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  1. Cheryl Lohrke
    Cheryl Lohrke / 11-30-2011 / ·

    Mrs Fields cookies were among the gifts that I shared with my Mother Christmas of 2006, she really enjoyed them. It was our last Christmas, she died New Years Eve. That was a wonderful Christmas and great memory for me. 🙂

  2. Jeana Piland
    Jeana Piland / 11-30-2011 / ·

    i love mrs fields cookies 🙂 please pick me for free yummy cookies 😛

  3. Anne Mostella
    Anne Mostella / 11-30-2011 / ·

    I had never ordered any of your cookies, but decided to do for a friends birthday. She raved about your cookies, and let me try them, and I was hooked too! She loved the cookies so much, I send some every year for her birthday, and she sends me some for my birthday, also, lol! She tells me her birthday wouldnt be the same without them! 🙂

  4. sydney anderson
    sydney anderson / 11-30-2011 / ·

    I have always loved mrs. fields cookies as a child so i decided for my wedding we made mrs fields centerpieces!!! they were a huge hit. so from now on my familys parties mrs fields cookies will always be servered

  5. Ambka Sabiki
    Ambka Sabiki / 11-30-2011 / ·

    Mrs. Fields is the best! I always make it a point to get a cookie every time I go to the mall and often, go to the mall just to get a cookie 🙂 I love chocolate chip cookies and no one makes them like Mrs. Fields! Birthdays are the best too because I know there will always be a Mrs. Fields cookie cake for me…yum! Okay, I want a cookie now. Time to go to Mrs. Fields!!

  6. Liz Zimmerman
    Liz Zimmerman / 11-30-2011 / ·

    Mrs. Field’s cookies were something my Grand-mother shared with me & my brother when we’d come to her house to visit. I now buy my Mrs. Field’s cookies at Target and share them with my children…I’m sure when they grow up then they’ll be doing the same-such a “sweet” Family Tradition! TY!!

  7. Nicole T
    Nicole T / 11-30-2011 / ·

    I loved going to the mall when I was little and my parents would always buy me a Mrs. Field’s cookie! I can’t wait to let my son try one very soon since he’s only one.

  8. Mindy Shaffer
    Mindy Shaffer / 11-30-2011 / ·

    It’s hard to resist buying your cookies EVERY time I’m at the mall. I swear they see me walking in the front door and pull a fresh batch out of the oven. Thank you for making my tummy feel loved 🙂

  9. christina w.
    christina w. / 11-30-2011 / ·

    Growing up I wished for your cookies every time my mother brought me to the mall. I had to wait until I got a job before my first bite, which was well worth it. Now I make sure my daughters always get a taste when we’re shopping.

  10. Dave
    Dave / 12-1-2011 / ·

    We always get Mrs. Fields cookies with every visit to the mall. My wife reminds me cookies are involved or I would be staying home & away from shopping.I guess I am like one of Pavlov’s dogs with mall=COOKIES!! Love your cookies and really shopping isn’t all that bad anymore!

  11. jennifer connors
    jennifer connors / 12-1-2011 / ·

    I love Mrs. Fields cookies.. going to the mall with my mother when I was younger and picking all the flavors in the mini cookies and when I was older ordering the big cookies for holiday celebrations or just because…Yummy!!!

  12. Kimi Adams
    Kimi Adams / 12-1-2011 / ·

    Who doesn’t love mrs.field’s cookies..I know no one. Thsese cookies always put a smile on your face, we share, we gift her cookies and we enjoy it! My kids always ask me to stop and get them mrs. Fields cookies now it’s just a sweet habit lol. Thank you for being here in Hawaii, we are so far away from the mainland but have you in the middlle of this beautiful pacific ocean makes Hawaii even better! aloha and congrats on 35 yrs! I wish you many many more delicious yrs to come.

  13. Vivian Beane Weant
    Vivian Beane Weant / 12-1-2011 / ·

    Congratulations on your 35th Big Anniversary! Mrs Fields cookies are the best I have every ate.

  14. Diane Mason
    Diane Mason / 12-2-2011 / ·

    One day I had to put in a 12-hour day at work. There was no coffee break, no lunchtime,nothing. I limped out to my car to go home….finally….and in the back seat were some Mrs. Fields cookies in a bag. Oh my, the first nutrition of the day. So good. I didn’t even begin to drive home until I had eaten a few. They really, really helped.

  15. Anna Cheung
    Anna Cheung / 12-2-2011 / ·

    My very first time purchasing your cookies at the mall was the best choice I have ever made. The smell of homemade cookies baking in the oven brought me to come to Mrs. Fields. Ever since then I am a loyal fan of Mrs. Fields. Never brought other cookies other than Mrs. Fields. No other cookies can compare to Mrs. Fields. 🙂

  16. Mary Cody
    Mary Cody / 12-2-2011 / ·

    Mrs Fields cookies are the best cookies ever. I try to buy a box a week.

  17. Sara Jackson
    Sara Jackson / 12-2-2011 / ·

    My husband is in the military and is has to be away from home often which is hard. Everytime he is away i send him a gift package of Mrs Fields cookies to make him feel better about being away! Plus he loves sweets and they make a great gift

  18. Alea Shinn
    Alea Shinn / 12-2-2011 / ·

    Congratulations on 35 years!! LOVE your cookies =)

  19. Daniela Warrner
    Daniela Warrner / 12-2-2011 / ·

    I love all your cookies but especially the chocolate chip ones. We just pop them in the microwave for a few seconds and they taste like they just came out of the oven!

  20. Tammy Norton
    Tammy Norton / 12-2-2011 / ·

    The first time i had mrs fields cookie was in the mall of NH.. My boyfriend bought me the 5 pack of mixed cookies…we were in high school at the every chance I get I buy mrs field cookies…

  21. Maria S.
    Maria S. / 12-3-2011 / ·

    I used to work for a Utah-based consulting firm and I would order Mrs. Fields cookies (and various other Mrs. Fields products) as welcome gifts for visiting clients. They made EVERYONE happy! Happy 35th Anniversary!

  22. Lindsey
    Lindsey / 12-4-2011 / ·

    The first time my parents ever went on a vacation by themselves when I was a kid, they brought a tin of Mrs. Fields chocolate-chip cookies for me from the airport. It made their return so much sweeter!

  23. Ellen B
    Ellen B / 12-4-2011 / ·

    the first time I had Mrs Fields cookies – I said wow! These are just like homemade!

  24. Patricia H
    Patricia H / 12-5-2011 / ·

    My most favorite Mrs Fields memories are of my son when he was younger. He was crazy about (and still is) the sugar cookies. Whenever we went to the mall his eyes would light up when he saw the Mrs Fields cookie store and he would run over to the glass and and stare at the cookies. He would jump up and down and clap his hands so excited. The employees and everyone on line would giggle and smile at him. Then we would buy him a sugar cookie and give him the little bag and he would walk away like a little man clutching the cookie to his chest and find the nearest spot to sit and break little pieces off the cookie and eat it and share with me.

  25. Lindsey
    Lindsey / 12-8-2011 / ·

    When I was a kid, my parents went on a cruise and my grandma and grandpa babysat for me and my brother. They brought us each a tin of Mrs. Fields cookies home from the airport. It made their return even sweeter!

  26. Lisa Lee Cook
    Lisa Lee Cook / 12-8-2011 / ·

    When I was little my parents would buy us kids Mrs.Fields tins for Christmas time and we would share them with Santa!

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  28. Billie Pesanski
    Billie Pesanski / 12-19-2011 / ·

    This year I sent Mrs Fields cookies to my nephews for Christmas to show them they are the sweetest boys ever!

  29. debra affrunti
    debra affrunti / 12-19-2011 / ·

    My first experience with Mrs fields cookies had to be when I was like 15 and was at the mall I had my first Mrs fields cookie was white chocolate Macadamia nut and thats all it took and i was hooked I looked forward to going to mall so i could get more

  30. Amanda Sakovitz
    Amanda Sakovitz / 12-19-2011 / ·

    The first time I ever had Mrs. Fields cookies was when I was a child. I was at the mall with my mom and ran over to the Mrs. Fields store because i saw their frosted cookies. I had never seen cookies like that before & being a big sweets person I had to have one. My mom bought half a dozen and between my dad and me they were gone the next day.

  31. carol krajewski
    carol krajewski / 12-19-2011 / ·

    I’ve been hooked on Mrs. Fields for years. My cookie jar is always filled with them.Keep them coming.

  32. Brad Goodrich
    Brad Goodrich / 12-19-2011 / ·

    I’ve always had many fond memories associated with Mrs. Fields so I wanted to share it with my sweetheart for our 10th anniversary last summer. We don’t live near a Mrs. Fields retail store so I decided to try their online service. Through no fault of Mrs. Fields, the p.o. failed to deliver it on time and when I asked a cust. service rep. they could not track what happened to the package specifically. So, they sent a much nicer package of nibblers than what I had ordered and overnighted it.

    Due to Mrs. Fields generosity we got to sample a variety of cookies and not just the choc. chip cookies I had ordered! All were delicious and I was so impressed with quality and service that they are now a part of our holidays. I did belatedly get the original package a month later, that’s the p.o. for you sometimes. I just hope my xmas cookies arrive on time and not as a Valentine’s gift!

  33. Katie
    Katie / 12-19-2011 / ·

    My boyfriend and I love your cookies. Everytime we go to the mall we get a bag of M&M nibblers. Mrs. Fields cookie cakes are our number one present to give people for birthdays and other special occasions because not only does the receiver enjoy it, but so does everyone else!

  34. Denise
    Denise / 12-20-2011 / ·

    Growing up, we were very poor. I had never stepped into a mall, much less heard of Mrs. Fields cookies, until I was in my 20s. The first time I tasted a Mrs. Fields cookie was over a year ago (I am now 41)! My husband has been eating them for years and finally convinced me to try one. Now I am hooked! The ONLY cookies I buy are Mrs. Fields… for me and my husband (but mostly me)! Thanks so much for making the best cookies ever!!!!

  35. Patricia Fields Matthews
    Patricia Fields Matthews / 12-20-2011 / ·

    What can I say…My maiden name is Fields and my family always bought Mrs. Fields cookies for me and my siblings for the Christmas holidays. Over the years I gave my mom “Mrs. Fields” a Mrs. Fields apron and she gets the question from all her friends…are you the real Mrs. Fields? lol!!

  36. Debbie Benefield
    Debbie Benefield / 12-21-2011 / ·

    I still remember my first Mrs. Fields cookie…it was a Debbi special while back packing in San Francisco in 1990.
    I had to have the Debbi because not only is my name but it’s made up of my favourite flavours (I loooove raisins)

    Who would ever imagine I would end up owning Mrs. Fields Australia 15 years later with a new last name of Benefield!

    Happy Holiday 🙂

  37. megan
    megan / 12-22-2011 / ·

    The first time I tried Mrs. Fields was when I was about 13 or 14. My dad worked in San Francisco and there was a Mrs. Fields cookie place right near his work. He brought my family some to try. Of course we loved those cookies!! Twice a week he would bring cookies for us. There was one cookie that I really enjoyed. It was a dark chocolate cookie and half of it had white frosting on it. Don’t know the name of the cookie & I can’t seem to find it any more. It was so delicious. I loved how my dad would surprise me with cookies.

    Another time I remember I was in the hospital for a serious operation. My best friend brought me some Mrs. Fields cookies to cheer me up. It worked! I was one thrilled puppy.

  38. Lorraine
    Lorraine / 12-28-2011 / ·

    Happy New Year Mrs. Fields ~ Your Cookies speak for themselves…

  39. Natalie Vandenberghe
    Natalie Vandenberghe / 12-28-2011 / ·

    I’ve never lived near a Mrs. Fields location ;(
    so it was always very important to me to visit Mrs. Fields anytime/everytime I could. I remember being so amazed at how delicious the cookies were–I couldn’t imagine any cookies being better than home-made! Well, silly me, of course they’re as good as homemade–because they are homemade! Absolutely delicious! Thanks for the fond memories 😉
    Congratulations on your success. More proof that quality endures!

  40. Mary Ennis
    Mary Ennis / 12-28-2011 / ·

    My husband proposed to me 7 years ago with Mrs. Field’s cookies 🙂 He knew they were my favorite, and he bought 4 big chocolate chip cookies with “Will You Marry Me?” Written on the cookies. 🙂 Of course I said yes, and we still eat Mrs. Fields today and include them in all our special days. Thank you!

  41. Chris Maria
    Chris Maria / 12-28-2011 / ·

    My story is from the early 1990 s
    I use to work retail at the Burlington mall (Burlington, MA) & we thought that Mrs Field s -piped- that delicious cookie scent into the mall to entice shoppers to want cookies <3
    Also, Sean (a body builder type) that i worked w/ would be good 6 days a week & then 1 day a week eat whatever he liked & Cookies were always a treat Mrs Field s cookies of course
    Happy Anniversary here s to 35 more wonderful years & more

  42. Lilly Jacob
    Lilly Jacob / 12-28-2011 / ·

    Congratulations on your 35th anniversary Mrs. Fields! Mrs. Fields cookies have been a huge part of my family! My kids were practically raised eating Mrs. Fields cookies for all of our special events. We always bought your products for every holidays, birthdays, gatherings and anytime we all craved for those delicious cookies! My kids and grandkids are now making Mrs. Fields a part of their family tradition and making sure to always include Mrs. Fields as part of their events! I’m glad you’ve been an important part of my family’s life! I hope you continue to become a tradition for many other families! Congratulations once again Mrs. Fields!

  43. Gita Prasad
    Gita Prasad / 12-28-2011 / ·

    I remember my 1st Mrs. Fields cookie, my mom warmed it up and I had it with Vanilla ice cream. Now as an adult, every time I go to the mall I always have to buy a few niblets, esp the ones with peanuts in it. Happy 35 years Mrs. Fields.. you guys are great to the very last bite!

  44. ann mathew
    ann mathew / 12-28-2011 / ·

    it was only recently that i got to try Mrs. Fields cookies as i came from another country …… couldn’t believe that it tasted so good!! guess i should buy some to bring them to my family back home ….. they’ll be amazed ….. happy New year to you all!

  45. Mrs, George
    Mrs, George / 12-28-2011 / ·

    congrats Mrs. Fields! gotta try your cookies at the office and just fell in love with them …… thanx to my friends for introducing them to me 🙂

  46. Tracy Robertson
    Tracy Robertson / 12-28-2011 / ·

    I am very fortunate in that grew up only 18 miles north of the original Mrs. Fields Store! I was 9 when the Palo Alto store opened, and word quickly got out about how incredibly good these cookies are. I remember my parents taking me to the original shop, and we were all hooked from then on. Shortly after that, Mrs. Fields Cookies were available at our local mall (even closer than 18 miles away) and a cookie from Mrs. Fields always motivated my family to stop by the mall even if we didn’t need a thing besides that. I still visit the Mrs. Fields in the mall closest to me regularly. My newest fascination is their dipped cookies (the peanut butter dipped in chocolate, and the chocolate cookies dipped in white chocolate). They are so good that I can not help but to moan outloud in satisfaction every time I have one!

  47. Dawn Bennett
    Dawn Bennett / 12-29-2011 / ·

    Mrs Fields cookies are enjoyed by the whole family. The best tradition we have is when our grandchildren are visiting and we sitting at the table eating Mrs Fields cookies and enjoying each other company, and telling stories about each other.

  48. Tom Murphy
    Tom Murphy / 12-29-2011 / ·

    The first time I had Mrs Fields cookies was in the 6th grade when a girl I had a crush on gave me some for Valentine’s Day. I’ve clearly never forgotten it.

  49. arlene robertson
    arlene robertson / 12-29-2011 / ·

    My daughter always buys me a gift card for your
    cookies. This year she bought me a sweater and
    slippers.They won’t taste as good. I really miss
    them. Happy Holidays!

  50. melisha kenney
    melisha kenney / 12-29-2011 / ·

    My favorite Mrs. Fields memory is from this Christmas. Our house is still under construction from the April 27th tornadoes, so I didn’t do my usual Christmas baking. My kids still needed cookies to leave for santa, so we took our Mrs. Fields cookies we had on hand and decorated them with cans of store-bought icing. My kids even cut them into shapes with cookie cutters. We may have not done the baking ourselves, but the secret ingredient was still there: LOVE. Thanks, Mrs. Fields for being the perfect treat for santa on a cold Christmas Eve!

  51. Dorothy E.
    Dorothy E. / 12-29-2011 / ·

    When I was pregnant with my 3 year old, my #1 craving was Mrs. Fields white chocolate macadamia nut cookies. It seemed that I ended up in the hospital for every holiday that year (Valentines Day, Memorial Day, and 4th of July) with kidney stones, so my loving hubby would make a special trip to the mall to get me a dozen fresh-baked Mrs. Fields cookies for my gift. Your cookies were waaayyy better than hospital food, and took my mind off of things every time I would close my eyes and imagine that I was eating them at home. Thanks!

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