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  2. Nicole Kurtz
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      CONGRATULATIONS to Nicole Kurtz!!!! You are the winner of our Tuesday Trivia question! One of Mrs.Fields representatives will be contacting you shortly. Big thanks to everyone for playing! Visit us on Thursday for more Mrs. Fields Trivia and your chance at FREE cookies!

  3. Lacey Gross
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    I love Mrs Fields cookies and would love to win!!!

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  5. Stephy Sumner
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  6. Lorraine
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    The Love Box :O)

  7. Scott C
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    I’m guessing the V Chocolates Delectable Tower.

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  10. Susan T
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  13. Lauren
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    The Love Box. Yummy yummy!!

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  16. Bonnie
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    This one has the most reviews.http://ww2.mrsfields.com/gifts/Chocolate-Drenched-Berries-Cookies/238

    How ever I think this one would be a great seller. http://ww2.mrsfields.com/gifts/Love-Box/238

  17. Barbara
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    THE LOVE BOX!!!! robison_laurie@yahoo.com

  19. Kelli Goetz
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    The Heart Box

  20. Norm Goetz
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    From the heart Box!

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  26. pam newman
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    the love box

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  28. Misty Nehring
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    12 inch decorated cookie!

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  30. Gaile
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    Oh they all look great. I will take a chance on this one: http://ww2.mrsfields.com/gifts/Love-Box/238 That seems like a terrific assortment with several different treats. 🙂

  31. Pat
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    the love box

  32. Stefanie
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  33. victoria lester
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    I think it is the V-Chocolates Valentine Tower. http://ww2.mrsfields.com/gifts/V-Chocolates-Valentines-Tower/238

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