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  1. Carol
    Carol / 8-9-2011 / ·

    love the list.. the extra cell phone charger is really great as those always seem to disappear in dorm rooms! Here’s another fun place that has some great theme ideas for college care packages:

  2. Kate
    Kate / 8-9-2011 / ·

    I would add a mini stapler. Nothing is more frustrating than realizing you forgot to staple a paper right before you turn it in. Also, the jump drive should have a clip or a lanyard on it. I lost mine 3 times last semester. Pancake or muffin mix is great since we don’t usually have all the baking goods on hand. Microwave popcorn and a DVD would be great too. And don’t forget peanut butter. The vinyl decorations are awesome since we can’t put holes in the walls. A small white board for the fridge is fun too and can remind roommates to not eat what isn’t theirs. Sharpies and TP are priceless. And pens and pencils.

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