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  1. Nicole
    Nicole / 11-5-2010 / ·

    I would like to nominate:

    Adrianne Craft of Capital Area Realty
    Spicewood, TX

    Adrianne is such a great realtor! She goes above and beyond what is expected. As new time homebuyers, we have no idea what is involved in buying a home and she give you all the information you need. She is very person and “keeps it real” by not adding “fluff” to the houses she shows us. She has shown us more house than I think that any realtor would be willing to show us and has been very patient. From pulling comps to setting us up with our loan officer, she has been great!!!!

  2. Misty Taylor
    Misty Taylor / 11-5-2010 / ·

    I would like to nominate
    Consumingfire Ministries
    Cairo, GA
    Chad and his group travel throughout the U.S.A. doing outreaches to the homeless, youth, and poverty stricken places. They have used their own money to go buy groceries, clothes, shelter, and more for others and never ask for anything in return. They are a great group and such a blessing to many for all the long hours they put into others lives. Chad and his family have made huge sacrifices to help others, he travels every weekend and has to leave his family behind while doing this. When home they continue doing things in their hometown and surrounding areas.

  3. Shaunee Adams
    Shaunee Adams / 11-5-2010 / ·

    I would like to nominate:
    GMI Insurance
    Provo, UT

    GMI Insurance is owned by two brothers who really care for their clientele. The staff at GMI Insurance is always hands on with their clients and take the time to explain their coverages and covering what their needs may be. They care about each person and their situation and needs. They are always giving and donating service or donations to the community around them. They are a wonderful group of fantastic people and they deserve to be rewarded!

  4. Kristina
    Kristina / 11-5-2010 / ·

    Do It While You’re Young, Houston, TX

    I would like to nominate my small business, Do It While You’re Young. Our motto is to inspire young women to travel, study, work and volunteer abroad. My co-founder and I believe travel can help expand your horizons and give you a new perspective. We get letters for young women all the time who have been inspired to go abroad for the first time or go on a solo trip – sometimes all people need is a little inspiration!

    We also LOVE sending Mrs. Field’s gifts on our company’s behalf. Whenever we do a promotion, we like to acknowledge our sponsors and a Mrs. Field’s basket always does the trick.

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  6. Stefanie
    Stefanie / 11-7-2010 / ·

    I would like to nominate The Las Vegas Natural History Museum in Las Vegas, NV.
    I volunteer for this museum every week and its mission is to educate people about wildlife, cultures and conservation. This is an amazing educational institution that is doing something good in a community filled with casinos and gambling in Sin City. This Museum offers scholarships to students to come in on educational field trips, which gives kids the chance to learn in an interactive way and many of these kids can’t afford their lunches, much less a trip to the Museum. The Museum offers educational programs and exhibits to kids, parents and is helping bring families together in a learning environment. This Museum is a non-profit organization, so I would love to help them out with this amazing cookie gift and reward them for all the great things they are doing for the community and visitors of Las Vegas.

  7. Tia Hamm
    Tia Hamm / 11-7-2010 / ·

    I would like to nominate “Murphy’s Funeral Home” The owner Jeff really is compasionate and cares and goes above and beyond. And was there for us in our devistating time of need when we lost our 23 year old son.( Christopher)

    Murphys Funeral Home
    408 N. Broad Way
    Mount Pleasant, Iowa 52654
    Owner: Jeff Murphy
    Web Site:

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  9. Jennifer Shequin
    Jennifer Shequin / 11-11-2010 / ·

    I would like to nominate our small business, Puppy Kiss Gifts. We are a 2-person (myself and my husband) enterprise and provide gift baskets for any occasion. Our main business over the past couple of years has been providing snack gift baskets for a local realtor, who gives them to people moving into their new home! Our snack basket is filled with goodies such as nuts, cookies, chips, chocolate, granola bars, pretzels, trail mix, and flavored water or juices. Sometimes folks just don’t have time to go buy fast food and all their kitchen supplies are in boxes – our baskets give them energy to keep going and move into their new home. We love to create special baskets for new homeowners and enjoy hearing the reports back about surprised and happy people who receive our baskets! A home is the largest purchase for many people, and we hope our baskets help relieve a little stress and create that extra “wow” for homeowners!

  10. Jennifer Shequin
    Jennifer Shequin / 11-11-2010 / ·

    I completely forgot to give the location of Puppy Kiss Gifts (post #7) – Eugene, Oregon.

  11. Linda Slocum
    Linda Slocum / 11-12-2010 / ·

    I would like to nominate my small business, Linda Slocum, Santa Clarita CA Realtor. I am an independent contractor, just myself and no staff. I pride myself in taking good care of my clients, and in maintaining close personal contact with them throughout their home transactions and beyond.

    I love giving out Mrs Fields cookies as closing gifts to my clients, as well as Holiday Gifts, but money is tight this year so I’m on an extremely limited budget. Many of my clients are on very tight budgets this year as well, so it would be great to be able to brighten up their holidays with some special cookies from Mrs Fields!

  12. Carol Kennedy
    Carol Kennedy / 11-12-2010 / ·

    I would like to nominate: Maid to Sparkle..Azle, Texas
    This small home and business cleaning service goes the extra mile to support sports teams and community activities. It is owned by a husband and wife and employees many people who have had less fortunate situations.(these employees must pass background checks) They work with Texas Unemployment to help get people back in the work force.Owners are Ricky and Monica Beall

  13. Kathleen Beck
    Kathleen Beck / 11-13-2010 / ·

    I would like to nominate Tony Dell’s Restaurant. A small Italian restaurant in Boca Raton Florida. They have 8 tables and three main workers. They make everyone feel like family when they come in. My 9 year old daughter prefers this restaurant over any and they treat her like their own daughter. The food is wonderful, Robert and Dee start earl to make the bread and food the best.
    Tony Dells
    9846 Sandlefoot Blvd.
    Boca Raton, Fl 33428

  14. Sally Johnson
    Sally Johnson / 11-14-2010 / ·

    Hello, I would like to nominate a hardware and Napa business in Crandon, Wisconsin (pop. 1968). Conway True Value Hardware was the original business started in 1970 by one man and his wife. At this time, the business is ran by his son and family and have seen the struggles of box stores moving in and challenging their home town service and supply. My father was the founder of this company and my brother is the operator at this time. I watch as my brother struggles to make operational decisions to increase his project, one example from last year, my brother grew his own shrubs and tress from seed, to eliminate the cost of the grower in his pricing. He was able to produce better trees and shrubs and his customers were able to utilize his growing skills in their landscape. My brother and father continue to work hard as the small businesses around them close one by one. I would like to nominate them for this award, to thank them for the commitment and strength as they work to keep pride in our family business and to keep the local families, local…..Thank you!

  15. Colette Critchfield
    Colette Critchfield / 11-14-2010 / ·

    Breaking UP Walls is a national non profit organization that uses art as a tool to connect dissimilar groups of individuals who would normally not want anything to do with each other. Bigotry, isolation, cultural, and all forms of discrimination are eradicated through visual participation using varying art mediums to break apart walls that keep people from connecting with each other. As a 100% volunteer business they are making a difference and shattering indifference ! Recently my special needs grandson who has Eagle Barrett Syndrome was touched by Breaking UP Walls, Inc. volunteers who created a street drawing with autistic and special needs children age 5-13. This exciting day increased awareness of the unique abilities of special needs and helped all the children to express themselves through colorful displays. The day long event allowed others to watch and participate giving everyone a chance to reach out. By using art as the channel for communication, the community became educated and enlightened as to the talents and brilliance of the autistic and special needs population. Instead of being fearful, everyone relaxed and had fun. This organization continues to advance causes using art as the conduit for learning, advocacy, education, and teaching. It is amazing!

  16. Virginia L. DeGuise
    Virginia L. DeGuise / 11-14-2010 / ·

    I would love to see Access Realty in Pahrump,NV win this prize. Phone # 775-727-3747.

  17. Virginia L. DeGuise
    Virginia L. DeGuise / 11-14-2010 / ·

    John at Animal House in Pahrump, NV. There phone number is 775-751-1777.

    This Business, holds pets for adoption when the Animal Shelter out here is too full. John waits till someone comes in to adopt a pet. John also gives excellent advice on caring for a pet. John has helped me care for a dog that was almost brought to the pound. With John’s help, I was able to care for the dog and bring Rex (the dog) back to health.

    John deserves this recognition for all he has done for this community.

  18. Sarah Aikey
    Sarah Aikey / 11-15-2010 / ·

    I would like to nominate Cove Valley Speedway, it is a place for all ages to come and race go-carts. Everyone has a good time on Saturday nights during spring,summer and fall.

  19. Christine Federico
    Christine Federico / 11-15-2010 / ·

    Christine is a one woman show, selling office supplies, being a realtor and a mom of two very active children 5 and 7. She always the greatest disposition no matter what the situation, when you know in your heart she has to be harried and crazy. She is truly a wonderful and talented woman, not only is she beautiful on the outside but she is also beautiful on the inside. In this day and age that is very rare. What a personality!!!! Cudos to this wonderful one woman show.

  20. Sarah Murphy
    Sarah Murphy / 11-15-2010 / ·

    I would like to nominate Robert Smith, of RW Smith Mechanical of Havana, FL. Robert is a disabled veteran who was chemically burned on over 25% of his body. It has been about 20 years since his injury, so the burn scars aren’t visible on his face anymore, but they can still be seem when he is shirtless. Robert is always putting others before himself. Someone once described him to me as a person who if he had the honor of meeting the president and was taken in a limo to meet him, would stop to help someone broke down on the side of the road, even if it meant getting his tuxedo dirty. I have known Robert for six years now, and I believe that statement to be true. Robert is an honorable man, who has served his country, helped his friends, family and complete strangers and never asks for pay back. Robert has been in the Tallahassee area for about 20 years and I am sure many of the citizens of Leon and Gadsden County have been helped by Robert, especially when he sees people stranded. He not only helps people but is enjoys helping and caring for animals as well. He has helped drain the pus out of my dog that had a tumor on its body; this is just one of numerous examples of how he helps others. Robert has been struggling to open his portable welding business. Robert never has the time nor the money to care for himself since he is always putting others in front of his needs and wants. Prior to being laid off from a local construction company, he spent many hours after work helping younger employees learn the trade of welding and even automotive repair, as he is both ASE Master Certified Auto Technician and a Certified Pipe Welder. Robert has gone above and beyond in helping people learn a trade that can generate them income. Robert is patient with them and never charges for teaching them even when it cost him time and expendable components, such as welding rods, gas for the welding bottles and machines and the metal. I believe Robert would be a good candidate for this Holiday Giveaway.


    Sarah Murphy

  21. Heather G
    Heather G / 11-15-2010 / ·

    I would like to Nominate Guitars and More their customer service and help is above and beyond. Not to mention they are always donating instruments to help the needy children or children who are hospital ridden. I can’t say enough about this business. They have been in business for 12 years and keep going.

  22. Maria Hull
    Maria Hull / 11-15-2010 / ·

    I would like to nominate my family dentist “Smile for Life” Dr. Lodding and his fantastic friendly staff for this delicious reward of Mrs. Field’s cookies for being an outstanding small business all year long. From the moment you walk in the doorway, they treat each of their patients with the utmost respect and professionalism. It is an extremely clean, relaxing and beautiful office. Everyone is always smiling,cheerful and calling each person who enters by their first name. Dr. Loddings staff always calls with a Happy Birthday wish on your special day and a cute e-mail for every holiday. The technology and amenities they have within the office is very impressive and I know my family and I will have the highest care in the most relaxing environment. The staff always takes the time to explain everything and seem very concern about all their patients. They’re the Best! Please pick them for this yummy treat and special Thank you – they truly deserve it!

    Dr. Lodding
    Suite 120
    2001 Larkin Ave.
    Elgin, IL 60123

  23. Alex Forrester
    Alex Forrester / 11-16-2010 / ·

    I would like to recognize Rising Tide Capital from Jersey City, NJ. Rising Tide is a small business geared to helping people in the Community to start their own business. They offer a 11-week course to enhance your knowledge in business ownership, and follow-up counselling to ensure your confidence in your business choice. The entire staff always make themselves available for assistance. They’re friendly, understanding and courteous to everyone. They constantly looking for ways to improve their services and availability to the students as well as to the community. Rising Tide, is a plus to the community of Jersey City.

  24. Monica Harwell
    Monica Harwell / 11-16-2010 / ·

    The comment for Rising Tide Capital was written by Monica Harwell, November 16, 2010, current student of Rising Tide Capital.

  25. Monica Harwell
    Monica Harwell / 11-16-2010 / ·

    Rising Tide Capital is a small business in Jersey City, NJ, working to improve the community by encouraging residents to open their own businesses. Their 11-week program gives you the knowledge, and the experience of understanding small business ownership, and the tools to guide you through your journey. The entire staff is friendly, courteous, and anxious to assist you through counselling, and any follow-up to encourage you through business ownership. They’re constantly working to improve their program for their students as well as the entire community. They promote supporting small businesses in the community as well. They are a plus for Jersey City.

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  27. Vicky
    Vicky / 11-16-2010 / ·

    My husband and I purchased a small 37 space mobile home park six years ago. The park is entirely family owned and operated by us, along with our two sons. Each year we like to thank our tenants by giving them a gift at Christmas time, which in the past has been either Mrs. Fields cookie tins or popcorn tins. When we purchased our “Thank you – Merry Christmas” gifts we also purchased a few additional to donate to needy families in the area, who might not otherwise receive anything special for Christmas. Unfortunately this small token is not in the budget this year. Because of the economy in Michigan and the high rate of unemployment we have been working with our tenants to help either reduce their rent and/or work out payment arrangements with them to keep them in their homes, instead of filing evictions and possibly making them homeless. With such a demand on Charity for help with housing costs and food needs, we have tried to do what we can to help our in our own community. Since we were already operating on a tight budget there is just no room for any extras this year. We are asking for this award, not for us, but for the people of our park and the community, who might not otherwise receive anything “special” at Christmas.

  28. Patty Money
    Patty Money / 11-17-2010 / ·

    This small business is trying to just get up and running, the owners are nice guys, I had problems with my car, and needed some special help, I was stuck and needed to visit my mom who was very sick in the hospital in Jacksonville, my car was giving me problems, and they found out why? They fixed my car, and trusted me until I got back in 2 days to give them the money so I could be on my way to see her, They welded my car part and fixed it so it would not drag and hit the road like it was doing, I really thought the world was coming to an end and the car was going to fall apart. But these two guys told me to relax that it was nothing to worry about, I had enough to worry about with my sick mom, and all the driving I was going to have to do. The dropped everything they were doing welded my car, and told me when I get back to stop by and pay them so I did not have to travel way back out west to get my check book and pay them. I thought this was so nice of them, there is no one I know that would do this, most of the time companies are all about where is the credit card, or your check. and it is this amount. But these guys fixed my car, and let me go and visit my mom. I really think these two guys who are just openin up deserve the honor, they went to all sorts of trouble and just opening up, they took a chance on me, and did the work! Give a hoot and shout for ASAC Welding, 1415 Hallendale Rd. West Palm Beach 33405. If you ever need something welded in a hurry……. GO see Mark and Nelson. I am sure they will help you like they did me. Getting the item welded in a hurry!

  29. Vanessa
    Vanessa / 11-17-2010 / ·

    I’d like to nominate:

    Pinnacle Pro Floor Care
    Fergus Falls, MN

    Chris Jacobson is the owner and he works hard to make sure your carpet, floor, motorhome, or sofa is clean. I know he often works late at night or even on the weekends in order to help one of his customers. His slogan is “The Cleaner that Cares” and he truly does care about each and everyone of his customers. He goes out of his way to help them! It would be wonderful to thank him for all he has done!

  30. Michelle Hartman
    Michelle Hartman / 11-18-2010 / ·

    I would like to nominate the team at Stone Canyon Apartments in Riverside, CA. We are a team of only 4 members that successfully manage a community of 208 apartments. We find new and different ways to make our residents feel proud of the community that they call home. We host monthly activities and do special things (like hand written cards for birthdays and special events). We take the time to care and treat each resident as a friend. We are also active in the local Canyon Crest community, participating in blood drives, donating to local food banks, pet shelters and are preparing to “Adopt a Highway” in order to keep our roadways beautiful. We also recognize and celebrate heroes in the community – such as police, fire, military, educators and medical personel. Stone Canyon is the community that cares!

  31. Peggy Pierson
    Peggy Pierson / 11-18-2010 / ·

    I nominate Valente’s Italian Deli at 2100 Belmar Blvd., Wall NJ 07719 732-681-1896. The owner, Lenny, goes out of his way to talk to customers and provide great products and service. He speaks to children in the store offering them a treat. He has sponsored local youth sport teams and is a great member of the community, often donating to local causes. This is the reason this business deserves to be recognized. The owner offers cooking tips on his specialties and always has a great selection in his deli. Along with many people in the community I depend on this small business.

  32. Gina
    Gina / 11-18-2010 / ·

    They take extreme care in making sure the job is done right and 100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Everybody I talk to has nothing but nice things to say about the owner and his work, and when calling his list of references, the praise is through the roof! Very highly recommended…I would like to see them be able to give a nice gift of thanks to their customers during the holiday season.

  33. Angela Walker
    Angela Walker / 11-18-2010 / ·

    I nominate CW Archer Insurance Agency Inc. in Richmond, VA. They have been my insurance agent for a few years and have great customer service. The office is a friendly atmosphere where U see the 4 energetic employees love their jobs and take time to serve the customers needs.

  34. Denise Kracik
    Denise Kracik / 11-18-2010 / ·

    I would like to nominate Park Plumbing, Inc., 15556 S. 70th Court, Orland Park, Illinois 60462 708-429-2811. This is a plumbing company that has been in business for over 30 years and will go the extra mile to help all of its customers. You can call the office at anytime and speak directly to a live person. The plumbers who are employed there are very courteous and will always take the time to explain your problem. They are someone you can truly trust.

  35. BJ
    BJ / 11-18-2010 / ·

    I would like to nominate Dr. Dennis Wilson, DVM, of the Animal Emergency Center in Reno, NV. 6425 S. Virginia St. Reno, NV 89511, 775-851-8130.
    This animal hospital has been in business 18 years this week and Dr. Wilson is an asset to the whole community. He is a kind veterinarian who truly loves animals. He is active in many community and charitable organizations. He is on the board of several educational establishments and he is one of the nicest people one would ever want to meet. He is ever thoughtful of his staff of 24 and is always available to help anyone, even strangers.

  36. Dan Droski
    Dan Droski / 11-18-2010 / ·

    I would like to nominate the Old Farts Running Club; 2010 Woodrun, Lowell, Michigan, 49331
    They have a great thing going by putting on low cost road and trail races in Michigan. They gear their races towards the older crowd but youngsters are always welcome. They give back to the community a dozen times over. This club would be sorely missed if they did not exist. this club is truely awesome.

  37. Nichele
    Nichele / 11-18-2010 / ·

    I would like to nominate M & M Jackson Realty Services, 3410 La Sierra Ave #F 334, Riverside CA 92503,(909)214-1864. Milton and Michele Jackson are the Brokers & Owners of this wonderful Real Estate Company. Being in business for about twenty years, they really know what they are doing. They sold me two homes, and my daughter and sister also purchased from them. No matter how large or small the purchase they always go the extra mile for there clients. They end each transaction with a smile and the keys to your new home, hidden inside a potted plant, simply amazing service!!!

  38. Jeremy Reger
    Jeremy Reger / 11-19-2010 / ·

    I would like to nominate romansTwelve Total Web consulting! They provide little to no cost web development services for non-profits, churches, and Christian Owned Small Businesses.

  39. Stephy Sumner
    Stephy Sumner / 11-19-2010 / ·

    I nominate Behind the Lens photography of Springfield Vt,Which is ran just by Kim Scott Kim,Busts her butt to make people happy and she has done photography at no charge for people, and she is an amazing woman and is always polite to people. She is simply an amazing woman and she did my anniversary pictures for free as a gift to me and my boyfriend,she also does web design for people at little to no cost:)
    Kim is an amazing photography and I would love to thank her for being such an amazing and strong woman.

  40. Susan Warkel
    Susan Warkel / 11-19-2010 / ·

    I would like to nominate Mama’s Pizza in St.Paul, MN. Tony(owner) is really awesome and well as the staff which seems to all be like family. My daughter will always remember when she was left behind at after school care when she was in Kindergarten while the rest of the kids who raised over $100 for the school marathon got to walk down the street for a pizza party. She was very sad! Well, I decided to have a pizza party for the kids at the after school care the following week. Only one problem – I was at work and didn’t know how I would pick up the pizzas. Mama’s is a small neighborhood pizza and pasta place and does not deliver. When I called and talked to Tony, he offered to deliver the pizzas. Those kids so LOVED the pizza party and my daughter received so many Thank You cards from these kids. I hope that made up for her sadness and Tony also gave my daughter a free personal pizza of her own for her next visit.
    Mama’s also was closed for a year due to water damage – reopened and everybody returned…No customers were lost after that long of being closed. Recently he had to close again, due to a fire in the business connected to his. Luckily his business survived (with water and smoke damage). The whole neighborhood and everyone who has ever been there Loves this place and hopes he will be there forever. By the way the situation with my daughter happened 13 years ago!! Best Customer Service!

  41. Susan Warkel
    Susan Warkel / 11-19-2010 / ·

    Mama’s Pizza
    961 Rice Street
    St. Paul, MN 55117


  42. Marcia
    Marcia / 11-19-2010 / ·

    I nominate Fashion Eyes in White Bear MN
    She has been running her business alone for several yrs . Just recenly hired 2 people to help her out when business picked up. She helped me out finding my son a good pair of glasses. She sells unique eye glasses you cant find any where else. Also has always adjusted our glasses since we met her with out charging or anything else. She is one of kinda Gal . Chris really make things amazing. She is also part of the wbl business assoc to make sure things are running smoothly . She very active to make sure her business gets out there. I am thankful for friend like her. I cant seem to say enough about her. I even mention her business people cant believe me. Being I help her in any way I can sincei know things are tight for every one! She is awesome so are her enjoys and people that come in help her out. So is the eye doctor that comes in couple times a week too! they really deserve a holiday treat it would make her holidays since her mom is in nursing home and not going to be coming out.

  43. Carolyn Doyle
    Carolyn Doyle / 11-19-2010 / ·

    Renting a new apartment can be a major hassle – unless you choose one operated by Lightner Property Group, a San Francisco-based property management firm. Having been one of their on-site managers for the past five years, I speak with experience: the Lightner staff goes above and beyond for its residents. I imagine it’s the reason Lightner staff was awarded “Property Manager of the Year” and “Resident Manager of the Year” awards in 2008, 2009 and 2010 by the San Francisco Apartment Association.

    How does Lightner making tenant’s lives easier?

    First, the practical:
    • Lightner was installing high-speed data wiring at my apartment building before many residents had heard of the Internet.
    • New residents can sign their apartment lease online from anywhere, even by smart phone.
    • Once they’ve moved in, residents can request apartment repairs online or by email.
    • And Lightner’s use of social media provides residents lots of helpful information, too.

    Using technology to their client/tenants’ benefit may be the reason Lightner was presented San Francisco’s “Small Business Technology Award” in 2008. That’s pretty remarkable in a tech-centric city.

    Then, to address Lightner Group‘s compassion:

    Lightner Property Group has always been generous to their tenants and to the community.
    • They not only give Holiday candy gifts to existing tenants but continue giving to seniors who are former Lightner tenants.
    • During the Holidays, Lightner encourages residents to donate to the San Francisco SPCA, the San Francisco Food Bank and the San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center by matching their gifts.
    • Lightner then goes a step farther, increasing the matching donations of tenants who donate to all three of the named charities.
    • This isn’t just a Holiday thing. Lightner supports these charities year-round with other initiatives like their Shelter Pet Hero program, which rewards residents with fee deductions if they adopt a cat from the SFSPCA that’s over six months old.

    And finally, the personal (and the main reason for my nomination):

    Lightner Property Group has always been supportive to their employees, and found ways to celebrate their interests and passions outside of the workplace.
    • Outside of being a Lightner Group employee, I am also an actor and a mother to a son with severe developmental disabilities. I recently staged my one-woman play about the issues I face raising my boy. Lightner Group invited their entire crew to attend (along with their guests) and then hosted a fabulous dinner celebration afterward. If that’s not team building I don’t know what is.
    • Lightner Group has made charitable contributions on behalf of me and my son to “Autism Speaks” and A Better Chance School in Richmond, CA. In fact, they’ve made the single largest donation I’ve received in five years raising money for Autism Speaks.

    When I started with Lightner Group, I was shifting from the non-profit world, where I had worked my entire professional life, to the for-profit world; and I had trepidation about the transition. Thankfully, Lightner has proven to be the rare company that provides their tenants and employees alike with the security and ease of a solid business model in combination with the compassion and outreach normally reserved for the non-profit world.

    I wish to acknowledge Lightner Group for their remarkable accomplishments and therefore nominate them for the Mrs. Fields Holiday Giveaway Prize

    Happy Holidays and thank you for your consideration!

    Carolyn Doyle
    Resident Manager for Lightner Property Group

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    With Connect to Charity you can help your favorite Central Illinois nonprofit win $1,000 this holiday season. Great way to give back and make a difference in your local community.

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  46. Jennifer
    Jennifer / 11-26-2012 / ·

    I think you guys should pick Vicky who posted her comment on November 16, 2010 at 12:17 pm

    “My husband and I purchased a small 37 space mobile home park six years ago. The park is entirely family owned and operated by us, along with our two sons. Each year we like to thank our tenants by giving them a gift at Christmas time, which in the past has been either Mrs. Fields cookie tins or popcorn tins. When we purchased our “Thank you – Merry Christmas” gifts we also purchased a few additional to donate to needy families in the area, who might not otherwise receive anything special for Christmas. Unfortunately this small token is not in the budget this year. Because of the economy in Michigan and the high rate of unemployment we have been working with our tenants to help either reduce their rent and/or work out payment arrangements with them to keep them in their homes, instead of filing evictions and possibly making them homeless. With such a demand on Charity for help with housing costs and food needs, we have tried to do what we can to help our in our own community. Since we were already operating on a tight budget there is just no room for any extras this year. We are asking for this award, not for us, but for the people of our park and the community, who might not otherwise receive anything “special” at Christmas.”

    So if you happen to randomly select me…give it to this woman and her husband!

  47. leslie presz
    leslie presz / 11-27-2012 / ·

    i would like to nominated swikulus power equipment. they are always going out of their way to help the elderly. and to keep the prices cheap for their equipment repairs. they are located on cashimere st. in westfield mass

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