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10 Tips to Make Taxes a Breeze

If the thought of preparing or filing your taxes causes you to break out in a cold sweat, here are 10 simple tips to make the process easier: 1. Keep a catch-all folder in a central, easy location, to collect…

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Win Cookies for Your Administrative Professional blog image 1

Win Cookies for Your Administrative Professional

Secretary, assistant, administrative professional—it’s not so much about the title as the many hats they wear: organizational guru, calendar coordinator, personal alarm clock, office confidant, lunch coordinator, gatekeeper of office supplies, and frequent superhero. (It seems that last hat—superhero—is the…

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Tips for Perfect Care Packages blog image 1

Tips for Perfect Care Packages

Have you ever received a care package? It’s a rare and wonderful surprise, and always so appreciated. But do you know how to put one together? Here are my five best tips. 1. Choose a theme. Rather than a hodge…

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3 Ideas for a Better Easter Egg Hunt

Ever been to an Easter Egg Hunt that was more like a scene out of The Hunger Games? Here are three fun ideas that can make your Easter Egg Hunt more of a celebration of sharing than an every-child-for-himself grab…

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