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  1. Angie Adelman
    Angie Adelman / 8-3-2012 / ·

    My first taste of ms. Fields was when they used to sell them in the mall. As a kid my grandma would take us on the weekends we would visit her. When would get the cookies as soon as as they came out of the oven. The chocolate chips were so gooey and delicious. We would share a glass of milk and eat out cookie. I loved that time with grandma. Her and I we so close and we stayed close.

  2. Maureen
    Maureen / 8-3-2012 / ·

    The first time I had a Mrs. Field’s cookie was when I was walking through the outdoor mall near where I grew up. I was with my now husband then boyfriend. He and I were just walking after having had dinner at a local place. He liked chocolate chip and I like the White Chocolate chip macadamia nut cookie. We both still love them only don’t have them as much.


    My first taste of Mrs. Field’s delicious cookies was when I was 12 years old and it was a birthday gift from my grandma. She didn’t live nearby so she mailed me the package and I was so excited when I got it. The best cookie I have ever eaten. Here it is 30 years later and almost my birthday again (August 17th) and I love them as much now as I did back then. I have been eating a Mrs. Field’s cookie each birthday ever since, such sweet memories 🙂

  4. Valerie C.
    Valerie C. / 8-3-2012 / ·

    I had a Mrs. Field’s cookie at my favorite mall in 8th grade. I’ve loved them ever since!!

  5. Lucy
    Lucy / 8-3-2012 / ·

    My mom first took me to Mrs Fields after school one day. I had won a spelling bee and wanted to celebrate, so she first suggested ice cream, until we smelled something. It was a deliciously intoxicating smell–the smell of freshly baked cookies. We followed our noses to Mrs Fields and were in love at first bite! We ordered some fresh cookies and enjoyed each delectable bite. Every year after that, my mom would take me to celebrate victories–small or large–at Mrs Fields, and I now have the pleasure of doing the same with my own children!

  6. Sue Brandes
    Sue Brandes / 8-3-2012 / ·

    My first taste of Mrs Field’s cookies was through the Mrs Field’s cookbook. I made them for my family. The best chocolate chip recipe I ever had. Then we finally got a Mrs Field’s koisk at the mall and I had my first Mrs Field’s cookie. Yummy. Whenever I go to the mall I always get a cookie.

  7. Amber Preer
    Amber Preer / 8-3-2012 / ·

    My first taste of Mrs. Fields was when, my class had a pizza party, when I was in the fifth grade, someone brought the cookies as dessert.

  8. Nicole Vosburgh
    Nicole Vosburgh / 8-3-2012 / ·

    My grandmother was the first one to introduce me to Mrs Field’s cookies. For Christmas, she bought them as one of the presents she gave to all of us grandchildren. Every Christmas since, we always look forward to Grammy giving us Mrs Field’s! There’s no better Christmas present out there 🙂

  9. marcia g
    marcia g / 8-3-2012 / ·

    when i was a kid my mom took me to southdakle mom and and bought me mrs field cookie it was so good. I will never for get it.. being today south dale mall is still going strong.. its one mall I havent gone to long time but always know where my favorite store it..

    but wont forget the stores i missed in it either.. my mom and mrs field chocolate chip cookie for litle treat while shopping for school clothes

  10. kelsey house
    kelsey house / 8-3-2012 / ·

    I love mrs. fields cookies! I have only had one experience with Mrs. Fields cookies but i LOVED it! I had a chocolate chip cookie that I got while i was out of town and I about died! I haven’t seen any in our area so i havent been able to get any… 🙂 Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  11. Jinafer Marie
    Jinafer Marie / 8-3-2012 / ·

    The year they opened I have bought cookies there at least once a month, sometimes more they are the BEST cookies ever made. I live to bake and even interviewed for a job in Utah. I will be going today after work to get my cookie sandwich

  12. shelynn
    shelynn / 8-3-2012 / ·

    my first time tasting them was when I was 5 years old my mom brought some home for me when I had just gotten out the hospital. they were yummy!

  13. chickie brewer
    chickie brewer / 8-3-2012 / ·

    At home…Nothing is more delicious then Mrs. Fields cookies with milk!

  14. stephanie rollman
    stephanie rollman / 8-3-2012 / ·

    My gram was the 1st to introduce me to the YUMMMY Mrs. Fields cookies…. and havnt stopped eating them since 🙂

  15. Meredith
    Meredith / 8-3-2012 / ·

    My first taste was a Mrs. Fields cookie cake! So delicious…sweet, chocolatey, and such a great texture. The cookies just melt in your mouth.

  16. Leigh Nichols
    Leigh Nichols / 8-3-2012 / ·

    My first taste was when my Mom gave me Chocolate chip cookies in a gift basket that she had made for me. I was immediately hooked!

  17. Lisa
    Lisa / 8-3-2012 / ·

    My first taste was sometime in grade school, for a party we were throwing. Loved them ever since. 🙂

  18. Rosa Espinal
    Rosa Espinal / 8-3-2012 / ·

    My first mrs. Fields cookies was at my doctors office believe it or not,it was my appointment day and time and my doctor was running late,when 1 hr later in comes my doctor with Mrs.Fields cookies for us and I aet one or….maybe 2,3….but no one was

  19. Heather H.
    Heather H. / 8-3-2012 / ·

    My husband bought me a Mrs. Field’s cookie card for Mother’s Day last year. It was a peanut butter cookie with frosting…MY FAVORITE!! I have never tasted such a delicious cookie in my life! And I’ve had a lot. 🙂

  20. correy
    correy / 8-3-2012 / ·

    Walking in the mall and my son was like COOKIE!! We tried the oozing chips of a wonderful chocolate chip cookie and been hooked ever since!

  21. ronda garnett
    ronda garnett / 8-3-2012 / ·

    My first taste was when I worked in a bank and a customer brought us in a sampler box in appreciation.

    SARA WILSON / 8-3-2012 / ·

    I remember my grandmother used to have them at her condo in Westlake. When I was a child/teenager I always looked forward to visiting her (which was not often enough!) because that is the only place I had them. She passed away in 2003. Thinking of Mrs. Fields cookies brings back fond memories of her!

  23. Debbie
    Debbie / 8-3-2012 / ·

    First tasted them when our mall was built ages ago when I was much younger, and until just recently they are no longer in that mall (very sad 🙁 ), used to get them every time we went there.

  24. Toby
    Toby / 8-3-2012 / ·

    I tried them first when they first came out at Shopper’s Drug Mart. Heard so much about them, and was thrilled to try them for the first time. I still continue to buy them and love that they are individually wrapped for the utmost freshness! 😛

  25. Mila Hawkins
    Mila Hawkins / 8-3-2012 / ·

    Wow, you’re taking me back to when I was in my mid-twenties ( let’s just say a “few” years ago, (wink, wink)). My girlfriends and I wanted some sweets, so one suggested Mrs. Fields. Everyone looked at me with shock and horror when I mentioned I’d never heard of that bakery.

    There was just so much to choose from, but I went with the rest of them and got the Milk Chocolate Macadamian Nut cookies. I was instantaneous hooked. It was soooooooooooo good. I couldn’t believe that I had never heard of Mrs. Fields, let alone tasted them. But, I’ve been a fan for years now.

    Now that the Milk Chocolate Macadamian Nut cookies are gone I’ve fallen in live with the Double Fudge Chocolate Brownies.

  26. Heather E.
    Heather E. / 8-3-2012 / ·

    My first memory of Mrs. Field’s cookies came at Cottonwood Mall in Holladay, Utah, back to school clothes shopping with my mom. Warm Milk Chocolate Chocolate Chip and cold milk and my mom, really doesn’t get better than that!

  27. Meryl
    Meryl / 8-3-2012 / ·

    I first tried them when I lived in Manhattan many, many years ago, right from their own shop on the Upper West Side. They were warm and soft, with melty, gooey chocolate inside. Delicious and addictive!

  28. Kerri Sevison
    Kerri Sevison / 8-3-2012 / ·

    I got my first taste of heavenly cookie at Fiesta Mall in Mesa Arizona as a young teenager. I remember getting chocolate chip and I remember thinking “Oh wow, I should have bought two!”. It was melty chewy ooey gooey and my tastebuds thanked me. It was not the last time! LOL! Thank you Mrs.Fields!!

  29. Ed
    Ed / 8-3-2012 / ·

    My first taste of Mrs. Fields cookies was in San Franciso at the Pier 39’s Fishermans Wharf site. Warm,chewy and full of choco chips,such a delight!

  30. Maria S.
    Maria S. / 8-3-2012 / ·

    My Mrs. Field’s cookies was as a young adult in college. I would go to the mall and dream of buying things. I was so poor that really, I could not buy anything, however, I always stopped at Mrs. Field’s and bought one cookie…because I could afford that. A decadent treat that I could afford!

  31. Cindy Apana
    Cindy Apana / 8-3-2012 / ·

    MY first time having Mrs Fields cookies was 15 years ago while walking through the mall years ago when I was a teenager. There isn’t one in the mall where I live now but I do buy the boxes that have them individually wrapped. These are my favorite!

  32. megan
    megan / 8-3-2012 / ·

    Well my first taste of Mrs. Fields Cookies was when I was about 7 years old. Maybe even 8. My dad came home from work and came home with these cookies. I thought it was just going to another ordinary genetic cookie. Nope! I remember the cookie being so delicious. It was rich, smooth and creamy. The cookie was a chocolate cookie covered half in white frosting. It was by far the best cookie I had ever tasted. I know the cookie is no longer with Mrs. Fields, which is a bummer. However their other products are awesome just as well. I thank my dad for bringing home my first taste of Mrs. Fields cookies!!

  33. megan
    megan / 8-3-2012 / ·

    My 1st taste of Mrs. Fields Cookies was when I was 7 years old. Maybe even 8 years old. My dad came home from work and came home with these cookies. I thought it was just going to another ordinary genetic cookie. Nope! I remember the cookie being so delicious. It was rich, smooth and creamy. The cookie was a chocolate cookie covered half in white frosting. It was by far the best cookie I had ever tasted. I know the cookie is no longer with Mrs. Fields, which is a bummer. However their other products are awesome just as well. I thank my dad for bringing home my first taste of Mrs. Fields cookies!!

  34. Julie S
    Julie S / 8-3-2012 / ·

    My daughter took me shopping at the mall and said, “Mom, you have to try these cookies”. We each had one of the chocolate dipped cookies – yum – so…ooooooooooo good! We still stop there for a cookie or just stand back and view the goodies!

  35. tami bates
    tami bates / 8-3-2012 / ·

    my kid got me into them, from a friends house ,got to taste them and then we are lifers

  36. Claire
    Claire / 8-3-2012 / ·

    When I was little, I loved to get a mrs fields cookie & dunk it in a big mug of milk. Thanks for the giveaway!

  37. Kris
    Kris / 8-3-2012 / ·

    My first Mrs. Fields cookie was an oatmeal raisin walnut cookie. I don’t remember exactly when this was, but it was from a box we had bought at the store. It was soft and moist and had just the right amount of sweetness.

  38. Karen B
    Karen B / 8-3-2012 / ·

    Wow – I was with my mom and sister and we saw this line at South Coast Plaza for Chocolate Chip cookies. My mom was a very good cook and my sister and I were learning from her. I remember my older sister going “what, someone selling chocolate chip cookies, we make really good ones mom, how can they make them as good as yours?” I was younger and I agreed, she made the best, warm out of the oven. Then after waiting in line and we only got two so my sister and I could try them. We really had a limited budget, some would say we were poor, but WOW were those cookies worth the price. They were AWESOME!!!! We even said to my mom, wow are they great. From then on, it was our treat going to the mall. The best part was you gave free taste too!! The mall took on a whole new meaning to us. Thank you.

  39. Rebecca
    Rebecca / 8-3-2012 / ·

    My parents took me to the mall for Mrs. Fields cookies every Friday night as a child. Money was tight, but this weekly tradition was a real treat for us! Although I honestly don’t remember my very first Mrs. Fields experience, I do remember always knowing they were my favorite!

  40. Pam I
    Pam I / 8-3-2012 / ·

    My first time was in a mall, nice and fresh out of the oven!

  41. pam newman
    pam newman / 8-3-2012 / ·

    My first taste of Mrs.Fields cookies were the chocolate chip nibblers,When my daughter was little we would always get these when we went to the Mall.Still to this day we get some,Best cookies ever.

  42. Rick R
    Rick R / 8-3-2012 / ·

    Mrs. Fields cookies will always remind me of my mother. No matter how rough of a life we had back then, she always did her best to keep me and my sister happy. My mom introduced me to Mrs. Fields at South Coast Plaza when I was 4 and would buy me a white chocolate macadamia cookie on nearly every visit. 27 years later, it’s still my favorite cookie.

  43. Robin D
    Robin D / 8-3-2012 / ·

    The first time I remember was when I was in college in Boston. I had the chocolate chip cookies, hot out of the oven. Absolute heaven!

  44. Shane C
    Shane C / 8-3-2012 / ·

    My first taste was through a good friend that had brought some over to a gathering. In fact, I think It was also the first time I heard of Mrs Fields cookies and It sure wasn’t the last! I really enjoyed the cookies and have been hooked onto them ever since. I cannot pass a Mrs Fields location without getting a cookie or four.

  45. James King
    James King / 8-3-2012 / ·

    I was 16 and my first job (grocery store) sold the little red carton boxes of Mrs. Fields Chocolate Chip cookies. Oh, I have been in love since 🙂

  46. Amanda Sakovitz
    Amanda Sakovitz / 8-3-2012 / ·

    The first time I had Mrs. Fields was when I was in middle school about 13 years ago. It was around Christmas time and the boy I liked asked someone else to the dance. I was really upset so my mom took to me to the mall for a little shopping and on our way out we saw Mrs. Fields. Since cookies are my favorite treat, my mom bought me a frosted chocolate chip cookie. It was the first time I ever had a frosted chocolate chip cookie and I was hooked. It wasn’t such a bad day after all.

  47. Travis Cole
    Travis Cole / 8-3-2012 / ·

    At the mall watching them come out of the oven they are so good. They also make a good gas station breakfast I’ve done that a thousand times haha

  48. Andrea Williams
    Andrea Williams / 8-3-2012 / ·

    I remember eating Mrs. Field’s cookies at the mall as a girl when I went with my parents, then again when I was dating my future husband and now we take our boys. We love cookies!

  49. Stefanie
    Stefanie / 8-4-2012 / ·

    I remember as a kid that Mrs. Fields cookies were a staple in our house because my parents loved them, but I never really knew where they came from. When I was about eight years old, I was shopping with my mom at the local mom and she asked me if I wanted to take a break for some cookies. We walked down the food court hallway and immediately I smelled the sweetness and goodness of Mrs. Fields cookies. We walked over to the store and my eyes lit up looking at all the delicious flavors. I chose chocolate chip and my mom got oatmeal raisin. As we sat down and enjoyed the cookies I couldn’t stop smiling, they were so good. Soon it became a tradition for my mom and I to always get Mrs. Fields cookies when we were out shopping and there was never a time I don’t think we ever had some of these cookies in the house because the whole family loves them.

  50. Bill
    Bill / 8-4-2012 / ·

    My first Mrs. Fields was on the evening of my first date in 8th grade. I took my crush to a movie and we stopped by Mrs. Fields for a cookie and soda. We dated all through high school, and I actually asked her to our senior prom with a large Mrs. Fields cookie cake! Your cookies are both tasty and romantic 🙂

  51. Janet G.
    Janet G. / 8-4-2012 / ·

    My first taste was just seeing them in the grocery store and buying the delicious chocolate chip cookies. It was so long ago I can’t even remember the year.

  52. Ellen L.
    Ellen L. / 8-4-2012 / ·

    I had my first Mrs Fields chocolate chips cookies at the Tacoma Mall when it first opened. Every year around the Christmas holiday, I would order a dozen chocolate chips cookies and a couple of brownies.

  53. Donna de Jesus
    Donna de Jesus / 8-4-2012 / ·

    I’ve got my first taste of Mrs. Fields was when a colleague of mine gave me a chocolate chip cookie way back in 2006 and I’ve loved it eversince!!! <3

  54. Marie Leclerc
    Marie Leclerc / 8-5-2012 / ·

    My first taste of Mrs Fields cookies was at the Bangor (ME) Mall, and I had a chocolate chip cookie, it was delicious!

  55. Betsy
    Betsy / 8-5-2012 / ·

    Their chocolate chip cookies! they are the best!

  56. Lynne
    Lynne / 8-5-2012 / ·

    I first tasted Mrs. Fields cookies years ago while a graduate student in San Francisco. They were amazingly delicious!

  57. Kirkland Sylvester
    Kirkland Sylvester / 8-6-2012 / ·

    My wife & I have been sending Dad (91 years young) your famous cookies and brownies for over 15 years. He is like a little kid at Christmas when the package arrives. The homemade taste is like a little bit of heaven on earth. Thank you, Mrs. Fields, for making so many people happy !!

  58. Camille N.
    Camille N. / 8-6-2012 / ·

    I’m with my husband 31 years and married for 27. He first told me he loved me on a large chocolate chip cookie cake. That was my first taste of Mrs. Fields and I’ve loved them ever since!

  59. Ashia Lucas
    Ashia Lucas / 8-6-2012 / ·

    Growing up going to the mall was only on holidays and buying anything was out of the question! I got $.35 a day for lunch and around the time I knew we were going to the mall I would save my lunch $ so I could buy my brother and I cookies.

  60. Phylicia phillips
    Phylicia phillips / 8-6-2012 / ·

    The first time I had mrs fields was in high school with my best friend. The fun thing to do on the weekend was go to the mall and we made it our thing to get a bag of nibblers to share everytime. Classic chocolate chip was the first one I had ever tried and I was hooked for life.

  61. M. N.
    M. N. / 8-6-2012 / ·

    My first taste of Mrs. Field’s cookies was in Roosevelt Fields Mall in New York. They were so delicious that every time I went there to shop, I have to stop for the cookies. When my son was born, every single one of his birthday, I had ordered the huge Mrs. Field’s cookie and a few dozens of the small M&M ones for goodie bags. Now my son is away in college, I continue to send him these delicious cookies for him to feel that he is home away home.

  62. Mila
    Mila / 8-6-2012 / ·

    My first experience was over 24 years ago. I was dating. A guy whose last name was Fields and we just happened to be at the mall, when I saw your store. Having grown up in Hawaii, I’ve never seen one on Kauaai. Needles to say I jokingly told him, hey I’d like to try some of your family’s cookies! One bite of that mini chocolate chip cookie and I was sold! Have been enjoying it ever since! So delicious!!!

  63. ericka coello
    ericka coello / 8-6-2012 / ·

    My first taste of Mrs. Fields cookies was last year at my mother’s in law’s. She bought choco chip cookies lo celebrate my husband’s birthday, he loves cookies

  64. Deborah wallace
    Deborah wallace / 8-6-2012 / ·

    The cookies from my man physically melted in my mouth. They were so good that I didn’t want to give him any. Ahhh, so delicious. Leaves you wanting more.

  65. geetha
    geetha / 8-6-2012 / ·

    Buttery yummilicious smooth soft cookie that melts my heart at a glance and shouts for cheating on my diet and yet makes it worth the cheat 😛

  66. Andrea
    Andrea / 8-6-2012 / ·

    I was a lunchbox kid. Apple slices, ziploc bags, thermos, the whole deal. One day in fifth grade, I begged my mom to let me get school lunch. I was probably excited for the school’s chicken sandwiches, but I was even MORE excited when that was the day our school cafeteria started serving Mrs. Fields chocolate chip cookies once a week! I was SO glad my mom let me buy lunch that day…

  67. Lori
    Lori / 8-6-2012 / ·

    I had my first taste years ago. Fresh and warm chocolate chip cookie. I was totally excited when my daughter got a job there in highschool. What a treat that was.

  68. carlotta
    carlotta / 8-6-2012 / ·

    I had my 1st Mrs.Field while on a ski trip 17 years ago. They go great with hot coco!

  69. Christine Mayfield
    Christine Mayfield / 8-6-2012 / ·

    My first taste was a few years ago when I received a sampler. They were seriously the best “bought” cookies I’ve ever had

  70. Jen Lynn Rutsky
    Jen Lynn Rutsky / 8-6-2012 / ·

    My first taste was on August 25, 2002. My new boyfriend, who is now my husband, sent me a giant cookie to my office.

  71. Lisa
    Lisa / 8-6-2012 / ·

    I had my first Mrs. Fields cookie at the Fashion Place Mall in Murray, UT when I was with my family shopping. I remember it was two stores over from the place where we would buy school clothes. A tiny little shop. We had to wait in line it seemed like forever as a kid. I remember eyeing all of the large cookies in the display case. I couldn’t decide what flavor I wanted. Should I get chocolate chip or the one with white chocolate which I loved? If I chose the wrong one it would be a disaster. I picked the chocolate chip. Eating it from the wrapper was heavenly. I couldn’t wait to go back the next time we went to the mall to try the other flavor. Love these cookies!

  72. Tt
    Tt / 8-6-2012 / ·

    My first memory was christmas shopping at the mall as a kid and sharing a warm semi sweet choco chip cookie with my sister as a special treat!

  73. Denise
    Denise / 8-7-2012 / ·

    The cake cookies are my youngest sisters favorite treat! Utterly delectable within’ two days a full sized cake cookie is devoured! She delights in the designs, as much icing on it as possible. I have always had wonderful experiences at the stores that was located in Fair Oaks Mall, VA the reps made it so much fun personalizing each year. I’m not close to home anymore but she still waits every year for the MrsFields cake to arrive wishing her a very happy bday. Still haven’t managed to get her to share more than a bite in over the 18 years of our tradition.

  74. Omar
    Omar / 8-7-2012 / ·

    My first taste was at the mall when I was a young boy. I wanted some cookies and my mom would not get them for me until I threw an incredible tantrum. It worked!!!! And it was well worth it 🙂

  75. Bonnie Morgan
    Bonnie Morgan / 8-7-2012 / ·

    My first experience was in the 1980’s .. I followed my nose to the wonderful aromas coming from this little shop in the mall.
    Wow! I love my choc chip cookies with nuts and this one had pecans omg! The texture was crisp on the outside and wonderfully soft and chewy in the inside . My taste buds were in delerium as the dark chocolate chips melted on my tongue and the flavor was indescribable .. These simply are the best cookies on the market !! I only wish the shipping wasnt so much to Hawaii .. no shops on Maui boo hoo !! will you ever do the frozen ones again for baking at home .. No longer see those in the markets either .. thank you Mrs Fields for a fabulous product !!

  76. Roxanna
    Roxanna / 8-9-2012 / ·

    When I first moved to the US from South Korea (I was born and raised there), my friend took me to the Metrocenter Mall and got me hooked on Mrs. Fields White Chocolate Macadamia nut cookies. You know…those ginormous ones that are as big as your face? Man, I am salivating just thinking about it. I could sure use a freshly baked goodie right about now. 🙂

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