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  1. Recipe: Who’s-Your-Daddy? Brownies
    Recipe: Who’s-Your-Daddy? Brownies / 6-1-2011 / ·

    […] There’s still time to enter our recipe contest! Reinvent the chocolate chip cookie and win $250 cash and prizes! Share on Facebook var button = […]

  2. Gift Ideas for Every Dad
    Gift Ideas for Every Dad / 6-10-2011 / ·

    […] if you haven’t already, remember to enter our recipe contest. You can reinvent the chocolate chip cookie and win $250 cash and incredible prizes! Remember, the […]

  3. Recipe: Watermelon Reinvented
    Recipe: Watermelon Reinvented / 6-15-2011 / ·

    […] summer, it’s all about reinventing the classics. (Speaking of, have you entered our recipe contest yet?) Today the reinvention is watermelon, one of my all-time favorite summer treats. I typically […]

  4. Recipe Contest Winner!
    Recipe Contest Winner! / 8-5-2011 / ·

    […] our Chocolate Chip Cookie Reinvention Contest? We invited you to take your best shot at reinventing the classic chocolate chip cookie. The […]

  5. More Winners and Recipes
    More Winners and Recipes / 8-17-2011 / ·

    […] promised, today I’m sharing the rest of the winning recipes from our Chocolate Chip Cookie Reinvention Contest, and believe me, you’re in for a treat! These four recipes are so unique and delicious, […]

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