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  1. Eileen
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    Americana Tub of Treats

  2. Rachel
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    Twinkling Star Tote

  3. teresa harvey
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  4. Spencer
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    Rustic Americana Tray

  5. Natalie Vandenberghe
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  6. Lauren Reynolds
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  7. Nancy Stymacks
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  8. elizabeth anderson
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  9. Amanda Sakovitz
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  10. Leslie
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    stars n bites basket

  11. Mariel Lagmay
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  12. cheryl lohrke
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  13. Neal Trautloff
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  14. Karen Knight
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  15. Kristen G
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    1. ckuhn
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      This weeks TRIVIA WINNER is… Kristen G.!!!! CONGRATULATIONS! One of or Mrs. Fields representatives will be contacting you shortly. Thank you to everyone for playing. Have a fun and safe July 4th!!! PS – The answer was the Stars ‘n’ Bites Basket.

  16. Lori Cortelyou
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  17. Barbara S
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  18. Andrea Hadfield
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