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  1. Prepping for Fall Room by Room | Mrs. Fields Secrets

    […] Toss out expired spices (helpful guidelines here) […]

  2. Organize Your Spice Rack | Make It Simple Sister

    […] The Nose and Eye Test: Mrs. Fields (yes, that Mrs. Fields) gave us these two simple tips to test if your spices should be kept or […]

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    When is the best time to add spices when cooking?

  5. Organizing your pantry
    Organizing your pantry at

    […] is a good article on herbs and spices How Long Do Spices Last? And Other Spicy Questions | Mrs. Fields Secrets I always hear honey can last forever. If it crystalizes you can heat that down. Then I read that […]

  6. New Year’s Resolutions for Your Kitchen | Mrs. Fields Secrets

    […] 6. Toss out old spices. How old is that paprika? Take inventory of your spice rack and toss anything Jurassic. Use this helpful guide to know how long spices last. […]

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