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  1. Nicole Davis
    Nicole Davis / 1-3-2012 / ·

    The knocking down of all the skis at the ski lodge you speak of…..Yea, that was me! lol Well maybe not all of them, but most of them. It was my first time ever skiing. We were in Aspen, Colorado. The Limelight Lodge. It was packed, and everyone was staring. I was soooooo embarrassed. You’d think it would have been one of my kids that knocked everything over and landed on their butt….but no it was me. And the best part is, it happened, because I was trying to keep my kids from touching stuff and knocking it over. It was one of the most embarrassing moments I’ve had, but hey maybe I can get some free cookies out of it!

  2. Carol
    Carol / 1-3-2012 / ·

    My daughter was an excellent skiier, so my husband decided he wanted to learn how to ski as well so they could bond. He took a lesson and his instructor was Lisa, a barely 5 foot tall woman who had a tiny frame. My husband was a large man and was worried about keeping up with the instructor, so he stayed close. As they were disembarking the ski lift, my husband kept warning the instructor he didn’t know what to do and was nervous he would fall. She told him to stay close and that he did–so close that he fell on top of her so hard he actually popped her out of her skis! She soared in the air for about a full minute before she landed in the snow. My husband was horrified, the ski instructor was unharmed and stunned at my husband’s strength, and I could not stop laughing, especially as I knew I had the whole experience on video to share 🙂

  3. Lisa F. Jorgensen
    Lisa F. Jorgensen / 1-4-2012 / ·

    <3 Best time EVER!! My father and I used to go skiing and while we were on the lift chair we would sip Black Berry Brandy to help keep us warm. This one time, we were coming down the run and my father hollered back to me-what I thought was "come with me"! So, I followed him. He started to go really fast, so did I-finally…at a very high rate of speed he skied right into a snow bank-his skis stuck in and his body flew up and over the bank! I was panicked, yet was laughing my @ss off! Once I got to where he had 'landed' I found him laughing his @ss off as well! He asked me why I kept following him and I told him "because you told me to"….he finally stopped laughing and said "NO, I didn't say 'follow me'!!! I said, I HAVE TO PEE"!! That's my favorite story…to this day when we talk about it-we laugh that hard all over again! <3

  4. Stephanie V.
    Stephanie V. / 1-4-2012 / ·

    My story funny and not so funny at the same time. First time learning and skiing with the family. I was a teenager and instead of learning on mellow slopes my father decides we all need to learn while on a trip to New Zealand — uh, ok. Lessons complete we get on the lift. I’m scared, fall on my tush trying to get off and can’t stop and head down the mountain – zig zagging, upsetting, and cutting people off all the way down. About half way down the moutain I barely miss a woman down and grabbing her ankle. It wasn’t until I passed her I realized IT WAS MY MOM! I could not stop and by the time I plowed into an instructor at the bottom and halted I saw my mom being carted away in a truck bed. It turned out an ankle sprain (whew) but that moment when I flew past my mom had me laughing and horrified all at once.

  5. Anne
    Anne / 1-5-2012 / ·

    I have never been skiing, but have attempted snowboarding.(so pardon my liberties with your theme). After a *very* short tutorial from a friend of mine, I made it up to the top of the kiddie slopes with no problem, with a pretty smooth dismount off of the lift. Unfortunately it was all downhill from there (mostly figuratively). I traveled about 10 feet before I lost my balance and fell. I tried and tried, but couldn’t get up. 10 minutes of struggling later, I finally figured out I had to swing my legs around (still attached to my snowboard mind you) so that I was on my knees instead of my back, so that I could push myself up. Aah, success! I get back up and start down the mountain, and make it, you guessed it, another 10 feet. Same process, over and over again (rinse and repeat). One particular fall was pretty bad. My head may have hit the ground, but mostly I was completely exhausted from the several falls before this one, and I laid on the ground motionless for a good 10 minutes. When I finally picked myself up, I noticed a family of 4 watching me just up the hill. I’m pretty sure they thought I was dead, because they all let out a visible sigh of relieve when they saw me move. An hour and a half later I finally made it to the bottom of the hill, and called it a day. That was my first and last experience on a snowy mountain.

  6. Merri Matalon
    Merri Matalon / 1-5-2012 / ·

    I love to ski. I won a trip to Smugglers Notch from a radio station.I never skiied before and I looked so silly. My outfit was outrageous and too big but it kept me warm. The store was out of my size in ski clothes.The snow also did not fall so it was hard to ski without much snow. I fell many times even though lessons were a part of my prize!

  7. kristen b.
    kristen b. / 1-11-2012 / ·

    I love to ski, but my first few trips were more comical than anything. I could not get on the ski lift, so the operator would stop it just for me. Embarrassing. Then, as I closed in on hopping off the lift, I scooted forward and fell off the thing. I didn’t hurt anything but my pride, which was bad enough. After both of those catastrophe’s, I opted to stay on the bunny slope, figuring it was far safer for me. I ended up somehow skiing into the fence and getting stuck with my skis under the fence itself. The ski patrol folks had to come over and help me get out of my skis. After all this, I packed it up and went to the lodge. I think if I had continued, there might have been broken limbs involved.

  8. Jennifer K.
    Jennifer K. / 1-11-2012 / ·

    My brother and I used to ride up the ski lift together when we went skiing. We used to think it was funny to grab each other’s things (hat, scarf, etc) and throw them off the lift. Then that person would have try to go find their missing item down on one of the slopes. Usually we could find the item, so it wasn’t a big deal. Except one time my brother grabbed my ski pole and threw it. It landed on some guy skiing and it made him fall. We were able to see him get up before we moved out of sight, so we were’t too worried. But when I went back to retrieve my pole, he was waiting there to lecture us. Now that we are grown up, my brother and I are good friends, and we can laugh about the pranks we used to play. Still not sure that guy ever laughed though.

  9. anne
    anne / 1-11-2012 / ·

    i had never been skiing & the first time i went i decided “black diamond slope? so what…” well i took off, made is safely for about 9 yards, then tumbled down the rest of the mountain. well, live & learn! i took time to take lessons after that!

  10. kk
    kk / 1-11-2012 / ·

    The first time I went skiing, it was so cold that I couldn’t stay on the slopes. I had to retreat to the lodge and sit in front of the fireplace 😉

  11. Paul Laufer
    Paul Laufer / 1-11-2012 / ·

    The funnest skiing story is when we skied down a man made hill that went up to the roof of our house when I was a kid back in West Sayville. We had all our neighbors give us the snow so we could build it. Then we set up a ladder on to the roof. Then we all went skiing and tubing down our man made slope. I think the local newspaper even took interest in it!!!!

  12. Tracy D.
    Tracy D. / 1-12-2012 / ·

    I was 15 and skiing for the firs time with my much older sister who was pretty experienced at this point. I spent the morning learning to snow plow and navigating the bunny slopes, and figured out how to use the J bar on my own. My sister tracks me down and says “you can’t leave until you do at least one big hill”. So up we go on the lift & I proceed to go down the hill as I had on the bunny slope…but then discovered that the higher you are the faster you go. I started loosing my center of gravity and was all over the place. I wasn’t steering well & everything I learned about how to stop wasn’t working. The last thing I remember is hearing my sister screaming from the top of the hill: “Fall! Just Fall!!!!”.

  13. Tracy Haidle
    Tracy Haidle / 1-12-2012 / ·

    Long (painful) story short: I went skiing for the first time on MT. Etna (a volcano) in Italy. I was doing ok until i started to pick up speed and couldn’t figure out how to slow down. I came upon a group of children and knew that if i stayed on course i would bowl right into them. So my choice was to hit the kids or try to swerve if i could figure out how, well i love kids so i did my best and ended up swerving just in land in a pile of volcanic rocks!! I lost both ski’s and both poles while tumbling! I ended up sliding down the rest of the volcano sled style once i recovered everything…I have never skied again!! I was told it was funny to watch.

  14. Marla
    Marla / 1-12-2012 / ·

    On a ski trip we were all having a great time until my girlfriend was skiing down the hill and her skis got crossed and she ended zooming into one of our other friends who took a hard fall and broke his wrist. Her cousin was snowboarding and saw all the action flipped over and broke her wrist. I wish we video taped it because it would definitely be on one of those funniest home video shows. Lol!

  15. Adela
    Adela / 1-12-2012 / ·

    I lived abroad for grad school for two years, and being from Florida was a little afraid of winter in Europe. One of my classmates talked me into a four girl ski trip to Grenoble, France during the height of ski season. I am not the most coordinated, but I figured being among friends it would be fun and a great story to tell later. Little did I realize that two of the girls we went with were expert skiers and were immediately hitting the slopes, blue diamond this, green trail that, and some black diamonds thrown in for fun. Me on the other hand, I could barely take two steps in the gear, unattached to the skis, before repeatedly falling over. So my other friend and I were equally terrible, and decided to try the bunny slope, and were absolute terrors. I went up the toe pull backwards somehow, she got her ski caught in it, I was going backwards down the hill, she knocked over a small child, and we ended up crashing into all of these toboggans lining the side and sending them into the road, blocking a huge bus of new skiers arriving at that moment. It was so embarassing, we gave up after 45 minutes and decided our ski weekend in the chalet was going to involve trying to make snowmen and snow angels, and staying away from the slopes. However, even that we were unable to do. After an hour of trying to make a snowman, we literally had nothing but a giant mount of snow, and we looked up to find that the back of one of the chalet buildings was facing us, and all these new skiers who had just arrived were on their balconies, watching us and laughing, some even taking video. It was definitely a trip for the record books!

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  17. Lindsey
    Lindsey / 1-13-2012 / ·

    I have only been skiing one time in my life. The time I went, I did a lot more falling than skiing. I normally wouldn’t mind to dust myself back off and try again, but therein lies the problem: I lack the upper arm strength necessary to get back up from the ground while on skis. The whole time I was out skiing, my then-boyfriend had to follow slowly behind me down the slope to help me get back up every time I fell. We did this for six hours before we decided it was time for me to go to the lodge for some hot chocolate. Yipes.

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