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  1. Michelle Quan
    Michelle Quan / 1-28-2011 / ·

    I would relive the last day I saw my mother. She died the next day and I was not with her. I did not know she was about to die. 🙁

  2. Stefanie
    Stefanie / 1-29-2011 / ·

    I would relive my first day of college because I remember how scared I was in a new town on my own and now that I know how much I loved college, I would have been happier and more outgoing to begin with and lived in the moment.

  3. Carol Stark
    Carol Stark / 1-30-2013 / ·

    I would repeat my youngest son’s wedding. We had such a happy day celebrating with him and his bride and guests from all over the USA and even England!

  4. Roxann Marling
    Roxann Marling / 1-31-2013 / ·

    June 1, 1982 It was my last day of 8th grade and my first kiss. Talk about love and heartbreak all in the same day but it’s a moment I will never forget !!

  5. Kerri Isder
    Kerri Isder / 1-31-2013 / ·

    the night I was the crew chief on a dirt track race car that won! It’s the only time I have been a part of a win!

  6. loretta bailey
    loretta bailey / 2-1-2013 / ·

    The day I went to see my father in the hospital when he had cancer i worked all day and drove 3 hrs to see him in the hospital it was around 1:30 AM when I arrived and he looked over as he woke up and said you are a sight for sore eyes smiled said I love you I said love you to dad reached his arms out for a hug it was the best hug ever, may dad passed away would not trade that moment for the world

  7. Elizabeth Beltran
    Elizabeth Beltran / 2-2-2013 / ·

    I would love to relive the day my sister and her husband, who I hadn’t seen in 12 years, got 2 free tickets to fly to San Francisco (from Ohio) and my teenage daughter and I drove over and got to have a mini-family reunion. Plus, it was Mother’s Day! We still talk about it! ♥

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