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  1. Maureen
    Maureen / 12-6-2010 / ·

    Where I went to high school and then later to college there were little hills not too far from the cafeteria. On days when there was a new blanket of snow we would take the food trays and use those as our sled. It was a great way to have fun, crash into others and well I guess we ruined a few of the trays.

  2. Stephy
    Stephy / 12-6-2010 / ·

    I was 10 years old and I went sledding down this big hill that my mom warned me NOT to sled down well I got onto my sled, went down the hill, went over this huge pile of snow and ended up face flat on the pavement
    I stood up and there was blood everyone, my friends mom saw what happened and ran over to make sure I was ok, I then went home and my mom LOST IT, she thought I got beat up
    well here comes the funny part
    the next day was Picture day and I was officially known as the girl who hit pavement while sledding in school for years

  3. Machell Smith
    Machell Smith / 12-6-2010 / ·

    My son was 9 when we moved back to Florida from North Carolina. We held a yard sale prior to moving, well my 9 year old refused to let me sell his sled. I explained to him that we wouldn’t be getting snow in Florida but he insisted on taking his sled with us, so I let him. We decided to one day spend the day at the beach, well low and behold my son comes out with his sled, keep in mind this is a plastic disk type sled. Anyway he insists that he take it to the beach says he can use it on the sand. After about an 1/2 hour of arguing I give in and let him take it. Don’t you know the boy would sit in the water on his sled and ride the waves. Needless to say he got a many of laughts.

  4. Crystal Platas
    Crystal Platas / 12-6-2010 / ·

    When I was about 8 I went in the snow for the first time, but it was late in the snow season and most of the snow was gone. My dad tried pushing me on a sled anyway. I didn’t go very far, but it was fun. And I didn’t know any better since I had never been sledding before.

  5. Christy G.
    Christy G. / 12-6-2010 / ·

    We rarely get snow here where we live in East Texas.. We’d just built our first home atop this huge hill, that winter we got lucky & had a beautiful snow storm blow through and leave about 6″ on the ground.. that’s alot for us! Light bulbs above our heads went off, big sections of leftover vinyl flooring were grabbed up and off we went! We flipped the flooring slick side down and literally flew down the hill on those sheets of I don’t know how many times we both wiped out, but it was the best time ever! We hadn’t had that much fun with the snow since we were kids.

  6. Lori C.
    Lori C. / 12-6-2010 / ·

    We are southerners and don’t see a lot of snow. Talk of flurries sends us the the store to wipe out every last gallon of milk & loaf of bread. A few years ago my husband’s job took us to Janesville, Wisconsin – right smack dab in the middle of winter. There I discovered just how thin my blood is! One bright spot was that we couldn’t wait to partake of winter sports. We found a company in Janesville that had been made sleds for generations. We took about an hour picking out just the right one. We took the sled back to our hotel with frenzied anticipation of the hours of winter fun ahead of us. By that weekend, we were sure we’d be hitting the slopes, well, hills. No snow that weekend. But next weekend, yes, next weekend there’d be snow! Nope, no snow. Okay, next week, for sure, we’d see some white stuff. I think by now you see where this is going. After weeks and weeks we wre back on our way home to South Carolina. And wouldn’t you know it, it snowed the day after we left! We have a beautiful unused sled as a souvenir of our time in sunny, warm Wisconsin.

  7. Kathy
    Kathy / 12-6-2010 / ·

    DH and I were sledding with one of our nephews at my MIL’s house. We kept telling DH to be careful or he’d end up in the creek at the bottom of the hill. He kept telling us he couldn’t possibly go that far and land in the water……only, he did. Our nephew and I had a good laugh, and then went to help him out of the water. For some reason, he no longer likes sledding down that hill. 🙂

  8. m
    m / 12-6-2010 / ·

    My funnest sledding story is watching my son sled down out hill he went down it not knowing what to expect.. He landing into the marshfield and had to be pulled out since he was stuck by bunch trees.
    I was his first time sledding and having fun.. he loved it too.. He also experience lots of ice too.. It was lots of fun..
    Now my son goes outside after all snowfall no matter how much snow and enjoys the hill.. And has to be careful too being he the neighbor but up block wall to keep him out.. But he is trooper and has fun..
    Well thats how much fun we have here in MN.. and being he never had friends to play with it was always mom and son !

  9. Bonnie Sue
    Bonnie Sue / 12-6-2010 / ·

    When I was maybe 12. We moved out to the country. We had never been sledding my brothers & I. We received a heavy snow one day and had no school. Well our parents had to work but we decided we wanted to go sledding down a very large hill behind our new home. The hill is so steep you have to take a run at it to get a pickup truck up it because it is also at the base of yet another hill. We didn’t have a sled. So we took the bed slats out of our brothers bed an up the hill we tried to go. Too slick so had to go at an angle. Most people would at this point stop but nope not us. After all it was our first time sledding! We made it to the top and each climbed onto a bed slat. We we had lots of fun until parents arrived home early. It was worth it, we did it again the next day ; ) We received sleds for Christmas that year. We still talk about the city kids improvising a bed slat for a sled.

  10. Jen J
    Jen J / 12-6-2010 / ·

    We went “tubing” one year and I got to ride down the hill with the “cute” guy. Half way down the hill we hit a bump and I hear a loud RRIIIIIP! His pants had litterally split in two at the mid seam! He was embarrassed, but it was so funny that even he had to laugh!

  11. Erin
    Erin / 12-6-2010 / ·

    My younger sister was always the dare devil of the family. She always would completely calmly do some of the scariest things like it was just as normal as playing with dolls. When my sister was nine she decided it would be fun to copy the scene from Home Alone when Kevin sledded down the stairs and into the snow. She got everything all set up…opened the door…and climbed up the stairs with the sled. My mom just about had a cow when she came in the room right when my sister was about to start down the stairs, and realized what she was about to do. So yeah my sister didn’t go through with it, but her reaction to my mom telling her she couldn’t do it was pretty funny. She said “Okay” and walked away dejectedly like my mom had just said the most unfair thing in the world. Imagine a kid being told they can’t have a cookie before dinner by their mom, and them saying “Okay” and walking away like their mom is being the most unfair person ever for not letting them have a cookie. Well riding down the stairs on a sled with the danger of maybe running into a wall was like a cookie to my dare devil sister.

  12. Anne H.
    Anne H. / 12-6-2010 / ·

    I went down the hill right after my friend. I was swirling all over the place and couldn’t really see where I was going. My friend had better luck and could see that there was a pine tree in our direct path and rolled out of the way, only to leave the way open for me to run right into it. My full on hit the tree, back first. I was ok, but was pulling pine needles out of my hair and sweater for days!

  13. Shelley Johnson
    Shelley Johnson / 12-6-2010 / ·

    One time I thought I’d use my sled on the stairs like in Home Alone. I put the sled at the top of the stairs and got in. Of course the sled hits a stair midway and I go flying down the rest of the way. Needless to say I did not try that again.

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  15. Stefanie
    Stefanie / 12-6-2010 / ·

    I remember last year it was my first time ever going up to the snow and I was so excited because not only was I getting the chance to sled for the first time, but the guy I had been crushing on invited me with a few friends. I was really nervous when I got to the top of the hill and still in awe of actually seeing snowfall that I wasn’t really listening to instructions. I laid on the sled and suddenly I was going downhill, very, very fast. I smiled so that I wouldn’t show how scared I was and when I was more interested in my crush, that is when I lost control. Suddenly the speed of the sled picked up and I hit a rock and lost control. At the bottom of the hill I crashed right into a tree with my crush just staring. It was a horrible first run, but we did get the chance to talk while I recovered in a warm room with some hot chocolate.

  16. Stephanie Rosenhahn
    Stephanie Rosenhahn / 12-6-2010 / ·

    We went sledding a few years ago with some family members who don’t get a lot of snow where they live, so they haven’t been sledding much. They didn’t know not to stand at the bottom while someone is coming down, and the person on the sled collided head-on with the person at the bottom. Ouch!

  17. Eva
    Eva / 12-7-2010 / ·

    Every year, I try to get my family to go sledding down the hill at my parents house. It’s a driveway through the woods and once it gets snowed in, it’s so fast and fun. For some reason they just won’t do it. I guess I never should have told him about getting enough speed that I went down the hill, up the other side of the valley and got myself and the tobaggon stuck under the neighbor’s chain link fence. But it WAS fun!

  18. Lori
    Lori / 12-7-2010 / ·

    Well I remember two stories that should have just about cured me from sledding.My first one was in grade school, we had a tall hill and always had some grand times sledding down it. And this one time everyone said lets race to pile on the sled. So I took off running and sure enough was one of the first to get on not thinking I’d be on the bottom,and let me tell You it was a ride I’ll never forget, couldn’t even breath.I was never so happy to get off a sled when the schools biggest boy got off me and laughed. I realized being first isn’t always so great. My second sledding experience that took some time to get over was years later in life. Sledding with my family and cracking heads with my Sister at the bottom when we both fell off our sleds.I had some trouble with pain and numbness that took awhile to get over, Actually think I saw a Chiropractor for awhile due to the fun we had.So if you’re going sledding ask yourself,”Am I prepared for a few bruises and some pain”. Cause You just never know!!!

  19. barbara
    barbara / 12-12-2010 / ·

    Growing up in the deep South I had no sledding experience, no snow experience to think of. However I moved to snowy Western New York when my son was 3 and he was eager to go sledding. We bought a saucer sled, bundled up and headed to the local sledding hill, short, but VERY steep. At the top Sam eagerly hopped on and I held the sled with my boot on the rope tie we had fashioned as I adjusted my gloves. The rope quickly slid out from under my foot and Sam began to sail quickly down the hill, all alone in the saucer. I threw myself flat and grabbed for the rope, caught it and rode down the hill headfirst being dragged by a toddler in a run away sled. All activity on the hill ground to a halt, we had a very captive audience. We both arrived at the bottom in fine shape to a chorus of claps and whistles.

  20. jim
    jim / 12-13-2010 / ·

    My 5 year old always had to take his favorite bear Apple sledding with us. He would carefully zip the bear inside his jacket, but one day after spending about an hour on the crowded hill, Apple turned up missing when we got in the car to head home. Somehow he had fallen out. We got back out and searched the hill for another 30 minutes or so, but he was nowhere to be seen. Afetr a teary dinner, I headed back out to the hill with a flashlight, and after searching, finally found the bear, buried in a deep drift. Wet and dirty, but nothing a spin through the washer and dryer couldn’t fix!

  21. Julie
    Julie / 1-6-2011 / ·

    The first time I took my daugher sledding….we went down the hill once, fell off the sled, I broke two fingers and spent the day in the emergency room. She still has not forgot that day and is afraid to go sledding with me now.

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