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  1. maureen
    maureen at

    Silver Frost Holiday Bundle

  2. laura
    laura at

    Embossed Snowflake Tin by the case

  3. Candy Darr
    Candy Darr at

    Holiday Bundle ~ Silver Frost Holiday Bundle

  4. heather kline
    heather kline at

    Ultimate Snowman

  5. Alexander Grushko
    Alexander Grushko at

    Ultimate Snowman

  6. Debra Getsinger
    Debra Getsinger at

    I love cookies!!!!!!!

  7. Melanie Anderson
    Melanie Anderson at

    Ultimate bundle

  8. stephanie mcglohtlin
    stephanie mcglohtlin at

    The Bundled Snowman 🙂

  9. debra Affrunti
    debra Affrunti at

    Embossed Snowflake Tin by the case

  10. Tamara B.
    Tamara B. at

    Ultimate Snowman

  11. elizabeth anderson
    elizabeth anderson at

    one of the ‘by the case’ ones, i dont know you dont word your question very well

  12. NiCole
    NiCole at

    Ultimate Bundle

  13. Carol Meyers
    Carol Meyers at

    The Shimmering Silver Box 🙂

  14. dawn moccio
    dawn moccio at

    bundled snowman

  15. barbara patrick
    barbara patrick at

    Embossed Snowflake Tin by the case

  16. shannon m.
    shannon m. at

    Ultimate Snowman

  17. Melissa McIntyre
    Melissa McIntyre at

    Embossed Snowflake Tin by the case

  18. Nancy Stymacks
    Nancy Stymacks at

    Ultimate Bundle

  19. Rebecca Xavier
    Rebecca Xavier at

    Ultimate bundle

  20. David Stymacks
    David Stymacks at

    Ultimate Bundle

  21. Jeanette Hamilton
    Jeanette Hamilton at

    The Holiday Bundle 🙂

  22. Heathe
    Heathe at

    Ultimate Bundle (size-wise), amount wise–snowflake tin by the case

  23. Chris Shari Alligood
    Chris Shari Alligood at

    Ultimate Snowman

  24. Carol
    Carol at

    I’ll go with Silver Frost Holiday Bundle too!

  25. Patricia Alner
    Patricia Alner at

    The Ultimate Bundle


  26. Cameron Cooper
    Cameron Cooper at

    Embossed Snowflake Tin by the case

  27. Cathy Buccola
    Cathy Buccola at

    Embossed Snowflake Tin by the case is by far the most expensive. It’s hard to tell what would be the largest by size. I would have to say one of the bundles or cases.
    Sadly, I bought some cookies for Christmas but they didn’t make it. They are gone…:( Sure could use some more.

  28. Michelle Dufrene
    Michelle Dufrene at

    The snowman bundle

  29. Holly Thomas
    Holly Thomas at

    Case of 100 count cookies!! 🙂

  30. Cheryl Lohrke
    Cheryl Lohrke at

    The Ultimate Bundle 🙂

  31. Anastasia Wells
    Anastasia Wells at

    It’s DEFINITELY the Ultimate Snowman… I wish someone would send it to ME!!

  32. April Estepp
    April Estepp at

    just love cookies

  33. Sue Barney
    Sue Barney at

    The Ultimate Bundle 🙂

  34. Christine
    Christine at

    Ultimate Bundle!!!

  35. Marcie
    Marcie at

    Holiday Bundle

  36. Noel
    Noel at

    Ultimate Bundle

  37. saida
    saida at

    The Ultimate Bundle

  38. Alla Grossman
    Alla Grossman at

    Ultimate Bundle

  39. april
    april at

    Ultimate Bundle

  40. amy
    amy at

    Ultimate Bundle

  41. kim
    kim at

    the holiday tin

  42. susan smoaks
    susan smoaks at

    the largest is the ultimate bundle

  43. freeshopper
    freeshopper at

    Ultimate Bundle

  44. SunRae
    SunRae at

    Embossed Snowflake Tin

  45. Dave
    Dave at

    Embossed Snowflake Tin by the case is the most expensive. If that is what you mean by the largest.

  46. Donna Edwards
    Donna Edwards at

    The Ultimate Snowman! He is to cute for word, well almost.He looks like he is 4 levels of yummy holiday goodness. Merry Christmas and Good Luck everyone! 🙂

  47. Sheila
    Sheila at

    The Ultimate Snowman! Happy Holidays!

  48. Jennifer Souveroff
    Jennifer Souveroff at

    Biggest (meaning Tallest) would be Siver Frost Holiday Bundle, biggest in terms of weight would be Ultimate Bundle 🙂

  49. Patricia
    Patricia at

    Ultimate Snowman

  50. diane conover
    diane conover at

    i think if you are speaking about height it would be the “Bundled Snowman” thanks hope i win and good luck and merry christmas to all “ENJOY”

  51. Will
    Will at

    The Ultimate bundle is my guess

  52. Alea Shinn
    Alea Shinn at

    Precious Present Box Cookie Combination Case of 12

  53. Adriana Wiley
    Adriana Wiley at

    Ultimate Snowman

  54. Joe
    Joe at

    This is hard, I figure you mean the one with the most cookies, brownines etc. It would be the case of Cookie Combination Case of 12 of the Bounty of Bites Box. All together that would have 576 Cookies. Merry Christmas

  55. Rae Ellen Holberg
    Rae Ellen Holberg at

    I am gonna guess the “Ultimate Snowman” for the most variety of goodies without it being a case…

  56. Nancy
    Nancy at

    Bundled Snowman

  57. Shannon
    Shannon at

    Without a doubt, the yummyyy tasting ultimate snowman. Gosh i really hope I win. Good luck all 🙂

  58. Lisa Puckett
    Lisa Puckett at

    Ultimate Bundle… Happy Holidays!

  59. elizabeth beltran
    elizabeth beltran at

    Ultimate Bundle. Merry Christmas!

  60. Sean
    Sean at

    The embossed snowflake tin was probably the most expensive but largest was the ultimate snowman bundle. If I could get my hands on that. Gluck!

  61. Jill Waldren
    Jill Waldren at

    *******Ultimate Snowman***************

  62. Lisa
    Lisa at

    Embossed Snowflake Tin by the case.

  63. Barbara Long
    Barbara Long at

    The Ultimate Bundle is the largest size wise.

  64. ed
    ed at

    Ultimate Snowman

  65. Cheryl M
    Cheryl M at

    Ultimate Bundle

  66. Michael Heithaus
    Michael Heithaus at

    Ultimate Snowman

  67. Jennifer H.
    Jennifer H. at

    Ultimate Snowman

  68. Chanda Neak
    Chanda Neak at

    Ultimate Bundle

  69. Debbie
    Debbie at

    Ultimate Bundle

  70. Daisy
    Daisy at

    Ultimate snowman.

  71. Mary Cowan
    Mary Cowan at

    Ultimate snowman

  72. Debbie C
    Debbie C at

    Either Ultimate Bundle or Ultimate Snowman. If I have to go with one, I’ll say Ultimate Snowman.


  73. Melody Pearson
    Melody Pearson at

    Ultimate Bundle

  74. Merri Matalon
    Merri Matalon at

    Ultimate Bundle

  75. Patti T
    Patti T at

    Ultimate snowman!!

  76. Mara
    Mara at

    Ultimate bundle

  77. Natalie Vandenberghe
    Natalie Vandenberghe at

    Maybe I don’t understand the question…it looks like the Shimmering Silver Box and the Snowflake Swirl Box are the most expensive. Hope that’s the right answer 😉

  78. Lisa Jorgensen
    Lisa Jorgensen at

    <3 The Ultimate Snowman Bundle <3 Mrs. Fields…..you rock!

  79. Barbara S.
    Barbara S. at


  80. Danielle Martinez
    Danielle Martinez at

    Most definitely the Ultimate Snowman!

  81. Gita Prasad
    Gita Prasad at

    Ultimate III Bundle

  82. Christian wilson
    Christian wilson at

    Ultimate Snowman

  83. Tracy Robertson
    Tracy Robertson at

    The Ultimate Snowman

  84. Nicole G
    Nicole G at

    My guess is the Ultimate Bundle. Sounds so yummy!

  85. Amanda Sakovitz
    Amanda Sakovitz at

    Ultimate III Bundle!

  86. michelle beare
    michelle beare at

    ultimate snowman

  87. Claire
    Claire at

    ultimate snowman

  88. Denise Bell
    Denise Bell at


  89. Lynn s
    Lynn s at

    That would be The Ultimate Snowman Bundle 😉

  90. Tammy
    Tammy at

    Love the snowflake tin

  91. Emily
    Emily at

    Ultimate bundle!

  92. Kelly
    Kelly at

    Ultimate Snowman!!!

  93. Brittany Gathings
    Brittany Gathings at

    Ultimate Bundle! 🙂



  95. Shannon Schulte
    Shannon Schulte at

    Ultimate Bundle

  96. Michael M
    Michael M at

    Not quite sure what you mean but my guess is the Ultimate Snowman

  97. Lori C
    Lori C at

    Ultimate snowman

  98. Bonnie
    Bonnie at

    Price, Embossed Snowflake Tin
    Size, Ultimate Snowman

  99. gina sandoval
    gina sandoval at

    Ultimate Snowman!!

  100. Rachel Simpson
    Rachel Simpson at

    The Ultimate Snowman is both the largest (physically) and contains the most amount of Mrs. Fields goodies.

  101. Julie Cutshaw
    Julie Cutshaw at

    Embossed Snowflake Tin by the Case, very festive indeed
    sewitupjulie at gmail dot com

  102. Darcy Novak
    Darcy Novak at

    Ultimate Snowman!!

    1. ckuhn
      ckuhn at

      Our lucky winner of this weeks Mrs. Fields trivia question is Darcy N…. CONGRATULATIONS!! One of our Mrs. Fields representatives will be contacting you shortly. Thank you to all those who participated. Happy Holidays everyone!

  103. Rosa Espinal-Castro
    Rosa Espinal-Castro at

    The ultimate bundle snowflake tin

  104. Kevin Bell
    Kevin Bell at

    Ultimate snowman

  105. sharmaine osero
    sharmaine osero at


  106. Margaret Mularz
    Margaret Mularz at

    Ultimate Snowman

  107. Amie Boland
    Amie Boland at

    ultimate bundle

  108. Patricia
    Patricia at

    The Ultimate Bundle…

  109. Angela A
    Angela A at

    Ultimate Snowman

  110. Maria Long
    Maria Long at

    Ultimate Snowman

  111. Dori Kempker
    Dori Kempker at

    Ultimate Snowman! Thank You!

  112. Meghan
    Meghan at

    Ultimate Snowman

  113. Terry Beck
    Terry Beck at

    Ultimate Snowman Bundle!

  114. Diana Koehne
    Diana Koehne at

    The Ultimate Snowman is your largest holiday gift!!

  115. michelle jacobsen
    michelle jacobsen at

    quanity of pieces in the package I would say the Ultimate Bundle is the largest in the holiday collection

  116. Robin P
    Robin P at

    What is Largest Holiday gift by Mrs. Fields-if you are speaking of largest by height its the Silver Frost Holiday Bundle…if by cost its the Brownies/Cookies by case. Hope I win because Mrs. Fields anything is yummy!!!

  117. matthew hutchinson
    matthew hutchinson at

    The ultimate bundle awesome!

  118. Janice
    Janice at

    Ultimate Bundle

  119. Sarah
    Sarah at

    The Ultimate Snowman

  120. Jami
    Jami at

    The ultimate snowman bundle

  121. bonnie c
    bonnie c at

    the ultimate snowman bundle

  122. mary russell
    mary russell at

    The Ultimate Snowman Bundle.

  123. betty
    betty at

    Holiday Memories Tin

  124. alicia gray
    alicia gray at

    The Ultimate Bundle

  125. Anna Cheung
    Anna Cheung at

    Ultimate Bundle

  126. donald cook
    donald cook at

    The Ultimate snowman bundle

  127. Gaile Gray
    Gaile Gray at

    The Ultimate Snowman — can you imagine getting one of those. Wow! 🙂

  128. Deb Hornick Gotham
    Deb Hornick Gotham at

    Ultimate Snowman Bundle

  129. Darlene Arnold
    Darlene Arnold at

    I’m going with the Ultimate Bundle.

  130. Gary Gray
    Gary Gray at
  131. Jerrilynn Atherton
    Jerrilynn Atherton at

    By Price: Embossed Snowflake Tin/case
    By Size: Ultimate Snowman

    The question was pretty vague…Hope that covers it!

  132. Camille
    Camille at

    Ultimate Snowman

  133. Marsha R
    Marsha R at

    Ultimate Snowman. Thanks!

  134. Maria Coria
    Maria Coria at

    Ultimate Bundle

  135. Louis Costa
    Louis Costa at

    the nibblers case

  136. Meryl
    Meryl at

    Ultimate Bundle.

  137. Louis
    Louis at

    The Ultimate Snowman Bundle.

  138. Jackie
    Jackie at

    If you mean individual gifts (not by the case), I think it would be the Ultimate Snowman.
    thank you!
    jackievillano at gmail dot com

  139. Mary Ennis
    Mary Ennis at

    So excited! Cookies would make my Christmas so much sweeter! 🙂

  140. Mary E Ennis
    Mary E Ennis at

    Ultimate Snowman!!

  141. jan donahue
    jan donahue at

    My guess is the ultimate snowman bundle…yummy Mrs. Fields !!!

  142. Kymberly Grenier
    Kymberly Grenier at

    Love this 🙂 Ultimate Bundle

  143. Gina
    Gina at

    My guess is the Ultimate Snowman. I hope I win!!

  144. Stacey Bowren
    Stacey Bowren at

    Embossed Snowflake Tin – most expensive means biggest!?!

  145. Tosha
    Tosha at

    It is the ultimate snowman or cookie bundle! I love, love, love your cookies! Did I mention I love your cookies!!

  146. Tosha
    Tosha at


  147. Stephanie Gooch
    Stephanie Gooch at

    Ultimate Snowman!!!

  148. Jenny Verdi
    Jenny Verdi at

    Ultimate bundle

  149. Dolores Downey
    Dolores Downey at

    Ultimate snowman

  150. Barbara Mayes
    Barbara Mayes at

    The Ultimate Bundle!

  151. sheila
    sheila at

    Ultimate Snowman

  152. Susan Stahley
    Susan Stahley at

    The Ultimate Snowman had the most in it.

  153. Allie A
    Allie A at

    Ultimate bundle

  154. Kristina A
    Kristina A at

    Ultimate bundle

  155. Steven G
    Steven G at

    The Ultimate Bundle

  156. Keri G
    Keri G at

    Ultimate Bundle

  157. Alexandra A
    Alexandra A at

    The Ultimate Bundle

  158. Josh B
    Josh B at

    The Ultimate bundle

  159. Melissa sparks
    Melissa sparks at

    The Ultimate Snowman! 🙂

  160. Robin Jedele-Pescador
    Robin Jedele-Pescador at

    Siver Frost Holiday Bundle

  161. Destiny Swan
    Destiny Swan at

    snowflake tin

  162. Ambka
    Ambka at

    The Embossed Snowflake Tin

  163. Stephanie V.
    Stephanie V. at

    ultimate snowman – drooling now, thanks.

  164. Mary Golixer
    Mary Golixer at

    The Ultimate Bundle is the largest Holiday gift this year…it all looks yummy!

  165. Ellen B
    Ellen B at

    Ultimate snowman

  166. Lee M
    Lee M at

    The Ultimate Bundle

  167. ann mathew
    ann mathew at

    ultimate snowman ….. hope to win! :p

  168. anna george
    anna george at

    the Ultimate Bundle …. i love cookies!

  169. Amanda
    Amanda at

    Ultimate Snowman

  170. Sarah W
    Sarah W at

    The Ultimate Bundle!

  171. christina w.
    christina w. at

    Ultimate Snowman

  172. Stefanie
    Stefanie at

    Ultimate bundle

  173. Sara Phillips
    Sara Phillips at

    Ultimate Bundle.

  174. Ellen
    Ellen at

    Embossed Snowflake Tin 🙂

  175. gary
    gary at

    Ultimate snowman

  176. martha yusko
    martha yusko at

    Ultimate Bundle

  177. Neal Trautloff
    Neal Trautloff at

    the Ultimate Snowman

  178. John O.
    John O. at

    Ultimate III Bundle

  179. Terry Trautloff
    Terry Trautloff at

    it is the ultimate snowman

  180. Natalie
    Natalie at

    The Ultimate Snowman!

  181. kk
    kk at

    Ultimate Bundle

  182. kelly Lique
    kelly Lique at

    Ultimate Snowman

  183. Ada Tsui
    Ada Tsui at

    Ultimate Bundle!!
    Hope I can win=)
    Merry Christmas to everyone!

  184. arlene robertson
    arlene robertson at

    ultimate snowman

  185. misty schleusner
    misty schleusner at

    ultimate snowman

  186. Marla Johnson
    Marla Johnson at

    The Ultimate Bundle

  187. Kathy
    Kathy at

    The Ultimate Bundle

  188. Cynthia Gurrieri
    Cynthia Gurrieri at

    Your Cookies Rock!!!!

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