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  1. Anna C.
    Anna C. at

    Loveable Valentine’s Tin

  2. Daniella
    Daniella at


  3. amy
    amy at

    Chocolate chip

  4. debra affrunti
    debra affrunti at


  5. heather kline
    heather kline at

    the love box

  6. Jillie
    Jillie at


  7. barbara patrick
    barbara patrick at


  8. Caustina Sweeney
    Caustina Sweeney at

    Love Box

  9. dawn phillips
    dawn phillips at

    sweet heart tote

  10. Jamie Carollo
    Jamie Carollo at

    Sweet Heart Tote

  11. Lisa Cook
    Lisa Cook at

    Valentines Day Gift Box

  12. Anne M.
    Anne M. at

    The Love Box?

  13. Jena Whipking
    Jena Whipking at

    classic heart tin

  14. Angela
    Angela at

    Heart shaped Cookie Cake

  15. Tenielle Stanbrough
    Tenielle Stanbrough at

    Love box

  16. Tara H.
    Tara H. at

    Sweet Heart Tote!! 🙂 Perfect for my daughter who just came home from the hospital!

  17. Penny McPherson
    Penny McPherson at

    Sweet heart tote

  18. amy lagrone
    amy lagrone at

    sweet heart tote

  19. Joy U
    Joy U at

    Love Box!

  20. christina w.
    christina w. at

    long stem cookie roses

  21. Shirley M.
    Shirley M. at

    Love Box

  22. Zuli
    Zuli at


  23. Liz
    Liz at

    Sweet heart tote

  24. Teresa Wilkins
    Teresa Wilkins at

    Love Monkey

  25. Sharon
    Sharon at

    Heart cookie cake

  26. Katherine
    Katherine at

    I am going to guess Frosted Conversation Heart Cookies

  27. Mary Glover
    Mary Glover at

    Sweet Heart Tote

  28. Tara
    Tara at

    Sweet Heart Tote

  29. tina swineford
    tina swineford at

    Love Box

  30. Samantha Madorma
    Samantha Madorma at

    Love Box !!

  31. Leslie
    Leslie at

    Love Box

  32. sherry warlick
    sherry warlick at

    Loveable Valentine’s Tin

  33. Desiree Dunlap
    Desiree Dunlap at

    Love box

  34. Katherine B
    Katherine B at

    Sweet Heart Tote

  35. Amy Casey
    Amy Casey at

    The Love Box 🙂

  36. Tressma Scott
    Tressma Scott at

    Love Box

  37. irene
    irene at

    Love box

  38. Cheryl Lohrke
    Cheryl Lohrke at

    Conversation Heart Boxes

  39. amanda
    amanda at

    the love box

  40. alex
    alex at

    love box! i love mrs. fields cookies and i always send a box to my gf for valentine’s day! you guys make the best cookies! so soft, fresh, and decadent! nowhere else comes close.

  41. Stephanie C
    Stephanie C at


  42. Bernice Balete
    Bernice Balete at

    Love Box

  43. Dashana
    Dashana at

    Love Box

  44. Adriana Wiley
    Adriana Wiley at

    Sweet Heart Tote

  45. Amber
    Amber at

    Love Box 🙂

  46. Ben
    Ben at

    Sweet Heart Tote

  47. Frank Bragg
    Frank Bragg at

    Loveable Valentine’s Tin

  48. Julie Solberg
    Julie Solberg at

    Loveable Valentine’s Tin

  49. Roxanne
    Roxanne at

    Loveable Valentine’s Tin

  50. nick pierce
    nick pierce at

    SweetHeart Tote

  51. Ryan
    Ryan at

    The Love Box

  52. Dolores Downey
    Dolores Downey at

    Love Box

  53. Jenny Verdi
    Jenny Verdi at

    Sweetheart Tote!!!!

  54. Michael H
    Michael H at

    Love Box

  55. Jennifer Heithaus
    Jennifer Heithaus at

    Sweetheart Tote!

  56. shawn mccrea
    shawn mccrea at

    Love box

  57. Elena Smith
    Elena Smith at

    I love you with hearts

  58. Lori C.
    Lori C. at

    Love Box

  59. Leueen Whipking
    Leueen Whipking at

    Love Box

  60. Jeanette
    Jeanette at

    I love cookies!

  61. Sandy Nevels
    Sandy Nevels at

    Love Monkey

  62. Marcie
    Marcie at

    Love box

  63. Carol
    Carol at

    Sweethert tote

  64. Will
    Will at

    Love Box

  65. Beth
    Beth at

    long stem cookie roses

  66. Kim V
    Kim V at

    The Love Box

  67. Abby Kraynick
    Abby Kraynick at

    I Will ‘Owl’ways Love You Box ♥

  68. Amy Boelk
    Amy Boelk at

    Sweet Heart Tote!

  69. autumn
    autumn at

    Love box!

  70. Jay Whipking
    Jay Whipking at

    Sweetheart Tote

  71. Lainie
    Lainie at

    I Will ‘Owl’ways Love You Box

  72. Angela Keller
    Angela Keller at

    The Sweetheart Tote

  73. Jeanette
    Jeanette at

    Love Box

  74. beth kelsay
    beth kelsay at

    classic heart tin

  75. Jose Gueits
    Jose Gueits at

    love box

  76. elizabeth knauer heindell
    elizabeth knauer heindell at

    Love Monkey

  77. Jeanette
    Jeanette at

    Or the Sweetheart tote, both are out of stock!

  78. April Martin
    April Martin at

    Love Box! ♥

  79. matt hutchinson
    matt hutchinson at

    Love box

  80. Kathy Swiam Idol
    Kathy Swiam Idol at

    I Love You Heart Cookie Cake

  81. Lori James
    Lori James at

    Sweet Heart Tote! 🙂

  82. Brittany Tinaliga
    Brittany Tinaliga at

    love box

  83. kansas miller
    kansas miller at

    Im gonna have to say the Sweetheart Tote. =]

  84. carla carr
    carla carr at

    classic tins

  85. Teri St.Thomas
    Teri St.Thomas at

    Love Box

  86. Evie Turner
    Evie Turner at

    The Love Box!

  87. Kris
    Kris at

    I will ‘owl’ways love you box

  88. Cynthia Chouinard
    Cynthia Chouinard at

    The “Loveable Valentine’s Tin”

  89. Vanessa Whitenight
    Vanessa Whitenight at

    I know i probably wont win but i thought id give it a shot. Id like the Sweetheart Tote the most.

  90. Debbie Fitcher
    Debbie Fitcher at

    The Classic Heart Tin

  91. Lorraine
    Lorraine at

    Sweet Heart Tote 🙂

  92. Tiffany Johnson
    Tiffany Johnson at

    Conversation Heart Boxes

  93. michelle zhou
    michelle zhou at

    ***be mine, mrs.field***

  94. Cristina
    Cristina at

    Sweet heart tote

  95. Kathy McCrae
    Kathy McCrae at

    Sweetheart tote

  96. pamela
    pamela at

    Sweet Heart Tote

  97. pamela
    pamela at

    Love Box

  98. marcella hardy
    marcella hardy at

    sweet heart tote, yummm wish I’d get one this year may just have to buy it myself:)

  99. Ellen B
    Ellen B at

    Dancing Hearts Valentine Tin

  100. Connie O
    Connie O at

    I Love You with Hearts

  101. John O.
    John O. at

    Lovely Lady Bug

  102. M Cowan
    M Cowan at

    Love Box

  103. Lisa
    Lisa at

    Love Box

  104. Wendy Bloink
    Wendy Bloink at

    love box

  105. Mary Cummings
    Mary Cummings at

    Mrs. Fields’s Loveable Valentine’s Tin! Thanks for the chance!

  106. Tina M
    Tina M at

    Love Bug Box

  107. Rae Ellen Holberg
    Rae Ellen Holberg at

    I am guessing the LOVE BOX since its out of inventory =)

  108. Ryan
    Ryan at

    Love Box

  109. Anissa J.
    Anissa J. at

    Valentine’s Sweet Treat Box

  110. Andrew S.
    Andrew S. at

    Love Box

  111. Courtney Debok
    Courtney Debok at

    The love box

  112. Kim J
    Kim J at

    I Will ‘Owl’ways Love You Box

  113. Patti T
    Patti T at

    Lovable Heart Tote

  114. Maribel Hernandez
    Maribel Hernandez at

    Heart-shaped Cookie Cake!!!

  115. Jose Vasquez
    Jose Vasquez at

    Heart-Shaped Cookie Cake!!!!!

  116. Teresa Harrell
    Teresa Harrell at

    Lots of Love Box

  117. Jennifer K.
    Jennifer K. at

    Loveable Valentine’s Tin

  118. Sharon
    Sharon at

    sweet heart tote

  119. theresa stinson
    theresa stinson at

    Loveable Valentine’s Tin!

  120. Crystal Platas
    Crystal Platas at

    Loveable Valentine’s Tin

  121. Julie Santruck
    Julie Santruck at

    Love Box

  122. Michelle L
    Michelle L at

    Love Box

  123. Cathy E
    Cathy E at

    Sweet heart tote

  124. Lisa Hottell
    Lisa Hottell at

    The Classic Heart Tin of course! A classic tin of classic yummy goodies!

  125. Meryl
    Meryl at

    Love Box.

  126. Louis
    Louis at

    Sweet heart tote.

  127. kristen B.
    kristen B. at

    The Sweet Heart tote

  128. Tanya Hauver
    Tanya Hauver at

    The Love box!

  129. Dawn Chomik
    Dawn Chomik at

    Loveable Valentines Tin

  130. Jill Waldren
    Jill Waldren at

    The Love Box.

  131. Holly Thomas
    Holly Thomas at

    I Will ‘Owl’ways Love You Box!! 🙂

  132. debra p
    debra p at

    The Love Box!

  133. Tracy Stuhler
    Tracy Stuhler at

    Thanks so much for making such a tasty treat for my family. We are faithful customers of Mrs. Fields-even my 2 year-old knows where the Mrs. Fields cookie shop is at the mall 🙂

  134. Tracy Stuhler
    Tracy Stuhler at

    We would LOVE the Loveable Valentines Tin !!!!

  135. jennifer luce
    jennifer luce at


  136. sarah brushaber
    sarah brushaber at

    heart cookie

  137. paul laufer
    paul laufer at

    Make Love not War. Love makes the world go round. All we need is love!!!!

  138. Sarah McGough
    Sarah McGough at

    Love Box <3

  139. Tywila
    Tywila at

    The Love Box

  140. elizabeth beltran
    elizabeth beltran at

    Loveable Valentine’s Tin

  141. Rebecca T.
    Rebecca T. at

    The sweetheart tote!

  142. Victor Tay
    Victor Tay at

    Loveable Valentine’s Tin.

  143. Stefanie
    Stefanie at

    Sweet Heart Tote

  144. Maureen
    Maureen at

    I will say the large Valentine heart cookie.

  145. Leanne
    Leanne at

    Loveable Valentine’s Tin

  146. Katie Watson
    Katie Watson at

    I Will ‘Owl’ways Love You Box

  147. Shannon W.
    Shannon W. at

    Long-Stemmed Cookie Roses

  148. Daisy H
    Daisy H at

    Valentine’s Sweet Treat Box

  149. Erica Best
    Erica Best at

    Sweet Heart Tote

  150. Janice
    Janice at

    Loveable Valentine’s Tin

  151. Danielle Ferguson
    Danielle Ferguson at

    Mrs. Fields Happy Valentines Day Big Cookie Cake

  152. Courtney Keen
    Courtney Keen at

    The Giant Heart shaped cookie!

  153. Lisa Lodter
    Lisa Lodter at

    Love Box

  154. Gaile
    Gaile at

    The Love Box (but the I will Owlways Love you or the Sweet Heart Tote could be it, too. Hmmmm…. )

  155. Kim Friederichs
    Kim Friederichs at

    iiit’s the LOOOVE BOOOOX!!!

  156. Lisa Dion
    Lisa Dion at

    Love box

  157. S. Burley
    S. Burley at

    The I Love You Cake

  158. Petritia s
    Petritia s at

    Love box

  159. veronica
    veronica at

    all of ur products! i love ur cookies n reccomend them to everyone!

  160. veronica
    veronica at

    little bit of love book

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