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  1. Rachel L. McDuffie
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  2. Amanda McDonald
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  3. Alicia
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  4. Stephanie Gooch
    Stephanie Gooch at

    I love Mrs. Field’s cookies with Hot Cocoa!

  5. Cj Schettig
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  6. Patsy
    Patsy at

    I am guessing that it is https://www.mrsfields.com/gifts/Spooky-Station-Cookie-Jar/56
    This is so cute! I want one myself!

  7. Stephanie Frost
    Stephanie Frost at

    Is it the Country Bumpkin Pail? This is absolutely adorable. Love the creativity you guys have!!

  8. Laurel
    Laurel at


    Jack O Lantern and Ghost…adorable!

  9. heather kline
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  10. Maria Coria
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  11. Nancy Stymacks
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  12. Holly Thomas
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  13. Angie Blodgett
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    I love semi sweet chocolate chip!! 🙂

  14. Leslie Pressey
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  15. Amanda McDonald
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  16. Kevin
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    Sycophantic babble to win free cookies!

  17. Cheryl Lohrke
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  18. Courtney Bean
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  19. Dan Lederer
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  20. Angela Akinniyi
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  21. Karen
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    Good tasting cookies!

  22. Karen
    Karen at

    Milk chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate, & brownies! White chocolate would be good if they are in the basket.

  23. matthew hutchinson
    matthew hutchinson at

    Is it the classic cookie tin? That is my favorite item

  24. Mary W.
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  25. Sara Phillips
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  26. Stephanie
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  32. Elizabeth
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  33. Hannah McDonald
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  34. Christine
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  35. Lisa Babcock
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    I’m gonna go with this ADORABLE Pumpkin Pouch! LOVE it 🙂


  36. Carol Meyers
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  37. Leanna
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  38. Natalie Vandenberghe
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    1. ckuhn
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      This weeks trivia winner IS….. Natalie Vandenberghe. – CONGRATULATIONS Natalie! One of our Mrs. Fields representatives will be contacting you shortly. BIG thanks to everyone for playing. Visit us next week for your chance to win FREE COOKIES!!! Have a Happy and safe Halloween weekend!

  39. Gaile Gray
    Gaile Gray at

    It’s a tough call. I’ll guess the All Hallow’s Eve Bites Box: https://www.mrsfields.com/gifts/All-Hallows-Eve-Bites-Box/56

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  53. Penny Fuentes
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    The Monster match

  54. Penny Fuentes
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    Silly Jack O’ Lantern

  55. Lisa
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    Pumpkin Satchel

  56. Alicia Gray
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  57. Jennifer Verdi
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  58. Margaret Cross
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    the Pumpkin Satchel.

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