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Our Holiday Wish To You

On behalf of all of us here at Mrs. Fields, I wish you and yours a wonderful holiday. And if you’ve shared Mrs. Fields gifts with your friends and family this season, I thank you for the honor of being part of your celebration.

Have a wonderful, peaceful holiday.

With love,
Mrs. Fields

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One Response

  1. karen
    karen / 12-24-2010 / ·

    I want to say thank you “Mrs. Fields” which is you, Debbie and the entire blog staff and people in your company a Happy Christmas too. I just discovered this site about 9 months ago and have enjoyed it so much. I look forward to reading it and trying the new recipes. Also, I had forgotten how wonderful your cookies are at the mall when I go shopping. They helped in getting all the Christmas shopping done. I have always been a chocolate chip girl but those peanut butter are the best.

    Merry Christmas to all and thank you.

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