Knutson / 2-8-2013 / ·

    As an older widowed woman at the time, I was trying online dating. Agreed to meet a man at a safe environment – supper club with a nice bar. He arrived in a suit that was well out of date and smelled of mothballs with unmatching socks. We had a drink together and he started trashing on public radio for not playing enough modern music, thought he was an expert on world politics as he had been to Germany. Oh it was bad and then when it was time to think about eating dinner – I couldn’t. I excused myself and left. By the way – online dating can work – as I met the man I later married that way!!! And life and love are now grand.

  166. Sarah
    Sarah / 2-8-2013 / ·

    How can I just choose one, when there have been quite a few. However, I think I can narrow it down to pretty much the worst date ever. I was out to dinner with the guy I had been seeing exclusively, or so I thought, for over a year. I felt like I was finally ready to say those three little words and so, I told him I loved him. He was quiet for a minute, then smiled, took my hand, and told me, “I’ve been dating someone else and I love her. So, maybe we should take a break.” Those words are barely reaching my ears when he utters…”But, we can still hook up and stuff though, if that’s cool with you.” Worst. Date. Ever. Of. My. Life. Needless to say, I got over those three little words before I had even left him sitting there with the check.

  167. Gabriele Wood
    Gabriele Wood / 2-8-2013 / ·

    We were dating online for about 3 months, then it was time to meet up in person. We agreed on going out to dinner at a nice place and he would pick me up half way. He came, was on time and dressed up nicely, made me smile. As soon as I was in the car he say’s to me ” I don’t know about you, but I’m hungry and going to Subway “. I was like HUH, OH NO !!!!! and he saw the look on my face and then had the nerve to say ” We can go some place cheaper if you want” . I sort of screamed Grrr stop the car!

  168. April Brenay
    April Brenay / 2-8-2013 / ·

    When I was sixteen I went to my first dance, I was so nervous, We went to a Japanese Steak House for dinner but the heat from the fire made my white rose turn dark brown. On the way home from the dance our car ran out of gas in the middle of the interstate so he had to call his parents to come help us and our friends.

  169. Laurie
    Laurie / 2-8-2013 / ·

    I was set up on a blind date by a “friend” (I was 18). The guy showed up at my door and was 20 years older than me and about a foot shorter. I find out that he has a kid that goes to my high school and apparently this dad “likes’em young!” My mom asked him who he was & why he was here. His answer “I’m here to pick up your daughter.” Needless to say my mom said over my dead body & kicked him out! Never went on a blind date after that 😉

  170. jen b
    jen b / 2-8-2013 / ·

    my worst date was on halloween a few years back. my friend and i went on a double date with 2 guys. they picked us up and on the way to the restaurant, an ambulance went past so the guy driving decided to follow the ambulance. we ended up at a dead end road, so he kept driving in circles until he figured out what he wanted to do next. finally we left and headed to the restaurant again. we stopped at a red light and the passenger guy (my friend and I were sitting in the back), rolled down his window and yelled at the car next to us. they rolled down their window and the guy in our car asked ‘do you have any grey poupon’ and then the driver was laughing so hard he decided to run the red light. finally got to the restaurant (an all you can eat place), had to pay for ourselves, and when the guys weren’t gorging themselves on food, they were checking out the waitress and flirting with her. finally the meal was over but the night wasn’t apparently. they decided to go trick or treating (grown men!) my friend and I called it a night and grabbed a taxi home. we left the guys to have their fun.

  171. Judi Rice
    Judi Rice / 2-8-2013 / ·

    I have been happily married to the greatest man in the world since 1973 but I think my worst date ever was with a guy that took me to the movie. When he brought me home he drove us under my carport. He sat there and, while looking in the mirror, popped a zit on his face right in front of me! This is true! He then had the nerve to ask me if he could have a goodnight kiss! I of course told him no and never went out with him again!

  172. Nicole
    Nicole / 2-8-2013 / ·

    My worst date had to be the time with my ex. He called me up two weeks after saying “he needed some space”, he wanted to take me to dinner and then we were going to go out. He took me to Wendy’s for dinner, then back to his house where he forced me to have sex with him, and then took me to his friends’ house where the wife later started a fist fight with me. My ex took me home and dumped me for his friend and the wife.

  173. Stephanie
    Stephanie / 2-8-2013 / ·

    My worst date was with a guy I met through a friend. She met him online, but he was closer to my age than hers, so she set us up. We agreed to meet at a bar on the beach. He owned his own limo company (1 whole limosine), and assumed I would be impressed enough to agree to sex in the back of the limo right off the bat. Wrong. I limited myself to one drink, and switched to coke, which he kept topping off with Bacardi 151 – trying to get me to rethink his offer of sex in a limo? We watched people sing karaoke and talked. It was an OK date – we both knew we weren’t soul mates, but we had fun.

    During our talking, we discovered that we both liked Bill Maher. So, a few weeks later, I saw that Mr. Maher would be in town, and I suggested we go together (Dutch). I agreed to pick him up in my car – since it is so hard to find parking for a limo (his only vehicle). The whole drive to the venue he gave me a lecture for picking him up later than he wanted to be picked up. I had the nerve to go home after work, and change into more appropriate clothing. Something he wouldn’t understand, as he chose to wear a political t-shirt, ragged blue jean shorts and sandals. He was literally the worst dressed person at the venue.

    When we got to the theater, he tried to rush through the lobby – no stopping for drinks or snacks. I insisted on stopping to purchase a bottle of water – while he huffed and puffed his displeasure behind me. So we race to the doors, only to have to wait 15 minutes to be let in to find our seats!

    Bill Maher was hilarious, as usual. As I was driving him back home, he stated that he wanted to stop at a fast food place to pick something up. I pulled into the fast food restaurant he wanted, and parked my car. He was shocked… apparently he wanted me to go through the drive through so he could order what he wanted. Never mind that I might want something for myself. Having worked at fast food restaurants in my youth, I am too polite to go to the drive through when I have more than 1 order. Needless to say, there was no 3rd date with this loser.

  174. Patricia Feasel
    Patricia Feasel / 2-8-2013 / ·

    three years ago my mother and i wanted to make a dinner for our loves for Valentines Day. We prepared 8oz steaks for everyone with beautiful marbling, baked potatoes and special cakes. my stepdad and mom ate theirs while i was waiting for my boyfriend at the time to come home. I waited for an hour after he said he would be there after having not seen him at all that day.

    When he finally got home he only wanted to have sex and it was sex of his choice he didn’t even care that I had made dinner for him even though i told him i was. he ate fast food with his friends that he had been spending the whole week with already.

    I barely saw him during the month before and I told him it was over that night.

  175. Nancy Ray
    Nancy Ray / 2-8-2013 / ·

    My worst date was with a guy that I thought really liked me because he was always looking over at me in math class. During our first date, he used some loose change from his car ashtray to buy me a cheap burger and then told me he really liked me because he could easily cheat off my math papers in class, and my math scores were always good. Needless to say, it was also our last date.

  176. Diana
    Diana / 2-8-2013 / ·

    I had an awful blind date once, the guy and i were supposed to meet outside a shopping center, turns out he lived near by, anyways, he told me he forgot his wallet, so we went to go get it, i was younger and stupid at the time, he tried to take advantage of me, i run as fast i could and got out of there. It was a horrible experience and I am happily married to an awesome gentleman, who is my best friend.

  177. Merry
    Merry / 2-8-2013 / ·

    Blind date. He was a friend of a friend and both of us had recently broken up with our significant others. I wasn’t sure about jumping into the dating pool again, but was just hoping for a fun evening.

    Instead, he decided dinner would be a great time to dissect his past relationship and plot ways to get back with his ex. Because I could provide a female perspective. It was alternately creepy and boring.

    I was utterly unsuccessful in all attempts to steer the conversation elsewhere, but I felt I owed it to our mutual friend to make it through dinner. Plus the food was really good–at least I got something out of the evening?

  178. Heather D
    Heather D / 2-8-2013 / ·

    Giving up a Friday night with the girls I decided to go on a date with a man I meet at a party in college. I waited for over an hour and then called my friends to meet up with them thinking I got stood up. As I walked out for my girlfriends to pick me up, my date showed up in the huge boat of a car saying he got lost. I decided to give him a shot. As we were driving the car was really jerky (like stop short jerking, or someone who can’t drive a stick), he said it was from switching the car over from leaded to nonleaded gas and that it was his Grandmother car. We drove this way for 30 mins in which I got car sick, to get to the restaurant. We had the worst conversation over dinner as he told me about his ex’s and how in high school no one liked him. OH that dinner lasted forever, I wished I had driven; I would have left him there. My girlfriends would not answer their pagers (yes I know that dates me) as they were dancing the night away. He wanted to go to a movies afterwards just up the block, so I thought why not, at least he can’t talk as I would never be able to find out which club my girlfriends were at. Well I was wrong, he kept talking about his pet bird and some science trip he took to wetlands to study bugs. I excused myself and went to the bathroom, while out I bought popcorn thinking this might shut him up. When I got back he did not want any he was full form dinner. After about 120 mins we were back in the car, that was the longest drive home, I got car sick once again but felt so bad I did not tell him. He seemed so nervous and as he because more so, it seemed the more he talked and I was ready to book. We my girlfriends and I had a few laughs about him, I never went on a second with him as I had my pager number changed, thank goodness one of my friends worked at the company so I could do this with no charge. I learned to always meet someone there.

  179. brittney
    brittney / 2-8-2013 / ·

    I was set up by a friend for a double date. The guy was a total jerk. We all went to a movie and dinner and he really could have cared less if i were there. After the date was over and they took me home, he walked me to the door and tried to kiss me. I slammed the door in his face. 🙂
    brittneydejajason at gmail dot com

  180. Jennifer
    Jennifer / 2-8-2013 / ·

    My worst date happened last year in April the Saturday night before Easter… I had been out with this guy before and this was our 2nd date he came and picked me up like a gentleman and we went to eat at a resturant 1 and 1/2 hours away while eating he was texting another girl and when i asked about it he got all pissy. Then when we got in the car to leave he asked me since this was our 2nd date if I would have sex with him and I said No it pissed him off he drove 80-100 mph in a 60mph zone to get me home finally I asked him to drop me off at walmart so he did and I had mom to come get me… Not a gentleman after all…

  181. MK
    MK / 2-8-2013 / ·

    The guy was late picking me up, took me to the races, shuttled back and forth between betting and drinking.

  182. Linda Lansford
    Linda Lansford / 2-8-2013 / ·

    Worst Date Ever was years ago. We went to the movies. It turned out to be a drive-in. He did not have enough money to pay and it turned out to be a porn. I made him take me home after a few minutes of the film. What a jerk!!!

  183. midiha toor
    midiha toor / 2-8-2013 / ·

    I went on a double-date with my sister and her boyfriend(at the time) and her boyfriend’s brother my freshmen year of high school. We all went to go see a movie together. So, somewhere in-between the movie my sister and her boyfriend decide to go to his apartment and leave me with the brother. So, the brother asks me if i wanted something from the concession stand. I told him yes. He then asked me for money for the food. It was a total disappointment, cause I thought the brother was really cute. And that was the last time I ever talked to him.

  184. Deidre Harris
    Deidre Harris / 2-8-2013 / ·

    My worst date was my 1st and last blind date. We went to the movies with a group of friends. He asked if I wanted refreshments and I said yes and gave him $20 to get me some popcorn because I was trying to be an independent woman. Anyway he brought me the popcorn back but no money. He had spent my change on himself. He said he left his wallet at home lol. Later that night we all went riding around town. He offered to open my bottle of soda. I said thanks and when I held the bottle up to my mouth, I saw white stuff floating at the top. To make a long story short, he had put something in my soda. I told my friend and we told him we were tired. We dropped him and his friend off. So glad my intuition is very strong. I never went on another blind date again.

  185. Ralph Poole
    Ralph Poole / 2-8-2013 / ·

    Believe this story or not. My absolute worse date was I took a girl out to dinner. She had a few drinks and got blitzed. taking her home crossing a bridge from Ga. into SC. she started taking her clothes off in my car. I freaked. If a SC Trooper or the local Police had seen that i would have had more explaining to do than they would have believed. I finally got her home, Dressed and that was the last I seen of her

  186. Kenneth Stinnett
    Kenneth Stinnett / 2-8-2013 / ·

    I have a great story for you. I took this girl out on a nice romantic date. I went to go pick her up and I had to wait almost an hour before she was ready to go. I took her to a nice Chinese Restaurant and while we were sitting there she is looking at other guys. When it comes time to order she orders the most expensive thing on the menu takes to bites of it and does not eat the rest. So then we go to a movie and she ends up spending most of the time in the Bathroom. After that I took her home and I walked her up to her house and as soon as we get to the door her phone goes off and it is some guy that she met on the internet asking when he could come over. I got so mad I got in my truck and left and have not talked to her since.

  187. Suzette Harang
    Suzette Harang / 2-8-2013 / ·

    It maybe wasn’t the worst date I had ever had, but it was certainly the funniest.
    I live and work in Colorado Springs. I met this gentleman on a dating site and we seemed to hit it off really well. He asked if I had ever been to the Summit. It is a very upscale restaurant across the street from the Broadmore. Of course, I said I would love to go. We set the date and met. He brought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers in a crystal vase. I was really taken aback by how handsome he was and how generous he was. Well, as the evening progressed, he asked if he could kiss me. I said yes, and leaned in to receive that kiss. When he leaned back, he said, “There now we have swapped DNA.” For a split second, I considered getting up and walking out of the restaurant. But I stayed. He wanted me to sit on the same side of the table as him and then he put his hand on my leg and started shaking it. I felt like he was checking for the fat content in my thigh. If you watch the Simpsons, I heard Homer in my head, saying,” Woo-Hoo! Watch that blubber fly!” I was mortified by what he was doing! I couldn’t get away from him without causing a scene. I have too much dignity for that. The evening finally came to an end and he walked me to my car. We said our good-byes and we never went out again.

  188. Brittany Bucko
    Brittany Bucko / 2-8-2013 / ·

    My Worst date started off bad from the beginning. We had been talking for a couple days and decided to have lunch together. He picked me up an hour late. Not knowing where to go he drove around for twenty minutes, till I asked if we could finally eat. I picked the place, a little diner. We ordered and he starts calling his “friend” another girl and talked to her till our food got to us. He mentioned to the other person on the phone that he would meet her later. He hung up ate and made me pay for lunch and the tip. We leave and stop at the gas station not far from the diner. He gets out walks to my side and asks for gas money. After telling him I didn’t have any he walked away lauging. He gets back into the car and takes me to Walmart. Yes Walmart, he does his shopping for the week and buys the person he was on the phone with a nice card and necklace. I demanded that he take me home. We pull up to my house and he asks for a kiss. I slammed the door in his face. He called me for the next three weeks asking what he did wrong and why I ended the relationship so fast.

  189. ky2here
    ky2here / 2-8-2013 / ·

    Would you believe his mother calling to verify he was sick and really wanted to go out with me? Yea…. L is for Loser.

  190. Angela robison
    Angela robison / 2-8-2013 / ·

    My worse date ever will have to be the time…..I was 17 and he picked me up for what I thought was going to be a nice romantic date and dinner, possible a movie then dinner..Whoommpp whomppp whoompppp was I ever wrong! The date started off by him driving us to his high school and giving me an all inclusive tour with details about every room and hallway, what upgrades had been made to the school and pointing them out every step of the way!! Then we leave the school drive around while he shows me the local co-op and drives around to all the fields and points out to me what crops are growing in what fields! At this point I am so ready to be taken back home, but he has more excitment planned for our romantic date, we still have to have that romantic dinner..whoommpp whommppp whommpppp we pull into McDonald’s were he treats me to McNuggets ..uuggggg I could j not handle any more excitement that evening so I told him I am just partied out take me home!!!Thinking that was all behind me he shows up at my house the next day knocking on my door, when I seen him I hid behind a chair in the living room while he knocked and knocked on the door and then began to pear in the windows yelling my name!!! Finally he left! This by far was the worse date and what he thought was going to be an “after” date I had!
    Thank You

  191. Lizzy Faurot
    Lizzy Faurot / 2-8-2013 / ·

    The worst date I ever went on was when I met up with a guy I had been talking to on a dating website. He showed up stoned, and before we even got in the restaurant, he and confessed that he had a young child with a woman he hated, and also, that he had once been a part of a meth commune out in the desert cities. He also admitted to having stolen a car and several pounds of marijuana from a marijuana farm some years ago. I didn’t even go in the restaurant with him, and I just left instead. He later texted me in hopes of a second date, and when I declined, he cussed me out and harassed me until the next day.

  192. Patrice Hill
    Patrice Hill / 2-8-2013 / ·

    When I was 18, my cousin asked me to go on a double date with a friend of the guy she was dating. I reluctantly agreed, by I should have known better. When the car pulled up, my date and I made eye contact, and it was NOT GOOD. We went to eat before the movie, and I sat and watched the three of them eat because my date didn’t offer any of his fries or soda to me. Still I continued with this date for my cousin’s sake. We are now at the movie theater, and my cousin and her boyfriend go to the booth and purchase their tickets continuing on inside the doors. My date goes to the window and makes his purchase so I walk through the doors and wait. When my date comes inside and hands one ticket to the guy at the gate, his friend leans over and whispers something to him. His response was kind of loud “I have to pay for her?”. At that point, I turned on my heel and walked out of the movie theater and straight to the bus stop. I don’t know if they watched the movie, but I had definitely had my share of drama that night!

  193. Mary Ramirez
    Mary Ramirez / 2-8-2013 / ·

    The worst date I ever had is when I was in high school. A friend of mine had a date with her b/f and he asked her if she could find a date for his friend. She asked me. I thought, what could it hurt. It was awful. We went to the movies. The guy could not fit in the seat very well. That was not the worst. They took us to a strip joint. My friend and I were only 16. We got in. This was horrible. Back in my day, good girls did not do this. Finally we got them to take us home. I never again went on a blind date.

  194. Shawn Hite
    Shawn Hite / 2-8-2013 / ·

    I was going out with a girl and we rode with my mom and little brother to a party. After the party, we went to my mother’s boyfriend’s house to relax and watch a movie. My date was sitting in my lap and I asked her to get up so I could use the bathroom, after all, I had been drinking a lot. When I came back to the room, everyone looked all awkward and I was wondering what was going on. No one said anything. When the movie ended and we went home after dropping my date off, my mother and brother told me when I went to the bathroom, my date slid next to my brother on the sofa and tried to kiss all over him. I was mortified. No wonder everyone was looking at me strangely. I never called her again.

  195. Tawnya
    Tawnya / 2-8-2013 / ·

    I met a guy online (yeah) and we decided to meet. He neglected to tell me though that he was going to bring his GIRLFRIEND. We all went out anyway and they ended up getting drunk. Before I left he decided to kiss me…while his girlfriend was outside sick.

  196. Mara Zamora
    Mara Zamora / 2-8-2013 / ·

    My worst date was a couple months ago .This guy and i met up at night and he took me back to his house where he proceeded to play video games and after a while he fell asleep! I don’t have a car and didn’t know how to take the bus back home from his area so i was stuck at his house until he woke up .

  197. Mya Murphy
    Mya Murphy / 2-8-2013 / ·

    My worst date is a freaking nightmare. I actually met this man at the library. I figured since he was in the library, he had potential, since books and reading are my main hobbies, and my oh my, he wasn’t even that bad-looking. He asked me if he could call me, and I didn’t really think he would. Someone THAT cute? Calling me. Well, he called two days later, and asked me if I wanted to go to a party, and I was like Wow, really?! Of course, I said yes! Anyway, he picked me up right on time, even opened the door for me. Anyway, 2 hours later in Bessemer, AL, we landed at this hotel, and I was like ok…there was a BYOB on this side door. I asked him what kind of party it was, and he never answered. There was a dance floor and tables and chairs and people were mainly just chatting. I was like OK… Then all of a sudden, the lights go dim, and there’s this woman that walked across the floor to this man and started giving oral. He took me to a Swinger’s Club! Needless to say, I didn’t stay long inside. Smoked a few cigs, and drank wine out in his car… I waited til 3 AM til he informed me the reason he was late was he got together with another woman and got a room together… He called a few days later and asked me back out. This time, I hung up and never heard from him again.

  198. Brenda Elks
    Brenda Elks / 2-8-2013 / ·

    My worst date ever was a blind date that was arranged by a friend. He came and picked me up in a pick up truck. As soon as the door shut and he came in got in and proceeded to tell me that if I smelled anything it was the smell of chicken pooh because he had been “spraying” the fields that day and he hadn’t had time to wash his truck before he came to pick me up. He then proceeded to take me out for a ride in the country because he wanted to see a deer. He pulled up to a field and turned lights onto a group of animals…I said that is not a deer those are cows and he said I just wanted to see if you knew the difference! I thought I was never going to get taken back home that night! Needless to say the next 15 times he kept calling I totally avoided his calls!

  199. Chris G.
    Chris G. / 2-8-2013 / ·

    My worst date ever was when I went out with a coworker because I didn’t want to hurt his feelings, but I was not the least bit attracted to him. I could not wait for the evening to end.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  200. CARLA M
    CARLA M / 2-8-2013 / ·

    i went a 1st date with a coworker brother, he took me to the muesum, and walking through out the whole building i was wondering why people were pointing and staring, i turned around and saw he was a little more happy to be on our 1st date ( if you get my drift ) , then we went out for lunch, again same thing, i was shocked the whole time, i had a lovely day, but i was embaressed by this and never saw him again, till he looked me up 11 years later and sent a letter to my moms house…….

  201. khou
    khou / 2-8-2013 / ·

    My worst date left me with a rash and a hard time breathing. So I already semi knew the guy. We decided to go watch a movie. He came to pick me up and right when i got into his car I noticed the reeking smell of cigarettes and the ashes of them everywhere in the car, including how messy the whole car was. That wasn’t the only part that left me in awe, when we got to the movie theater, four or so of his guy friends were there too. I was practically going on a date with the guy and his friends,without being told before hand. my date didnt even pay for the tickets, his friend did and to make it worst i felt like i was babysitting five little kids in the arcade section and giving them an allowance to play the games. the movie was poorly chosen too. after the movie we drove around and let me tell you, it was the worst drive, the car reeked of cigarettes so badly that i couldnt breathe and was getting a rash on my chest. to add on to it, i was left waiting in the car. the best part of the date was probably finally getting to go home. I never hung out with him after that.

  202. lindy bee giordano
    lindy bee giordano / 2-8-2013 / ·

    Back in high school my girlfriend wanted me to go on a double date with her so I agreed. The guys picked us up at her house and the first time I looked at my date I was like…OMG!!! he was short and chubby!! Needless to say we went out for mexican food and after sitting there awhile talking and kicking my girlfriend under the table i began to feel ill. We all headed out to the car to go cruise the streets like everyone did back in the day with their fancy muscle cars when all of a sudden he had to pull over…I got so sick and then they took me home. Got out of that date real quick. lol

  203. Amanda Johnson
    Amanda Johnson / 2-8-2013 / ·

    It’s hard to choose just one, but one of the first that comes to mind was a first date with a guy. I had seen him around and thought he was cute, but I really didn’t know anything about him. So I was all for it when he asked me to go to dinner with him. Then I found out he wanted to go to a buffet, which wouldn’t have been my first choice, but still not too terrible. But the real kicker? We go to the restaurant and I find out it won’t be just the two of us dining together. Instead we were joined by his 80-something aunt who was hard of hearing and yelled every time she wanted to say something to us. By the end of the meal she was convinced we were engaged. Needless to say, that relationship didn’t go anywhere!

  204. Robin Arnold
    Robin Arnold / 2-8-2013 / ·

    The worst date I ever had…it was a blind date. He was extremely over weight and he took me to eat at a very popular restaurant. He insisted on sitting in a booth in the back of the restaurant. He said it would be “romantic”. As we began to eat he started choking, he tried to excuse himself to go to the restroom and … he was stuck in the booth! Two of the busboys had to climb under the table and chip it away from the wall! It took almost an hour, even with the paramedics helping! I sat in a chair at his side the entire time. The patrons in the restaurant laughed so hard and so loud that the manager ended up putting all the patrons out of the restaurant. When he was finally freed, the manager of the restaurant turned to me and said, ” Madame, I am assuming he paid you to spend the evening with him…you should be ashamed of yourself!!!! I left the restaurant in tears. Later I asked my “friend” why she set me up with him and she said…he is 38 years old and has never been on a date, he lives with his mother and you were the only person I could think of who would be nice to him and not hurt his feelings….

  205. Marguerite
    Marguerite / 2-8-2013 / ·

    Well, it wasn’t a date for me, but my best friend was dating this guy, and she invited me over to her house to hang out. All of a sudden, she calls me and asks me if her boyfriend can carpool with me up to her house because he lives closer to me than to her. In my state of shock, I said “sure, i’d love to take your boyfriend to your house on the day that we were supposed to hang out together.” It was meant sarcastically, of course, but she didn’t get that apparently, so a few minutes later, he shows up at my house and we get in the car and go. We get to her house and sit in the back yard. After a while, we all decided to go swimming. We made a few laps and played Marco Polo, and then we got in the jacuzzi. We must have sat there for all of five seconds when they started dry humping each other. It was the absolute most disgusting thing I have ever experienced, and it’s not like I had anyone else to talk to, so I was left third-wheeling. At the end of the night, I ended up sitting up front on the ride home. Her and her boyfriend were holding hands in the back and giggling. The worst part: I went there to hang out with my best friend and all she did was use me as transportation for her bf.

  206. Dorothy Walters
    Dorothy Walters / 2-9-2013 / ·

    It was my senior year and they had a cruise. I did not have a date so a “friend” said her cousin would like to take me. I asked all the normal questions, what does he look like, is he really tall or short? She said he is average hight and very nice looking oh and has a nice personality. I should have run but not me. She was my friend so I said ok. His face was covered in pimples and he was a dork. We were on a cruise and no place to hide, Last blind date I ever went on. I was so embarrassed. I was 17 nice and looks meant a lot.

  207. Dusan Slepcevic
    Dusan Slepcevic / 2-9-2013 / ·

    Being an immigrant, I don’t always understand the slang used. On one such time, I had taken out this pretty gal and during the date, she asked me if I had any coke. I told her I had a whole bunch back home. So after the dinner, she asked if we could go to my place. What, did she really think I was going to say no?! Of course we can! Fast forward to my apt, and after a few minutes, she asks where I keep the coke. Yes, I did exactly what you are thinking. I told her I had a six pack in the fridge and could I get her a can. LOL Needless to say, that was the last time I ever saw or heard from her. Years later I learned what she really meant and wanted.

  208. Allie
    Allie / 2-9-2013 / ·

    This was back in the 70’s it may seem a little “dated” to some of you .. My dad had finally consented to me having a “car” date daytime , but a car date none the less ..once we left the house and were driving down the road Tony asked me if I would like some boiled peanuts and up from the back seat popped my little niece Angie (she loves boiled peanuts) ..she had hid in the car while Tony and I were in the house talking with my dad …I turned so red , we turn around took her back to only have to remove her kicking and this time I was a lovely shade of purple ..My dad had no worries romance was not on our mind for what was left of our date ..

  209. kendra
    kendra / 2-9-2013 / ·

    My worst date ever was when me and my first love was hooking up we were walking towards his house, when this random guy popped out of nowhere. He proceeded to throw hot mcdonald’s coffee, rocks, and to add insult to injury he called my love a B–ch! So next thing i see a whirlwind of movement, my boyfriend and this man is fighting in the street. Cars are fast approaching i am shouting June stop, naturally the police came. They arrested both parties, I was naive I asked the cop can I ride he said no. Then Mr.Edwards pulled up he asked was I ok, Im like yeah he didnt let anything happen to me. He offered me a ride to the police station. I went in and waited and waited, pacing the floor eventually they released my babe. We hurried out of that place, his knuckles were swollen I kissed them tenderly. He lost his housekeys, pocket money, so he was in a bad mood, he kept apologizing i told him its ok. He had to climb the roof and enter the house through a window to let us in. But that was in 1991, fastforward to 2013, weve been married since 2005.

  210. Michelle Barneck
    Michelle Barneck / 2-9-2013 / ·

    It was my first date ever. It was my 16th birthday and my family threw me a surprise party at the lake. That night my crush took me to dinner where our date took a turn. He started picking at his food and acting weird. He excused himself to the bathroom for like 15 minutes. When he came back he did not look great, but put on a smile. We asked him if he needed to go home but he said he was fine. We got to our activity and he got out of the car stepped away a few feet and threw up in the parking lot. Then, said he felt much better and was ready to do the ropes course. Uh.

  211. Drea
    Drea / 2-9-2013 / ·

    When I was about 16 years old I was dating a guy from school. On Valentines day we had planned to meet up at party. I had to spend 2 days convincing my mom to let me go to this party which was on the other side of town. I got all dressed up and had her drive me all the way to the party. when I got there I called him about 10 times but no answer. So I went back home. Later that night he called and said that he fell asleep and wanted to take me to dinner and a movie. So he picked me up and we stopped at a restaurant for dinner. While getting out of the car we noticed that his car made a weird noise. So he tried to start it again and IT WOULDN’T START! We decided to eat and figure out the car when we were done. We ordered food and realized that the auto shop across the street would be closing soon. So he decided to leave me at the table before the food came to run and grab what he needed. Well the food came out and I was left at the table for 25 mins alone. He came back inside and er began to eat our almost cold food which didnt taste good at all. Then we went out to the car to see if he could fix it. He couldnt so he had to call his dad to come pick us up and drop me home. Worst date ever!

  212. Linda Landowski
    Linda Landowski / 2-9-2013 / ·

    My husband & I met on Christmas Eve, 1976. He was 18 & I was 16. To say we’ve been through a lot would be the understatement of the world. It was Valentine’s Day 2011. I was trying to over come Triple Negative Breast Cancer. I started a new ‘script I needed for neuropathy and endless pain. Little did we know it gave me uncontrollable Laughter outbursts!! The poor server said the specials.. & I laughed so hard for no reason! Having been a server myself I tried to compose my self and recover. But I’d burst into laughter each time I’d get food, look at food, her any voice or sound! Now mind you we couldn’t afford to go out to eat. But I saved a gift certificate. Since we had no jobs or income! We couldn’t enjoy anything. Since that pill did this too me! Each time Gary would tell me a story or say anything I’d laugh in his face and make him mad! I only felt more broken from these Cancer side effects. I realize my life is head to toe endless, nonstop Pain! But we have love, living on love & a prayer and Zero income! We just can’t afford dates anymore. Nothing is funny. Except the memory even Chemo brain won’t let me forget of the last date we’ve been on.

  213. Marcia
    Marcia / 2-9-2013 / ·

    My worst date ever was:
    I met a man at a dance and he asked me out. He said there was a movie he wanted to see and asked if I would go with him. When we got to the theatre, he tried to sneak us in to the DOLLAR SHOW and then pulled 2 Payday candy bars from his pocket and gave me one and said he didn’t have money for a drink or popcorn.
    Needless to say first and last date all wrapped up in one!!

  214. karen pena
    karen pena / 2-9-2013 / ·

    When I was 15 my date took us to Coney Island. Everything was fine until he decided that we should go on the parachute jump. Although I do not have a fear of heights, I was about to understand what that felt like. Shoes off, straped in and all you could see was a parachute above. The seat begins to rise and slowly goes up until it hits the top. Unknowingly one cannot see the top until it snaps and releases. Eyes closed and stomach on fire I pray for my life. Never saw that guy again we didn’t have the right chemisty or sense of adventure.

  215. Alex
    Alex / 2-9-2013 / ·

    My worst date ever happens to fall on valentine’s day. I had to go to school, which was awful as usual. Then I came home and got ready, then headed to my boyfriend’s. we had decided to move in together on this day, and his parents were supposed to have already moved out. When I got to his house, I didn’t go inside, I just picked him up and we went shopping. I ended up having to buy him a hundred dollar phone with a thirty dollar phone card because his phone broke. He bought me chocolates that I was allergic to. I then had to solely buy ingredients for dinner. We got back to the house after driving all over town looking for things in different stores, and I discovered his dad was still at the house. While he was making dinner for the three of us, I was forced to figure out how to activate his new phone. Halfway through dinner being made, his dad started screaming that there was no privacy in this house and that I had to leave. I didn’t end up moving in, and I didn’t get to eat anything!

  216. brandy g.
    brandy g. / 2-9-2013 / ·

    My worst date ever was when a friend from college set me up on a blind date with a guy that she worked with. The guy was late picking me up and then he stayed on his phone pretty much the whole date. After we left the restaurant he wanted to go to a bar and talk. I found out later that his ex wife worked there and he just wanted to see if he could make her jealous. Seriously! Let’s just say I never saw that guy again.

  217. shirley J Kelso
    shirley J Kelso / 2-9-2013 / ·

    I was dating thru a singles web site. I met a man at a up scale resturant for dinner. He walked in and of average built ETC. We sat down and they brought the menus. He told me to order wine or what ever I wanted. I asked what he was ordering to drink. He stated that he would sip on broth. He told me to order a meal. Then he explained that he had cancer and feeds himself thru a tube nightly. He said he would be losing his voice box soon. I managed to stay during coffee. Thanked him and ran from a very freightening Date.

  218. sue good
    sue good / 2-9-2013 / ·

    I was 23 and single,seemed like everyone wanted to play cupid.My Aunt had a female coworker about my age that was raving about her new boyfriend.My aunt told her one day”wow too bad He doesn’t have a friend for my niece.”The coworker told her in fact her boyfriend did have a friend that was good looking,20’s,great job,very funny,nice and is looking for a nice girl.A double date was arranged.When they picked me up I got into the back seat with him.He was 40’s ,black slicked hair and looked like an UGLY version of Joe Peschi! We went to a bar and he insisted of dancing.The top of his head was below my chest I noticed as He tried nuzzling in on me.During this time It finally hit me who this guy reminded me of,Ernest T. Bass from the Andy Griffith show.I my memory was jarred back to the show by this guy saying to me”yeah baby c’mon give me a little smoochie smooch.”Finally the night was over and He walked me to my door.I had the pleasure of introducing him to my aunt.Her mouth dropped open and couldn’t speak.I assure you my aunts coworker “enlightened” on how she screwed up!

  219. Farah Ansari
    Farah Ansari / 2-9-2013 / ·

    My worst date ever name was Garrett, he first changed plans three times the day of the date, did not pick me up so I walked to the restaurant we ended up deciding meeting on which was about a mile away, and when I arrived he decided to sit near the bar so he could watch the TV, and before the food even arrived he said he was hungover and wasn’t even that hungry, deciding to leave once the food arrived, he also did not drop me off home. This was also my first date ever.

  220. Tess Bastian
    Tess Bastian / 2-9-2013 / ·

    I was with this guy at the mall. It was going alright, we had some Mrs. Field’s cookie sandwiches and lemonade, great stuff! We were chatting and snacking. Then, we were going through different stores, just goofing around. We went to leave and on our way out the door, mall security stopped my date! They took him to a back room and I was left alone, without a ride home. He texted me “Sorry, but I’m getting arrested for shop lifting. Bail me out?” Well, I “lost” his number and took a bus home. I never saw the guy again. Worst first date ever!

  221. Helen Stockwell
    Helen Stockwell / 2-9-2013 / ·

    My worst date was the one that did not even bother showing up. Sat there for 2 hours and then just left.

  222. Christina
    Christina / 2-9-2013 / ·

    I had been dating this guy for about a month, driving 3 hours every weekend so I could see him. I stayed those nights with my grandparents. Our actual first date would have been Valentine’s Day. He decided that instead of the original fancy place we were going to go to, we would go to Long John Silver’s instead. All throughout our date, he acted kind of weird. We got back to his apartment, and Star Wars was on, so he told me I should stay through at least one movie since I had never seen one of them before. He made sure that he wasn’t sitting near me this entire time, so I kind of figured something was up. About 8:30 rolls around and I told him I was going to call my dad before it was too late. His response was that I needed to leave around 9:00 (this was in the middle of the movie he said I should stay all the way through that didn’t end until 10:00) so he could call his family. Multiple times throughout the night, I tried giving him his gift, but he wanted to wait. Finally, when I was heading out, I was like here’s your gift and started to get up. He immediately gets up and was like look I need to talk. I still wanna be friends, but I realized that I was only dating you to fill a void… I would have much rather had him text me, rather than spend $50 on his gift and drive THREE HOURS just to go to Long John Silver’s! Worst date of my life!

  223. Jasmine Williams
    Jasmine Williams / 2-9-2013 / ·

    Valentines days my date picked me up took me to the local skating rink, there we skated together arm locked the last goaround he let go & i held on to the bar leaned on the bar with my elbow & it got stuck in the rail! They had to take it down to release my elbow & if that wasnt enough i feel on my butt leaving the rink!

  224. Nancy
    Nancy / 2-9-2013 / ·

    Worst date EVER – back in college I went with a busload of sorority sisters to an all boy’s college, where we were going to be paired up with single guys and go to a basketball game. We all went into the cafeteria and each girl and boy’s name was called out. The lucky “couples” started chatting, heading off to the game etc… When my name and my “date’s” name were called, there were snickers from the boys… and no one came forward for a few minutes… finally a rather homely guy came forward, pressed a sweaty palm to mine and said “I’ve never dated a girl before”… OK…. Well, now I was stuck – everyone was heading to the game, so I suggested we go too. My “date” told me that he hates sports and wanted me to go with him to his room. I told him I had to go to the lady’s room. I ran and hid in the bushes for about 3 hours, then jumped onto the bus with the rest of the girls when it pulled in. I don’t know what was worse – the “date” or hiding in the bushes for so long!

  225. Courtney
    Courtney / 2-9-2013 / ·

    There isn’t really one occasion I can describe… its pretty much what happened very often… but I would say the worst date night(s) was begging my boyfriend at the time… to go out and have a romantic dinner or a “date night” and all he did was complain about the “lack of money”… but in reality he wanted to just sit and play his Xbox… and the times we did go out to eat… it was paid for by me.

  226. Kim Newlander
    Kim Newlander / 2-9-2013 / ·

    My worst date was when I was online dating and I really hit off with this guy. We finally decided to meet for coffee. I was totally honest with him before hand about my age, looks , and what I was looking for! He also, said he was looking for the Same things. When I got to the restaurant, I was the first one there. I was a bit nervous, then when he walked in, I knew it was him because of his description of himself. He came right over to me, I was attracted to him physically. But he was so serious. After talking for a bit, he said to me, “You know your nice but your too old for me?” I was very taken aback!! I asked him if he knew my age why did he want to meet with me? He said, “Hey, I’m just looking for some fun!” We sat in silence for what seemed like forever!!! Then I said, ” you can go!” He said with a smile, really? I can stay if you want! I said no! Just go!! What a jerk!!!

  227. Jamie Waller
    Jamie Waller / 2-9-2013 / ·

    I still have nightmares about this date…

    It was a blind date with a guy named Sean whom I had met through a dating website. The plan was to go to Balboa Island and have a nice dinner. The first sign that this date wasn’t going to be a good one should have been when he told me to meet him at his house rather than pick him up. However, I went with the flow (being young and stupid) and drove out to Orange County. When I got there he was NOTHING like the pictures he had sent me. However, determined not to be rude and hurt someone’s feelings I decided to proceed with the date anyway.

    We took off to Balboa Island in his VW Bus. We drove down to dock and took the car on the ferry there. It was extremely foggy and starting to rain when we go to Balboa Island and hard to navigate through the streets as they are almost all dead ends. After spending 15 minutes trying to figure out where he was going all of a sudden the clutch gives out in his car. Unfortunately, I did not know how to drive a stick shift and he didn’t want to leave his car in the middle of the road. So he had me get out of the car in his dress and heels, in the rain and push it while he steered it to the side of the road to park it. I’m sure it was a wonderful sight seeing a 5’4″ girl trying to push a big VW Bus with a dress and 6″ heels on.

    After parking the car we decided to try and call for help. However, neither of us got any reception. Not know where we were we had no choice but to hoof it until we found a gas station, diner, SOMEWHERE with civilization. (Mind you it was so foggy and rainy it looked like something out of a horror film). We eventually made our way back to the ferry. The entire time he was complaining about the rain and how it was ruining his hair, not once offering me his jacket that he was wearing. Then on the ferry ride back to Newport Beach he kept complaining about the fact that he had to leave his car behind.

    Beyond pissed off and completely over this date when we arrived in Newport I was calling everyone possible to come and pick us up. After trying my best friend and family with no success I had no choice but to call another guy I was dating at the time, Aaron. Thankfully he picked us both up and dropped Sean off at home and then took me home.

  228. Stephanie Schack
    Stephanie Schack / 2-10-2013 / ·

    My worst date was when my boyfriend and I went to Lake Tahoe for our anniversary. It was my first time learning to snowboard and I was able to concur the kiddie run pretty well so I was feeling pretty brave and decided to do the next difficult run with him. After falling countless times, I was SO frustrated and decided that I didn’t want to try anymore. Unfortunately, it was a long run so we had to walk to get back down. My feet were killing me and I was freezing. I tried sliding down the mountain to give my feet a break but I got yelled at so we had to keep walking. I was starting to tear up until we found a ski lift. We asked one of the workers how we could get back down and they said that the ski lift lead to an area where we could take the gonola back to the parking area. We hopped on and the lift ended up taking us ALL the way to the top of the mountain. That definitely got me crying. We asked some of the medics if there was a way to get back down because there was NO way I could possibly snowboard down black diamond runs. That told me that there was no other way. After my boyfriend argued with them for hours (remember that I am freezing my butt off here) they finally agreed to take us back down the ski lift with one of the medics. I had stopped crying but I could barely feel my feet and my face was starting to turn purple. We hopped on the lift to go back down and I notice my boyfriend starting to shake. I thought it was because he was cold but he ended up having an anxiety attack from the height (he’s really scared of heights!). He started crying and had a hard time breathing and I couldn’t feel most of my body. We got down the mountain and stayed in one of the lodges for a couple of hours before we called some family who lived in the area to pick us up.

    We look back at it now and laugh but during the date, we both thought we were going to die or have our limbs amputated.

  229. Shannon
    Shannon / 2-10-2013 / ·

    My worst date ever was a blind date that my friend set me up on. My friend knew him and me separately & thought that we would be great match and after the date I had to question whether my friend actually even knew me or the other guy or if it was some strange joke. We had nothing at all in common & truly sat through dinner in silence at a loss of what to say to each other and he didn’t even offer to pay the bill, on our first (which was our last) date. My friend felt bad & since then I have not gone out on another blind date & never plan to either.

  230. Linda
    Linda / 2-10-2013 / ·

    My worst date was when I met someone I had gone out with for a few months. I showed up 3 min early and was told “you are early and that’s strike one”. I brushed it off after dinner we went window shopping. I asked a few questions of the curious nature. I was told “stop questioning me strike two”. Baffled I asked what in the world was going on…. His reply “I said no more questions strike three.” Took me back to my car and sped away.

  231. Donna-Marie Sloma
    Donna-Marie Sloma / 2-10-2013 / ·

    My worst date was with a man who I was introduced on the phone and we spoke several times over the several months. I finally agreed to go out with him. He said we where going out to dinner and to dress causal.
    Ok, I put a nice pair of slacks and a light weight sweater set, it was summer, but in case we sat under an air condition vent, I was ready for the chill or I could remove the sweater from my arms, it was to warm.
    Here comes my date, his version of causal was flip flops and shorts. Ok, maybe I was over dressed. I asked if I should change and he said I looked just fine.
    We went to a local diner and we ordered coffee and the whole two hours, we had more coffee and he did not look at me once, he was talking to my breast. He never looked up at my face, his whole conversation was to my breast.
    I was a model for John Wanamakers for several years and so I have been told I have a pretty face.
    Not I am not flat chested nor was I showing them in any way shape or form, but he was fixed on my breast.
    Now I did not train them to reply or blink to attract any attention.
    We ended our date with a good night hug and No we did not have dinner.
    He wanted to do this again sometime, he had a great time!
    I think not!
    I came home and scrambled some eggs, I was starving.

  232. Monica
    Monica / 2-10-2013 / ·

    He approached me in a wine shop – clean cut, handsome. He called right away to make a date. It was all very exciting, and I thought this was going to be a great date. He picks me up in his new car – stick shift – and he just learned how to drive stick so it’s pretty herky-jerky all the way to the restaurant. The dinner conversation was all about his terrible divorce and b of an ex wife. I couldn’t hide my boredom by dessert. He asks, are you going to see me again? And I replied I thought he should get over his divorce before he starts dating – and no, no future date. HE STARTED TO CRY.

  233. Nicole gates
    Nicole gates / 2-10-2013 / ·

    I was set up on a blind date by my lil brother. My brother told me the guy had to have a second job because of how nice his truck is. So when this guy picks me up I ask him where he works besides with my brother. He says I only have one job. At this point I’m looking at his truck thinking there is no way he could afford this. So at this poont im thinking drug dealer. Butbit gets worse. Later in the evening he proceeds to tell me he was involved in a drive by shooting. Why he told me this story is beyond me but I am now terrified for my life and am texting my friend telling her that if I show up dead to tell police who it was. Needless to say after the date I never saw him again. And of course I yelled at my brother for setting me up with a convicted fellin.

  234. Casey
    Casey / 2-10-2013 / ·

    This guy was painting my mom’s house and left this cute note asking me out with his number. I thought it was sweet and gave him a call. We made plans to go out. He picked me up and said he was hungry and instead of taking me out to a nice lunch he went to sheetz and got an mto. He didnt ask if I wanted anything. He ate in the car while driving me to the mall. We walked around the mall. Neither one of us needed anything and we didnt buy anything. It was so boring. Definitely not the romantic I thought he would be. I was nice and gave him one more chance and that date was just as bad.

  235. Katie Sexton
    Katie Sexton / 2-10-2013 / ·

    My worst date would have to be shortly after I started dating again after my relationship with my daughters dad had ended. A friend of mine said that she had a brother who really wanted to meet me and take me out, and after many times of her begging me to go out with him I finally gave in. He took me to a restaurant and we began to talk. He started asking me about my daughter, which I did not really feel comfortable telling someone I did not know about. He began to cry, not just teary eyed but full out sobbing, saying that he really wanted to settle down and that I was exactly what he has always wanted and that he always wanted a daughter as well. We are in the middle of this crowed restaurant, on a first (and only date), people looking at us, while this grown man is crying like a baby because apparently I am everything he had prayed about and that I must have been sent to him by God and I was the answer to his prayers. I was very embarrassed, so I texted a friend of mine and told her what was going on, she showed up to save me and staged a scene saying that I needed to leave right away for a emergency that demanded my attention. I left with my friend and never looked back. I told my friend that had set up the date with her brother and she told me that he was very sensitive, she just did not explain how sensitive he was. To me that was a blind date fail :/

  236. Jaclyn Reynolds
    Jaclyn Reynolds / 2-10-2013 / ·

    I went out with an older guy my first year of college. I think he expected me to be quirkier, I had a more gothic style back then. He kept ordering me green tea while we were having dinner, it was so annoying.

  237. Chris Taylor
    Chris Taylor / 2-10-2013 / ·

    Met a really cute guy on campus who asked me out on what I thought would be wonderful date. It ended up being the WORST DATE EVER!
    He called me up a half hour before he was suppose to pick me up and asked if I could drive over to his place because he didn’t have a car!
    I was all dressed up and hoping we were going to a nice restaurant. When he opened the door he was dressed in sweats! Then, his very cute, but overly friendly dog jumped all over me, getting my dress dirty and ripping my stockings!
    He said he was tired from studying; but he had a great movie we could watch. I thought this was a good idea too; because by now I was torn and dirty.
    We sat on his dingy couch and watched a decent movie; with his dog still slobbering on me. About half way through the movie, I noticed he had fallen asleep; I guess he was doing a lot of studying!
    I let him sleep and woke him up when the movie was over. He asked me if I would like a beer or some chips. I told him it was late and that I’d better be on my way home. He walked me to the door and apologized for falling asleep.
    He then leaned over to kiss me goodbye; it’s then I noticed how bad his breath was! I leaned away and said not on a first date.
    Over the next couple of months he called me Every Weekend and asked me out! I guess it took him awhile to realize I was not going to say yes.
    The best part of the date was his dog, even though he ruined my outfit. That is luckily; The Worst Date I ever had!

  238. Melissa VandenBerg
    Melissa VandenBerg / 2-10-2013 / ·

    My worst date was with a guy in High School. We met at a church function and hit it off. I figured our first real date would be fun….not so much. He came to my house for dinner and to watch a movie and he ended up hitting on my mom and sister…..I think he would have hit on the dog too if she had been female. I actually think he ended up in jail….hmmmm

  239. Stephanie
    Stephanie / 2-10-2013 / ·

    My worst date huh? Well, I’m still young, but my worst date was to the movies. I went to the movies thinking I was on a date because it was with a whole bunch of friends, but the person I went with, did ask me. He said he would treat me and pay for me to watch the movie with him, well, guess what? He didn’t pay for it, I did! Then, when we got into the room to watch the movie, he didn’t even sit by me, I went to go sit by him. He didn’t say a word to me, the entire date until I left and he said bye. Well, that date was the worst because it didn’t even feel like one.

  240. Jennifer R
    Jennifer R / 2-10-2013 / ·

    My worst date ever was a setup by my mom with one of her friend’s sons who was “nice but shy” to his school dance. Thankfully it was a once time event… we did not click at all.

  241. lindsey
    lindsey / 2-10-2013 / ·

    To be honest I haven’t been on a lot of dates, but most of the bad ones happened with my now ex. Since I can’t think of any specifics I’ll tell you about my worst Valentines Day.

    I bought my now ex a few things for Valentines day a week in advance and my boyfriend at the time knew it. The night before Valentines day we had a huge snowstorm. On Valentines day I gave my boyfriend his presents and he gave me…nothing. It gets better. In an effort not to suck, he says he’s going to Walmart right then to get me a present, remember huge snowstorm the night before. Well he gets in MY car and attempts to leave and gets my car stuck…in 3 ft of snow, I couldn’t get it out for 3 days! Not only did I not get anything for Valentines day (I would’ve been happy with a card), but my now ex boyfriend got my car stuck for days.

  242. Alexis Davis
    Alexis Davis / 2-10-2013 / ·

    My worst date was the night of my Senior prom. First off, I had pictures with my group of friends at one of their houses, and my date decided he would rather be with his friends instead of his date. After all of my friends got pictures with their dates–and corsages–which I was still without because I had yet to see my date, I headed over to my his friend’s house. There I finally received a corsage, and about a million pictures with his group as well. He decided he would rather have dinner with his friend’s at their house than coming out to dinner with mine at a nice restaurant. So, I left once again without a date. By the time my dinner was over, he came to pick me up and I got into his car. On the way to the dance, I started feeling very sick and I put my hand up to my mouth making him stop the car. I opened the door and puked on the side of the street with him watching the whole time. Thankfully, though, none of which got on my dress. I then had to have him call my parents to pick me up, since they were nearby, and they drove me to the dance. After all that, I then had to search around to find if someone had gum, because I didn’t want to be any more embarrassed than I already was. (I was still hoping for a kiss!) Horrible date to PROM!

  243. Bonnie
    Bonnie / 2-10-2013 / ·

    My worst date story is from my second week of college as a freshman, 5 years ago. I met this guy, Patrick, at an orientation program for incoming freshmen. He quickly friended me on Facebook and asked if I could help him edit a paper. I agreed and we ended up talking for a few hours. He was a very nice guy, but a bid nerdy. As soon as he left, he messaged me and asked if I wanted to get dinner on Friday. Although I thought it was sudden, I agreed because I figured I had nothing to lose and I was the first girl on the floor to meet someone.

    Friday finally arrives and it’s torrentially raining. I absolutely HATE the rain, but agreed to walk across campus to Applebees. He didn’t have an umbrella, but I luckily had one and offered to share. However, he awkwardly declined. I tried to shrug it off and I hoped dinner would be better.

    We were finally seated at the table and we casually started talking. The conversation improved with talk about baseball (I am a Yankee fan and he was a Red Sox fan). It was fun talking sports, however the conversation turned into a discussion about the war and weapons. I was totally confused and uninterested. I didn’t have an opinion that I felt was worth sharing, so I smiled and nodded. I think he realized that he was talking too much, so he said, “I have been talking a lot, now it’s your turn”. I was utterly confused because who ever says that, let alone on a first date?!

    At this point I was no longer into him, and our food hadn’t even arrived yet! Somehow we got onto the subject of cars and he asked me if I liked driving fast or racing. I answered both with a “no” and he was shocked and confused that I responded that way. I mean how many girls enjoy racing cars?

    We ate our meals quietly, which were mediocre at best. I couldn’t wait to get out of there. Although it was a terrible first date, he was gentleman and paid for both of us. The walk home was more awkward than the whole dinner. We walked back to campus and oddly said goodbye with a wave from afar.

  244. angela
    angela / 2-10-2013 / ·

    ok here goes my date went like this we talked for a couple of weeks and decided to meet. He would never send me a photo I sent him one I was upfront about what I look like. So against my judgement I said ok then tells what you look like, he told me he looked like kevin james I was ok with that, I was a heavyset girl myself. I told him I had surgery to lose weigh, and he was ok with that and I needed someone who can support me. With that in mind I told him I really don’t care where we eat but I don’t like pasta. I agreed to meet him in a public place and we rode together. When he pulled up I was very nervous and I got out and met him. I was shocked he lied he was like 200 pounds more than he lead on. I told myself its ok I will still go out with him, even though he lied to me. So off we went I was dressed casual because he told me causal. He ended up talking to a 5 star place where I was underdressed, I felt weird. Then I walked I and guess what it was all Italian place I was like wow. Still with an open I do continued on. While sitting at the table he asked me what I am wanting in the future. Like most women I said marriage and kids, and too be happy. He then told me he was divorced which was fine, he then be told me he has this condition where if he has kids they will have gentic problems and he already had two. By the time that was said I just couldn’t believe my ear I kept thinking this is a joke someone was playing on me. He then said what would you like to eat, I didn’t know how to answer I hated pasta and that’s all they had, I think politely said remember I really don’t care for pasta. He then said oh you will learn to like it I was like OMG! I was so ready to leave by this point, I ordered a soda and let him eat just to get the date over. The worst date ever, then once we left he wanted me to me to come back to his house I was like you lied to me about many things and you and I aren’t looking for the same things and he dropped me off at my car and we wanted are separate ways. I was so upset we really clicked on the phone I really liked him just can’t stand dishonest people! Lets just say no more blind dates for me!

  245. Sara C.
    Sara C. / 2-10-2013 / ·

    My worst date happens to have been my only date. I had met this guy through mutual friends, and we really hit it off. We hung out together at my house, at his house, at their house – and things were going really well. He asked me out to the movies that weekend, and I agreed.

    The weekend came and he was running late so we decided to meet there. After the previews had begun, he called to find out where I was – and to let me know he brought a date.

    I told him to enjoy the movie.

  246. Rayna Estness
    Rayna Estness / 2-10-2013 / ·

    You’d think your first date with a guy would be dinner and a romantic comedy, right? Well how about Bevis & Butthead Do America and a box of popcorn & a bag of M&Ms for dinner….

  247. William Chang
    William Chang / 2-10-2013 / ·

    Friend set me up – she was beautiful and fun. We eat dinner and during cappuccino time she tells me that her long time doctor boyfriend realized the mistake he made in dumping her and they are back together as of yesterday. Check comes, I politely pay, I go home. Would have been nice to know before I shelled out $160.

  248. merry partridge
    merry partridge / 2-10-2013 / ·

    worst date was a blind date all he talked about was how great his ex girlfriend was. yea

  249. Jenn M
    Jenn M / 2-10-2013 / ·

    I went on a date with a guy I met through an online dating service. First of all, his profile stated he was over 6 feet tall, but he was actually shorter than me (I’m 5’7″, and I was wearing flats). What a weird thing to lie about, since anyone would figure it out right away. Second, he took me to a casino, which would’ve been sort of fun, but he spent about 30 minutes playing blackjack. When he was done, he said, “Now I can take you out to dinner.”

  250. mary mcmenamy
    mary mcmenamy / 2-10-2013 / ·

    my worst date was when i ended up in Las vegas and remarried my ex on Valentines days drunk he puked on me and i then redivorced him for good then he precedeto tell his mom i kidnapped him not really i was trying to giv him back

  251. Mary Donnelly
    Mary Donnelly / 2-10-2013 / ·

    I went on a sushi date with someone who I was a little skeptical about. It was actually a 3rd date after long pause from Dates #1 and #2, and despite the fact that he looked a little bit like Scott Farkus from A Christmas Story, I don’t usually turn down offers for sushi. He took me to a place that was a 25 minute drive away because he said he knew it well.

    So, all during dinner, my date keeps winking at me and telling me to “save room for dessert.” After the waitress cleared our dinner plates and asks if we wanted dessert, he states that he wants the “Happy Special.”

    Not five minutes later, the Happy Special arrived it all of its glory. It was on banana, tempura style, uncut and nestled in between two big vanilla ice cream “balls” that were covered in chocolate shavings. From the, er… “tip” of the banana came a steady stream of whipped cream, with a cherry at the end.

    “Do you know what that is?” asked my date with a weird Scott Farkus smile.

    While I’m pretty good at maintaining my composure in all kinds of awkward situations, I’m pretty sure my face turned a deep shade of purple to accompany my complete loss of words. I said the first thing that came to mind, “Um… a (slang term for male genitalia )?”

    So…. yeah. THAT happened. Most. Awkward. Drive. Home. Ever. I guess he thought that, since it was date three, I would let him in and let him give me the hot banana. No thanks.

  252. Jennifer Dysart
    Jennifer Dysart / 2-10-2013 / ·

    The worst date I ever had was a blind date, first and last ever. He just wasn’t my type, he had a million rings on and dressed gangsta and drove a tow truck. I was so uncomfortable I got hammered and he had to take me home early and was already talking about commitment and long-term relationships…ick. He then procedded to call me for a year straight after that even though I was dating someone else….

  253. Teasia Bingham
    Teasia Bingham / 2-10-2013 / ·

    My worst date ever? A guy asked me to homecoming as our first date, he thought that the appropriate meal for the date was doughnut holes (which he ate all by himself) He took me to walk around a grocery store as a “pre-date” and then drove me to the dance. On the way to the dance a child road across the street and he said “those children deserve to die if they don’t know better then to go across the street.” I was very shocked and offended, the child was very young. At the dance he wanted to eat the hole time and then tried to follow me into the restroom. I took a run for the other side of the building and then looped back around into the restroom, where i hid for the rest of the night. He sent multiple people in to see if I was there, each of the girls, thankfully, sided with me and went out saying that they didn’t see me. One finally got him to leave so that I could get away, running all the way back to my house. My parents locked the doors and turned out the lights. Really and truly the worst date ever.

  254. Lori Williams
    Lori Williams / 2-10-2013 / ·

    I had recently gotten divorced and it was just me and my 4 year old son. I was lonely for an adult to talk to. I decided to call the 1-800 Chat line. This was before computers. I called and met a man named John. He lived in Florida, I lived in Massachusetts. We talked everyday for a couple of months. We never knew what each other looked like. We fell in love. He asked me to marry him over the phone. I told him I would like to meet him face to face before I made that kind of decision. He said he would fly up and spend a few weeks and see what happened. He flew up and we fell in love even more. Neither one of us wanted it to end. I told him I would marry him. We had one final date before he had to leave to go back to Florida. It was the worst date of my life. But he had to return because he owned his own business and took care of his elderly parents. I was heart broken because he didn’t know when he would be able to return. He was crying and I was crying. It was so bad. I remembering him telling me once he moved up to Massachusetts he would never leave me again. That was my worst date ever. But my best was when he returned six months later and we got married. It’s been 23 years and he kept his promise. He has never left me for an extended period and we are more in love today then we were 23 years ago.

  255. Alexandra Clatterbuck
    Alexandra Clatterbuck / 2-10-2013 / ·

    I met a guy on that seemed really nice. He was really attractive and according to the website, we had a million things in common. We decided since we both had a love for sushi, that we would meet at a local sushi place for dinner. I showed up before him so I got a table and waited to see him walk through the door. When I saw him, I waved him over. He showed up dressed very metrosexual (which is not my taste in man’s style) and his very own sushi utensils, as well as sauces and different spices for the fish. When he sat down the conversation was all about him and how awesome he was and how much money he makes. He watched every move I made with my sushi and with my chopsticks. He even told me I was holding them wrong and asked if I wanted him to show how to do it the correct way. Ummm…I have been eating sushi for a long time, not everyone holds them the exact same way! What a weirdo. Anyway, dinner is over, we walk out side and he walks me to my car. After a very awkward dinner and no chemistry whatsoever, he proceeds to try and make out with me by my car door and ask me if I want to go get a room with him!!! Needless to say…I left and ignored all contact from him after that.

  256. Mario
    Mario / 2-10-2013 / ·

    The date that does not exist.

  257. Nicole D.
    Nicole D. / 2-10-2013 / ·

    My worst date ever involved a guy I met through an online dating site. We spoke on the phone a few times – as is my “requirement” before meeting anyone in person – and he seemed like a really good guy (well mannered, well spoken, intelligent (he was a doctor), nice looking, well traveled, etc.), so we set up a date to meet at a restaurant that was half way in between where we both lived.

    The night of the date, we arrive at the agreed upon restaurant, park our cars, and walk over to each other. After exchanging our initial hellos in the parking lot, he asks me if it would be okay if we went to another restaurant that was “next door” to the one we were going to go to. Not looking around, I just agreed because it was another restaurant I had heard great things about and I’m flexible, so it was no big deal.

    We leave our cars where they are and we begin to walk towards the restaurant. As it turns out, this other restaurant was not “next door”, but he said it was just down a bit, so I keep walking. Mind you, we’re out on a very cold, blustery winter night on Long Island, NY. I’m okay because I’m used to NY winters and dressed appropriately; he, unfortunately, was from Hawaii and was not used to the cold at all. He comments about how cold he is (which is not shocking to me since he wore a thin overcoat) and starts walking faster ahead of me. Next thing I know, he makes a passing comment that he is just going to run ahead because he can’t take the cold. Somewhat aghast, I see him run into the next building which is a movie theatre. He ran pretty quickly, so by the time I get there, I walk in and am shocked to see him in the lobby wolfing down a hot dog! I walk up to him and said, “What are you doing?” He said he needed a hot dog to “warm up.” I’m like, “Okaaay…”

    As I’m awkwardly standing next to him, he asks for a few more minutes to warm up before we go back outside in the cold to walk the remaining way to the restaurant. For some stupid reason, I somewhat half-heartedly ask him if he’d like me to go get my car and we can drive the rest of the way. (I still don’t know how far away this restaurant is, by the way.) I knew I wasn’t eally serious with my offer, but shockingly, he said yes! Instead of laughing in his face and say, “I’m just kidding, get lost!”, I tell him to wait there and I walk back to my car.

    Oh, as if this night wasn’t already something I couldn’t possibly make up, as I’m walking back to my car, a car filled with a group of teenagers pull up next to me. They roll down the window and ask me if they can take my picture for a “scavenger hunt.” I look at them and tell them, “Uh, no, good-bye!” and keep walking to my car. What the hell was that?

    Still reeling from the night’s events in such a short amount of time, I get back to my car, quickly call my sister to tell her about the developing date from hell and ask her if I should just ditch this guy or go and get him and hope the rest of the date is salvageable. She, of course, wisely tells me to leave, but me being the sucker that I am felt badly and went to go get him anyway.

    I pull up to the movie theatre where he runs to my car and jumps into the passenger seat. As I start driving, I notice that the restaurant is right next door to the movie theatre! I walked all the way back to get my car just to drive him a few feet?! Not saying a word, I find a parking space and park my car. As I’m turning off the engine, he looks at me and says, “Okay, are you ready?” Before I can even answer, he jumps out of my car, runs down the parking lot and into the restaurant.

    Again, I’m sitting in my car aghast over what’s unfolding before me. Summoning up whatever last ounce of kindness I have, I walk into the restaurant and find him sitting at a table already drinking a hot cup of water. He said he needed something quick to warm up. I sit down, smile, and say nothing.

    As we’re looking over our menus, he asks me if I think his car might get towed because he’s parked by the other restaurant and we’re in this one. I kind of sarcastically say no, it’s not like the other restaurant’s employees go up to each customer and matches them to their car in their parking lot. He seemed to accept that. We eventually order our food, but right after that, he looks up at me and says, “No, I’m really worried. I think they’ll tow my car, I better go get it and bring it here,” and gets up and walks out. At this point, I’m fuming because I cannot believe he made me walk back outside before to get my own car because he was so cold, and here is he walking outside in the cold afterall, going ALL the way back to where we started to get his car.

    I really should’ve left at this point, but I didn’t. As humiliating as it might have been in front of the waitstaff, I honestly started hoping he lied and really left himself. But he didn’t; he really did go get his car and parked it next to mine and returned. Clearly, I’m in the Twilight Zone at this point.

    We eat our dinner and honestly, it wasn’t that horrible. He was still a decent guy, but I knew he had completely ruined everything anyway. Normally, I offer to pay for half when I go out on a date (I never expect to have everything paid for), but after the ridiculousness he put me through, I didn’t say one single solitary word when the check arrived; I let him pay for everything.

    We finally get up and walk towards the door of the restaurant. We exchange the usual end of the first date pleasantries, say we’ll be in touch, etc. I figured we’d at least walk out to our cars together, but nope… he proceeds to run out the door and jumps into his car before I can even step foot off of the curb. I walk to my car with a whirlwind of thoughts going through my mind, but mainly thinking, “Did this night really just happen or did I dream this?” Nope, this night – the WORST date of my life – really did happen. Married people are so lucky to be out of this horrid dating pool!

  258. Peggy Mays
    Peggy Mays / 2-10-2013 / ·

    1st he came to my house on a bicicle and he was slightly drunk, Need I say more?

  259. Jill
    Jill / 2-10-2013 / ·

    My worst date was actually on Valentines Day. It was our 2nd date. We had met on the internet and I think this particular date cured me of internet dating.
    He picked me up and we were going to go to a movie and then dinner afterwards. We were going to a movie near where he lived which was about 40 minutes from my house. As it was February it was not freezing, but by no means was it weather to spend time outdoors. He had the idea to go to this park near the movie theater that had a duck pond. We walked over to the duck pond and he seemed nervous. There were lots of birds flying around and he finally admitted to me that he was afraid of birds and wasn’t too fond of ducks. REALLY??? Then why go to a duck pond where there are ducks and birds. With that we left and headed to the movie theater. The theater was in a shopping center that was quite crowded and it was hard to find a spot. He was speeding around the lot almost hitting people several times. I told him to take it easy and he got a little agitated. (If the bird/duck thing didn’t already make me want to go home – this didn’t help).
    We get into the movie and sit and wait for it to start. He leans over and whispers to me – “So, can we make out during the movie??” That was the last straw for me!!! I sat leaning away from him and prayed the movie would go fast. (I have never and can never watch that movie again – brings up bad memories). When the movie was over he asked where i wanted to go to dinner. I said that I just wanted to go home. It was very long long ride home.
    And he had the nerve to call me again for another date – needless to say I declined!!!

  260. Derek Timm
    Derek Timm / 2-10-2013 / ·

    Luckily, I haven’t had one that went “bad”

  261. Yolanda Flores
    Yolanda Flores / 2-10-2013 / ·

    Was set up on a blind date by a friend of mine; I met him at a local spot; we had dinner, when the tab came, I had to pay it because he had no money; he assumed that because everyone spoke highly of me of how independent I was, etc., that I was ok in paying! #NeverAgain

  262. Sand
    Sand / 2-10-2013 / ·

    The worst was when he cancelled about ten minutes before he was supposed to pick me up!

  263. karen singleton
    karen singleton / 2-10-2013 / ·

    WORSE DATE: I was at the time recently divorced, so a new guy was a new guy RIGHT?, NO! when this blind date came, he had on dirty shorts that were only dirty in the butt area and of course was a orangy brown big stain on tan shorts., he took me to lunch, I was sooo embarrassed, I didnt go out with him again, over the embarrasment 🙂

  264. Dorothy Deakyne
    Dorothy Deakyne / 2-11-2013 / ·

    My worst date was the senior prom, I was so shy could not even eat at the nice diner we went to, when he dropped me off at home he stated he would of had more fun taking out my mother.

  265. Elizabeth Wray
    Elizabeth Wray / 2-11-2013 / ·

    My worst date was when we went out to eat. I thought we would have at least goneout to Western Sizzling and eat from the Salad Bar or something. But he took me to Burger King. He ordered a combo, we had to share the combo, Lol. How cheap was that? Did we do anything else? Well no not really, we just went back to my place and sat in the car freezing to death and talked for a while. How much fun. Boring. I guess he thought that would be snuggle up time, right? No way, not for one half a burger and fries.

  266. Lori C.
    Lori C. / 2-11-2013 / ·

    My worst date was when my future in-laws thought they’d make things less awkward by showing up at the restaurant where we were having our first date.

  267. Patti
    Patti / 2-11-2013 / ·

    Back in the 1980s, pre-internet, people met through Personal Ads in local newspapers. One man had posted the world’s longest ad, being extremely specific as to what he wanted in a date. Intrigued, I responded to the ad, and before meeting in person, I had the guy professionally checked out (yes, he was the very wealthy, prominent businessman he said he was) and we had 2 dinner dates. For our third date, he asked me to bring my son along for dinner at his mansion.

    After dinner, he told my son to go get in the pool/hot tub outside as we had “adult things” to discuss. He proceeded to pull out a computer printout of the “statistical probability” of my conceiving a child for him, based on my age, etc. He said he wanted a female child, blonde hair, blue eyes, and beautiful, and I fit the genetic bill. AND he wanted her to be born by the time he was 47, which was in 18 months. AND he wanted us to be married in Rome, Italy; he’d pay airfare/expenses only for me, my son, and my parents. Any other guests had to pay their own way.

    He calmly laid all of this out before me as if it were a business opportunity.

    My son and I couldn’t get out of there fast enough.

  268. Troy
    Troy / 2-11-2013 / ·

    blind date – enough said

  269. Pat Hunter
    Pat Hunter / 2-11-2013 / ·

    The worst date that never happened! back in 1987, my girlfriend was dating this guy wanted to look me up with his friend. we were introduced at club and really hit it off! He was absolutely gorgeous! We exchange numbers, and talked about getting together for date. I called the number he gave me, he answered, “WHO IS THIS?” I said,” this is Pat from last night:)”
    he yells back”I DON”T KNOW WHO YOU ARE!” and slams the phone down! I was very disappointed, as he was very cute and we have such a good time. My phone rings, it’s him, like nothing had happened.” Hey, how you doing?-A great time last night! so do you want to go out?” I was bewildered? I said, ” what just happened? I just called you and you said you didn’t know who I was?” He replied, ” I don’t know what you’re talking about? maybe you got the wrong number?” I thought I felt maybe I do have the wrong number? we made plans for our date… I called him to chat, and all I heard was one of those funny whistles, the kind that goes WOOOOOOOUP! in my ear! I kept asking for him, and he replied,” WHO IS THIS IDON”T KNOW YOU!” and hung up! then he would call me back as though nothing happened saying he was so excited about our date? this went on for about a week, finally I called my friend, who called his friend to find out what was going on? it turns out, that he had been in a car accident, and lost short-term memory and partial long-term. He had been in a coma for 6 months. He also forgot that he was engaged and didn’t remember either! So after the last round of whistles and hangups and I don’t know you’s, followed by” Hey, How you doin” I finally had enough, and told him that I had ” forgotten” that I made other plans! don’t ask me what happened after that , I have MS now, and have 40% short-term memory loss! just trying to write this through tears of laughter! Bawahahahahaa!! Hope you enjoyed my story of ” The worst date that never happened” Priceless! Here is a pic of me THEN! LOL!!!!!

  270. Barbara S
    Barbara S / 2-11-2013 / ·

    Before I got married my friend set me up with the guy, he picked me up an hour & 1/2 late stunk like Drakkar & took me to a bad restaraunt and all he did was talk about his ex girlfriend and his mother. I excused myself to the ladies room and climbed out the bathroom window and hitched a ride home. Let’s just say I was never set up again!

  271. Shanna Coad
    Shanna Coad / 2-11-2013 / ·

    My worst date ever would have to be from back in high school. I was expected to my for my own meal. This being one of my first date I always thought that the guy was supposed to pay and didn’t bring any money and had to call my dad to come to the restaurant and pay for me. How embarrassing!!!

  272. kathy pease
    kathy pease / 2-11-2013 / ·

    My worst date ever was in junior high when my mother and our neighbor convinced me to go to a dance with the neighbors was the worst time ever and it didnt help that he had the most whiney voice and coke bottle lens glasses..I just wanted to crawl under a rock and never ever date again haha

  273. Elizabeth Janik
    Elizabeth Janik / 2-11-2013 / ·

    My worst date was when my boyfriend got sick from all the food he ate at the restaurant.

  274. tammy norton
    tammy norton / 2-11-2013 / ·

    My worst date ever was with a guy who pulled over on the side of the road to go to the bathroom. no warning no nothing just pulled over and pulled it out!

  275. Shannon Orton
    Shannon Orton / 2-11-2013 / ·

    The date was pretty bad, the guy was full of himself and such a jerk but what happened the next night was worst. First I told him I was not interested after he dropped me off at home. He seemed shocked, I was so glad to be home and would never have to see him again except… The next evening I was working as a waitress. He comes back on a date with another girl and sits in my section and I had to wait on them. No–he didn’t he leave a tip when it was over. That was the worst.

  276. Barbara Mayes
    Barbara Mayes / 2-11-2013 / ·

    I went on a blind date, and he drove from Tennessee to Arkansas to meet me. He showed up at my door with a lovely Valentine’s Day gift bag..which he handed to me. I looked inside, and much to my shock, were sex toys and a very skimpy negligee. That was it for me..I handed him the bag and told him good-bye. He kept saying, “But, but, but I drove all that way!” Idiot! Not a story I normally share, but Mrs Fields dragged it out of me!

  277. Violeta V Gill
    Violeta V Gill / 2-11-2013 / ·

    When I was a teen I dating a guy that loved to play a certain video game Tekken. He was obsessed so much that one of dates was just for that game. We took a bus for almost an hour to a Mini Golf place and when we went inside the place it was a Tekken tournament and I all I ended up doing was sitting at the snack bar eating nachos.

  278. Krissie Stroud
    Krissie Stroud / 2-11-2013 / ·

    My worst I mean WORST EVER date was: I was dating an older guy from town about 50 miles away from my hometown. He called me up one night and told me to come up and see him & we could go do dinner, movie and a nice walk on the beach. I drove up there. He told me he would like me to stay the night and he would even pay for my hotel stay. I got off work and drove up to be with him. We had a nice dinner (his cell phone kept going off and be told me it was his job) Movie was quite but again he kept getting up to go answer it) The walk on the beach was nice until guess what?! His phone AGAIN!! 🙁 this was the last time I was gonna be put on hold for him to answer it. I told him tell them to leave you alone. He did as I requested. FINALLY ALONE TIME!! NOT!!!! We were walking on the beach and out of no where this girl comes up and says “Jake!!” I said who is this?! He proceeded to tell me that it’s his sister and the girl shouts “SISTER!!” She yells at me and asks what am I doing with a married man?! I look at him in shock. He then acts like he doesn’t know me. I leave and head back to the hotel and I am trying to check in they say they have no room reservations under the names I give them. I only had $50 on me and couldn’t afford a hotel room. 🙁 I called him and he doesn’t answer my calls due to him being in the hotel room with his wife!! (Under his bosses name!!) I had to find my way back to my car (took me 1/2 the night but I found it & drove 2 1/2 hrs to get back home…) WORST DATE EVER!!!! 🙁

  279. Kayte
    Kayte / 2-11-2013 / ·

    Oh! The stories I could tell. I pretty much call my twenties my bad decision making years. This incident is probably the most horrifying.I had met a guy in a club & gave him my number, we had danced all night & flirted, but not really talked much- so that was mistake number one.I really had no idea of his personality at the end of the night,he just had a great smile & good taste in music. We talked over the phone for the next couple of days, and he proceeded to tell me his problems, with money, with alcohol, but that he was a really “nice guy.” I basically became is counselor on call whenever he needed someone to vent to. Fine, I am used to people confiding their secrets to me, I wasn’t shocked. He said that he would like to take me to the movies,to thank me for being so supportive of him. So, the night we were supposed to go, I waited & waited- finally figuring he had stood me up. Not so. He called me from the plasma bank, he was late because he was donating so he would have money to take me out. Totally flustered, I told him not to worry, the movie wasn’t that important, he could just keep his hard earned cash. He went on to say he nice I was, that he felt he could tell me anything. “Of course you can,” I said, “don’t be embarrassed that you are broke.” He continued, “Yes, things have been really hard for me since my mother kicked me out.” For some reason, I asked him why. He said, “For sleeping with my sister.” Everything after this became white noise. I have no idea if he was making this up to get out of the date, or he had just had no idea that the average person would never confess this to a near stranger on the phone. “NEVER CALL ME AGAIN.” I said, and slammed down the phone. This little incident forced me to take a break from dating for a long, long while.

  280. Danielle Copetillo
    Danielle Copetillo / 2-11-2013 / ·

    My worst day ever was actually yesterday. Every Sunday I do all the laundry well my washer had gone out so I packed up the laundry and went to the laundromat, well while loading the car I fell down my porch steps and twisted my ankle. When I got there to do my laundry I had to wait because everyone else in town was there too. When it came time to dry the laundry the door slammed shut and cut my eye open and bleed for 20 minutes. After doing laundry I had to go to the grocery store and when I got to the front of the line realized I had left my card in the car.
    Needless to say it was a horrible day.

  281. Lyzajo Jorgensen
    Lyzajo Jorgensen / 2-11-2013 / ·

    One of the worst dates of my life started at a wedding and ended on Valentine’s Day. He was the bartender and he asked me out. We met at his apartment (sadly, on Valentine’s Day), where he greeted me in grungy clothes, a smock and sweating forehead, as he was working on a science experiment (making bitters for his favorite drink). He welcomed me in, locked the door (SCARY!) and then continued to work (WEIRD). He offered me a drink from a test-tube. I declined. He offered me some illegal drugs. Again, I declined. As I tried to make up an excuse and flee, he took off the smock and said we were headed to the restaurant. I thought, hey, it’s a free meal…how bad can it get? Well, at the restaurant he ordered one dish and insisted we split it–without getting an extra plate. Then, he had too much to drink, puked in my car and then lied about it. Oh, did I mention when I asked him what he did for a living he said “I’m a superhero”? Yeah. That was the WORST. DATE. EVER.

  282. Laurie luttrell
    Laurie luttrell / 2-11-2013 / ·

    I went on a date an while my date was driving he hit someones car pulled over an was exchanging info when a cop pulls up an starts talking to my date an the other woman an my date pulls a gun out of the glove box an tells the cop its not loaded an hands it to the cop.

  283. Ed Nemmers
    Ed Nemmers / 2-11-2013 / ·

    Hugh Jackman won’t take my phone calls!

  284. Katie
    Katie / 2-11-2013 / ·

    I met a guy at a music concert and we exchanged numbers. A week later, I agreed to meet him for sushi, since I always thought if a date went horribly, well, hey, at least I had some sushi.

    I get there, and he’s late. Not horribly so, but at least enough that I’m annoyed. I have a bad feeling this date is going to be bad, so I text my friend and ask him to call me and we can pretend my house security alarm is going off for an easy exit.

    Dude shows up, and we order. I order a cocktail, and he orders water and says he doesn’t drink (curious, because he was drinking when I met him…). We chat for awhile, and I learn that everything he told me when we first met is not actually true….including such important facts like he doesn’t have a job, he lives with his parents, he doesn’t have a car, and he’s just starting to go to college (FYI: he’s 31. No excuses for all of these, let alone to lie about them and accidentally fess up on date 1).

    Then we order food. He says we should order together and share everything. I order a Philly roll and a side of chicken rolls. He corrects my order to what he wants…and oh by the way he’s vegan, so no sushi or anything I wanted to eat. We get 2 veggie rolls with lettuce. Not even sushi. I start wondering when my friend is going to call…but he doesn’t.

    So, as our food arrives, my charming date says, and I kid you not, “Hey, you don’t mind covering this right, I’m really low on cash”. So….I was asked out on a date by a dude who couldnt even pay for his own crappy vegan “sushi”.

    Luckily, my friend finally calls and I make my exit. I toss enough cash on the table for the food I didn’t eat and tip, and leave.

    On the way home, I realize I have a missed call from my actual alarm company and my alarm had gone off!! Because I didn’t answer and the police were dispatched, I then received a $100 bill from my city for the false alarm.

    All told, I went out with a liar, paid for food I didn’t order and didn’t eat, AND had to spend an additional $100.

    Not surprisingly, this loser still texts me randomly how we need to “get together”. Gag.

  285. Susan Smith
    Susan Smith / 2-11-2013 / ·

    My worst date was with a guy who I met online and we agreed to meet a local restaurant. The whole time he spend texting people, talking on the phone, looking at other women and drinking too much. I told him I had to use the ladies room and then I just walked out the door. He then texted me later that night asking me what happened to me. I ignored him.

  286. Heather S
    Heather S / 2-11-2013 / ·

    A friend set me up with this guy. He was cute but not very smart. He invited me out to eat. The restaurant was not great. He ordered us pasta and then when the bill came he said he didn’t have enough money so I should pay for him and my meal. I said no and he reluctantly paid. It was so embarrassing with the waitress standing there and him complaining about the cost. As soon as we got back to his place I jumped in my car and left.

  287. barbara parsons
    barbara parsons / 2-11-2013 / ·

    the worst date for me was when I was about 15 and well it was a double date and the boys that pick us upand well I was in the car withthree other people I was not as thin as most were but any way theboy I was dating was stating tohis friend that there is someone here that was fat I knew who he was talking about I wasn’t too thrilled about that becuz I knew who he was talking about the boy in dicated to his friend by pointing to me in a gesture that wasn’t very nice

  288. Julie rosier
    Julie rosier / 2-11-2013 / ·

    I met this great funy, smart guy on a dating site. We agreed to meet half-way between our cities which was an hour away. My car blew the transmission on the way there. We put fluid in it continuously until I could get it home. We went to a bar for drinks and hit it off. We decided to drive back to my house for more drinks. Halfway into the hour drive, HIS car started having all kinds of electrical problems. I didn’t know it until we got to my house as there was no way to tell me since I had no cell phone. We said we’d deal with his car the next day. Well, he proceeded to get so drunk at my house, he would not shut up, I went into a panic attack and started vomiting and I begged him to just shut up for one minute. To go sit outside on the patio, anything, just leave me alone for a minute. He refused. He then started spilling dark red wine all over my white carpets. I had no choice. I called the cops. He got on the phone with the cops and told them he was one and nothing was wrong! Now I am calling my huge best friend for help. Well,my best friend and the cops show up at the same time. The cops get the guy out of my house. Tell him as a professional courtesy since he DID used to be a cop,to just take a cab and stay at a hotel, get his car from my house the next day. He refused thinking I would do something to it. So then he has a tow truck come to my house to get his car and tow it the 2 hours home. They call him a cab and I never saw him again. I have no idea whatever happened to him, how he got home but all I wanted was 5 minutes of him not talking .

  289. Tonya L. Poteat
    Tonya L. Poteat / 2-11-2013 / ·

    I live in N.C. and I received tickets to a major television taping and I needed a date. So,a “friend”(not so much now!!) of mine set me up on a blind date. I did see a pic of my date and that was it. So,my friend,her girlfriend and myself go to pick my date up. First off,I notice that shes around 6ft tall! Im 5’5”. When she got in the car,she smiled and not to be ugly,but almost every tooth in her mouth was rotten and her breath was kicking like Jackie Chan!! Not to mention her b.o. That was horrible as well! But,I was stuck so we went to the taping. Needless to say,before the show was over,we had a section to ourselves,because she ran everyone away!! I was so embarrassed! The date ended immediately after this,no dinner,nothing..esp. not a good night kiss or hug!! From now on,no blind dates!!

  290. susan smoaks
    susan smoaks / 2-11-2013 / ·

    he picked me up in a camaro. i was not really into that kind of car, it was the late 90s. we went to the movies and he talked through the whole movie. we went to dinner and he took the leftovers home with him when he left. super bad date.

  291. PhyllisGee
    PhyllisGee / 2-11-2013 / ·

    I was sitting on the dock by the bay. My date invited me to a romatic ride in a row boat. I saw how much the boat wobbled so I declined. As he rowed to the other floating dock I heard a ohh and big splashes. He had fallen into the water. My date was all wet.

  292. Kathy Harvey
    Kathy Harvey / 2-11-2013 / ·

    My worst date was in February 1984 I was 15 years old & a sophomore in high school My boyfriend Joe & I were going to see “Beverly Hills Cop” . Both of us were under age but his mother somehow persuaded the usher to let us in anyway. She (his mom) even commented to the usher “Oh I like your hair!” (BF’s mom was a hairdresser) So after the movie we got ice cream. Suddenly Joe decided to act like a little kid & run around & see if I could catch him ! I was getting REALLY tired of it! So we started arguing. By this time it was dark. So his dad showed up to pick us up. Joe told me to give him back the ring he had given me for Valentines’ Day. I did (GLADLY!) Then he said we were breaking up . Meanwhile the father was staring at me like I had 2 heads. Joe got into his dad’s car & they LEFT ME STANDING THERE!! Thank GOD some stores were still open. I called home & told my mother what happened .So she came and when I told my father what happened he was LIVID! Joe tried to call the next day to apologize but I told him off.

  293. Laurie Emerson
    Laurie Emerson / 2-11-2013 / ·

    My worst date was on my 16th birthday. I had a crush on a boy in my class since the first day of school. I was so excited when he asked me out and used all the money I had saved from my babysitting jobs to buy a new dress, shoes and make-up. I remember sitting by the door just waiting for him to pick me up and when he did I really felt like Cinderella. We went to a restaurant and when we sat down there at the table was his best friend and my date’s old girlfriend. My date told me that he had asked both to come in case the date did not turn out good. I was so crushed and felt like the dumbest person alive believing that someone like him could actually like someone like me. It took me a long time to get over it .

  294. Ashley Morrissey
    Ashley Morrissey / 2-11-2013 / ·

    One year my ex boyfriend decided he wanted to be sweet and try to color my hair for me. Why? I have no clue! However, I ended up with red and brown splotched hair after washing it out! As I cried he did the first thing that popped into his head and threw the rest of the hair dye and said, “Look! It’s okay! I’ll look like you too!”

    We had awful hair for months but it was hilarious. Haha!

  295. stephanie schembri
    stephanie schembri / 2-11-2013 / ·

    Well, the year of 2010 before I met the love of my life.. I went on a date on Valentines Day with this guy that had been crushing on me for a very long time.. We were good friends since 6th grade.. It was my senior year of high school, so he asked me to go see a movie with him.. So, I thought it was worth a shot.. There could be a spark between us.. Well, I was wrong.. First of all the theater was packed and it was one of those love stories.. There were couples all around us.. The lights went down and the movie had started.. It all started when the previews began.. He was sooo LOUD.. he commented on everything.. People were looking and talking among themselves.. It was NIGHTMARE.. He was saying inappropriate remarks while yelling at the screen.. I just wanted the movie to be over.. IT WAS HORRIBLE! Afterwords, I called my mother to pick me up and I never went on another date with him after that.. WORST DATE EVER!

  296. Sandra Zumbrun
    Sandra Zumbrun / 2-11-2013 / ·

    My worse date was when I went out to dinner and wasn’t feeling well. It took a while for our food to arrive and as soon as my meal was placed in front of me, I got sick to my stomach and vomited in the plate. The date was over at the point because I just wanted to leave the restaurant because I was so embarrassed.

  297. Yvette
    Yvette / 2-11-2013 / ·

    About 10 years ago, a guy I worked with asked me out. I said yes and we stopped at a grocery store before the date – it was a really hot day and wanted something to drink. I got in line, paid for my drink and on our way out, the security stopped us and brought us both into their office. My date had shoplifted a roll of candy! They questioned us and ended up letting me go, but they called the police on him. I was so mortified and when I saw that guy at work a few days later, he acted like it was a joke and didn’t even apologize for anything.

  298. Gianna
    Gianna / 2-11-2013 / ·

    When my husband and I were dating I had a stalker. We were headed to my car and found the tires slashed. There were also flowers left by my door with a note. It was so awful and creepy.
    He helped my dad fix my car and comforted me. Worst date ever and not because who I was with.

  299. Jill Will Run
    Jill Will Run / 2-11-2013 / ·

    My worst date… A guy asked me out for “dinner and a movie”. He picked me up and drove me to Taco Bell. He then said, “You can have $3 worth of food, so I have enough cash for the movie.” I thought that was odd, so I said that I could buy my own food. But he said, “No! I asked you out… that wouldn’t be right.” So I ordered my $3 dinner. Then he took me to a dollar movie theater.

    It’s not so much the frugality of the date… that whole concept could be kind of fun. It’s just the fact that it wasn’t at all what I expected or what he “presented” as our date.

  300. Sally Guenterberg
    Sally Guenterberg / 2-11-2013 / ·

    Remember the movie Fatal Attraction? Not knowing anything about the movie we chose that to go to on a first date. During a scene which was pretty sexually explicit Rob got up and left the theater. The first thing I thought was that it made him feel so uncomfortable he had to leave. Turns out he had to go to the bathroom. I felt funny about that for a while until I finally asked. Now we have 5 kids but that movie almost ended it before it began.

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