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  1. amy
    amy / 1-27-2012 / ·

    my worst date was going out with a guy i met off dating website. we were at the restaurant & had ordered & all of a sudden he kinda yells at me “you know you’re really annoying” apparently he got mad cuz i wasn’t making enough eye contact with him. i got up & left.

  2. brandi george
    brandi george / 1-27-2012 / ·

    When I was 19 I went on a date with my now husband. We went out to dinner as we usually did. We went to our favorite Argentinean restaurant. We were eating and laughing and enjoying the evening. We then took a drive to the beach and laid on the sand and talked for a while. We decided it was late and had to go. As we were walking back to the car I started to not feel so well but didn’t say anything. As soon as he closed my car door I puked all over his brand new car! The worst part is he saw and puked too! We ended up having to go to the ER and found out we both had food poisoning! We were there for 24 hours and our parents came and made fun of us. They said it was a sign we should break up. It was mortifying to say the least. Did I mention the Diarrhea? Yea, not the way I wanted him to see me especially when you’re in the I’m perfect part of dating. His car smelled for weeks and made dating awkward for us. But it worked out in the end. 🙂

  3. Mary Pippin
    Mary Pippin / 1-27-2012 / ·

    I remember my worst date! I was 25 and was working at the hospital. Well there was this guy who was an X-ray technician. He was always flirting with me and other girls which really didn’t make me like him. We worked 3rd shift and every time I would do my rounds and check on patients, he would follow me and annoy the mess out of me. So one weekend when my shift was rotating, he asked me why I was mean! I asked him why was he a jerk! He laughed and asked me on a date. To both of our surprise, I said yes. So we went to a steakhouse and I was really enjoying myself. About halfway through the dinner, in comes a woman stomping, yelling and cursing! She was mad and everyone just looked at her. I looked at my date and his head dropped down. I said “Arthur, what’s wrong?” What he said next shocked me right out the chair!! He said that was his wife!! I said “what?!” She came to the table and started cursing him out calling him all kinds of names and she was about to start in on me but I ran out the door! Come to find out, he was married with kids but never wore his ring! Needless to say we didn’t see each other because I received a new job offer! That was so unreal I still can’t believe that happened!

  4. Christine Jessamine
    Christine Jessamine / 1-27-2012 / ·

    when i was 16, i had started a job at a pizza place. a boy that worked as a delivery driver asked me out on a date, i said okay. he told me we would go out next week when he got back from vacation. all week long everyone kept asking me when i was going to the movies with “johny” and told them later that week. the next week, he comes into the store to take me on the date, telling me he will take me home to get ready. he was no longer in his hat and uniform and had a mullet! and was wearing dirty striped pants and a tshirt with holes in it. i let him take me home thinking he was joking with me, in the car he told me he had a knife collection in his trunk. there was a thunderstorm outside and it began to rain, he told me he went to a special school when he was a child that taught him how to controll the lightning and that he could also shoot lightning boltz from his eyes. i made him pull me over before we got to my house. i was so scared of “psycho johny” that i quit my job the very next day wishing someone that i worked with told me how crazy he was. i learned never go on a date with someone you have only met once…..

  5. Kevin Bell
    Kevin Bell / 1-27-2012 / ·

    I once had a blind date with someone who lived about an hour away in a smaller town. I picked her up at her house and I bought her back here. We went for dinner, then to go see a comedy at the movies. She didn’t laugh once during the film (and the movie was funny)! It was after that I learned she was really big on horror films and the like instead. Taking her back home, bad winter weather was setting in. She offered to have me stay at her house (she lived with her mother), but I was a bit freaked out by her penchant for the macabre, so I decided it was worth the risk to drive back!
    I made it home safely, never so glad to see the lights of city!

  6. Bonnie
    Bonnie / 1-27-2012 / ·

    This would have to be. The person whom asked me out to dinner. We arrived and her kept looking around the restaurant as if looking for someone. Well finally about half way through dinner I asked. “Are you expecting someone to join us for dinner, since you are obviously looking for someone”? “No…. I’m watching to make sure none of our fiends are in here tonight”. “OK, I’ll bite. Why would it matter if your friends are in the same restaurant. Are you embarrassed to be with me…?” No, I don’t want anyone to tell my wife I was seen with another woman.” Then he proceeds to tell me his sob story about his awful marriage. I excused myself to the ladies room. Had the staff call me a cab. Sad little man. Needless to say. I looked his number up in the phone book. I call his wife and told her. She thanked me and told me he does it all the time. I felt sorry for her.

  7. Robin Harris
    Robin Harris / 1-27-2012 / ·

    My worst date ever happened on New Years eve 2006. We were supposed to meet at a lounge. However I gave her the wrong address. An hour later she arrived and we grabbed a table and started drinking. Just before midnight I needed to use the restroom. Then I realized that I had too much to drink and vomited all over myself (shirt, pants, shoes). I cleaned the shoes and pants as much as possible. Luckily I had on an undershirt that didn’t have holes in it. I got back to the table now after midnight and she immediately noticed the smell. I have no clue why but she hung around. After the lounge we decided to get coffee at the doughnut shop next door. We get our coffee and sit at a table. A what appeared to be homeless man entered the shop and sat next to us and started a conservation. There were two problems, he was crazy and he smelled worse than I did. I tried moving but he followed us. Finally we decided to go for a walk on the lake front by now it’s 6am. That wasn’t the best idea as it is Chicago and the air temp was -2. We were both freezing and could barely talk. At that point we called it a night. I walked back to my car and had a blissful end to my horrendous night….a parking ticket. I still don’t know how but that woman is now my wife.

  8. Jenny Smillie
    Jenny Smillie / 1-27-2012 / ·

    I’ve been on a lot of dates in my day, and I remember one where we could just not seem to get the date right. I lived about 90 miles away from the guy I was going on a date with. That day it was raining, and we were to meet at a tapas bar which his work was only a block or so away from.
    I tried to parallel park and failed at that. So I noticed a sign that read: “For Tapas Bar parking only between 5 and 9pm)”. It was 4:45. There was a guy standing in the parking lot knocking on people’s windows and talking to anyone coming out of the car to see if they were going to the bar. He knocked on my window and I rolled it down. He said, “can I help you?” I said, “No, I’m waiting for my date to arrive so we can go in together.”
    He said, “No. You must leave. This is for bar customers only.”
    At that point I was livid, after driving up and down the street to find it, failing to park on the street correctly, and now this guy was telling me I couldn’t park there!
    I ended up texting my date and telling him I was fed up with this town and I was going to drive home. I sped so fast down the road, by the time he got out of work, I was already half way home.
    The next time we tried another date and I still couldn’t find it, so I just ended up going home again.
    We opted for one more date to meet. This time it was at my apartment and after I had moved there from a job promotion.
    We decided dating was not our thing and remained friends.
    I drive down that street where the tapas bar is and I laugh.
    Now I’m married and I have baby with a guy I met at work.
    Irony is what I call it.
    My date/friend eventually moved away for work but visits often!

  9. Marcie
    Marcie / 1-27-2012 / ·

    A few years ago, I tried out online dating. I hit it off with someone who had a similar profile and we decided to meet for dinner. I had asked to meet him on a weekend, but he said he was going out of town that weekend and would rather get together before he went away. That sounded reasonable, so I ventured out. We had a perfectly lovely dinner and were just about to order dessert when an older couple came to our table and started greeting him and telling them how much they were looking forward to seeing him this weekend. He quickly introduced me as a work colleague (which I was not) which prompted my curiosity to ask the couple how they knew my date–they were his fiance’s aunt and uncle. Yup, this guy was engaged and getting married this weekend, As if that wasn’t truly terrible enough, this man STILL thought he had a shot with me, saying that it’s not like was already married! I immediately left and told him to lose my phone number.

  10. Vanetta Harris
    Vanetta Harris / 1-27-2012 / ·

    I have to say that my worst date was a second date I went on with a man I had met through a friend. We went to his dad and stepmom’s house for a cookout and swimming in their pool. My date’s stepmom seemed like she just couldn’t keep her hands off of him in the pool. She was constantly pinching him under the water and “ducking” him. It went on and on and made me feel very uncomfortable. The woman was not much older than my date and so she had married a much older man in his dad. When my date was driving me home I started talking about how his stepmom had acted and he said it was normal and something his ex-wife had gotten used to. Um…OK. It was all just so bizarre and needless to say, I never went out with that guy again.

  11. Lynne Mabie
    Lynne Mabie / 1-27-2012 / ·

    My worst date was after I had just gotten a divorce. I met this guy in a bar on a Friday. The following Friday we met again in the same bar. I walk in and I see him talking to a women. He see me and tells me to come and set down. So I do. This guy and the women continue to talk. I am thinking to my self why am I still here. The woman leaves and the guy and I start to talk. Then about an hour into our visiting the woman shows up again. The guy and this woman start to go to the dancing floor. I tell the guy, I am out of here. He then tells me the woman is his wife. He wasn’t sure if she was going to stay with him, so he wanted somebody to be with at the bar that friday. I guess I don’t know how to pick them.

  12. Maureen
    Maureen / 1-27-2012 / ·

    I have gone on a few.
    One of the dates was on the Fourth of July. I was asked to go out to the fireworks and then for dessert with a gentleman. He came late to pick me up. We had to walk quite a distance to the area where the fireworks were being displayed. It has sprinkled earlier in the day and I had to either stand or sit on the wet ground. Then he decided that he didn’t want dessert so he took me home. SNORE.

  13. Stefanie
    Stefanie / 1-27-2012 / ·

    I remember my worst date, it was a few years ago and things definitely didn’t go as planned. I was so excited to be going out with this guy, I could hardly control my excitement. He took me to dinner and I had picked out a new outfit to wear, a great shirt and some white pants. Things started out fine until we got to the restaurant. We ordered drinks and I remember I got a strawberry daquiri. When the waitress brought out drinks she accidentally leaned forward and ended up spilling my whole entire drink on my white pants! I couldn’t believe it, red everywhere. I rushed to the bathroom to wash them but the pink just wouldn’t come out and looked horrible. I returned to the table really embarrassed. The worst part was that afterwards we were supposed to go walk around and I kept having to hide the stains on my pants with my purse or hands and was really self conscious. My date got really red when it happened and it ruined the whole night. After dinner the date was done, and I will never order a colored drink again!

  14. paul laufer
    paul laufer / 1-27-2012 / ·

    My worst date memory is hitting a pot hole during a rain storm while heading out to dinner with my date!!! Well I changed the blown out tire in the pouring rain and cleaned up the best I could in the bathroom of the Italian restaurant we went to that night. Evedentally my date didn’t thing were so bad because I ended up marring her and that was 30 years ago!!!!

  15. Amber
    Amber / 1-27-2012 / ·

    Many years ago I had a blind date that my friend and her boyfriend set me up on. We were going on a double date but after a while of him not showing up he called to say he had been taken to jail on his way to meet us for having a little to drink on the way!!! So I met him for the first time in the jail parking lot after my friend bailed him out! I was mortified and not sure why I went on with the date but after a night of zero conversation due to being so turned off from the whole jail scene we ended the night and never saw each other again!!

  16. jill williams
    jill williams / 1-28-2012 / ·

    i have had alot of bad dates but the worst of them all was when a guy i was dating took me out to dinner taco bell go figure .i went to the bathroom left my purse on the table and came out my purse was gone and so he was to .now mind you i would not have done this on the first date i actually dated this guy for five months.came out no guy no purse.called to get a ride home sat at taco bell for about three hours for a ride.then the next day about noon i realized my atm card and all that was in my purse.called the bank the guy cleared my bank account out and put it in overdrawn .yea i would have to say this was my worse date i have ever had.two days later would you believe the guy actually had nerve to show up on my doorstep .

  17. Michelle Quan
    Michelle Quan / 1-28-2012 / ·

    My worst date was when I started college. I was 17 and went on a date with a boy who was 16 and in high school. We saw “An American Tail” (yes, this was years and years ago) – I felt like I was a young adolescent on a date rather than a college student.

  18. Carol
    Carol / 1-29-2012 / ·

    This is a bad date story with a happy ending. I had met someone through a mutual friend and he asked me to lunch on a Saturday. I said yes and he said he would pick me up at noon. He picked me up and said we just had to make a stop along the way. We ended up at the airport, and who was waiting at the curb but his mother! She introduced herself and said she had heard a lot about me and said she was looking forward to lunch?!?! Apparently he invited her along to our lunch date. Well, we all did have a great time, mother or no mother, and we are now happily married for 10 years!

  19. megan
    megan / 1-29-2012 / ·

    I have a worst date story. I had this one date with a person that insisted we eat at this expensive restaurant. The food there is actually pretty good. We went there to eat. This person strangely couldn’t stop talking about their ex. It was obvious that the person was still attached to the ex. The person even showed me a picture of the ex too! Awkward. To make things worse at the end of the meal, the person told me they “forgot” their wallet which means forgot their money. I landed up having to pay for both meals and drinks too. I was about ready to scream. Needless to say I never kept in touch with that person again! This was by far one of the worst dates I have ever ever had.


  20. Lilly
    Lilly / 1-30-2012 / ·

    My worst date was during college when a guy invited me to go golfing with him. He took me to a golf course where on the third hole I stepped on a fire ant hole. I got bitten all over both my feet. The worse part about that is that I had a reaction to the bite and not only was my feet itchy, it got swollen a few minutes later. My feet felt very tight in my shoes. (P.S. My feet were swollen and itchy for after 2 months.)
    That day he said he felt so bad for me that he would cook dinner for me at his place. He drove me to his place, but his car broke down. Luckily, we were next to a gas station and we were able to get help to push the car in there. We then arrived to his place when his friend picked us up.
    When we arrived to his room on campus, we realized the power was out. We had to order pizza and sit in the dark with candles which was not too bad.

  21. Debbie C
    Debbie C / 1-31-2012 / ·

    I took a chance and went on a date with a guy who had just broken up with someone. Mistake. Capital M mistake. He spent all three hours of the date talking about the girl he broke up with all the while drinking.

    Luckily, I had driven my own car to meet him at the restaurant and theatre. He “walked”, more like staggered me to the car and I was relieved it was over. So I thought. As I fumbled for my car keys, Mr. Sadsack threw up all over my legs and feet.

  22. Anna Cheung
    Anna Cheung / 2-2-2012 / ·

    My worst date was when I was in High School. After work I went on a date with a guy from work who I thought was a great guy. We went to a nice restaurant. Then I noticed he was checking out girls that walked by. He told me that if things go out great that he would take me back to his place. Luckily we took separate cars. I excused myself to go to the bathroom when I just left without him looking. He got left with the expensive bill.

  23. Kasondra K.
    Kasondra K. / 2-2-2012 / ·

    When I was 19 I went on a date with my highschool sweetheart who is now my husband. He decided to take me out to eat, and do a little shopping…. Well our shopping experiance was QUITE THE EXPERIANCE. My husband is a huge hunter and loves anything that is in Camoflauge…. Well he asked if it would be ok if he would do a little shopping in Sportsman’s Wearhouse. I kindly said yes that is fine. We went into the store everything was fine he was looking around at all of the good things he “wanted” to by… but then out of no where he saw something for me…. any guesses? Yes, a Camoflauge two piece for you got it …. ME! So trying to be a good sport I told him I would try it on. I went in the fitting room and tried it on… suprisingly didn’t actually think I looked to bad. I came out and he LOVED it… so he said I want to get that for you! So I went back into the fitting room started to get my street clothes back on and out of no where the lights shut off in the entire store. I get the rest of my clothes on quick and my husband and I start to look around as to what is going on…. We could not find a single person in the store.

    The closed the store down with US IN IT! Some might say this could be a fun night…. well it could have been we could go to the camping section build a tent,ect… but my husband heads to the front of the store and the ALARMS GO OFF….. I thought oh boy now we are in trouble…. all I wanted to do was have a nice evening and now we are going to get in trouble. My husband was still walking around with the swimsuit he wanted to get for me and I said put that down they are going to think we were trying to steal something. BUT he wanted to buy it…. Someone finally showed up got us out and he was able to buy the swimsuit. All for trying to make him happy in my camoflauge two piece!

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  25. Tammy
    Tammy / 2-7-2013 / ·

    Short & sweet here. I met a guy online in a Divorced only chat room. He lived in Ca. He came to Vegas on New Years eve to take me out to dinner. When I opened the door my room mate and I had this look of disbelief! I am 5-10 tall I think he was 4-10. That wasn’t the worst part though being I liked tall men. We went to dinner and he was a total rude person to the server (which I am one) . That was the biggest no no in my book. Sorry to say the date ended with him heading back to Ca after dinner.

  26. Gwen Yarbrough
    Gwen Yarbrough / 2-8-2013 / ·

    Can we say ” sucker”?? Years ago- I quite happily married now for15 yrs- there was a guy at work I really liked. We talked all the time for about two weeks before he ever asked me out. We agreed to meet at work off duty and go out to eat. So I get there and he’s late. He finally showed up driving in on a flat tire and supposedly no spare. Sooo– we take my car. We get to the Steak-N-Shake, order our meal and proceed to have a fairly nice time. When the bill comes he said “oh yeah, I forgot my wallet”. Luckily I had enough cash to cover the bill- RED FACE! We leave and start to drive back to where we worked. We get there and he puts the moves on me! I was totally dumbfounded when he asked if I would mind paying to have his tire fixed. I could NOT dump this guy quick enough!
    The next day at work he just couldn’t understand why I didn’t want to go out with him again!

  27. Vicky
    Vicky / 2-11-2013 / ·

    I live just outside of Chicago, and I met a man that lived in the city. He was not the best looking man I had ever met, but he seemed nice enough, so when he asked me out to an early dinner I accepted. We met at a set spot in the city and got in his car to proceed to our destination for an early dinner. Unbeknownst to me, the reason he asked me out to an early dinner was the prices were cheaper before 4 p.m. Okay, not everyone has the money to pay for a decent dinner, but this man worked at the Chicago Stock Exchange, he had the money to pay for a nice dinner. Over looking that fact, I thought perhaps he was just frugal and after all we are all looking to save money on what we can.
    Before dinner he took me to his apartment which was full of cheap knock off furniture, to “change clothes into something more appropriate.” His idea of more appropriate was a pair of silk pajamas. I was appalled! This man actually thought I was going to sleep with him just because he was taking me out to dinner. Once I made it quite clear that, that was NOT going to happen, he became noticeably upset and again changed his clothes into a shirt and tie. I, at the time was wearing a purple silk top and a white denim mini skirt, so we left to go to dinner. When we got out to his Jaguar, he discovered he had a flat tire and was extremely upset. While I was dressed in silk and white denim he expected me to aid him in changing the tire, although I was perfectly capable of doing this, I was not going to do it in silk, white denim and heels. Once changed, he was so irate with me that he got on the skyway back to Indiana to take me home without even taking me to dinner.
    Believe it or not, once we crossed the Indiana State line he got another flat tire and by this time was totally furious. He actually pulled over to the side of the road and told me to “Get out of the car because you need to find your own way home, I, at this point in time have far to much to deal with to take you home.” I had to call my best friend to come pick me up and take me home because this idiot refused to. And after all this, he actually had the gall to call me the next week and ask me out again. I told him, “You know what? people in Hell will want parkas because it’s so cold before I would EVER consider going out with you again! As you treated me with so much disrespect on our date!” His response was … “Really? You think I disrespected you? I showed you more respect then I do the majority of women I date.” I said “Wow, you must not have many second dates! But have a nice life!” and then I hung up with a big smile on my face.

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