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  1. Katie
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  2. Saida
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    Ice skating

  3. Anissa
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  4. Shari Alligood
    Shari Alligood at

    Mrs Fields Alpine Polar Bear enjoys sitting by the fireplace eating cookies of course it’s why the jar is filled with yummy cookies.

  5. deb kovac
    deb kovac at

    Skiing is the hobby that the Alpine polar bear jar love the most.

  6. Mary C
    Mary C at

    Downhill skiing

  7. Kevin Bell
    Kevin Bell at

    Downhill skiing.

  8. Diane
    Diane at

    Downhill skiing

  9. Holly Thomas
    Holly Thomas at

    Skiing!! 🙂

  10. Sara Phillips
    Sara Phillips at

    Downhill skiing!!

  11. Cheryl C
    Cheryl C at

    Alpine Polar Bear loves skiing!!

  12. Dave
    Dave at

    Downhill skiing

  13. Katherine
    Katherine at

    He enjoys skiing

  14. christine jessamine
    christine jessamine at

    skiing. He is cute!

  15. Dusty Horn
    Dusty Horn at

    Snow skiing while enjoying beautiful mountain scenery.

  16. Adela
    Adela at

    Skiing! how cute!! =)

  17. Robin Jedele-Pescador
    Robin Jedele-Pescador at

    He loves to participate in downhill skiing…

  18. Natalie Vandenberghe
    Natalie Vandenberghe at

    It looks like he enjoys skiing (or snow-shoeing) — Ready for some outdoor fun!

  19. Dee W
    Dee W at

    He’s holding ski’s so I’ll say skiing.

  20. April Martin
    April Martin at

    Skiing! What bear doesn’t love to ski? LOL 🙂

  21. Helen
    Helen at

    He’s ready for the slopes! Skiing!

  22. gita prasad
    gita prasad at

    Skiing just like me:)

  23. marcie
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  24. Noel
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  25. Carol
    Carol at

    Downhill sking

  26. Morgan
    Morgan at

    Downhill sking 🙂

  27. Susanna
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    Definitely skiing.

  28. Kathy
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    Downhill skiing:)

  29. debra affrunti
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  30. heather kline
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    skiing 🙂



  32. JoeyfromSC
    JoeyfromSC at

    Downhill skiing

    Thanks for the chance!!


    1. ckuhn
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      Our lucky winner of this weeks Mrs. Fields trivia question is “JoeyfromSC”…. CONGRATULATIONS!! One of our Mrs. Fields representatives will be contacting you shortly. Thank you to all those who participated. Visit us next week for your chance to win FREE COOKIES!!!

  33. sandy
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  34. Jeanette H.
    Jeanette H. at

    Skiing 🙂

    Thank you for the giveaway 🙂

  35. Jennifer Souveroff
    Jennifer Souveroff at

    He loves to ski 🙂

  36. Sheryl E
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  37. Lisa Puckett
    Lisa Puckett at

    Downhill Skiing. 🙂 thank you for the chance to win!

  38. Sue Barney
    Sue Barney at

    Skiing of course 🙂

  39. Beth Titus
    Beth Titus at

    Down hill skiing !!! So much fun

  40. Shannon Schulte
    Shannon Schulte at

    Downhill Skiing! I’d love to try that someday.

  41. Marti Lugli
    Marti Lugli at

    Downhill skiing.

  42. Beth
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  43. Melinea
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  44. Cheryl Christian
    Cheryl Christian at

    Skiing which I did when younger, but the ground is alot harder, now that I am older..LOL

  45. Lucy
    Lucy at

    Definitely skiing, love your cookies!

  46. Kortney W
    Kortney W at

    Downhill skiing

  47. Adriana Wiley
    Adriana Wiley at

    The Alpine Polar bear jar likes skiing 🙂

  48. Barbara patrick
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    didnt see my comment

  49. Kathy
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  50. Josie Garcia
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  51. cassanra schallock
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  52. Salena
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    Alpine skiing

  53. Chris Maria
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  54. Jodi Kozloff
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  55. Nicole
    Nicole at

    SKIING!!! He’s a cutie. Maybe I will see him next week while skiing in Colorado!!!

  56. Andrew S.
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  57. Alison Register
    Alison Register at

    downhill skiing thank you for the chance! if I win you will make my kids very happy! Happy Holidays!

  58. Will
    Will at

    He’s a skiier

  59. jessie boggetto
    jessie boggetto at

    downhill skiing

  60. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth at

    Skiing! 🙂

  61. Tina M
    Tina M at

    Downhill skiing!

  62. Linda Ann
    Linda Ann at

    Mrs. Fields Alpine Polar Bear Jar loves to Ski and also hold yummy cookies in his belly. ; )

  63. Eleni Baltas-Beamer
    Eleni Baltas-Beamer at

    He enjoys Downhill sking 🙂

  64. Eleni Baltas-Beamer
    Eleni Baltas-Beamer at

    Make that downhill skiing **

  65. Alla Grossman
    Alla Grossman at

    The hobby is skiing

  66. Elena Smith
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  67. Linda Canevari
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  68. Keely Purvis
    Keely Purvis at

    I would say… skiing! 🙂

  69. Tracy Parral
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  70. Alexander Grushko
    Alexander Grushko at

    The Polar Bear’s hobby is skiing!

  71. Miranda Johnson
    Miranda Johnson at

    Skiing! 🙂
    bctripletmom at gmail dot com

  72. Allie
    Allie at

    Downhill Skiing

  73. Cindy Cowan
    Cindy Cowan at

    Downhill skiing!!

  74. Sarah McGough
    Sarah McGough at

    He loves to go skiing! 😀

  75. Crystal Platas
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  76. Tracy Pryor
    Tracy Pryor at

    Downhill skiing

  77. Kristina
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  78. kathy
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  79. Alexandra
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    Downhill Skiing

  80. Julie Davis
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  81. tweetlite
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  82. Amanda
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  83. Birdie S
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    The Polar Bear’s hobby is skiing

  84. Nancy Stymacks
    Nancy Stymacks at

    Downhill skiing

  85. Wendy Bloink
    Wendy Bloink at

    Downhill skiing

  86. Lindsey
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  87. Charity S
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    Downhill skiing

  88. Terri Warwick
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    Snow skiing down hill♥!!

  89. Darren
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  90. Melanie Anderson
    Melanie Anderson at

    Skiing! 🙂

  91. Lanieekat
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  92. Keri
    Keri at

    Downhill Skiing

  93. Michelle
    Michelle at

    Its skiing, right? I know I’ve seen him with skates too, but I’m pretty sure its skiing.

  94. Michael Heithaus
    Michael Heithaus at

    Downhill skiing

  95. Jennifer H.
    Jennifer H. at

    Downhill skiing

  96. gina sandoval
    gina sandoval at

    skiing of course!

  97. Nicole
    Nicole at

    Downhill Skiing 🙂

  98. Susan
    Susan at

    Downhill skiing

  99. Jamie MacFarlane
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  100. Rio
    Rio at

    Downhill Skiing

  101. Josh
    Josh at

    Downhill skiing!

  102. Karla F
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    He loves downhill skiing!!! 🙂

  103. Tawnya Peltonen
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  104. Patti T
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  105. Jennifer J.
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  106. Anna Cheung
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  107. Christine York
    Christine York at

    Live inKS I just hope we get some snow. If we do we build a snowman and sledding!!!!!

  108. Judy Mosier
    Judy Mosier at

    That bear does love him some skiing!!!

  109. amanda williams
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  110. Debra P
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  111. merri matalon
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    Downhill Skiing!

  112. merri matalon
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    Alpine skiiing!

  113. tara hulett
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    Polar bear loves skiing

  114. Janice
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    Downhill skiing

  115. Estefanny
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  116. Frida F
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  117. Kennith King
    Kennith King at

    Snow Skiing, rating nibblers, and filling your taste buds with a delightful Mrs. Field’s original.

  118. Debbie Staloff
    Debbie Staloff at

    Skiing, of course!

  119. rachelle lee
    rachelle lee at

    Mrs. Fields Alpine Polar Bear loves to ski during winter and enjoys a jar filled with fresh,warmly baked cookies after a day full of fun.

  120. christina w.
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  121. megan
    megan at

    I just want to say thank you so much for posting recipes. I recently broke my knee cap & it seems like baking is the way to keep me active.I have been baking some of Mrs. Fields baking recipes. Mrs. Fields cookies in general are the BEST cookies out there. I love the company. Thanks again.

  122. maria coria
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  123. debbie
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  124. Katrina
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  125. Barbara S.
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  126. Nicole Vosburgh
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  127. Leanna
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  128. Carol Meyers
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  129. Terri
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  130. Deb Butterflys
    Deb Butterflys at

    He enjoys skiing

  131. Shannon W.
    Shannon W. at

    Skiing!! And eating Mrs. Fields cookies like I do

  132. Rae Ellen Holberg
    Rae Ellen Holberg at

    I am guessing Skiing since he’s holding them =)

  133. Connie O.
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  134. J. Olson
    J. Olson at

    He loves to ski!

  135. Devin
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  136. arlene robertson
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  137. Ambka Sabiki
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  138. Katie S
    Katie S at

    ski jumping and slalom skiing

  139. Leah W.
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  140. Carol
    Carol at

    downhill skiing!

  141. Maureen
    Maureen at

    snow skiing

  142. Ben S
    Ben S at

    Downhill skiing.

  143. Jessamyn Dib
    Jessamyn Dib at

    He loves to ski…so cute

  144. Sharon
    Sharon at

    downhill skiing!

  145. Bethany
    Bethany at

    skiing 🙂

  146. lisa daniel
    lisa daniel at

    i think you have the best cookies , my guess is the bear drinking a coke and eating a box of your cookie’s,.

  147. Penny Minor
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  148. Ed Henkes
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  149. Lilly
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  150. Lauren Peterson
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  151. Cristina
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  152. skiing
    skiing at


  153. Kathi Fluck
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  154. Victoria Tong
    Victoria Tong at

    SKIING!! 🙂

  155. Patricia J
    Patricia J at

    Skiing!!! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

  156. Diane Balding
    Diane Balding at

    Skiing !!

  157. Sue Dykes
    Sue Dykes at

    ice skating

  158. Ashley
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  159. Stefanie
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  160. jami hall
    jami hall at

    sitting by the fire, drinking hot chocolate after a wonderful afternoon of SKIING!!!!

  161. Brad Goodrich
    Brad Goodrich at

    Skiing! (Otherwise it’d be pretty silly that he’s holding skis for no reason!)

  162. Dorothy Herring
    Dorothy Herring at

    downhill skiing!

  163. Tara F
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  164. Heather W
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  165. Patricia Keenan
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  166. Mandi
    Mandi at

    Mrs. Fields Alpine Polar Bear loves to ski!!!

  167. Ellen B
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  168. Bonnie W
    Bonnie W at

    Skiing!! I’m more of a belly flop type of gal ; )

  169. matthew c
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  170. richard rochette
    richard rochette at

    drinking a bottle of coke

  171. Phoebe Hernandez
    Phoebe Hernandez at

    Mrs. Fields Alpine Polar Bear’s favorite hobby is skiing! 🙂

  172. Carrie Helgerson
    Carrie Helgerson at

    the polar bear likes skiing!!

  173. terra w
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  174. amanda
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  175. Patrick Q
    Patrick Q at

    Downhill Skiing ofcourse!

  176. Kat S.
    Kat S. at

    Downhill skiing!!

  177. tara
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  178. Dana
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  179. HEATHER
    HEATHER at

    Downhill skiing 🙂 (((mmmm cookies lol)))

  180. Charles Herring
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  181. HEATHER
    HEATHER at

    Hmm downhill skiing?! Pick me pick me 🙂

  182. Maria Salazar
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  183. shannon
    shannon at

    Mrs fields polar bear jar loves to go skiing

  184. Timothy Coleman
    Timothy Coleman at

    She loves to snow ski while eating a variety of delicious Mrs. Fields Warm, Fresh and Wonderful Cookies.

  185. john
    john at

    down hill skiing then after takes a break eating your cookies :}

  186. justin schnee
    justin schnee at

    baking cookies

  187. abitnerdy
    abitnerdy at

    tee-hee Skiing! wooosh!

  188. karen b
    karen b at

    Skiing but not here in sunny California

  189. Ryan
    Ryan at

    Skiing on a stomach full of Nibblers and snowflake cookies!

  190. Salongo
    Salongo at

    Skiing, what else (other than sun bathing) would a bear do.

  191. Shakti B
    Shakti B at


  192. brandy dorman
    brandy dorman at

    well i was going to guess skiing but as he has no poles my guess is nordic walking which is skiing without poles

  193. brandy dorman
    brandy dorman at

    alright i’ll go layman—SKiing

  194. brandy dorman
    brandy dorman at

    WAIT how about baking cookies is his favorite activity

  195. Vanessa
    Vanessa at

    <3 skiing!

  196. Jennifer
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  197. Jason Porter
    Jason Porter at

    Alpine Skiing
    I couldn’t find if this contest ends EST, CST, or PST?

  198. nicole
    nicole at

    Skiing over to the nearest Mrs. Fields to fill up his belly! I’d like to do the same, but no stores in my neck of the woods.

  199. jami
    jami at

    Skiing, Skiing, Skiing :-))

  200. McKenna Duzac
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  201. Lisa Grassetti
    Lisa Grassetti at

    Downhill Skiing!

  202. JoeyfromSC
    JoeyfromSC at

    Thank you SO much!!:)

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