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  1. Kelly
    Kelly at

    It’s free!

  2. karen ferguson
    karen ferguson at

    admission is FREE 🙂

  3. kim lynn calvo
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  4. Christine Pham
    Christine Pham at

    absolutely nothing!

  5. Michelle Reeve
    Michelle Reeve at

    It’s free! 🙂

  6. Nicole
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  7. Caity Pevey
    Caity Pevey at

    Admission is Free 🙂


  8. Barbara
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  9. Yvonnie Gord
    Yvonnie Gord at

    Nothing, the tour is FREE.

  10. Jean F
    Jean F at

    It’s free!

  11. Sheryn Shaw
    Sheryn Shaw at

    The answer to the trivia question is “Free”

  12. elizabeth
    elizabeth at

    FREE!!!!!!!!, which is awesome, now i want to go to utah so i can tour it, that would bu fun!!!!

  13. Jennifer Lutz
    Jennifer Lutz at

    It’s Free!

  14. Karina
    Karina at

    It’s free 🙂

  15. Jennifer
    Jennifer at

    It’s Free!!!!!

  16. KARA
    KARA at


  17. Julia
    Julia at

    Nothing. It’s free!

  18. Mary W
    Mary W at

    Admission is FREE!

  19. Erica Lopez
    Erica Lopez at

    It’s FREE!! YAY

  20. sARAH
    sARAH at


  21. Jennifer Shequin
    Jennifer Shequin at

    Free admission! 🙂

  22. Nancy Stymacks
    Nancy Stymacks at

    It’s Free! 🙂

  23. Debra Schweitzer
    Debra Schweitzer at

    Admission is FREE!! How cool is that!

  24. Steve Valencia
    Steve Valencia at

    No Charge

  25. Adriana Valencia
    Adriana Valencia at


  26. Terri Darst
    Terri Darst at

    The tour is free!

    1. ckuhn
      ckuhn at

      Congratulations to Terri Darst! You are the winner of our Thursday Trivia question! I representative from Mrs. Fields will be contacting you via email.

      Thanks for playing Mrs. Fields Trivia!

  27. Brenda Browning
    Brenda Browning at

    It’s Free!!! 🙂

  28. Tami
    Tami at

    It’s free!

  29. Vanetta Harris
    Vanetta Harris at

    It is free to tour!

  30. Anastacia Stanley
    Anastacia Stanley at

    $0; the tour is free.

  31. Selena
    Selena at

    It’s free.

  32. Julie
    Julie at

    Absolutely FREE! :o)

  33. Crystal Gilland
    Crystal Gilland at

    It’s free!

  34. Kathy
    Kathy at

    It’s FREE!! 🙂

  35. brandi george
    brandi george at

    IT’s free !!!

  36. Heather Dusky
    Heather Dusky at

    Admission is free! Woo hoo!! 😀

  37. Erin
    Erin at

    its free admission.

  38. Michele
    Michele at

    Nothing..it’s Free!!!!

  39. Carol
    Carol at


  40. Noel
    Noel at

    Definitely free!

  41. Marcie
    Marcie at

    Woohoo, the price is free!

  42. Beth
    Beth at

    Free for sure, thanks Mrs Fields! Hope there are samples on the tour!

  43. Will
    Will at

    Absolutey free!

  44. Lucy
    Lucy at

    $0.00, so free 🙂

  45. Bonnie Sue
    Bonnie Sue at

    It free!! Not much is now days…

  46. Esmeralda Gomez-Arroyo
    Esmeralda Gomez-Arroyo at

    Its free!!!!

  47. christina
    christina at

    it’s free!

  48. Heather Spurlock
    Heather Spurlock at

    It’s free!

  49. Carolyn
    Carolyn at


  50. Cristina Alfeiri
    Cristina Alfeiri at

    Nothing, it’s free!!!

  51. Gary Young
    Gary Young at

    The tour is free.

  52. Jocelyn A.
    Jocelyn A. at

    It’s free 🙂

  53. Jessica Englerth
    Jessica Englerth at

    It’s free 🙂

  54. Leah Walker
    Leah Walker at

    It’s FREE!!! I so wish I lived closer so I could come see. It sounds amazing and I bet it smells like heaven. Maybe I can talk the family into vacationing that way one of these days. Lol.

  55. Morgan Shope
    Morgan Shope at

    It’s Free 🙂

  56. Melissa M
    Melissa M at

    Free 🙂

  57. Mary
    Mary at

    It’s absolutely free!!!

  58. olivia
    olivia at

    it’s free!

  59. sharon
    sharon at

    it doesn’t cost a thing!

  60. Dennis
    Dennis at

    it’s absolutely free :0)

  61. Jan
    Jan at


  62. Brandy
    Brandy at

    nadda, free!

  63. jennifer grimaldi
    jennifer grimaldi at

    It’s Free! yeah

  64. Chester Davis
    Chester Davis at

    It’s absolutly freeeee!

  65. JoAnn H
    JoAnn H at

    It’s FREE!

  66. Carol O'Hagan
    Carol O'Hagan at

    It is free silly!

  67. Maureen
    Maureen at

    What a great deal FREE!!!

  68. Cassie
    Cassie at

    It’s free

  69. Sharon
    Sharon at


  70. Brittany Armstrong
    Brittany Armstrong at

    $0.00 :)!!!!!!!!

  71. Mary N
    Mary N at

    Nada, Zip, Nothing 😉

  72. Stefanie
    Stefanie at

    It is totally free and sounds like so much fun!

  73. Nonila Glen
    Nonila Glen at

    It’s free of charge!

  74. Michelle Sharp
    Michelle Sharp at

    It’s free!

  75. karen
    karen at

    IT’s FREEEEEE…..

  76. Jessica Allen
    Jessica Allen at

    It is the best price…FREE!!!!!! 🙂

  77. Sue H
    Sue H at

    The tour is free and I would love, love to take it.

  78. Amanda
    Amanda at

    Free! 🙂

  79. Coretta
    Coretta at

    It is FREE!

  80. Joni Blum
    Joni Blum at

    The tour is free.

  81. Crystal
    Crystal at

    Admission is free!!!

  82. Cindy
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