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  1. Tanisha
    Tanisha / 3-4-2011 / ·

    I consider my self not to lucky but also not unlucky. I do not win things when I enter contest usually but consider myself very lucky everyday because I wake up, I have a job, a roof over my head and have 3 beautiful children.

  2. Maureen
    Maureen / 3-4-2011 / ·

    I consider myself to be fortunate in many ways. I have family and friends who care about me and I care and love them in turn as well. Luck is what you make of the opportunities that you have before you in life.

  3. Kay
    Kay / 3-4-2011 / ·

    I consider myself lucky in a lot of ways. I think I am lucky due in part to the right choices that I have made. I am lucky because I have been given a wonderful husband, three sons, daughter in laws and grand children who are healthy and whom I love to spend time with.

  4. Tingping
    Tingping / 3-4-2011 / ·

    I am fortunate that I have a loving family, a wonderful fiance, a roof over my head, and food on the table. but when it comes winning ANY contests, sweepstakes or TRIVIA (hint hint), my luck could use some help!

  5. Marcie
    Marcie / 3-4-2011 / ·

    I’m lucky and fortunate to have my health and a great family

  6. Carol
    Carol / 3-4-2011 / ·

    I feel lucky because of my friends and family. I may not be rich with money but I am rich in love!

  7. Jennifer L.
    Jennifer L. / 3-4-2011 / ·

    Feeling lucky today!

  8. ed
    ed / 3-4-2011 / ·

    I’m lucky to have my family! It wouldn’t be the same w/o!…

  9. Bonnie Woodrum
    Bonnie Woodrum / 3-4-2011 / ·

    I consider myself luck because I have my family and my health. I have also considered myself lucky because I have not been hit as hard as some I know from this economy.

  10. michelle b
    michelle b / 3-4-2011 / ·

    i’m pretty lucky i do win some things.. would love to win the cookies for my kids 🙂

  11. Kathy G
    Kathy G / 3-4-2011 / ·

    I consider myself lucky. I’ve been through things most people have never been through, and survived. I’ve been below rock bottom, and managed to pull myself up). I finally found Mr Right, and that makes me luckier than I’ve ever been.

  12. Gaile
    Gaile / 3-4-2011 / ·

    When I was young, I used to hear “old people” say, “If you have your health, you have everything.” And I never really got it. Today, I’m not sure about the “everything” part, because family, friends, a home, a job… all sorts of other things are also important. But at the core, I agree — being healthy makes it possible to enjoy all the other things in life. So I consider myself lucky to be healthy, and to have a family that’s healthy, too.

  13. Vanetta Harris
    Vanetta Harris / 3-4-2011 / ·

    I don’t consider the great things that happen to me in my life as lucky. I consider myself blessed! Yes I would be very lucky if I won some delicious cookies, but other things aren’t just luck! There’s a higher power there sometimes!

  14. Gayle Watkins
    Gayle Watkins / 3-4-2011 / ·

    I consider myself a lucky person. I could list a whole pile of unlucky things that have happened to me in my life, and the unlucky list would no doubt be much longer than the lucky list. But, weighing everything out over my life, I would still say lucky.

  15. Chrisann
    Chrisann / 3-4-2011 / ·

    It depends on the day! I consider my self lucky to have my family a roof over our head and food on the table.Some family members consider me lucky because of things I have won.Some days I feel unlucky because we struggle alot each day.The saying is bad things come in three but with us it seems to never

  16. Lisa
    Lisa / 3-4-2011 / ·

    I consider my self lucky in so many ways. I have a great family and friends. I have been blessed!! ….my friends and family always call me lucky for the stuff that I have won over the years.

  17. Deborah Curran
    Deborah Curran / 3-4-2011 / ·

    I’m lucky to have a wonderful son and a great mom (my husband passed away) and to be a sarcoma survivor

  18. Dana Rodriguez
    Dana Rodriguez / 3-4-2011 / ·

    I consider myself pretty lucky in general.I always try to keep the attitude that things could always be worse. 😉

  19. christina
    christina / 3-4-2011 / ·

    I consider myself very lucky, as my life has been filled with twists and turns- which led me down the path of happiness and gratefulness that my life is now.

  20. alicia
    alicia / 3-4-2011 / ·

    I’m lucky to a beautiful, healthy and well behaved 7 month old daughter, a stable job working with fun kids, and a supportive and loving husband.

  21. MARY
    MARY / 3-4-2011 / ·


  22. Woody
    Woody / 3-4-2011 / ·

    I usually consider myself unlucky, but hope that my life will get better someday. It could be worse…

  23. Debra P
    Debra P / 3-4-2011 / ·

    Lucky to be here with a great family and friends. Love is what really matters to me.

  24. Cathy E
    Cathy E / 3-4-2011 / ·

    If I have to pick one or the other, I’d say lucky! I consider myself to be fortunate!

  25. martha yusko
    martha yusko / 3-4-2011 / ·

    I haven’t been so lucky this year hope things would turn around for the better…

  26. Esmeralda Gomez-Arroyo
    Esmeralda Gomez-Arroyo / 3-4-2011 / ·

    I consider myself lucky, I have a loving husband, 2 beautiful daughter, job, a roof over my head, family and friend. As far as lucky in contest, sweepstakes not really, but again, if you are sharing the experience with someone you love, than you win either way 🙂

  27. Lauren Reynolds
    Lauren Reynolds / 3-4-2011 / ·

    I’m lucky and unlucky!!! I’m lucky because I have a great family,husband and son! I couldn’t have asked for better people in my life! I’m unlucky because things never go my way ever. I get stains on brand new clothes, never win anything at all and I’m extremely clumsy! But it all evens out I guess 🙂

  28. Melissa
    Melissa / 3-4-2011 / ·

    I’m lucky because I have a great family and amazing friends. I don’t have nearly the worries that some other people do!

  29. Christina Jones
    Christina Jones / 3-4-2011 / ·

    I consider myself pretty lucky….I have been with my husband for 16 years, he is my best friend. We have a on who was born with Tetralogy of Fallot (a serious heart defect) and had to have open heart surgery at 4 months old. He is now 4 years old and is healthy and happy as can be! Financially, I havent been as lucky, but I do not give up hope. I enter contests and play the lotto and have no doubt that someday….I will win 🙂

  30. Gary
    Gary / 3-4-2011 / ·

    I am lucky to have Irish blood!

  31. Lori
    Lori / 3-4-2011 / ·

    Sometimes lucky, sometimes fortunate and many times blessed. Not sure why but some things you don’t question.

  32. karen B
    karen B / 3-4-2011 / ·

    I am lucky with my husband and children and I have an excellent job. Lucky in drawings, I have only won once on a radio show. That’s it.

  33. Beth
    Beth / 3-4-2011 / ·

    I’m lucky to have my health and great friends and family. Each day is truly a gift

  34. Jill H
    Jill H / 3-4-2011 / ·

    I consider myself lucky. I have Irish and Indian blood and I think that both are lucky.

  35. Laura
    Laura / 3-4-2011 / ·

    I am SUPER lucky when it comes to winning things! I win because I know in my heart I will! We can manifest lucky by simply knowing we are lucky! I have won tons of giveaways all my life. As a kid the cake walk and claw games for stuffed animals I dominated lol. So far nothing like a car or a trip but I am working on it! Perhaps the lottery someday and I will by a whole closet full of Mrs. Fields cookies!!
    I am also lucky to have a loving family in a great home doing what I love, which is blogging!

  36. Carol
    Carol / 3-4-2011 / ·

    Well I must be lucky because although I am not Irish I married into a wonderful Irish family. They make me feel so much a part of them and their wonderful traditions every day. I am also lucky that I love baking and because of my Irish family I have learned to bake new things such as Irish Soda Bread and Irish Brown Bread. Cookies, however, are still my favorite thing to bake, especially using Mrs. Field’s recipes.

  37. Mary C
    Mary C / 3-4-2011 / ·

    I’m pretty lucky. Was able to have both a son and a daughter and now have an adorable granddaughter. I had a good job and was able to retire at an early age. Am pretty healthy….expecially for my age!

  38. Erica Best
    Erica Best / 3-4-2011 / ·

    i think im pretty lucky i win stuff from time to time. my friends tell me im the lucky person they know lol.

  39. Gary B
    Gary B / 3-4-2011 / ·

    I used to consider myself unlucky, until I met my wife (just got married in December). I work in the construction industry and was laid off two years ago this month. My unemployment benefits have run out and the job search is hopeless for someone in my industry. I almost lost my house and, along with it, my pride. I am SO lucky to have found the love of my life! She is the most loving, caring, and giving person there is. She helped me get a loan modification for my house, she is always helping me find leads for a job, she still finds time to take care of others, and best of all – she didn’t leave me! With her in my life, I feel I am the LUCKIEST man on Earth!

  40. Lisa Grassetti
    Lisa Grassetti / 3-4-2011 / ·

    I feel like I am a lucky person since I am in pretty good health with no major problems. I am married to a great man who treats me right. I am lucky to have such great family and friends. Plus I am half Irish so I feel lucky that way too. Also my grandpa was born on St. Patrick’s day

  41. Cynthia Williams
    Cynthia Williams / 3-4-2011 / ·

    I would say I’m lucky because I once won a trip to Hawaii.

  42. Caroline Hertzog
    Caroline Hertzog / 3-4-2011 / ·

    I consider myself lucky. I have a wonderful husband who is also my best friend. I have 4 of the cutest pets, 2 dogs and 2 cats. I have the greatest family and friends in my life. What else could I ask for!!

  43. Rebecca Kuntz
    Rebecca Kuntz / 3-4-2011 / ·

    If push comes to shove, I’d have to admit how lucky a woman I am. I have a healthy and happy 15 month old son who can change my mood just by a look on his face. I have a dedicated, thoughtful and selfless husband who has gone back to school full time AND works full time so I can stay home to raise our son. I have a beautiful best friend who loves me enough to have me as her MOH in her upcoming wedding. Although at times I feel I’M unlucky, I truly have a lucky life!

  44. Stefanie
    Stefanie / 3-4-2011 / ·

    I consider myself to be unlucky, just because I do a lot of good things but bad luck always seems to come my way. I guess luck is in the eye of the beholder and I should feel lucky for having a few good things in life. I would love to have some luck and finally win something like your cookies!

  45. Erin
    Erin / 3-4-2011 / ·

    I’d have to say I’m lucky. I’m Irish. We’re always lucky.:)

  46. Janice
    Janice / 3-4-2011 / ·

    well… I am fortunate, but probably not the luckiest. I definitely wish I had better luck in life, whether it’s being lucky in love, lucky in fortune, or lucky in a professional career.

  47. Janet
    Janet / 3-4-2011 / ·

    Sometimes I feel lucky, and sometimes I feel unlucky. It seems to run in streaks. Everything in life will run along smoothly and I’ll feel lucky. But then things will turn the other way and I’ll feel unlucky. For example, last year all in one month I had to replace my microwave, my coffee maker, a lamp, and the tires on my truck. At least I know that it will always turn back around to luck again.

  48. Debbie Welchert
    Debbie Welchert / 3-5-2011 / ·

    I feel I am lucky because I have the best daughter and grandchildren in the world. I truly feel blessed.

  49. lisa
    lisa / 3-5-2011 / ·

    If you have to pick between the two, I’d say more lucky than not, though luck generally has nothing to do with it.

  50. Lorraine
    Lorraine / 3-5-2011 / ·

    Mrs. Fields I just want to thank you for making great cookies. I know when I have to send someone a gift by mail I go to you :O) Luck is finding Mrs. Fields, so I am Lucky :O)

  51. Kathy Peters
    Kathy Peters / 3-5-2011 / ·

    I would say I am definitely lucky. However, it is my belief that you create your own luck. Just like winning this contest, if you do not enter you cannot win. You can set yourself up for success instead of setting yourself up for failure.

  52. Will
    Will / 3-5-2011 / ·

    I feel lucky for my beautiful wife and the soon to be birth of our first daughter!

  53. Charity S.
    Charity S. / 3-5-2011 / ·

    I think I’m lucky. I’ve had some great opportunities that have come my way, and I believe luck has played a part in it. Also, I’ve won some great prizes from sweepstakes and contests. Yes, I happen to be a very lucky girl.

  54. Ann
    Ann / 3-5-2011 / ·

    Lucky doesn’t come close! Not only do I have a good family, a roof over my head, a job, and friends … we are Irish, and my son was born on St. Patrick’s Day!

    How’s that for luck of the Irish?

  55. Erica
    Erica / 3-5-2011 / ·

    I definitely think I’m lucky in that I’ve got an amazing (and enormous) family and a really loyal group of friends. However, I’m never really lucky in the contest sort of way… I’ve honestly never one any sort of contest or raffle-type thing, but hey, here’s another chance for that to change!

  56. susitravl
    susitravl / 3-7-2011 / ·

    Yes – I am lucky. Lucky to have been born to loving parents who cared about me getting a good and moral upbringing. Lucky to have had a fabulous career and also lucky to have found a good man to grow old with.

    No negative thoughts – I believe good things will happen to me, and I am lucky that has been the overall outcome. Not that nothing ever goes wrong in my life, but I am lucky to have the will and strength to overcome those temporary obstacles.

  57. Sheryl Edwards
    Sheryl Edwards / 3-7-2011 / ·

    I feel that I am lucky most of the time.

  58. Darnell Burrows
    Darnell Burrows / 3-7-2011 / ·

    Mrs. Fields, Well I don’t believe in luck at all. I believe that if something is for you, you will eventually receive it. And if you don’t, then it wasn’t meant for you. So if I have to ‘label’ my belief, it’s called FAITH. Because of my experiences with faith versus luck, my faith tells me I can have ‘it’ ,even though I don’t see it nor deserve it, but my HOPE is in the BELIEF OF IT! Luck, to me, says of all the people in the world, I pick you to receive it. Why not have FAITH to receive than lucky to be picked?

  59. Jenny Smith
    Jenny Smith / 3-8-2011 / ·

    I am very lucky. I have a great car, house, boyfriend, friends, and family. It is the foundation to a great life 🙂 I know if anything goes wrong they will make it all better.

  60. Michelle Danielson
    Michelle Danielson / 3-8-2011 / ·

    I consider myself lucky in many ways. I feel that my life has been made up of hard work, which plays a part, but I definitely have things ‘go my way’ more often than not. Maybe its my determination, but I think its luck and God as well. Thanks!

  61. Kristen G
    Kristen G / 3-8-2011 / ·

    I consider myself pretty lucky. Over the years I have been lucky to be blessed with great friends and family and a pretty good life. I think I am lucky because I choose to believe that I am and think positively about life.

  62. Tiffany Overall
    Tiffany Overall / 3-8-2011 / ·

    I am the luckiest gal in the world. I have done alot of stupid things in my life and surprisingly, still here with the best family and support system in the world. I learned from my mistakes, straigtened up and now have a wonderful little family of my own and a ton of really great friends now that I ditched the ones who helped bring me down. I am accountable for my own actions but taking yourself out of a situation when trying to change is a must! I love my life!

  63. Michelle Meeks
    Michelle Meeks / 3-8-2011 / ·

    I feel I have been very lucky and fortunate lately since I have been on a streak of winning giveaways and sweepstakes and all my life I never used to win anything!! I think the fact that I’m Irish is finally kicking in! LOL

  64. Sue H
    Sue H / 3-8-2011 / ·

    I am lucky to have good health and a great family and wonderful friends. I feel lucky to live in America where we have the freedom to achieve and live up to our potential if we are willing to work for it.

  65. Jennifer D.
    Jennifer D. / 3-8-2011 / ·


    Well, I’m lucky to have a wonderful family in my life. Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

  66. LB
    LB / 3-8-2011 / ·

    Not really either. Sometimes I ma lucky, I have won contests and giveaways, but i don’t win alot. I’m not really unlucky, I mean you win some you lose some!!

  67. dana sharpensteen
    dana sharpensteen / 3-8-2011 / ·

    I am lucky I have healthy smart kids, a husband who loves me great family and friends a job, and my health

  68. Denise
    Denise / 3-8-2011 / ·

    I feel lucky. I caught Melanoma in the early stages and didn’t have to have chemo or radiation, only surgery. I have very fair skin – that’s from the Irish in me. Make sure you wear your sunscreen; otherwise you won’t be as lucky as me! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  69. Monica S
    Monica S / 3-10-2011 / ·

    I consider myself unlucky because I have the worst things happen to me at the worst times! And it’s usually multiple things that happen over a short period of time – no luck in that happening!

  70. Terry S
    Terry S / 3-10-2011 / ·

    I consider myself lucky to have such a great wife and little guy!!

  71. Patricia
    Patricia / 3-10-2011 / ·

    I work at a Trauma Center. On days that I feel like I’m not lucky, I just look around me and count the blessings that I have to be thankful for. It changes my outlook instantly. I may not have the big house or shiny car that I wish I did, but I have my family, my friends, and my health.

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