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  1. Latoya Hammond
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  2. Dan Lederer
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    Would that be Mrs. Fields?

  3. heather kline
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    Mrs fields

  4. Helen Stockwell
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    Mrs. Fields Gift, Inc

  5. Nyeasia Pippin
    Nyeasia Pippin at

    I’m going to day Mrs. Fields

  6. Lisa
    Lisa at

    Could it be Mrs. Fields? LOL… PS Love the recipes on the blog, lately. Thanks.

  7. martha yusko
    martha yusko at

    Mrs. Fields

  8. debra affrunti
    debra affrunti at

    Mrs Fields 🙂

  9. Christine Jessamine
    Christine Jessamine at

    mrs fields

  10. Nicole T
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    Mrs. Fields!

  11. Sheila
    Sheila at

    Mrs. Fields, of course! 🙂

  12. Laurie C.
    Laurie C. at

    Mrs. Fields

  13. Salena
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    Mrs. Fields Gifts, Inc.

  14. Darren
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  15. Marcie
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    Mrs Fields

  16. Carol
    Carol at

    Mrs Fields of course!

  17. Will
    Will at

    Mrs Fields Gifts

  18. Patricia Margueritte R. Gueco
    Patricia Margueritte R. Gueco at

    Mrs. Fields 🙂

  19. Melanie Anderson
    Melanie Anderson at

    Mrs. Fields Gifts

  20. John Keesling
    John Keesling at

    Mrs. Fields.
    Make mine, milk chocolate chip please. Thank you.

  21. Stephanie
    Stephanie at

    Mrs. Fields

  22. Mary C
    Mary C at

    Mrs. Fields Gifts

  23. Christine Pham
    Christine Pham at

    Mrs. Fields!

  24. Holly Thomas
    Holly Thomas at

    Mrs. Fields of course!! 🙂

  25. Lucy
    Lucy at

    Mrs Fields

  26. Shawna OBrien
    Shawna OBrien at

    Mrs Fields

  27. Noel
    Noel at

    Mrs Fields

  28. Cheryl Lohrke
    Cheryl Lohrke at

    Mrs. Fields Gifts, Inc.

  29. Natalie J Vandenberghe
    Natalie J Vandenberghe at

    Mrs. Fields

  30. Karen Knight
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    Mrs. Fields

  31. Dave
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  32. janice joyner
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    Mrs. Fields Gifts Inc

  33. Tina Bartunek
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    Mrs. Fields Gifts, Inc.

  34. Pam Bareuther
    Pam Bareuther at

    Mrs. Fields

  35. Debra P
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    Mrs. Fields – so awesome!

  36. Charity S
    Charity S at

    Mrs Fields!!

  37. Diane
    Diane at

    Mrs. Field’s

  38. Sara Phillips
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    Mrs. Fields!!

  39. Shakti B.
    Shakti B. at

    Mrs. Fields

  40. Lori C
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    Mrs. Fields

  41. Michael Heithaus
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    Mrs. Fields!

  42. Ben Susser
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    Mrs. Fields

  43. Jennifer D.
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    Mrs. Fields!

  44. Janice
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    Mrs. Fields!

  45. Vangeli S
    Vangeli S at

    Mrs. Fields!

  46. Cathy E
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    Mrs. Fields

  47. Margaret Porter
    Margaret Porter at

    Mrs. Fields would be my guess!

  48. Gayle Watkins
    Gayle Watkins at

    Mrs. Fields

  49. Sharon
    Sharon at

    could it be Mrs. Field?! 🙂

  50. Patti T
    Patti T at

    Mrs. Fields

  51. Lisa Babcock
    Lisa Babcock at

    Hmmm…I’m gonna have to go with Mrs Fields!!! :):):)

  52. Lisa Puckett
    Lisa Puckett at

    Mrs. Fields 🙂

  53. Anissa
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  54. Lori S.
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    Mrs. Fields!

  55. Barbara S.
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  56. arlene robertson
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    Mrs fields

  57. Terencia Turner
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    Could it be Mrs. Fields..

  58. Jill H.
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    Mrs. Fields

  59. kk
    kk at

    Mrs. Fields

  60. Lisa Grassetti
    Lisa Grassetti at

    Mrs. Fields!!!!

  61. christina w.
    christina w. at

    Mrs. Fields

  62. karen bearss
    karen bearss at

    Mrs Fields, welcome

  63. Cheryl M
    Cheryl M at

    Mrs. Fields

  64. shirley m
    shirley m at

    mrs. fields

  65. Kristen Blanchard
    Kristen Blanchard at

    Mrs. Fields

  66. dolores downey
    dolores downey at

    Mrs. Fields

  67. daisy centeno
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    mrs. fields

  68. Melissa
    Melissa at

    that would be…… Mrs. Fields! 😀 final answer!

  69. Jeremy
    Jeremy at

    Mrs. Fields it is!

  70. Stefanie
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    Mrs. Fields Gift, Inc

  71. Jenna
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    Mrs. Fields Gifts, Inc.

  72. Drew
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    Mrs. Fields

  73. Merri matalon
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    Mrs. Fields!

  74. Sarah McGough
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    Mrs. Field! 😀

  75. erica
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    mrs fields!!!

    1. ckuhn
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      This weeks trivia winner IS….. Pam Bareuther – CONGRATULATIONS Pam! One of our Mrs. Fields representatives will be contacting you shortly. BIG thanks to everyone for playing. Visit us next week for your chance to win FREE COOKIES!!!

  76. Krystal Ross
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    Has to be Mrs. Fields. 🙂

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