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  1. Michelle Quan
    Michelle Quan at

    I would relive the last day I saw my mother. She died the next day and I was not with her. I did not know she was about to die. 🙁

  2. Stefanie
    Stefanie at

    I would relive my first day of college because I remember how scared I was in a new town on my own and now that I know how much I loved college, I would have been happier and more outgoing to begin with and lived in the moment.

  3. Carol Stark
    Carol Stark at

    I would repeat my youngest son’s wedding. We had such a happy day celebrating with him and his bride and guests from all over the USA and even England!

  4. Roxann Marling
    Roxann Marling at

    June 1, 1982 It was my last day of 8th grade and my first kiss. Talk about love and heartbreak all in the same day but it’s a moment I will never forget !!

  5. Kerri Isder
    Kerri Isder at

    the night I was the crew chief on a dirt track race car that won! It’s the only time I have been a part of a win!

  6. loretta bailey
    loretta bailey at

    The day I went to see my father in the hospital when he had cancer i worked all day and drove 3 hrs to see him in the hospital it was around 1:30 AM when I arrived and he looked over as he woke up and said you are a sight for sore eyes smiled said I love you I said love you to dad reached his arms out for a hug it was the best hug ever, may dad passed away would not trade that moment for the world

  7. Elizabeth Beltran
    Elizabeth Beltran at

    I would love to relive the day my sister and her husband, who I hadn’t seen in 12 years, got 2 free tickets to fly to San Francisco (from Ohio) and my teenage daughter and I drove over and got to have a mini-family reunion. Plus, it was Mother’s Day! We still talk about it! ♥

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