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  1. Vicky
    Vicky / 2-11-2013 / ·

    I live just outside of Chicago, and I met a man that lived in the city. He was not the best looking man I had ever met, but he seemed nice enough, so when he asked me out to an early dinner I accepted. We met at a set spot in the city and got in his car to proceed to our destination for an early dinner. Unbeknownst to me, the reason he asked me out to an early dinner was the prices were cheaper before 4 p.m. Okay, not everyone has the money to pay for a decent dinner, but this man worked at the Chicago Stock Exchange, he had the money to pay for a nice dinner. Over looking that fact, I thought perhaps he was just frugal and after all we are all looking to save money on what we can.
    Before dinner he took me to his apartment which was full of cheap knock off furniture, to “change clothes into something more appropriate.” His idea of more appropriate was a pair of silk pajamas. I was appalled! This man actually thought I was going to sleep with him just because he was taking me out to dinner. Once I made it quite clear that, that was NOT going to happen, he became noticeably upset and again changed his clothes into a shirt and tie. I, at the time was wearing a purple silk top and a white denim mini skirt, so we left to go to dinner. When we got out to his Jaguar, he discovered he had a flat tire and was extremely upset. While I was dressed in silk and white denim he expected me to aid him in changing the tire, although I was perfectly capable of doing this, I was not going to do it in silk, white denim and heels. Once changed, he was so irate with me that he got on the skyway back to Indiana to take me home without even taking me to dinner.
    Believe it or not, once we crossed the Indiana State line he got another flat tire and by this time was totally furious. He actually pulled over to the side of the road and told me to “Get out of the car because you need to find your own way home, I, at this point in time have far to much to deal with to take you home.” I had to call my best friend to come pick me up and take me home because this idiot refused to. And after all this, he actually had the gall to call me the next week and ask me out again. I told him, “You know what? people in Hell will want parkas because it’s so cold before I would EVER consider going out with you again! As you treated me with so much disrespect on our date!” His response was … “Really? You think I disrespected you? I showed you more respect then I do the majority of women I date.” I said “Wow, you must not have many second dates! But have a nice life!” and then I hung up with a big smile on my face.

  2. / 6-7-2013 / ·

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