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  1. Rhonda
    Rhonda / 4-25-2011 / ·

    My mom is unlike any other moms because she made a better life for herself. Losing her dad at 2 yrs old her brothers became acholics. My mom is no where that. She took care and provided for us and doesnt like us to drink cause the life she grew up in.

  2. Carol
    Carol / 4-25-2011 / ·

    My mom has the ability to grow stronger in the face of adversity, unlike anyone else I have ever seen!

  3. Natalie J. Vandenberghe
    Natalie J. Vandenberghe / 4-25-2011 / ·

    My 81yo mother is the smartest and most diplomatic woman I know. She is beautiful and supportive. I hope my children admire me as much as I admire my mother. I still go to her for advice and she still makes me laugh. So many characteristics I love and I treasure the time we spend together. Thanks for recognizing special women everywhere.

  4. Cheryl U.
    Cheryl U. / 4-25-2011 / ·

    I nominate my grandma, who is 97 years old and is still spunky, funny, and full of life!

  5. Maria H.
    Maria H. / 4-25-2011 / ·

    My cousin is the only woman i am proud to say i want to be like when i get older and start my own family.

  6. amy
    amy / 4-25-2011 / ·

    she’s the best because she never lets the world get her down.

  7. Lauren R
    Lauren R / 4-25-2011 / ·

    My mom is amazing! If I need anything she’s always willing to help. She’s a great mother, grandmother and my best friend. I don’t know what I would do without her!

  8. beth
    beth / 4-25-2011 / ·

    My Aunt has help me out the last few years helping with Dad and making sure he is taken care

  9. Debra P
    Debra P / 4-25-2011 / ·

    So many mothers are awesome. What makes my mom different is that her goal in life was to be a teacher. She put herself through college and continues to help everyone she meets with a smile, no matter how she is feeling. She’s extremely giving and unselfish and loves to help and teach.

  10. Shannon Orton
    Shannon Orton / 4-25-2011 / ·

    My mom turns 70 on April 27 and is in phenomenal shape both physically and mentally. She is all natural. She takes great care of my dad and her grand kids. She has taught me so much it’s impossible to narrow down one things. She has helped me to become a strong, smart down to earth women and I am so thankful for that!

  11. Maureen
    Maureen / 4-25-2011 / ·

    My mother lives for her children.
    She has put her children (of which I am the oldest of the 7) before herself and her health. She will do most anything to help her children and grandchildren.

  12. Sharon
    Sharon / 4-25-2011 / ·

    My 86 year old mom is phenomenal! She is a fantastic, Christian lady who does her best to take care of others. She’s been a caregiver for many throughout her lifetime, from children to parents to spouse; now, she helps care for my ill older sister. My mom still manages to take care of herself and often goes to the gym for a workout.

  13. Karen Knight
    Karen Knight / 4-25-2011 / ·

    I nominate my mom, who at 73 years old,has survived breast cancer and is going stronger than ever. I would love to give her a special Mrs. Fields surprise. I am thankful everyday to have had such a special, loving mom and the best Mamaw to my sons!

  14. muhammad saad
    muhammad saad / 4-25-2011 / ·

    I nominate my wife, who became a mother at age 19, continued her schooling and has continued to do so even after our second child. She made dean’s list every semester while still making time for day trips to the park and never missing a doctors appointment. She is the best mother for my children, I wouldn’t nominate any other.

  15. Chelsea Brewer
    Chelsea Brewer / 4-25-2011 / ·

    I nominate my mom. I am a military spouse and mother of four. My husband deployed in August and I was working full time and pregnant. My mom stepped up and watched her grandkids when needed, help run them to hip hop/t-ball/piano/ballet/tap/soccer… (an so much more) took them when I was sick or needed a break, watched them when I went into labor… and has went above and beyond in mom duties. My husband and I appreciate her sacrifices for our family.

  16. Vanetta Harris
    Vanetta Harris / 4-25-2011 / ·

    My wonderful mother passed away when I was but 15 years old. Even though I had such a short time with her, she taught me a lot about life and how to make the best of it. She was a brave, strong woman who instilled a strong sense of self-confidence in me. She was also my best friend. I am the kind of mother that I am to my daughter because I had a loving, supportive mother of my own. I know that she’s smiling down on me from Heaven every day, proud of what I have become.

  17. carmine daddario
    carmine daddario / 4-25-2011 / ·

    I have to nominate my wife mother to our daughter who studied chemestry to help our daughter with her school work

  18. Noel
    Noel / 4-25-2011 / ·

    My mom is the only person who could put up with me as a teenager–definitely like no one else, her patience made me into the woman I am today!

  19. Regena Lynch
    Regena Lynch / 4-25-2011 / ·

    My mom is my hero, I had a stroke last year and my mom and sisters took turns staying with me. You aren’t suppose to have your mom taking care of you when your 54 yrs old you should be taking care of her but at 75 she was there for me

  20. Danielle
    Danielle / 4-25-2011 / ·

    I nominate the mother figure halfway across the country who has adopted our family and loves us as her own.

  21. Ellen B
    Ellen B / 4-25-2011 / ·

    It’s so hard, my mom lives in NJ and I live in NH. I don’t get to see her that often. She lives alone and I worry about her. Her birthday is 4/28 and she will be 83. I wish that I lived closer to her. Would be great to send her these cookies. Thank you.

  22. jennifer
    jennifer / 4-25-2011 / ·

    im a mom of a little boy and i nominate myself im a stay at home mommy i spend alot of time with my son and it would be nice to share a treat with my son he would love it

  23. Jenna
    Jenna / 4-25-2011 / ·

    I would like to nominate my best friend Lucinda. Last year we were both blessed to find out that we would be adding babies to our families. When she was 16wks pregnant (and I was about 31wks) she found out that she has Lukemia. At 24wks she gave birth to her son (just 8 days after I gave birth to my son- they were supposed to be 4 months age difference). She is currently on a donor list for a stem cell transplant and her son who is 9 months old is doing ver well. I would love for her to receive a delicious treat for mothers day to celebrate all of the beautiful milestones that she has been blessed enough to experience with me as our sons grow up. Life is precious at any age <3 She is my inspiration in life and I thank God everyday for giving her one more day with us!

  24. Margaret
    Margaret / 4-25-2011 / ·

    I would nominate my daughter who is a working mother of 2. She always gives her kids all her time and energy and puts them before herself.

  25. Dave S
    Dave S / 4-25-2011 / ·

    My Mom was amazing. She has passed on. But she was always there to give me a big hug and keep me inline.

  26. Dave
    Dave / 4-25-2011 / ·

    My mom is going on 89 years young. She still square dances, goes on trips with her girlfriends,plays pinocle nightly(and wins ALL the time!). She is in great health and has only been in the hospital to have her two children.She is fun to be around and never complains about anything. She has the most positive attitude on life & she is living it to the fullest.

  27. Chrisina H
    Chrisina H / 4-25-2011 / ·

    My mom is very giving from her family to the church. She will sacrifice needy items for those in need and never whines about receiving in return.

  28. Alicia
    Alicia / 4-25-2011 / ·

    My mom is unlike any other mom because of her constant giving nature. She paid my way through both my bachelors and masters degrees to help me become an elementary teacher. She also paid for my beautiful wedding at Olympic National Park last year, and took my husband and me back for our anniversary this weekend. When my daughter was born, she practically moved in, spending hours making meals and cleaning the entire house. She also watches her 3 times a week, which allows me to continue working without having to worry about leaving my daughter with strangers in a daycare. Beyond supporting me, she also donates hundreds of hours of her time to the Seattle Symphony each year and volunteers to help in my classroom during holidays and art projects. She is an incredibly giving person, and it would be amazing to be able to win this for her and give something back!

  29. Charity S
    Charity S / 4-25-2011 / ·

    My mom has been through so many troubles, but she’s manage to overcome them all.

  30. Maria S.
    Maria S. / 4-25-2011 / ·

    I nominate my Mama. At age 69, she picked up and moved to China with my Dad (age 73) to start a new business. (They are now 72 and 76.) I have been astounded with her ability to learn, love and live in a new country. To hear her adventures is a delight (she started a baking class for all of her friends…she’s met them at church, in the grocery stores, even her taxi drivers).

    She is coming to visit me 2 days after Mother’s Day and I would love to have a sweet treat to surprise her with.

  31. Danielle
    Danielle / 4-25-2011 / ·

    My mom is unlike any other mom because she is literally the most unique person I know. She was able to overcome a debilitating mental illness while taking care of me and my sister. She has always said you can do anything you set your mind to and she does not just say it-she lives it!

  32. Stefanie
    Stefanie / 4-25-2011 / ·

    My mom is unlike any other mom because she has a really caring heart and never thinks of herself. She always puts the needs of others first. What really makes her unique is that she’s my mom. We may not always see eye to eye on everything, but she is always there for me, the best advice giver and sends hugs my way whenever I need them.

  33. Susan Benegas
    Susan Benegas / 4-25-2011 / ·

    My mother-in-law was pregnant when her husband died of cancer, plus she had 5 other kids. She raised them on her own, without welfare or any kind of public assistance and she didn’t even drive – luckily she had teenagers that did. All of her kids, including my husband, are wonderful people. She did an amazing job as a mom and is a dear lady.

  34. karen
    karen / 4-25-2011 / ·

    She has been there for me after I got out of the air force, she had me come home and helped me back to the real world. She gave me love and kindness and understanding. She let me need her again.

  35. lisa
    lisa / 4-26-2011 / ·

    I nominate my mom, who did everything herself, raising all us kids. She still tries to do everything with the grandkids, too! She taught us how to cook, crochet, mend clothes, and have fun w/o a lot of money. Plus, she’s always there if we need her, even as we PCS around every few years.

  36. Bethenney
    Bethenney / 4-26-2011 / ·

    My mom raised my twin sister and I, and believe me we were a handful. She was there through scraped knees, broken hearts and teenage traumas. She has helped me aspire to be as good a mother to my own children!

  37. Tracy Robertson
    Tracy Robertson / 4-26-2011 / ·

    My Mom is like any other because she has a great sense of humor and we have a lot of fun joking around. I also think that she would deserve for me to win this for her because I was brought up getting a Mrs. Field’s Cookie at the mall for a treat every now and then. I love the cookies, and my Mom loves them just as much. In fact, she and I enter your trivia contests on a regular basis. I was very lucky to win once some time ago, but my Mom has been trying and trying and is yet to win. Thanks for the chance.

  38. Erica I
    Erica I / 4-27-2011 / ·

    My mom is the best mom in the entire world. As a first year college student, I’ve had to deal with the ups and downs and scary firsts of living away from home (in a new state no less) and my mom has been nothing short of absolutely supportive. She went to great lengths to make sure I was comfortable and settled and adjusting to the strangeness of my new life. And she has four daughters including myself, all of whom she’s nurtured and loved unconditionally. I miss her so much every day and would love to be able to send one of these gifts to her. She deserves it more than anyone.

  39. Leslie
    Leslie / 4-28-2011 / ·

    My mother-in-law is a wonderful woman. She is so fun to watch playing with my son. To see someone love my child as much as I do is so heartwarming.

  40. Jessica Nin
    Jessica Nin / 4-28-2011 / ·

    My mother Debbie is the most incredible mother I’ve ever known. She taught us kindness, generosity and honesty and always cushioned our fall as we learned life’s lessons. She has always guided us in the right direction, given us room to grown from our mistakes and most of all – she is with us every step of the way, in phone, in person, in support, as a friend, a champion, mother and grandmother. Her selfless passion for helping others has been one of her greatest legacies to share.

  41. Tamara R.
    Tamara R. / 4-28-2011 / ·

    My mother-in-law is one of the most amazing women I have ever met in my life! She has dedicated her life to raising and caring for her 13 children, even though they are all now adults. She still helps her children in any way she can. She even travels back and forth across the US visiting her kids and many, many grandchildren. I don’t know how she was able to keep it all together with raising that many children and having a husband who would be gone for months on end due to work. She is one amazing woman and I can only aspire to be as generous, caring and thoughtful as she is!

  42. Janet
    Janet / 4-29-2011 / ·

    My mother was a very independent woman. I learned a great deal from her over the years. She is now 85 and has severe dementia. It is heartbreaking for me to visit her in a nursing home where someone has to take care of her every need. However, she is still beautiful and whenever she sees me she gets a big smile on her face. I love her dearly.

  43. Gail
    Gail / 4-30-2011 / ·

    My mother passed away a few years ago, but my mother-in-law is still doing well as she enters her 9th decade. Sure, she’s slowed down, and she’s more forgetful and needful of help, but she’s still an independent thinker who speaks her mind and makes us all smile.

  44. Gary
    Gary / 4-30-2011 / ·

    My mother is pretty amazing. She’s the widow of a World War II veteran who saw him through his last years (and several years of failing health) with a good measure of dignity and kindness. It wasn’t easy, as she had not had a lot of experience with such things, but she did her best and Dad was grateful to be with her until the end. Mom still takes an active interest in life, even at age 89. She reads two newspapers a day from cover to cover, and keeps up on all the celebrity gossip, too!

  45. Roxann Marling
    Roxann Marling / 1-31-2013 / ·

    My mom is the best ! She always put her children and husband before herself and during the tough times in life never once shared that in front of her children. Moms are just naturally tough!

  46. Martha Boismier
    Martha Boismier / 5-1-2013 / ·

    My mom would feed anybody that walked in the door.Give up her last dime to help someone out.Put up with a lot of crap from my dad.Always sweet, kind, loving, and caring to everyone.Her children always came first no matter what.Just a Wonderful person in every way.And in 1989, she became my guardian Angel,watching over me.I miss her so.

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